Edmonton Oilers Rookie Points Record (D)

This is Tom Gilbert. He has an excellent chance to move onto the list below. It’s an impressive list, made even moreso by the number of pure legends who have roamed NHL bluelines since 1979. Note how well that Begeron fellow did as a newbie:

  1. Paul Coffey (80-81) 74gp, 9-23-32
  2. Randy Gregg (82-83) 80gp, 6-22-28
  3. Marc-Andre Bergeron (03-04) 54gp, 9-17-26
  4. Steve Smith (85-86) 55gp, 4-20-24
  5. Dan McGillis (96-97) 73gp, 6-16-22
  6. Kevin Lowe (79-80) 64gp, 2-19-21
  7. Tom Poti (98-99) 73gp, 5-16-21

Tom Gilbert scored 6 points in 12 games last season, and would have to be considered a strong possibility for more than 25 points if he can stay healthy all year long.

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4 Responses to "Edmonton Oilers Rookie Points Record (D)"

  1. Ribs says:

    I am so glad Gilbert’s getting this chance to show what he’s got. He really could be a point scoring machine in a year or two.

  2. Nelson88 says:

    He reminds me of a bigger version of john michel liles offensively and with the chance to be a better defender in his own end.

  3. PunjabiOil says:

    Keep in mind he also put up 30 points in 48 AHL games last year.

  4. Stuart van says:

    I’m a big Gilbert fan. Take a look at Whitney’s stats for an interesting comparison: Ryan Whitney’s best season in the NCAA was 25 in 38 as a 20 year old. Gilbert had 20 in 39 as a 20 year old, and 30 in 41 as a 22 year old. Gilbert was 30 for 48 in the AHL, whereas Whitney was 41 in 80. Whitney had 38 in 68 on the Penguins as a 22 year old. Whitney likely logged a lot of power play time, which I’m not sure Gilbert will see, but it will be interesting to see what he can do as a 24 year old with the Oilers. He’ll be fighting for ice time against Smid and Grebeshkov (and possibly Greene) so he’ll have to be sharp to keep getting ice time.

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