Are They Going to send out the Norwegian?

Word from the Edmonton Journal this weekend that the Oilers may send out Patrick Thoresen. In their efforts to add offense, the undersized energy winger may be odd man out among the forward crew. You could argue that turnabout is fair play, since he zipped up the depth chart at exactly this time last season and in doing so left a plethora of first rounders slack-jawed and headed for Triple A.

Beating out those early-to-mid-20s first rounders is easier than a guy taken 6th, as it (apprently) turns out. Even with a one-way deal (which Thoresen has) it looks like he will be sent out or traded in the next couple of days.

The Oilers entered camp with 19 guys on one-way deals, 10 of them forwards:

  1. Horcoff
  2. Penner
  3. Hemsky
  4. Stoll
  5. Torres
  6. Pisani
  7. Reasoner
  8. Sanderson
  9. Moreau
  10. Thoresen

With Pisani likely to be placed on IR before the final roster is set and Thoresen apparently headed for Amish county, that means 8 one-way deals and Nilsson, Brodziak, Cogliano pretty much sure things. That’s 11. Rumor has it Edmonton will go with 13 forwards, so that means Thoresen, Stortini, Pouliot, Jacques and Gagner are on the bubble if my ciphering here is correct.

At a guess, the opening 13 might look like:

  1. Horcoff-Penner-Hemsky
  2. Stoll-Torres-Nilsson
  3. Reasoner-Moreau-Brodziak
  4. Cogliano-Sanderson-Stortini
  5. Extra: Pouliot

I mean, it makes sense that if Thoresen doesn’t make the club, they keep Pouliot for RW insurance, right? That’s the weak spot, and keeping Gagner as the extra man doesn’t really address much if Brodziak struggles.

Right? Frankly I don’t understand sending out Thoresen unless Gagner makes the team and they’ve decided the future is now, and yet why keep Gagner unless he’s at least 4line C? Could they move Cogliano to RW this late in camp? Did he play there AT ALL?

Thoresen is making $542,500 and is a lock to contribute more to this roster than Stortini, and you could argue Sanderson and Pouliot to boot.

This team can’t afford to make decisions based on anything other than contribution to wins, unless they’re looking to hit the lottery jackpot, and it’s for damn sure that isn’t true.

I think the Journal must be wrong.

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43 Responses to "Are They Going to send out the Norwegian?"

  1. Matt says:

    Not to be one of these nitpickers, but: your team has its own minor league affiliate now, and I’m quite certain it’s not in Amish country. (Or county).

  2. Lowetide says:

    matt: Who lives in Springfield then? Quakers?

  3. dawgbone says:

    I don’t know why Stortini keeps getting written into every fans lineup.

    I don’t recall hearing anything about him in any of the games, and while he brings a unique skillset (i.e. willing to hit and willing to be a punching bag for hitting), it looks like the Oilers are going for a completely high event team.

    From the looks of it, it’s almost like they are saying “go ahead, take a penalty on us”…

    I have a feeling this is how the lineup shakes down:

    Penner – Horcoff – Hemsky
    Torres – Cogs – Nilsson
    Moreau – Stoll – Pouliot
    Reasoner – Gagne – Sanderson

    ex Thoresen, brodziak… one jumps in if Gagne gets sent down.

    I know brodziak got off to that good start in game 1… but he’s done nothing since, and is a minus player. Pouliot’s been generating some chances, plus he’s playing a new position. I think he’s on the team.

    I guess the positive out of this training camp is that Mac-T is really liking the play of a lot of his players. His usual bluntness hasn’t been around much (in terms of pointing out the negatives), and he’s not one to do too much hand holding if he doesn’t think the effort is there.

  4. Lowetide says:

    db: I think Brodziak makes the team for certain, as he would have to clear waivers (iirc speeds noted this awhile back).

  5. dawgbone says:

    I don’t think he’ll get sent down either, but with Roy hurt, I think the Oilers will keep 7D and 14F, so he’ll stay up for the time being. I don’t expect Roy back anytime soon, which should give the Oilers their 9 games to check out Gagne.

    And besides, is brodziak a player we are that worried about losing?

    Don’t forget, this team put Marty Reasoner on waivers before as well. I don’t think it’d be that much of a risk to lose him on waivers, just like I didn’t think Roy would be much of a loss.

    These guys are dime a dozen across the NHL right now. You lose one, you can pick one up just as easily.

  6. BROOKLYN_oiler says:


    I’m going out on a limb here but I agree that this just might be the opening night line-up (crazy as it may seem):

    HBomb said…
    What do you guys think of this as an opening night starting lineup, in terms of forwards?

    Penner Gagner Hemsky
    Moreau Horcoff Brodziak
    Torres Cogliano Nilsson
    Sanderson Stoll Pouliot

    Reasoner as the 13th guy.

    And, just re-pasting my comment addressing HBomb and his line-up proposal from “Wood over Leather”…

    I posted last week that the exhibtion games this season were akin to episodes of American Idol – every show (game) had a major impact on how the judges (coaches) perceived the prospects, and certainly had a profound effect in terms of influencing line combo ideas. After MacT seemed to find love for the chemistry of Cogliano and Nilsson on the PP in the Vancouver game, my thoughts were exactly in line with your opening night forward lineup proposal (assuming that we get Gagner signed without incident) – particularily the Cogliano-Nilsson idea at EV.

    Additionally LT, I think MacT is trying to embrace the “not sticking with the status quo” notion as it relates to his coaching philosophy this season as well – comments in the vein of having no qualms about putting five rookies on the ice at the same time seem to support this “adaptive thinking”. I believe we see some things from MacT that will definitely be considered a departure from his past m.o., and be more high-risk.

    I think the idea of giving Gagner a shot has edged Thoresen out of the picture for the moment because it favors the emphasis on ” finding the offence” idea that seems to be focus with this year’s group… it seems to be the mandate that has been handed down, again based on a summary of all the pre-season comments, and what I perceive as a subtle(?) but pervasive “nothing to lose” attitude. Fair to say the seduction of “flash and dash” has won out over “solid and dependable” at this point?

    And, yes, like H-Bomb I think this line-up results in Reasoner as the 13th forward – with Jacques, Thoresen, and Stortini on the (long) flight to Springfield… (Does Thoresen need to clear waivers? – sorry not to be clear on this…)

    The “weakness” on right wing could be exposed quickly…. but I think the coaching staff is feeling pretty good about Nilsson, Brodziak, and okay enough about Pouliot to give it a go right now…

    I also doubt this will be the exact roster as of game 15-20 – it could be 50-50 on Gagner going back to junior – but I don’t see a major trade coming for a while… not until the assessment/experimental (including call-ups) period has passed for the Oilers and any potential trading partners, which I think takes maybe up to a third of the season….

    BTW, sorry if this post is slightly redundant – I know there have been some huge threads the last couple of days scrutinizing all of the same things – but I am now actually fueled by a slight sense of vindication as it seems my prediction many weeks ago about both Cogliano and Gagner making the team for opening night seemed to be mostly scoffed at… :-)

    P.S Dennis> The Devils are desperately trying to sign Markov now, as White is out (eye injury), Oduya is hurt, and hoping to create cap room (so THEY can overpay) by putting Langenbrunner, Janssen, and White on the Long Term Injury exemption list…. I think Markov becomes a Devil soon.

  7. HBomb says:

    What this is all screaming to me is that there’s too many guys on one way deals or not waiver exempt at the bottom of the roster and not enough elite two-way forwards (Smyth/Pisani losses) or top-end stay at home guys (Smith).

    The obvious solution is some sort of quantity-for-quality deal, with the Oilers receiving “quality”. I just don’t want to see them grossly overpay for a marginal improvement (example: Olli Jokinen might be a 90 point center, but does that mean I give up Horcoff and say Smid to get him? No.)

    The kind of deal I’m talking is like Stoll, Schremp, and Smid for Marian Hossa. Something like that….

  8. Geordan says:

    Agreed with HBomb’s quantity-for-quality assessment. Absolutely needs to happen. The only problem is that every GM in the league knows that whoever gets the best player wins, and so are reluctant to pull these sorts of deals in the direction the Oilers want unless there are extentuating circumstances.

    Here are a few recent ones:

    Lunogo to VAN–Keenan is nuts
    Vokoun to FLA–payroll dump
    Pronger to ANA–personal reasons
    Thornton to BOS–Boston was pissed

    Basically we need some noise for this to happen, and there could well be some already. Anybody heard anything?

  9. Geordan says:

    That should, of course, read Thonrton to SJS.

  10. PunjabiOil says:

    LT: Are you sure Thorosen has a one way contract?

    I recall him being sent the minors last year for a brief stint. I’m not positive he has a one-way contract?

    Disagree with dawgbone on Brodziak. He’s a guy that gets it, performed at every level, kills penalties, and is affordable. We need more of these cheap utility guys, which is why he’ll make the team. Stortini’s two way term will be utilized – for the time being.

  11. voxel says:

    Thoresen signed his contract at 22 (he turned 23 a few months later). He’s not eligible for waivers until he plays 3 years or 70 games according to the CBA.

    He played 68 games last year. He’s a bubble player. Once he’s up, you better keep him up.

  12. DD says:

    I think people are taking MacT at his word regarding Stortini last week.

    “Based on what we saw last year and the work he’s put in this year, it’s his spot right now, and it’s a matter of what he’s going to make of it.”

    However, a week is a long time in training camp, and hopefully he’s changed his mind about this as I really don’t see the appeal in his game. Is having a punching bag really that necessary?

  13. NBOilerFan says:

    I also disagree with DB about Brodziak and feel he has indeed done enough to be ahead of Pouliot at this point (whether ro not he stays there, time will tell).

    But I do agree that although the plan was to go with 8 defensemen, the Roy injury allows MacT to start with seven guys as Roy will go on IR and Gilbert will be sent down (to my dismay).

    I think DB has the lineups very close, except to change out Pouliot for Brodziak, and put Gagner on a wing, looking like this;

    Penner – Horcoff – Hemsky
    Torres – Cogs – Nilsson
    Moreau – Stoll – Brodziak
    Sanderson – Reasoner – Gagner

    (an extra LW & RW, as we have plenty of extra centers on the wing).

    And our defense will be:

    Pitkanen – Staios
    Tarnstrom – Souray
    Smid – Green


    Book it!
    (I’m not exactly that confident in my lineups, but I’ve wanted to say that since LT posted it…. just like the sound of it. ;-) )

  14. ClaytonMagnet says:

    First 9 games:

    Penner – Horcoff – Hemsky
    Cogliano – Gagner – Nilsson
    Torres – Stoll – Moreau
    Sanderson – Reasoner – Brodziak

    Cogliano is horrible in the faceoff circle, but Gagner has been not too bad (for an 18 year old). Cogs and Nilsson have shown real flashes together, and Gagner is cut from the same cloth. Give Gagner his tryout, if he has 10 points in 9 games, the decision to keep him up becomes pretty easy. It also gives KL a few more weeks to work out the fabled quantity for quality deal and clear out some bodies. And, can you imagine the buzz in town it would create if the Oil had a new Kid Line rolling?

    I don’t understand why they’d want to keep Stortini over anyone else. He’s of little use except to call up when they play Minnesota, and let the Boogeyman smack him around instead of someone valuable. What good is a tough guy who can’t fight? Anyway, let all the rest of them fight it out in Springfield, and when Gagner is sent back to junior, the best man gets to come back up.

  15. Jonathan says:

    I think Pouliot gets dealt. He hasn’t shown he can make the transition to RW, and long term he doesn’t fit in at centre. With both Cogliano and Gagner coming in, along with Horcoff and Stoll still being here, it just doesn’t make sense to waste centre at-bats on Pouliot, when his Edmonton upside is third-line. That said, I think Pouliot has top-two line potential, and have to believe Lowe feels the same. Short-term, does it make sense to keep Pouliot? Does he give us much more than Nilsson, Brodziak, Sanderson, Thoreson, or for that matter Jacques on the wings?
    As the final mark against Pouliot, he’s been outplayed in the last two training camps by guys that had no business being near him. Sure, Sam Gagner is Sam Gagner, but Pouliot’s 22 with more than 150 professional games. Why are guys like Cogliano and Gagner passing him? Why is Kyle Brodziak passing him? Brodziak is a 23 year old with 189 professional games (less NHL time than Pouliot). I don’t think this reflects Pouliot’s talent, but he really seems like one of those guys who doesn’t spend much time on conditioning in the summer. Anyways, dumping Thoreson makes sense if they want to keep Pouliot in the NHL, possibly with an eye toward trading him. To me, however, it makes more sense to send down Gagner.

  16. Black Dog says:

    I think with Roy getting hurt (and apparently about to be dealt as well) that there will be 7D and then they will keep 14 forwards.

    I think Gagner is going to get the nine day trial and if he does then its between Thoresen and Pouliot for that last spot. Whoever gets sent down comes back up if Gagner can’t cut it and I’m thinking that with Horcoff, Stoll, Reasoner and Cogliano ahead of him, what’s the point? Unless they play him on the wing on the 4th line and give me a pile of PP minutes.

    With so many kids on this team I think Thoresen sticks – he may only have a year up on these guys but its a valuable year.

  17. RiversQ says:

    Lowetide said…
    matt: Who lives in Springfield then? Quakers?

    Massholes, natch.

    If Stortini’s on this team, I might lose it.

  18. Dennis says:

    I like DB’s 18-16-78 line and I think they could play some tough min while the Horc and Cogs line get to try and fill the nets. And I also think he’s on the right path with the 14/7 combination, with Gilbert being farmed out because it appears that Grebs is in pure project mode and the Oilers will work with him up top, given that Roy’s gonna be on IR for awhile, most likely, so we can carry an extra forward and then we’ve got some extra rope to give those guys so that they can hang themselves.

    And some fellows are only going to get three or four starts before they’re considered AHL fodder.

    I love Gagner going forward but for this season, you have to wonder how many min we can actually give him? And even if we do find him somewhere to slide early on, I suspect it will be a Wolski deal in ’06 where WW went 2-6-9 but the Avs still farmed him out. If Cogs hadn’t impressed so much, then maybe you keep Gagner and give him the soft min centre line, which right now looks like the pivot between 14-12, but with Cogs firmly in the top nine, there’s just no place for both of these kids.

    It still might be nice though to ink him today and give him his nine games and give him a little taste of that’s in store for him in ’08 because I still say the kid never sees the AHL. And given how far he’s come this early, it should be time for everyone to revist the rule that doesn’t allow newly drafted players to play in the AHL. I guess that rule’s in place to keep the hockey in the juniors at a high pace but it doesn’t help the kids who are tweeners and it doesn’t help the teams who draft them.

  19. Dennis says:

    Two last things.

    1: I don’t want Sortini to stick either but I have a bad feeling that he will.

    2: Welcome back, Riv:)

  20. Jonathan says:

    According to Eklund, Thoreson is on waivers.
    Admittedly, Eklund’s a joke, but when he’s reporting things that have actually happened, and not just pulling possible trades out of his backside he’s pretty reliable.

  21. digger says:

    Patrick Thoreson is on waivers?

    No wonder my Internet connection at work has ground to a fucking halt. ;)

  22. Jonathan says:

    What I don’t understand is why this organization is so very, very worried about losing Mathieu Roy on waivers but they don’t hesitate on Patrick Thoreson. I hope that Thoreson squeaks thru. Say, do we have any interest in Denis Gauthier?

  23. Showerhead says:

    I think that the reasons to be wary of losing Thoresen for nothing are pretty intuitive.

    He represents one of the few players on this current team that is quite likely to outperform his contract. Players who outperform their contracts are key to winning franchises and so are players who have a sense of defensive accountability, which Thor has and not too many other current Oiler forwards can make claims about. It would appear then, that his skillset is exactly one that Edmonton could make use of.

    I will ignore his performance in camp, which I can’t speak for, but simply offer this: despite his utility relative to cost, Patrick Thoresen is not now (or ever) a player that Edmonton will live and die with. If he’s the guy that’s got to go now so that in the long run there will be room for the Gagners and Coglianos of the world, so be it. It’s not a great situation in that you’re getting less than full value for a useful NHL player, but that might just be the cost of doing business IMO (ie clearing him out for potentially more impactful players in the long term).

    Having said all this, I’m sure someone will invalidate my argument in 10 minutes or less with a statement that, say, Stortini (or whoever makes the point best) has made the team and will dress Thursday.

  24. RiversQ says:

    Showerhead said…
    Having said all this, I’m sure someone will invalidate my argument in 10 minutes or less with a statement that, say, Stortini (or whoever makes the point best) has made the team and will dress Thursday.

    I think you just did it for us.

    Just a quick question… If it takes 70 games to qualify for waivers at Thoresen’s age/contract situation and he’s only played 68 NHL games, why does he have to go on waivers if they send him down before the year even starts?

    As for the team makeup, I can’t imagine Pouliot and Thoresen not making this team given the forwards available.

    Will we ever learn about TC results anyway? They’re absolutely worthless.

    These games don’t count and the veterans generally act accordingly.

  25. RiversQ says:

    Say you’re a GM like Scott Howson who’s probably more shrewd than Kevin Lowe, don’t you pick up Thoresen if he’s on waivers? Columbus could use a player like that.

    Plus they’d corner the market on Norwegians.

  26. HBomb says:

    Sam Gagner signs entry level deal with the Oilers. It appears that he’s going to make the team.

    Who does that make the 13th forward then? Do they keep seven D-men, put Roy on IR, and have Stortini and Pouliot as the PB guys for Thursday night?

    Penner Gagner Hemsky
    Moreau Horcoff Cogliano
    Torres Stoll Nilsson
    Sanderson Reasoner Brodziak

    EXT: Stortini, Pouliot

    Does this sound right?

  27. Lord Bob says:

    We have a rebuilding team that’s not a Stanley Cup threat unless Tampa Bay goes insane and starts offering us St. Louis for Pouliot and a second or something. Time to trade away the youngsters!

    Seriously, at this point, getting rid of the guys with NHL upside (Thoresen, Pouliot, Greene, etc.) isn’t a bright move. Maybe Thoresen tops out at ‘modern Radek Dvorak’, but when you’re getting offered scrubs in exchange (and make no mistake, we’d be getting scrubs), aren’t you better off keeping a guy who’s already shown he can play NHL hockey?

    Ditto Pouliot and Greene. Okay, Pouliot you don’t want above the fourth line and Greene you don’t want above the third pairing right now. But what are we going to get that’s going to improve the Oilers in the long term? Forget about veteran third-line forwards. If we were a contender for something, sure, but we’re not. As painful as it may sound, holding onto the kids is the right move now, lest we become the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    And if Thor is on waivers, K-Lowe is officially gone mad.

  28. digger says:

    The lines the Oilers were running with during practice today, according to TSN:

    Penner – Horcoff – Hemsky
    Torres – Stoll – Nilsson
    Cogliano – Gagner – Pouliot
    Sanderson – Reasoner – Brodziak
    Jacques – Thoresen – Stortini


    Greene – Souray
    Staios – Pitkanen
    Tarnstrom – Gilbert
    Smid – Grebeshkov

    Anson Carter was released.

  29. HBomb says:

    The lines the Oilers were running with during practice today, according to TSN:

    Penner – Horcoff – Hemsky
    Torres – Stoll – Nilsson
    Cogliano – Gagner – Pouliot
    Sanderson – Reasoner – Brodziak
    Jacques – Thoresen – Stortini


    Greene – Souray
    Staios – Pitkanen
    Tarnstrom – Gilbert
    Smid – Grebeshkov

    Anson Carter was released.

    First, good thing the Anson Carter experiement is over.

    Second, the absence of one Ethan Moreau is noticeable. Is he just getting rested up for the season opener, or are we going to see him on IR due to that ankle being severely bruised?

    Given Tarnstrom’s a vet, methinks that Tom Gilbert has moved past Smid and Grebeshkov into the top six, judging by those pairings….we shall see come Thursday.

  30. ClaytonMagnet says:

    Magic Johnson was a once in a lifetime innovator when it came to the art of creating and passing. He took the no-look pass from a showboat move and made it standard, and could turn nothing into something at any time. When he was a rookie, his teammates were constantly getting beaned in the head. Not because they were bad players, but because Johnson saw the game differently.

    If Moreau is on a line with Cogs (as per hbomb), he’s going to get beaned in the head a ton.

  31. NB Oiler Fan says:

    OT: Perhaps it’s just me, but I sure would have liked seeing Sykora back on the RW this season. I really liked him as an Oiler.

    Apparently the organization asked him to be patient in teh off-season, but he didn’t after getting an offer from the Pens (who can blame him). Still would have felt more comfortable with him back, he was a favorite of mine last season.

  32. ClaytonMagnet says:

    Check out who the Flyers named captain.

    Love ya Gator, you’re a beaut!

  33. HBomb says:

    If Moreau is on a line with Cogs (as per hbomb), he’s going to get beaned in the head a ton.

    I’m starting to wonder if Moreau starts the season on IR….based on Digger’s lines from practice this morning, maybe that’s what we’re looking at? Or is Sanderson going to alternate with Pouliot as a winger with Gagner/Cogliano?

    Gagner making the team along with Cogliano opens up some exciting possibilities in terms of line combinations. Could this team have the talent to be what Buffalo was last year and the year before about two years down the road from now?

  34. Scarlett says:

    I heard Moreau is good to go for the season opener!

  35. <b>PunjabiOil</b> says:

    A bit puzzling that Smid is playing on the 4th pairing in practice.

    I’d be more comfortable if he plays with Souray than Greene. Or perhaps the Oilers will send him down temporarily to the AHL?

  36. Asiaoil says:

    LT – I know you like the Norwegian – but he’s got more than a few black marks going against him.

    First off he’s no kid as he will be 24 years old next month. Given that I think his offensive upside is almost zero – and remember that this is a guy who was almost JFJ-like in terms of scoring after the first 6-8 games of last season. Add on the utter absence of any offense this training camp – and as they say – Houston we have a problem.

    Second – he’s small and so he’s not really competing with Brodziak and MAP IMHO. He’s been up against Cogs, Nilssen, Gagner and Schremp in the race for small forward slots (because we can only have so many of htese guys on the roster without getting killed). So in my mind the only guy in this list who he was even remotely close to was Schremp. All the other young smaller forward were better by a mile.

    Third – MacT’s comment on MAP’s intensity applies even more to Thoresen. What was this guy thinking with such a lackluster training camp. He’s an undrafted small offensively challenged forward who has to get noticed to stick around. Did he really thing that a bit of defensive awareness and those 9 points he put up in the last 60 games of the 06-07 season mean anything this year?

    No he’s a young Toby Petersen as someone else noted and losing him is no big deal – good luck to him though – he’s a gamer and may get a shot somewhere else.

  37. Rod says:

    Cogs and Sanderson on a line would undoubtedly be a blur. Put Gagner between ‘em, and that’s a really interesting line IMO.

    Penner – Horcoff – Hemsky
    Torres – Stoll – Nilsson
    Moreau – Reasoner – Brodziak
    Cogliano – Gagner – Sanderson

    Jacques, Pouliot

    Springfield: Thoreson, Stortini

    A few shifts here and there Cogs could/would play between 12&14, while Gagner could/would get Pensky “situationally.”

    PP1: Pensky + Horc
    Pitkanen – Souray
    PP2: Cogs – Gagner – Nilsson
    Stoll – Tarnstrom (Torres doesn’t exactly have a great track record in terms of PP production…then again, he is the most feared type of hockey player… ;-).

    Horc – Moreau/Brodziak (which opens up a shift once in a while for Gagner with Pensky)
    Stoll – Nilsson
    Reasoner – Brodziak/Moreau

    Regardless, there’s a lot of options there. Should be an interesting start to the season.

  38. Asiaoil says:

    Riv – I thought you only needed 60 games to qualify for waivers as a 23 year old? If so then Thoresen has to pass.

    PJO – yeah Brodziak is the only kid with a remote chance of replacing even part of what Pisani brought to the team. For all those guys who thought he was over-paid – take a look around the league and see who can fill those shoes on RW – maybe Langenbrunner, Lehtinen, Grier…..and it’s not like any of them are available. I would be pretty damn opotimistic about the season with a healthy Pisani and Moreau anchoring the 3rd line – without – well still optimistic but we need a guy to move Brodziak down a slot and a mobile stay at home dman for the 2nd pair.

  39. HBomb says:

    Asiaoil: I’ve seen you do this a few times, and it’s one of my pet peeves: repeated misspelling of a player’s name. Everytime I see the word “Shremp”, it’s like nails on a chalkboard….

    Anyways, it’s “Nilsson”, not “Nilssen”. Just thought I’d throw that out there, even if it looks like I’m coming across as a spelling Nazi.

    Other than that though, I agree with your commentary on Thoresen for the most part. He didn’t have a great training camp. That being said, I think he’ll be back here by mid-November at the latest. Gagner will get sent back to junior, or he’ll stick and there will be a trade to thin out the herd, and he will have a spot as the 13th or 14th forward.

  40. Ribs says:

    Note: TSN reports Sam Gagner is rumoured to play on a line with Adrew Cogliano and Marc Pouliot.

  41. Bank Shot says:

    Well, I was pretty sure that Thoresen and Pouliot would end up in vulnerable situations due to the amount of talented forwards in the pipeline, but I didn’t think it would happen so quickly.

    It seemed like they’d be virtual locks to make the team this season, and then possibly be pushed out in a year or two by the younger guys, but the younger guys decided to blow the doors off.

    Hopefully this situation sticks. We all like Thoresen, but if Cogliano and Gagner excel it means that this team might finally be on track to escape the endless series of 7-10th finshes.

  42. Asiaoil says:

    HB – yes you are being a spelling Nazi – but I still appreciate you anyway :) To many Nillsen’s, Nillson’s, Nielsen’s, Nilssen’s, Nilsson’s in this league :)

    I like Thor but he’s almost 24 and shows no signs at all of having any real offensive touch – bad sign at that age. Toby v. 2.0 – but like you said – if Gagner only lasts until being sent to the WJC and then back to London in the New Year – he may be back.

  43. Dennis says:

    So, if and when Moreau comes back, trhe 13th spot is a battle between JFJ, Stortini or Pouliot?

    If the Oilers believe Gagner’s for real, and I certainly believe he will be come next year at the very least, then I don’t mind Thor being waived. No, wait I actually do mind it. I’d rather waive Sanderson and keep Thor around.

    I’d go with Penner-Horc-Hemsky-Torres-Stoll-Nilsson-

    That would leave Sanderson bought out and Jacques in the AHL and as much as I like Jacques, I’m clearly gonna let a Gagner play over him and in my lineup, MP-Thor and Brodziak are three guys fighting for the last two spots and I don’t think that’s a bad situation. Reasoner could be done any year or any month so if all three guys are ready to play, the spots might open for them. Plus, down on the farm, it’s Schremp and Truk who would now be first in line.

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