AHL Rookies 07-08

This is Theo Peckham when he played for Team Cherry at the CHL Prospects game in 2006. Peckham will turn 20 in a few days but he’s already playing pro hockey.

He’s played 4 games in the AHL and is 1-1-2, EV. His goal was on the powerplay and a game winner.

Peckham is one of several Oilers prospects who are first year pro in the AHL this year. The American Hockey League doesn’t consider a season in the ECHL to be something that excludes a player from rookie status in their league, so guys like Troy Bodie are rookies for the purposes of this season.

Here’s a look at how the AHL rookie forwards are doing so far this season.

LW LIAM REDDOX, 10gp, 4-5-9, +4. He doesn’t get PP time and until very recently wasn’t playing with a lot of skill around him, but Reddox is forcing the issue in terms of playing time. Reddox turns 22 in January and has certainly moved up the prospect depth chart. He even got a mention in Jim Matheson’s column today: The surprise of the Oilers organization has been the play of Springfield winger Liam Reddox, who seemed a lost soul in training camp for a few years and had a meagre 26 points in 70 games in Stockton in the ECHL last year. “He’s a smaller version of Fernando (Pisani). He always gets the puck out when it’s along the boards. Kelly (Springfield coach Buchberger) says Liam has been his most consistent player,” said Kevin Prendergast, the Oilers vice-president of hockey operations.

RW COLIN MCDONALD, 8gp, 1-5-6, E. McDonald just turned 23, and is 16 months older than Reddox. McDonald has NHL size (6-3, 205) and seems to be doing something every night that shows up in the boxscore. The Oilers are auditioning both Brodziak and Pouliot at McDonald’s natural position this season, it isn’t out of the question that McDonald could get a callup sometime this year if one of them falters.

LW TROY BODIE, 9gp, 2-2-4, minus 1. Bodie is 4 months younger than McDonald, but like Reddox has one year’s pro experience. Bodie played 20 games in the AHL last season and he seems to have used that season as a stepping off point to regular employment in the AHL in 07-08. He scored a goal last night and the reviews on him have been positive so far.

C SLAVA TRUKHNO, 8gp, 2-1-3, minus 2. The first “pure rookie” in that he’s just 20 years old and straight out of junior. Trukhno’s well off Vic’s 1/1 number and indications are that he has received plenty of powerplay time (on the point). It’s perhaps unfair to compare him straight across to the three forwards listed ahead of him, but Trukhno’s season extrapolated over a season would leave him well behind Marc Pouliot’s AHL total at the same age (MP’s ppg: .692, Trukhno’s .375). It’s early, and we don’t have ATOI numbers, but Trukhno’s PP time also has to be considered. I’d say at this point we can safely say Trukhno has had a disappointing start to his pro career. A newspaper called the “Republican” called him Sasha a time or two, don’t know if it’s a nickname or a dummy on the newspaper’s staff.

C FREDRIK JOHANSSON, 6gp, 1-0-1, +4. He’s not scoring but Johansson’s plus minus is impressive. I imagine he’s on a checking or 4th line, not much other information is available on his season.

RW STEPHANE GOULET, 7gp, 1-0-1, E. 21-year old scored in his first game and hasn’t seen the scoresheet in the ensuing 6 contests. I imagine he’s as far down the depth chart as he can go and a trip to Stockton is certainly possible.

Other notes: Dubnyk remains above the .920SP mark, sitting at .921 at this moment. He was peppered with close to 50 shots in last night’s game (a 4-3 loss) but the information I’ve read suggested he played well. Buchberger didn’t pin the loss on any one player, saying only they needed to compete from the opening whistle.

The Falcons website is a bugger to get stuff from and needs a makeover (or is it a re-boot?) but there are some things I find charming. They do game day blog and the person who writes it sometimes passes along laugh-out-loud stuff. Here’s an example: 4:00 pm The Springfield Falcons training staff and broadcaster, Mike Kelly, have arrived at the Wachovia Spectrum prior to the players showing up. The floor boards are just being removed from the ice surface due to a wellness show.

Hey, it’s at least as informative as those pre-game hits they do on Oilers TV broadcasts.

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7 Responses to "AHL Rookies 07-08"

  1. Doogie says:

    Sasha is a nickname for Aleksandr (or Aleskandra). Slava is a nickname for any name ending in “-slav” (Vladislav, Vjacheslav, Stanislav, etc.) So it’s a booboo on the paper’s part.

  2. Lowetide says:

    doogie: Isn’t “Sasha” female? Or is it like French where anything goes?

  3. Dennis says:

    I believe there’s been a couple of NBA ballers who’ve been called Sasha and I’m thinking there might have been an NHLer or two as well.

    As for the kids in the A, it’s disappointing for Truk to be sure but it took awhile for MP to find his A legs too and it wound up that he was too good for the AHL, no matter what he’s doing way up high.

    If you’re a kid looking to make NHL paper with the Oilers, you want to be compared to three guys: 10-83 or 34. As soon as I read MacT talking about Gagner looking as good at his age as did Hemsky, I knew there’d be a good chance he’d stick. Personally, I think that Cogs will be the next Horc though I haven’t heard anyone else say it. Granted, Cogs isn’t as strong as 10 but he’s faster but I look at him as being a future tough min guy. Finally, when you read guys being compared to Pisani, you know they’re in the Oilers plans and if guys like 78 and 51 don’t really make their presence felt, it wouldn’t shock me to see Reddox getting a call. It’s not like we’re gonna be asking him to go into a scoring role so all he’ll have to do is throw some hits, kill a penalty here or there; and that’s only until 34 and 18 get back, and just basically be a plus.

  4. ClaytonMagnet says:

    Shasha is definitely trans-gender (I lived in Eastern Europe for a while, lots of Sashas both ways…)

    LT – Who is your ultimate sleeper pick out of our crop of current youngsters? I think that the emergence of Cogs and Gags has been great for this team, but they didn’t come to this team ‘under the radar’. It was safe to say they’d be players at some point, it’s just that they’ve matured faster than most people expected.

    What I’d love to see is that late round pick that no one expects to be anything, to get a shot, and seemingly overnight become a fixture at whatever position he plays (think Zetterberg, Stastny). Anyone you see with that potential?

  5. Bruce says:

    I’m just happy to see the Oilers with a farm club. I was absolutely dismayed when they came out of the lockout — where Oilers and their hacks in the local media led the world in trumpeting the “level playing field” concept — and the first thing the Oilers did was shoot themselves in the head by deep-sixing their top farm club. It was an horrific blunder of monumental proportions, and those chickens have come home to roost.

    Two years later, at least there’s some semblance of a plan to develop their prospects, but what a cost. It’s a telling fact that Oilers top young players are first-year pros, while guys who have been “developing” in the pressboxes of the systems of other teams aren’t (for the most part) showing much progress.

    Keep up the reports, LT.

  6. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: I’ve always felt Cogs would be from the Keon-Backstrom tree, which is basically a smaller Horcoff. Butch Goring, that’s my comp for him.

    clayton: Ultimate sleeper? Among the pro group I’d pick Reddox who has really come along this season. Guys like McDonald and Trukhno have always had someone on side and in Trukhno’s case there’s been a steady voice since he was drafted. Tyler Spurgeon is another guy under the radar.

    Among junior, Euro’s and college players I’d probably choose between Quist and Pitton.

  7. James L. says:

    New rule: no one is allowed to use the nickname “Gags”. Even if an Oilers player uses it, they deserve to get punched in the testes.

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