I wonder why they chose to take a picture of Harry Howell in his uniform outside on a sunny day. I mean, this is a perfect spring training photo but Harry was a hockey player and frankly this looks ridiculous. When I was a kid we didn’t see the Rangers much (they were not a good team and had about 7 new players every time I saw them on TV) but Harry Howell never had hair this color that I can remember.

My guess is this photo is from the 1950s. I wonder why they decided to take the picture outside.

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  1. PDO says:

    LT, you really shouldn’t allow yourself to have 24 full beers in the fridge before an Oilers/Wild game :]

  2. Mr DeBakey says:

    Howell was no Dan Hejda,
    But he sure played a purdy game.

    with that photo
    They were looking forward to now
    the current era
    when the SCF is being wrapped up just before Canada Day.

  3. mc79hockey says:

    I don’t know how any self respecting Albertan can see that picture as anything but undeniable proof that global warming is bullshit – that picture was probably taken in December in Inuvik.

  4. Rube Foster says:

    Harry Howell on the Beach.

    Isn’t that a Jane Siberry song?

    Wow, I think that’s the only picture of Harry I’ve seen where he didn’t have gray hair.
    Harry was a gem; he won the Norris in 67and then handed it off to Bobby Orr to take care of for a decade. He said as much in his acceptance speech. I remember Harry playing for the Calgary Cowboys I think he was about 62 years old.
    Check out that 50’s hockey equipment. Can you imagine the guys today wearing that stuff? There’d be a lineup to the infirmary. Has Ethan Moreau been wearing Harry’s old gear? I think we forget how much the new gear has had an impact on how the game has evolved. I mean from the forties through the seventies the equipment really didn’t change that much. Now it’ seems to be evolving every five years or so. Brendan Shanahan’s shoulder pads being the exception.
    Harry Howell is exactly what the Oilers need on the blue line…hey isn’t Jan Hejda kind of a Czech Harry Howell?

  5. Black Dog says:

    I have and used to wear some of my Dad’s equipment which was circa 1960 stuff. Beauty gloves and cotton pants – not a lot of padding. great stuff.

  6. Black Dog says:

    As for the picture – remember the 70s hockey cards – the comics on the back?

    “Phil enjoys waterskiing” and there would be a little cartoon of Phil Russell in full equipment on waterskis with a couple of other guys also in full equipment sitting on the dock waving.

    Maybe the old time guys just wore their stuff around the clock year round. Maybe Harry is getting ready to mow the lawn or he’s going out for dinner.

  7. Rube Foster says:

    You know, I could easily see Harry mowing the lawn in the Rangers gear…Those guys had to work in summer to make ends meet. Harry might have made a few bucks more going door to door offering to cut lawns in his hockey gear.

    Chien Noir,

    They really don’t make ‘em like they used to – Hockey Cards or gear.

    I started playing Hockey as a kid in the mid seventies and ended my minor hockey days in the eighties wearing a Cooper-all – go Whalers! When I started playing I swear my pants were eighty percent nylon and twenty percent padding. No visor no face mask just a gob soaked mouth guard thing that most kids ended up using as a pseudo chin strap. I played through that weird phase where every other kid on the team had a different kind of face shield; the football bars, the peculiar strabismus inducing nose/mouth protector or the Tretiak cage were the most popular adornments of that odd couple year period. It took a couple years for them to settle on the style of cage they now wear in minor hockey.

    I absolutely LOVE the old school Hockey Cards.

    My vote for best back of the Hockey Card Cartoon Caption – “Rogie is known as a sharp dresser”

    My Vote for best Hockey Card – Phil Esposito wearing Fred Stanfield’s gloves and plaid slacks, tied with the Jerry Korab with the huge sideburns and beaded choker.

  8. Black Dog says:

    Good stuff Rube!

  9. mike w says:

    That’s not Harry Howell — that’s Jarret Stoll!

  10. Rael says:

    Players really arent less worth it if their portraits’ backgrounds are changed, and even if their hair is fixed :-) The question rather is: is the card company still taking aim aat somebody? Yikes!
    hockey card memories

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