Badger in Dallas

It looks like Brad Winchester’s NHL career won’t skip a beat. After not being signed by the Oilers this summer, he signed with Dallas in hopes of grabbing a roster spot. Unlike Tony Salmelainen (Toronto), Tobias Petersen (also Dallas) and Alexei Semenov (who is in very tough in San Jose), Winchester appears to have survived training camp with the Stars.

How much playing time he’ll get is an open question, and since they placed 5 guys on the IR today the end-of-the-roster guys should probably pay their board by the day.

Still, Winchester has a roster spot.

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4 Responses to "Badger in Dallas"

  1. NBOilerFan says:

    I for one hope Winchester does well. He was my last favorite prospect and I never felt Mact gave him enough icetime or gave him a fair shot over the couple years he was trying to crack the lineup. I’m okay with him not being an Oiler, but hope he carves out a spot in Dallas and sticks.

    Another ex-Oiler I am happy to be seeing getting a shot is Isbister. He’s another player that I really liked when we got him and had high expectations for. And although he showed very well at times and horrible other times, he just was so inconsistent and left you feeling that he was leaving too much on the ice. Just never played with the urgency I think he needed to.

    I know a lot of Oiler fans don’t think much of Isbister, but I was routing for him long after most fans turned on him. I just kept hoping that he would “get it”.

    Anyway, looks like he is getting another shot in Vancouver to start the season at least. Good luck to them both.

  2. voxel says:

    Canucks fans are already turning on Ibuster.

    Winchester might have a career ahead of him if he pulls a Cleary.

  3. Loxy says:


    Inconsistent players are good one day, bad the next.

    Isbister was good one day, bad the next 8.

  4. Ribs says:

    Hoorah for Winchester!

    It sure is nice having that roster spot open up as he was jettisoned by The Big Drop. I never really cared much for the guy but it’s nice to know that he didn’t leave the show without a shot at a different team.

    Looks like a win/win for everyone if he makes the Stars starting lineup.

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