Raffi Growing Up

Great interview just now with Raffi Torres on Just A Game with Jason Gregor (Team 1260). It’ll be on his website soon I’m sure, suggest it’s worth listening to when you get a chance.

Torres was very frank about some changes in his personal life that will no doubt improve his on-ice performance. Long story short, he found a good woman who moved in with him and now he’s getting three square meals a day, has some routine in his life and is fit as a fiddle. He has made some very good decisions with his life.

Chad Moreau was on the Gregor show and mentioned that Matt Greene and Zach Stortini “blew the doors off” at the first day of “conditioning” today. Moreau also mentioned that Ales Hemsky tested well today.

As important as conditioning is during the grueling season, one hopes that the Oilers can stay healthier than they did last season. I understand very little about the conditioning program they are under and how well it marries itself to the game of hockey, but having healthy bodies is pretty damn important in the grand scheme of things.

Gregor just mentioned that the Raffi interview would be up on his site after 11pm tonight.

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4 Responses to "Raffi Growing Up"

  1. rstahl says:

    Reading through Tychkowski’s article in the sun, I couldn’t help getting excited. Of course he said all the right things, but what impressed me was he actually has results to back it up – 6’0 215lbs and <10% body fat – the Oilers power forward this coming season may be on LW, but his name won’t be Dustin.

  2. Dennis says:

    I just saw a pick of Raffi on the Journal’s site and the guy looks to be in absolutely sick shape. You see the interviews and a lot of the guys are like beanpoles. I remember Lindros was cut to fuck but he was the exception.

    Torres looks like a fucking bodybuilder though. I can’t imagine how much it must hurt to get hit by a guy that fast who’s that solid.

    But I can understand the whole “drinking fucks shit up” thing. The best shape I was ever in was spring of ’05. That was the year of the lockout and I wasn’t staying up late watching hockey and I wasn’t going out on Sat nights to drink and watch hockey. I went and bought a meal plan from a personal trainer and I was doing two day workouts and it was much easier to get up and go when you’re not hungover. Basically, drinking fucks up a lot of stuff.

    But it’s also a heluva lot of fun:)

  3. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: PLUS the skirts. :-)

  4. Dennis says:

    LT: Put the two of them together and you’ll shorten your lifespan

    Of course, though, you’ll live more than most;)

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