JFJ recalled

The Edmonton Oilers recalled Jean-Francois Jacques today. It’s an interesting move considering he played about 3 minutes in the first game of the year and was promptly sent out.

There were some indicators that coach MacT wasn’t as down on him as it first appeared, including an item in Matty’s Journal column yesterday:

Winger J.F. Jacques had the Gordie Howe hat-trick for Springfield Saturday in their 4-2 loss to San Jose’s AHL farm club (Worcester). Goal, assist and a fight. He played three minutes and change in the opener against San Jose, helping set up the winner by Gilbert when he fought off Ryane Clowe to get the puck up the ice. MacTavish liked his attitude when he was sent down, though. He sensed he didn’t want to be in the AHL for long.

Jacques is quite simply a fascinating prospect. He has such an interesting assortment of skills that he’s impossible to avoid: massive frame combined with good foot speed and an impact hitter when he makes contact.

He hasn’t scored a point in 45 regular season games, he’s wildly inconsistent and a guy this big not impacting a game physically is a crime.

Why did they recall him?

One reason might be that unlike last season where he made the team and then sat for a long stretch (he made the opening night roster and didn’t see the ice until October 25th last year, which was 20 days and the 9th game of the 06-07 season) before getting even a look on the big team.

Another might be that the Oilers play Boogaard and the Wild tomorrow night and they’re not going to send Gagner over the boards.

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10 Responses to "JFJ recalled"

  1. Shawn says:

    I don’t think you sit Gagne in any of his try-out games. Gotta see what you have to make an informed choice.

    However, they might want Jacques out there to deflect Boogard’s attention.

  2. uni says:

    They can make Gagne a healthy scratch for the game and put JFJ in there. Won’t burn a game off his 9 game try-out as he’s not dressing.

  3. PDO says:

    This is what you do:

    Jacques runs Gaborik. Absolutely destroys him, maybe even takes a 2 minute minor on it.

    He skates by Boogard, tells the monkey that if he so much as lays a finger on a skill guy, Gaborik is going through the boards next time.

    …. maybe they’re benching Raffi?

  4. MikeP says:

    JFJ’s no deterrent for Boogard, and while pdo’s idea may work, it doesn’t require JFJ (unless you want a sacrificial lamb) – Torres has proven he can take guys’ heads off with the best of the rest. And tell Boogard something like that, he may just go and run Hemsky to see if JFJ really will go after Gaby. That’s an arms race the Oilers lose every time. With Laraque gone, the only way the Oilers beat Boogard is on the scoreboard.

  5. Dennis says:

    I don’t think JFJ can hang with Boogy in a fight and I don’t think, well I actually pretty much KNOW, that MacT doesn’t send our guys after their guys. That goes back to Mush taking out Weight and BH going nuts on the bench all the way to last season when Boogy made Hemsky his tackling dummy almost every game out.

    But I saw the an ex game between Min/Chi where Boogy take an out and out run at Samsonov; this was an EX game. So I’m sure he’d have no qualms taking a smack at Gagner and he’d probably get a chance becuase MacT would be looking to get Sam out against the Wild’s fourth line which of course houses Boogy.

    So, I think LT’s on the mark here. Keep the kid away from the tracktracks and then come back with him for the home and home against the Dys and the only guy you gotta watch out for then is that cheap shotter Cooke

  6. Mustafa Hirji says:

    Wouldn’t Sortini be better insurance aginst Boogard?

  7. Pleasure Motors says:

    Jacques runs Gaborik. Absolutely destroys him, maybe even takes a 2 minute minor on it.

    Jesus, MacT isn’t Reg Dunlop.

  8. ClaytonMagnet says:

    I was thinking about this in the preseason… with our future depending on these young and quite small frames, what the hell do we do with Boogard? It seems he knocked at least one guy out per game last year, and God forbid one of the kids get caught in the crosshairs. Neither JFJ or Stortini are a match (or even amusement) for Boogard, but they may not die if he hits them. Maybe.

  9. Kev says:

    Didn’t Patrick Kane play in the Chicago game against the Wild? Kane is smaller than Gagner actually. Then again, Koci took care of Boogaard.

  10. uni says:

    Sheldon Souray may be able to have a bout with Boogie…that’s about it. Stortini wouldn’t last long from what we’ve seen of his scraps in the bigs.

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