MacT Pre-Game & 9 Cuts

Just checked the blog a few minutes ago, and found out two things: Andy gave me a head’s up on Wirtz dying (he was the swing vote getting the Oilers into the league btw), and Louise said “you have to listen to MacT’s pre-game podcast.”

Also on Battle of Alberta and Covered in Oil is Raffi starring in a lengthy Daily Show item on Mexicans in Canada. Hilarious stuff.

The MacT podcast is a beauty. He mentions that “you want to give the young guys some time to gain some confidence” and says Cogliano “has more speed than (Gagner) but Sam has a high degree of hockey sense. Two fairly similar players.”

“We’re very open to (both players making the team) happening. From what I’ve seen they are both very close.” He’s speaking about Gagner and Cogliano.

on Horcoff: “I’m Horc’s biggest booster always have been. It’s unfortunate that he’s had to defend himself as a number one center. He’s done well in that position before, it’s a case of what you create minus what you give up. There’s every reason to believe that’s his spot.”

Which I think means Dustin Penner is going to be doing some heavy lifting. Or they’re going to eventually move Raffi there.

Fun stuff.

The photo in this post is Rob Schremp. Credit to him for putting up a point in last night’s game and apparently playing his best game of camp. He certainly appears to be going in the right direction.

He got sent down today, though. Here’s the list: Sebastian Bisallion (D), Danny Syvret (D), Bryan Young (D), Troy Bodie (LW), Fredrik Johansson (C), Ryan O’Marra (RW), Liam Reddox (LW), Rob Schremp (C) and Slava Trukhno (LW) to Springfield in the AHL.

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15 Responses to "MacT Pre-Game & 9 Cuts"

  1. Ribs says:

    That Raffi clip is golden.

  2. Lowetide says:

    The game thread on HF had Schremp going into the HHOF so I’m certain it’ll be crazy there tonight. I can’t mod because I’m going to the game.

    I think maybe Pouliot gets cut too. He hasn’t looked good from what I’ve read, and the roster may just shake down Hemsky, Nilsson, Brodziak, Stortini on RW with Sanderson thrown in there too.

    Rumors of Zherdev coming over too. Fun time of year.

  3. Big T says:

    Interesting comments from MacT – more of a vindication of what many on the Oilogosphere believed Mac really thought anyways.

    Not sure what to make of Horc’s comments re: Pitkanen and especially Souray. Said Pitkanen was big, can find holes and didn’t put too much stock in Jani’s +/- last season… especially since it was similar to his.

    Talk like that wouldnb’t be at all troubling except he said the same thing re: Souray. Horc spoke of Souray being an underated defensman and was a very good passer and a better defender than we give him credit for.

    Do you believe what he said about either player? Both players? Neither? Or was he just tlaking nice about his new team mates to the media???


  4. Santa Merda says:

    I was hoping that Trukhno would get a bit of a longer shot than this.


  5. IceDragoon says:

    Enjoy the game, Lain.
    Gagner’s been added to the roster.

    #2 daughter is celebrating her 23rd birthday by going tonight.

    big t… Horcoff won’t discuss anyone else’s negatives, but he tells the truth.


  6. uni says:

    I’m very interested to see how Trukhno will shake out for ice-time vs. Shremp this year.

  7. Tyler says:

    How far as Rob Schremp’s stock dropped that he gets cut at this point? To not even be one of the top 35…wow. I’m looking forward to the HF freakouts; shame you can’t work there tonight LT, there will probably be some madness.

    I sure hope nobody pokes the bears.

  8. Black Dog says:

    tyler – I wouldn’t read too much into that – Schremp is ahead of Simon and Sestito for example – just the way it worked out – he’s not in the mix for those last spots so they sent him down – there will likely be more sent down tomorrow morning

  9. Chris says:

    To be fair to Shremp. and I’m not his or any other prospects partisan, he is comming off an injury. Hence his start may well be somewhat hampered by that. But I think its fair to say his window of opportunity here is narrowing. If he’s going to be a player in Edmonton in any case, he likely has this year to make a case for himself in the minors and to attempt to play his way up into the big league.

  10. oilerdiehard says:

    Did MacT not help start some of this Horc may not be our #1 offensive center stuff?

    Then said but I have not talked to Horc about it yet. The reporters must have been salivating trying to hunt down Horcoff.

    Not too shocking those questions came.

  11. Black Dog says:

    I think considering his injury that Schremp had a pretty decent camp. He’ll go down and be the #1 guy likely (worse case maybe #2 if Pouliot goes down too). Lots of opportunity and if one of the guys in the soft minutes’ lines goes down, as one will invariably, he will get his shot if he goes down and does his job.

    Then its up to him.

  12. Dennis says:

    I don’t think we can read a lot into RS’s demotion and that’s coming from a guy that loves to tease the HF crowd and isn’t a huge Schremp supporter. That being said, he came into camp having come off an injury so if anyone’s got a bit of an excuse, it’s Rob. I said it before but I’d give him at least 25 games into his second season in the A before I started questioning whether he would be of any use to us. I’m not sure if the Oilers have a guy of this ilk but maybe you have a Truk-RS-Vet on the first line in SF and we see what Rob can do.

    As for the rest, I have no idea how he scored, but Cogs scored yet again so I’d be shocked if he doesn’t make the team. I’d guess that Gagner’s run is over, maybe one more game on Sat night vs the Dys but given Pouliot’s experience and Sam’s youth, I’d say the Oilers go with MP first.

    As for the rest, one of the least talked about stories of this camp is how seemingly unimpressive and unprepared, read: conditioning and tempo, Dustin Penner has been. It’s been getting virtually no play and has been lost in the wake of stories like how the Oilers supposedly have nine NHL calibre D, the Cogs vs Gagner battle and of course Pisani’s ailment. But Penner’s time is coming if he’s playing as lacklustre as it appears he is.

    It makes a lot more sense to have 14 riding shotgun on a tough min line with Horc but the Oilers don’t seem open to that because Torres has been joined at the hip with Stoll and we know that PenSky has been inseperable

  13. namflashback says:

    Cogliano’s goal was just a nice head’s up play during a goalmouth scramble. Saw that it was in behind the goalie so he dove over to push it in.

    He’s not giving much up defensively, and certainly creating plenty of SC. Play doesn’t die with him. He’s a MacT kind of guy.

    He’s made it. Played some really nice shifts with Thor and Brodziak. We could see that line a few times I think.

    The coaches mixed the C’s up a fair amount tonight — including a few Sam!-Pensky shifts. Back to Horcoff, sometimes Cogliano. The players didn’t seem to miss a beat with these shifts — watch for this in season.

    They might keep Gagner around for a few games — but looks like he has hit a plateau.

  14. IceDragoon says:

    I’m sure Schremp got a nice pat on the back. He deserved it, imho. Now he can suck-it-up and get back to work.

    I anxiously await Lain’s game report.
    But I don’t know if Gagner is gone just yet, Dennis. I think MacT was having fun toggling his centres. From all accounts, Hemsky had a helluva night and from the late second on a lot of it was with young Samwise.

    Lain saw Penner on day one and JMC. He should be able to tell us if the man mountain is getting up to speed. He says he is.

    Cogs wants to stay and he doesn’t need Hemsky.

  15. namflashback says:

    Tencer’s show reports 4 more cuts:

    - sestito
    - simon
    - almtorp
    - dubnyk

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