Oilers Training Camp RW Depth Chart

This is Troy Bodie. He’s well down the Oilers RW depth chart as they go into training camp but the opportunity is there for the player who can show the Edmonton Oilers he can play.

With the injury to Fernando Pisani, the Oilers situation at right wing is pretty thin (it was actually poor before the Fernando injury).

Below is a guess as to the Oilers depth chart entering camp next week, and a brief update on each player.

Although players like Pouliot and O’Marra will be listed as centers at camp, they are also in the running for spots on the wing so I’ll list them here (and at center).

  1. Ales Hemsky- 06-07 numbers were ES Points-per-60mins: 2.09, PP Points-per-60mins: 5.45, you’d think both numbers will improve. I think this is the year he blossoms to something like 90 points and moves up the chart among the Rick Middleton family of skill NHL right wingers.
  2. Robert Nilsson- 05-06 numbers were EV points-per-60mins: 1.56, PP points-per-60mins: 3.37. MacT and Lowe have stated that he’s pencilled in on the 2line and they’re hoping he runs with it. My own guess is that he doesn’t hold the job for 82 games.
  3. Patrick Thoresen- 06-07 numbers were ES Points-per-60mins: 1.15, PP Points-per-60mins: 3.26. He’s a very good young player who makes clever plays, works hard and plays an intelligent game. He might get some 2line minutes this season.
  4. Marc Pouliot- 06-07 numbers were ES points-per-60mins: 1.17, PP points-per-60mins: 1.11. I think he might end up being the 3rd line RW if Reasoner is healthy this fall. Pouliot has enough skill to chip in on a checking line with Reasoner and say Moreau, and he’s already shown he can help out without the puck.
  5. Geoff Sanderson- 06-07 numbers were ES points-per-60mins: 2.06, PP points-per-60mins: 2.45. Sanderson’s importance to this roster was increased imo by the Pisani injury, and with Nilsson likely to struggle at points in the season Sanderson should get plenty of top 9 minutes no matter which wing he plays.
  6. Kyle Brodziak- 23 years old and I think he has an excellent chance to be an end of the roster player out of camp for the Oilers. He looks like this decade’s Rem Murray, and KP thinks he might benefit heavily from Pisani’s injury.
  7. Ryan O’Marra- He’s healthy and that’s a pretty big deal. Plays a physical style and could win a job as a crash and bang type winger at the end of the roster.
  8. Zack Stortini- 06-07 numbers were ES Points-per-60mins: .31, PP Points-per-60mins: 0. Kid impressed the coach last year, he’s a guy who might grab the last F roster spot.
  9. Colin McDonald- Fresh out of college and a guy whose age (23 this month) suggests he’ll last a little longer in camp than some of the other new pro’s.
  10. David Rohlfs- Also 23 and coming out of college, Rohlfs has an interesting resume (he’s played defense quite a bit in college) and could surprise.
  11. Troy Bodie- Any of these kids after Stortini could be better than the other, I’m just slotting them based on my own bias. Famous junior, got into 14 AHL games last season.
  12. Stephane Goulet- Scored 15 goals in the ECHL this season, he should play most of the season in the AHL.

My pre-camp guess at the RW depth chart opening night:

  1. Ales Hemsky
  2. Robert Nilsson
  3. Marc Pouliot
  4. Geoff Sanderson
  5. (PB) Kyle Brodziak

I also think Sanderson and Nilsson may end up flip flopping quite a bit.

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6 Responses to "Oilers Training Camp RW Depth Chart"

  1. Pat says:

    Excellent post, LT. I don’t get this team. Why so many centers, and why so few RW’s? Does MacT think he can wave his wand and turn some of these centers into decent wingers? I know there’s some flexibility, in terms of some guys being able to move around, but geez, what gives? Centers, Centers, everywhere centers. And we drafted 2 centers again this year in the first round (though in fairness, I can completely understand grabbing Gagner).

    I’m beginning to realize why Schremp is losing value – it’s because we’re so freaking full at center that it’s unlikely that the team will ever give him a decent shot at the only role he’s realistically suited for – a 1st or 2nd line scoring centerman. That obviously won’t come to him with Stoll and Horc around, and MacT would quickly balk at having an offensive guy like Schremp on the 3rd or 4th line. But maybe I’m wrong, and MacT will surprise.

    I just can’t believe what a clusterfuck this is. Our RW situation is disastrous.

    I agree with you on Nilsson. Maybe my negativity about him is partly clouded by lingering sourness over the Smyth fiasco. Nonetheless, I doubt he’ll be a permanent fixture on the 2nd line.

  2. allan says:

    Where do you see Thoresen? I can’t see him not making the team this year unless he completely bombs in camp.

  3. Lowetide says:

    allan: I listed him here, but will slot him at LW (which should be up tomorrow).

  4. allan says:

    Ahh. I thought it seemed suspicious to have him at #3, then not on the roster.

    He does have that handy skill for playing wherever he’s needed. That’ll come in mighty handy on a team with so little depth.

  5. Bank Shot says:

    Tonnes of guys end up playing wing in the bigs after being centers in junior/minor pro whatever.

    I think it’s a good thing to have 6 guys capable of playing center in your foward core.

    No problem with having centers playing right wing, little problem with second on the depth chart being a sophmore.

  6. Dennis says:

    I think this is the spot where Gagner or Schremp could land.

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