This is Alex Delvecchio. His nickname was “Fats” which is not a very nice name for a hockey player (how could you play in the NHL in any era and be really plump? It’s not possible unless you’re a goalie) but he was called it all the same.

The best nickname in NHL history was Jim Niekamp’s (“Shitter”) and the funniest story is Jean Guy Gendron’s (“Smitty”).

Here are a few of my favorites over the years:

Gretzky-The Great One
Selanne-The Finnish Flash
Steve Thomas-Stumpy
Stan Weir-Stash
Peter Forsberg-Foppa
Guy Lafleur-The Flower
Mike Walton-Shaky
Dom Hasek-The Dominator
Esa Tikkanen-The Grate One
JP Parise-Jeep
Mike Palmateer-The Popcorn Kid
Lorne Worsley-Gump
Dave Burrows-Bone Rack
Larry Cahan-Poison
Ken Linseman-The Rat
Derek Sanderson-Turk
Gerry Ehman-Tex
Al Arbour-Radar
Ivan Johnson-Ching
Billy Harris-Hinky
Bobby Hull-Golden Jet
Gerry Cheevers-Cheesy
Gordie Howe-Mr Hockey
Brian Glennie-Blunt
Jacques Plante-Jake the Snake
Claire Alexander-The Milkman
Curtis Joseph-Cujo
Eric Nesterenko-Sonja
Frank Mahovlich-The Big M
Grant Fuhr-Coco
Joe Sakic-Burnaby Joe

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13 Responses to "Nicknames"

  1. Art Vandelay says:

    Rick Middleton: Nifty

  2. Art Vandelay says:

    Battleship Bob Kelly

  3. Bohologo says:

    Kevin Lowe: Vish (from Vicious, according to Gzowski)

  4. gary b says:

    not sure if it IS his nickname, but i’ve always though that Jim Dowd needs a nickname like… ‘Waylon’

  5. Kyle Kosior says:

    I believe Kyle Calder went by Grease when he was in junior.

  6. Big T says:

    Love to hear the stories for Shitter and Smitty LT.

    IF you’re not up to typing them maybe you could point me in the right direction.


  7. Lowetide says:

    big t: I actually don’t know the “shitter” story, but it’s the greatest nickname for a hockey player ever. I mean, what could possibly be better? “Stink Finger?” I have no idea.

    The Jean Guy Gendron story. When he first arrived in NYC to play for the Rangers, one of the established players (I believe it was Dean Prentice) could never get his name right. He called him Guy Gendron, Jean Guy, all kinds of things and it drove Prentice crazy.

    His solution? Prentice decided to give him a nickname that he could remember.


    I love that story.

  8. Big T says:

    I have a buddy who has a friend nicknamed “shit-taper-head”!!! Love that name too.

    Back in the day the boys were out at Amigo’s here in Lloydminster. At the time the bar had an offer that anyone who would let the DJ shave their head would get a $50 bar credit. Well after the boys had spent all their money they decide to draw straws to see who would get his head shaved ‘for the team’.

    This guy loses, proceeds to get his head shaved and then goes to buy beer for the rest of the guys at the table. What does he get for his trouble??? The lucky SOB gets a fancy new handle because apparently his bald head is pointy just like the reference in his new nickname.



  9. MetroGnome says:

    Kristian Huselius: Juice (Because he looks like the shrunken head character from “Beetlejuice”)

  10. Lord Bob says:

    Old middle minors/WHA Oilers goon Frank “Never” Beaton which, after he was, was changed to Frank “Seldom” Beaton.

    (I’m also a big fan of Henri Richard, the Pocket Rocket, and of course Mike Cammalleri, the Dyslexic Squid.)

  11. Mr DeBakey says:

    Don’t forget WHA Oiler Edgar Patenaude.
    Rusty was like Gump Worsley, most fans wouldn’t even know their given name.

    Another long-time WHA guy,
    and one-time Blackhawk was
    Pat “Whitey” Stapleton.

  12. ckash says:

    Pat Verbeek: The Little Ball of Hate

  13. Doogie says:

    Beaton’s nickname was changed after he got schooled by fellow ex-Oiler Paul Stewart, wasn’t it? Beaton in New York, Stewart in Quebec, 1980?

    Beaton’s also at the centre of one of my favourite WHA anectodes. Apparently, he was wanted for assault after an incident at a gas station while he was with the Stingers. So the next year, he comes back to Cincinatti with the Oilers, and the cops are looking for him. For whatever reason, they initially served Rod Phillips with the warrant at the hotel. (How did they confuse a radio guy with a hockey goon?) Anyway, with ten minutes left in the game, Beaton snuck off the bench, was zipped into a spare equipment bag, smuggled out of the city on a truck, and met up with the Oilers team bus a few miles outside of town.

    The next year, he was back again as part of Birmingham’s goon squad, and was finally caught after trying to hide in a broom closet during the first intermission.

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