The New Butch Goring

This is Robert Thomas Goring. The photo is wrong. Transposed? Is that what they call it? He shot left and this photo makes it look like he’s a righty. I imagine he parted his hair on the other side too, but it’s hard to find a pic of Butch without the famous helmet (which he wore through the birth canal).

Goring came to the Los Angeles Kings training camp in the summer of 1969 without much fanfare. He was selected in the 5th round of the NHL draft that summer, after having a wonderful final season in junior with the Winnipeg Jets.

He finished his junior career with the Dauphin Kings (12gp, 8-8-16) on their Memorial Cup run. He played 19 games with Springfield of the AHL in 69-70 (19gp, 13-7-20) before arriving in the NHL for good and scoring 59gp, 13-23-36 in the regular season for the NHL Kings. He spent most of the following season in the minors before arrving for good fall 1971.

Goring was a beauty two-way undersized center in the tradition of Dave Keon and Ralph Backstrom. He was a quality player for a long time, durable and able to fill multiple roles. He rarely took a penalty, in fact took NO penalties in 80-81.

Cogliano takes more penalties than Goring, and is bigger (one inch and 15 pounds, which makes them a good match considering the generation gap) and faster but comes with a similar skill set. The Oilers are not an organization that sets up their kids for runs at the Calder, mostly because they’re trying to win hockey games and they’re drafting middle of the pack. The two rookies who might have been strong Calder candidates under MacT (Comrie and Hemsky) had specific reasons for not being ROY favorites (Comrie bolted to junior for half a season in order to strong arm a contract, and Hemsky was kept up as a teenager and didn’t get the minutes required for a strong Calder run).

Cogliano might be the best chance in a long time for this organization to have a Calder Trophy winner. The one thing holding his chances back at this point may be another outstanding kid (Sam Gagner).

If Cogliano becomes anything close to Goring, the Oilers need to give their 2000-07 scouting staff props.

So do the fans.

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6 Responses to "The New Butch Goring"

  1. namflashback says:

    Run Horpensky as PvP
    Move one of Brodz/MP up with the Mexican and the Cougar Hunter and let them face some toughs
    Moreau-Reasoner-Stortini as the energy line

    Sanderson-Cogliano-Nillson as the “ludicrous speed” line with Tarnstrom + Gilbert outletting them versus totally soft opp.

    Brodz is 4 points up on MP in the preseason but is -2 in that time. MP is +1 with his one point. Perhaps they should go with the lower event player here? I really like Thor, but how many little guys can they have in the lineup at the same time?

  2. doritogrande says:

    According to TSN’s “ice-chips”, MacT has said Cogliano has made the Oilers.

  3. Cam Fraser says:

    nam: though it was a little difficult to discern what players you were referring to (the line wraps at “the Cougar”), I like the lineup you are suggesting, especially the bit about Tarnstrom and Gilbert as a pairing.

    How many of Brodziak’s points are special teams?

  4. ClaytonMagnet says:

    NFB – “Cougar Hunter” and “Horpensky”…good work there. And I think ‘the Mexican’ just might stick. “How did you cross the border into Canada?”

    Like I said a few posts ago, Cogs and Nilsson were together a bit in the first game against Calgary, and looked good. I like them with Sanderson; some veteran speed to go with youth speed…

    I love this team. I was 5 years old when Gretz was a rookie, and virtually every hockey memory I have is of the Oil. I live in Calgary, and as such find myself defending my fandom a lot. Today at work, a guy asked how I could cheer for a team that had such a bad year. I told him that that’s the point. In CGY, a few bad years and the fans disappear. Edmonton fans are fans for life.

    Go Oil.

    (Yes, I’m drunk right now).

  5. Lowetide says:

    One day we should probably do a site survey on the amount of weekly alcohol consumed, by poster. Just adding up my empties I think we’re ahead of the curve. :-)

  6. oilerdiehard says:

    I thought Cogs on top of the other things he did well tonight. Looked dangerous on the PP half boards and roving around.

    Got brutalized into the boards came right back and set up a goal with an awesome pass. Goodness I like this kid.

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