Good Grief

This photo of Rob Schremp sums up why I find him irritating.

What do we know about Rob Schremp? He has some skating issues and he is on that learning curve most prospects go through in the transition from shinny to hockey.

Sooo, when your pre-game routine involves a lacrosse move you can forgive me for wishing a coach was lumbering up behind him in an effort to kick him in the ass. How many times do you think he’ll use it in his NHL career? I wonder what Andrew Cogliano was doing.

I thought about not posting this because it’s kind of mean. However, am I alone in being somewhat upset that this continues? I remember the Phillies had a pitcher years ago who could throw with both hands, and wanted to do it in a game. They finally let him do it, but I always felt it had become such a big deal it detracted from the important things he brought to the club.

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15 Responses to "Good Grief"

  1. PDO says:

    In his defense LT, and I’m hardly one to defend Schremp ;), but lots of guys do lots of strange things before games. Play with the puck, play soccer, spend an hour trying to tape their stick just perfectly, etc…

    At this point I don’t think it’s so much practicing as part of his pregame routine that puts him in the mental frame he needs to be in.

  2. Lowetide says:

    Fair enough, PDO. He’s really good at it too, which must help and he certainly has a wider fanbase than a player of his ability would normally have at this point in his career.

  3. T. says:

    No I find it irritating as well. Kind of like when the youtube videos of him doing the lacrosse moves in shootouts/skills competitions were going around and everyone was oohing and aahing but the puck only went in the net ONCE out of five different clips.

  4. Buddha7305 says:

    I’m with PDO on this one. Having watched Schremp for quite a few years he does practice stuff like this long after other people have left the ice. Pro athletes have patterns tha use to prepare for games.

  5. Andy Grabia says:

    Glad to see you aren’t as cynical as all those other Oiloggers, LT. ;)

  6. Devin says:

    If this is his pregame routine he needs a new one. He was visibly nervous last night and his play showed it. He should practice not falling on his butt three times a shift, that’d be something.

    Why is Schremp still Oilers property? What role could he be expected to fill, exactly? They aren’t trading Cogliano or Gagner who have both passed him, so where’s the small offensive center hole on this club? Argh!

  7. Lowetide says:

    Andy: lol. Yeah, this is the post that needs to come before a night of drunkenness allows us the righteousness of a posse. :-)

    Or maybe there’s one more post titled “I don’t think he even shares his water bottle the big rat fink” and then a final “Really, how many nice people have you ever met from Syracuse?”

    As for why he is here, I think this is the “let’s get Chuck Arnason some trade value by playing him” phase of his career.

    The one thing Schremp-omites can hold onto is that if the PP improves while he’s here they might find room.

    However, Nilsson is kicking the daylights out of the AHL so he’s probably back soon.

    Will they send out Stortini? Pouliot? Prendergast had a hilarious post in the paper today that was something like “if they struggled we’ll send them out until they learn how to be confident.”

    I haven’t tried a similar approach with my kids, but am fairly certain that after a week or so they’d be peeing the bed and can’t imagine this has ever been successful in any walk of like.

    Suddam Hussein had a similar plan for his “cabinet” in the 70s or 80s iirc.

  8. Ribs says:

    There’s a guy in Washington who does the same thing before games… Ovechkin something or other… I heard he was good.

  9. Dennis says:

    I certainly didn’t think Rob fared too poorly in Van. He manged to get himself open for a scoring chance on a 2nd period PP and once him and 83 started playing together, it looked like he was playing playmaker to Hemsky’s sniper. It was a bit dishearetening to see him falling down so much, though.

    I think the best we can hope for is if one of Rob or Nilsson become guys who are useful when playing against the soft but I don’t think we should be too disappointed if neither of them pan out in any way, shape or form.

  10. pk500 says:

    Last night was the first really good look I got of Schremp, as he only played the second-to-last game of last season. Schremp’s skating has been cited as a weakness, and how! I can’t recall seeing worse skating by a so-called skill player in a VERY long time than I saw last night by Schremp. He was knocked off his feet four times by my count, and none by heavy checks. He waddles when he skates. Schremp won’t last long in the NHL if he doesn’t work on his skating. In fact, I think his return plane ticket to Springfield already may be stamped.

  11. pk500 says:

    Lowetide: I’m from Syracuse. My wife and kids think I’m a nice guy. :) But Schremp still is a clown.

  12. Lowetide says:

    pk: Wives are pretty smart people, so I’ll take her word for it. :-)

  13. Cam Fraser says:

    meh. Count me solidly in the “pre-game focus” camp. Honestly, his numbers in the AHL warrant an NHL tryout, and this was only his second big-club game. How many months was it before Mike Comrie scored a point?

  14. Black Dog says:

    I thought he did alright – he really looked nervous to me – but he had a shift late in the second maybe with Stortini and someone else (can’t recall) and they had a nice cycle going – did some good work.

    He wasn’t afraid to get in there and get his nose dirty in my eyes.

  15. ClaytonMagnet says:

    I wouldn’t have a problem with this picture if he’d loose the flip-flops and put his damn skates on. We know he can stick-handle…it’s the skating over the blue line without tripping over it that he needs to practice…

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