Alexei’s Midnight Runners

When do you know for sure about a prospect? When is the correct time to pass on the opportunity to retain a prospect?

Tonight, Slava Trukhno scored for Springfield, his 2nd goal in three pro games at age 20. I’m struck by how his career is playing out versus Alexei Mikhnov’s career choices and their impact on his life since summer 2000.

Leading up to the 2000 draft, Mikhnov was an obscure first rounder, which is an oxymoron but true all the same. There was no photo of him in the Hockey News Draft Issue, I don’t think they even had stats (I have since secured his stats dating back to 97-98 where he appears to have played for Yaroslavl of the RSL at age 15!) and certainly not much in terms of a scouting report.

He was seen skating on a puddle through some chicken wire by Kenta Nilsson and became “Traktor Boy” because in the absence of truth we must make stuff up (Pierre Maguire as Fox Mulder as it were).

Mikhnov has played in the NHL now, he’s played in the AHL. He had his training camp, made the team, rusted out like a Chevy and did pretty well in the AHL before going back to Siberia.

So, with Mikhnov near the top of RSL scoring, does this organization bring him over next fall on a one way deal? Or do they let him go and see if he is this generation’s David Vyborny? And if he is the David Vyborny of the 00′s, should the organization take any blame for his development?

I think we can all agree he should have come over on the first Russian freighter available, unless it was the Strelets.

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4 Responses to "Alexei’s Midnight Runners"

  1. uni says:

    I just keep hoping that this guy is Antropov with better wheels, cause good golly if he is, look out.

    But who can say right now?

  2. Shawn says:

    If he keeps playing like that you have to get some value out of him. Mind you I don’t know how he fits on this team. Maybe he’s a good trading chip along with one of our D to a team like Phoenix who seems to collect Russian cast offs?

  3. Black Dog says:

    Didn’t Ottawa trade a similar player to Phoenix for the Comrie rental last season? So he would have some value, I guess.

    Not sure where the hell he would fit in on this club.

  4. Shawn says:

    Yeah Kaigorodov.

    Mind you that was when Barnett was running the show.

    A big, one dimensional winger is really not what we need right now. But if he produces we can’t ignore it.

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