Oilers New Duds

This is the new Edmonton Oilers home jersey design. I like it. There’s plenty of tradition but enough that is unusual to make them interesting.

Some of the new uniforms are simply awful (Boston’s makes me very sad), some are splendid (TBay, San Jose and Anaheim are terrific).

Edmonton’s? I haven’t seen too much positive about them written on the blogs, but they look good to me.

Knowing that I am about 30 years beyond the target audience for the new jersey, the people who designed it should probably be contemplating their future.

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17 Responses to "Oilers New Duds"

  1. rickibear says:

    Put a small copper (orange) jersey # on the blue spot in elbow strip on the arm and the roughneck on the shoulders and I would be very happy.

  2. rickibear says:

    that would be stripe not strip

  3. Art Vandelay says:

    Is that orange string around the neck attached to the black mittens?

  4. oilerdiehard says:

    I wish the stripes on the sleeves wrapped all the way around the wrist. The rest is okay but that part really annoys me for some reason. I am sure I will get used to it.

    As I have seen also with the tint on the video screen on the Falcons jersey’s they actually look better when you see the pic on their website.

  5. Doogie says:

    Wait, what’s wrong with Boston’s jerseys? I’m confused.

    Also, WTG EIG for having the farm team have more intelligently designed jerseys than the main club. Good game, boys, good game.

  6. SweatyO says:

    Lowetide: you don’t like the old-school feel of the Bruins jersey?

    Of all the “new” designs (i.e. teams who made more than marginal changes to fit the jersey template), I think theirs is far and away the best one…..

    I do also like San Jose’s. Wish Tampa had gone with blue over black for the home jersey. Buffalo needs to go back to the old “Sabre” logo and ditch the “Buffaslug”. Atlanta kept the general design of their home jersey, and I like that…..

  7. Rob... says:

    I agree Lowetide. I like these jerseys. However, I love the Bruins new duds, and hate Ducks jerseys. And I am especially upset with the Sharks jerseys. In my mind, they went from one of th ebest jerseys in the league to the worst. What is with that yellow? Horrible.

    Like I said as for the Oilers I really like them. Like you said enough tradition and enough new design to keep it good.

    For all those guys who wanted the striping on the bottom, sorry that looks stupid because of the half moon at the bottom of the jersey. But whatever they are jerseys.

  8. ClaytonMagnet says:

    I think the new jerseys are just fine. They brought back just enough retro feel to offset a pretty big change that was forced on them anyway. Sean Avery was on The Score last night and said that some guys are saying they like them in front of the camera, because they’re being told to tow the line, but every single player hates them. Then again, Avery is a dick, so who knows.

    Thank GOD we don’t have “E D M O N T O N” plastered across the front a la Vancouver. Man, those are terrible.

  9. namflashback says:

    Doogie — you realize that someone else owns the Falcons right? The Oilers org simply has a hockey ops and personnel agreement.

    I’m sure the coaches and maybe Kevin Prendergast were consulted, but the decision was likely left with Landon.

    Sorry, I’m not convinced of any EIG conspiracy here.

  10. dawgbone says:

    I think that opening in the stripe is for the numbers, which would look pretty neet (a nice white over copper on the dark, copper over blue on the white).

    Overall, plain is better than ugly imo. It would have been cool a bit jazzed up, but I think as we get used to it, the simplier ones will look better on the ice.

  11. oilerdiehard says:

    Nam – Totally Landon even said as much in a radio interview that is their choice what to use from the Oil uni or not use. About the only thing they probably have to have is the Oiler patch which they do on the site pics.

    On a Falcons board many posters were actually disappointed they kept it close to their last jersey as they were hoping it would be close to the Oil jersey’s from last season. A couple were even disappointed there was no orange on the jersey.

  12. Lord Bob says:

    It’s not terrible.

    It’s not good, either. And since the previous home jerseys were really good, I’m disappointed. That said, these are so far the best jerseys in the Northwest Division. Which will console us nicely when we’re fifth next year.

  13. K says:

    I’m not crazy about the half piping but as dawgbone suggested– that may be where the numbers go and if so, than I’m quite happy with the jersey.

    I dig the Bruins. I also think the Manitoba Moose jerseys are pretty sharp. Not a fan of the new Penguins or Sharks jerseys.

  14. Ribs says:

    Those Thrashers blue jersies are horrid. What is the deal with the arm stripes?

    Oilers’ look good enough to play in.

  15. Peter says:

    Wow, I can’t believe you think Boston’s new jerseys are sad. They’re the perfect blend of past uniform elements, incorperated into a modern design. They were one of the first uniforms unveiled and made me optimistic that other teams would follow suit in their keeping with hockey tradition. Sadly, not the case. I think the Oilers now have one of the most uninspired uniforms in the NHL. I’m extremely dissapointed with the design Oilers management approved. Clearly It’s the same template that Nashville and Florida used. No originality at all…sad, they used to be so great.

  16. Loxy says:

    My fave… The Caps.

  17. Doogie says:

    Doogie — you realize that someone else owns the Falcons right? The Oilers org simply has a hockey ops and personnel agreement.

    Yes, but I’ve frequently seen farm teams adopt similar colour schemes/jersey designs to their parent club, irrespective of ownership. The Providence Bruins followed in lockstep with the big club for 15 years until this most recent jersey iteration.

    As for the EIG comment, I was simply saying that whoever was in charge of the jersey design approval (EIG is an easy target) was a moron for letting them cut off the sleeve stripes halfway through. It looks cheap. The bottom striping I can live without, but the half-stripes on the sleeves just look retarded. My opinion may change if it looks servicable with the numbers, but right now, I call BS. Besides, it’s not like they can’t have the numbers overtop the stripes anyway, or right above or below, or on the freakin’ shoulders for all it matters. Why go with a cheaper version of Florida’s template?

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