Training Camp Blowouts

Guys drafted in 1994 should really be able to last in training camp past September 19th. Steve Kelly (in photo) got a shot with the Minnesota Wild but was sent out last week. Steve Kelly was born when Trudeau was Prime Minister and has played exactly 147 NHL games more than Pierre, you and me.

Dan Lacouture got sent out on September 18, making him the award winner for “ex-Oiler sent down quickest”, but Dan Smith joined him the next day. Fred Brathwaite was sent down by Atlanta on Saturday, always liked him and was kind of pulling for him.

Oilers sent left wing Adam Huxley and defenseman T.J. Kemp to Springfield of the American Hockey League today, but we don’t really know if we’ll see them again so there’s no real pull in those names. Huxley hung in there against Flinn at TC and may well have gotten a pro contract because Flinn was injured in that fight.

Alex Henry was sent out by Nashville on the weekend, looks like it’s going to be awhile between drinks at the NHL level. Pittsburgh sent out Ty Conklin, I thought he was with Buffalo. Nate DiCasmirro was an Oiler farmhand who spent some time in Boston’s camp this fall and will probably play again for their AHL team this season.

I think that’s it so far. Oh. One more thing: I believe Phoenix sent their entire team down.

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13 Responses to "Training Camp Blowouts"

  1. Dennis says:

    This seems like a good place to post that Mike Johnson is in camp with the Blues, this according to the Globe’s hockey blog, and that he’s supposedly in tough.

    Long before anyone else said it, or at least I’d like to believe so;) I was talking about how Sean Avery was a useful player because I noticed during a western Kings road swing that Andy Murray was using Avery-new Hab Kotsoplous and someone else that I forget, as his tough min line and they weren’t getting murdered doing it, either.

    Murray’s at the helm of the Bluenote now and I’m not sure how he’s running his bench these days but it seems like a good bet that he knows the value of a good matchup and though much improved during the latter parts of the ’07 season, I find it hard to believe that Murray can’t find a place for Johnson.

    With money tough min guys like 94 and Fernie no longer in Oiler silks, I can’t even fucking begin to tell you how much it burns me that the Oilers didn’t give Johnson a call.

  2. Lowetide says:

    What’s worse is that Matheson reported Johnson’s agent CALLED the Oilers but they weren’t interested.

    I wonder if MacTavish was at lunch when the call came through?

  3. Santa Merda says:

    I think the Oiler’s game plan is to do the opposite of whatever the bloggers say, just to prove that they can.

  4. Asiaoil says:

    What is to be surprised about Lowe defying all logic going into a season?

    05/06 – was convinced that Conkanen was a decent NHL goaltending option (and a lot of us bought it)

    06/07 – was convinced that Smith, Staios, Hejda, Shaggy, Smid, Greene and MAB was a decent NHL defense corp (none of us bought it)

    07/08 – is convinced that Hemsky, Nilssen, Brodziak and Stortini is a decent RW corp and that we don’t need another stay at home defenseman (and nobody sensible is buying this)

    Agree with Dennis – unreal that they KNEW Pisani was out and turned down Johnson. The forward lines were thin on NHL vets – but not replacing Pisani puts a totally unreasonable load on the young guys to play tough minutes. It’s a strategy that is doomed to fail but but Lowe still persists. Am I missing something or is he just that dense and can’t learn from obvious mistakes?

  5. Doogie says:

    Simple answer: he saw it worked in ’06 and is bound and determined to make it work in ’08.

    Also, nice line about Phoenix at the end, LT. I’m surprised the NHL doesn’t have a rule against that sort of crap. I guess someone’s gotta lose 60 games.

  6. patrick9999 says:

    Wow…Long time reader, first time poster. I felt compelled to post based on the performance of Horc during the amazing 05-06 cup run. Am I the only one who remembers him throwing himself down in the dying minutes of a Detroit/Edmonton game only to catch a puck in the throat? If I recall correctly, MacT was the first person to jump over the bench to make sure Horc was o.k., and that moment still remains one of my favorite hockey moments of all time. A player going the distance and doing exactly what his coach asked, regardless of the danger involved. That kid has heart and I hope he stays with the oil for a long, long time.

  7. Jonathan says:

    This is going to be one of those rare seasons where the level of hockey played in Winnipeg is roughly the same as that played in Phoenix.

  8. Master Lok says:

    Meh I’m fine with Hemsky, Nilsson, Brodziak and Thorsen as our four RW’s. Give them some time and see how it goes.

    I really don’t understand this ridiculous hero worship for Mike Johnson. If Johnson is the difference between the Oilers getting into the playoffs, than not – then despite all the Lowe criticism – you think the Oilers will place around 9th to 10th and Johnson will bump up the team two places?

    If johnson isn’t the difference – then what does it matter? Geez guys, Johnson is NOT the second coming of Crosby.

  9. Jonathan says:

    Master lok:
    Mike Johnson is a difference maker. The tough minutes line is the (at least) second most important line on the team, behind only (possibly) the line that gets points murdering soft opposition. At this point, the Oilers are seriously deficient in tough-minutes guys, and abundant in guys that need sheltering (rookies, one-dimensional types, etc.)
    Johnson could be more valuable to this team (w/ Pisani out) than all but a half-dozen of our current forwards. Plus he’s available, plus he’s probably desperate for a contract, plus we invited Anson Carter to camp. The anger is justifiable.

  10. uni says:

    St. Lois also snapped up Dvorak last season; seems someone there has an inkling of what they’re doing.

    As for Phoenix, I thought they were an AHL team?

    Except for Michalek, I think we all would like to have Michalek, too bad Barnett isn’t there anymore, we might have gotten him for Greene and Shremp hee hee.

  11. namflashback says:


    and then St. Loo didn’t re-sign Dvo. and Mike Johnson hasn’t played himself into a spot yet with the blues.

    i can acknowledge that the Oilers need another vet. i can also look at a bunch of other teams that could use another vet RW.

    and yet Johnson hasn’t been signed.

    if I’m his agent, I am going for length of term, not price — since I don’t want to have to hunt for a team again next year. there’s two sides in a negotiation, and it isn’t automatic that you want the same things.

    on a system level – with the new CBA, there will be a tendency, even though it means rookie losses, to favour the prospects. if you are going to lose a player’s rights after only a certain number of pro seasons — you want to maximize the potential above salary performance you get.

    the journeyman player is being forced into early retirement.

  12. uni says:

    Yeppers. I thought it was curious that the Blues didn’t sign Dvo to an extension, he seemed to be one of their better players last season.

    The thing with Johnson that worries me is, with 30 teams out there, there has to be a good reason why no one wants to sign him right?

  13. Ducey says:

    I can’t quite figure out the blog community’s love for Johnson either.

    Montreal got him last year for a 4th rounder. No team was interested in him this year. The Blues have just given him a tryout.

    30 NHL teams, hundreds of scouts and executives and none of them appreciate the genius that is Mike Johnson??

    Who is likely to help the Oilers in 3 years (when hopefully they are at the apex of their current cycle)? Mike Johnson or Brodziak and Cogliano (one of which who would lose time this year with Johnson in the lineup).

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