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This is Robert Nilsson. He has impressed this pre-season. MacT:

  • “He’s better than I even thought he was going to be”
  • “Looked dangerous a lot of the night.”

It doesn’t mean he’ll spend 82 games on RW beside Stoll and Torres, but Nilsson most certainly has taken advantage of the opportunity. He impressed from the beginning and barring a complete collapse should be on the opening night roster.

Some other comments from the coach last night:

  • Grebeshkov: “He’s got all kinds of skill, there are other aspects of his game that could use some fine tuning, but there’s lots to work with there.”
  • Cogliano: “I thought for his first NHL game he had a good accounting for himself. He was instrumental in the winning goal.”
  • Trukhno: “He’s good. He sees the ice really well. Offensively he knows where to put the puck, real nice assist on Horcoff’s backhand goal. He’s been impressive too, he’s a player.”

The major news imo this training camp is the number of kids who have been impressive. They can’t all make the team, but several of them are building a foundation with this coach that may see them getting a callup sometime this season based on what they are doing in September. Shawn Horcoff impressed September 2000, and got the call early in the 2000-01 season. A kid like Cogliano may have the same experience this fall.

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7 Responses to "More Comments from the Coach"

  1. Big T says:

    Agreed on all accounts LT.

    I especilly agree with MacT’s account of Grebs. The kid’s still kinda raw – probably too raw considereing his age. But he may yet turn into something useful, even if he isn’t that useful right now.


  2. James Mirtle says:

    I liked what I saw from Grebeshkov last night… he’s coming from the Russian league, so it’s going to be an adjustment for sure. And he’s only 23, so, you never know. (From what I hear, he was pretty damn good in Manchester as a youngster, so…)

  3. Bank Shot says:

    This year the camp races for the forward positions seem alot more exciting. Last season it was just Thoresen and Petersen fighting like dogs for a spot and the rest of the guys kind of backed their way onto the roster.

    There seem to be more prospects staking a claim this year. Trukhno scoring 2 points in a game would have been big news a year ago, but it didn’t even raise many eyebrows.

  4. oilerdiehard says:

    I think it should be remembered with Grebs he was to re-acclimate himself to the smaller rink again. Hopefully we will see some of that by the end of the pre-season.

    I remember Hejda had a brutal pre-season and then was fantastic in the final pre-season game. Though he still sat for a while but got plenty of time in with Huddy I am sure.

  5. Bohologo says:

    LT, is there any chance MacTavish is praising the youngsters as part of an effort prime the trade pump? I have no doubt that he is genuinely pleased by the effort he’s seeing, (Contrast that with his recent comment regarding Penner: “Penner looked…decent.”; Read: Penner is out of shape and had trouble keeping up.), but if your calculations are correct that there are too many young guys on the bubble, I think we should take at least some part of his praise as a PR campaign as well.

  6. Lowetide says:

    bohologo: It’s hard to say. imo if they are going to trade any of these kids it’s Schremp. His skills are duplicated on the roster (Cogliano has similar offensive abilites going by Desjardins, Gagner may already be a better player) and the Oilers are deep at center.

    I guess the guy they’re talking about a lot and could be dealt is Brodziak, but he’s such a MacT type and with Pisani out it would seem to me that the coach is looking at him and Pouliot for that role.

  7. Dennis says:

    Mirtle, you need a new TV;)

    I hadn’t read those exact quotes on Penner from MacT but I have read some stuff about how he’s having trouble keeping up and things of that nature. I’m not saying that Getzlaf is slow, though we all know that Perry isn’t a speed demon, but it isn’t wrong to say that Penner’s used to playing on a line where you dump the puck in and then cycle like mad. Much like Adam Oates before him, there might be some credence given to the thought that Penner’s too slow to play the style of the Oilers. Of course Penner’s much younger than Oates and has way more time to improve his skating.

    As far as trading prospects, what would you really get for a Brodziak? Is there anyone out there in the league that values him enough to offer a substantial return? I highly doubt it. Plus, the guy looks like he might be able to score when he gets a chance, he’s done his three-years-in-the-A bit and appears to be as hungry as fuck AND he knows how to take care of his own end and we need a replacement for Fernie.

    Kyle’s going nowhere.

    As for Pouliot, I’m still not sure what the Oilers are planning for him or trying to do with him.

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