Life During Wartime

This ain’t no party
this ain’t no disco
This ain’t no fooling around
No time for dancing
or lovey dovey
I ain’t got time for that now

-Talking Heads

Craig MacTavish went all Jani Rita on Rob Schremp yesterday. It’s in today’s papers. I know that many of the blog people believe MacTavish tells the truth about 10 per cent of the time and the rest is spin, but this is pretty close to the bone and a bitter pill for Schremp and his fans to swallow. First, let me go back to late September for this MacT quote:

“I don’t want him to be discouraged because he’s making progress. But the injury set him back a little bit. There’s plenty of areas he can help us now, but I feel with what we have here, he needs a little more dimension to his game. We could keep him up with us and possibly play him on the wing on the fourth line and get him in there to help us on the power play a bit if we need it, but long-term the best thing for him is to go down, add another dimension, and when he comes back to us, he’s ready to play.” -MacT (from the EJ Sept27).

Here is the Sun page, I can’t get the bloggerlink to work:

One of the quotes: “He needs the strength base and the quickness. He’s got to be strong enough to battle at a standstill with players because he’s not going to outskate many players.”

Well there it is. They’re sure as hell not showcasing him, that I will say.

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9 Responses to "Life During Wartime"

  1. Ribs says:

    Schremp is crafty enough in the corners to wrangle pucks away from a lot of players with his stick, but he has to skate to them first. It’s very hard to be a physical presence when you don’t have the speed to back it up. You just tire yourself out and become nullified to the play.
    With that being said, I do believe he can learn to be effective. Jarret Stoll used to chop away at the ice a lot more than he does today, and he’s turned out alright.

    I just really hope the emphasis is on his skating while he rips it up in Springfield.

  2. namflashback says:

    I think Rob was being thrown a bone during this callup. He wasn’t, in the span of 6 ahl games, going to make all the improvement that MacT’s sept quote details.

    This was the “good start, kid – come play golf with the team, then go back to Springfield and get to work. He will not be back this year.

  3. Showerhead says:

    I’ll be happy when Schremp can take two shifts in a row without falling down every time the breeze blows his way. Should he ever develop the ability to physically stay in the play (balance, strength, or speed wise) he may finally be an NHL player. Timeline?

  4. Vic Ferrari says:

    Interesting idea namflashback. I love these Gregory House type theories. :D

    So if Schremp was brought in for the team building exercise, that makes him part of the future plans, no? And Pouliot was kept around for steak, beers, workouts and golf, that can’t be bad, can it? Stortini too, yeesh. As for Nilsson, Thoresen and Jacques … I dunno.

    If I was one of the bubble boys, I’d be organizing the others and booking a rental house in L.A for the summer. Stortini moved into the big rental house with the boys this summer, no? I think he was the only one, besides Pouliot who visited briefly. Now Zack is on the team, and he is just plain terrible. There’s a lesson to be learned here methinks.

  5. LJ says:

    I don’t have any problem with sending Schremp down. But why Jacques? That bothers me.

  6. IceDragoon says:

    Good day.

    So… let me get this straight.

    “MacTavish is a liar” is the new black on the Oilogosphere???

    I understand that Lowe can’t open his mouth without lying, because he spins to the lowest common denominators in the fan base, just like every other GM (and coach who aspires to be a GM) in the league.

    Parsing spin doesn’t get one closer to the truth. It only spins off speculation. The vast majority of which belongs in a cow pasture. **** in… **** out. badumbum

    Apply critical thought and wit to spin and we get logically presented and/or wildly entertaining **** out. It’s fun… and the Oilogosphere has the best… but I guess I like the product of critical thought being applied to something more tangible than spin. Maybe it’s me… I do have many oddities.

    Yes… I digressed… ;-p

    MacT has always been forthcoming with valuable insight and great quotes, so I take it this new ‘MacT lies’ thing came from Jason Gregor’s interview during training camp, inre: Smid. Ok… let’s follow this one shall we?

    Why would MacTavish lie about cutting his young defenseman, on the radio?

    Anyone have an Ockham’s Razor hanging around?

    Hmmm… it seem’s…

    He didn’t want his young defenseman learning he would be cut, on the radio.

    I sense a deliberate misdirection. Someone have a point they are trying to make? Because you guys are too smart to NOT apply a little of that critical thought you’ve proven you possess.

    Yeah… he seems a little erratic this year. He has more options than he’s ever had before, albeit, the player options are young and inexperienced… probably why he’s so edgy. ;-D


    I think the Rita connection is a little off. MacTavish never thought Rita had an NHLer in him. He’d give him Reasoner to start TC and when the going got tougher, Rita would look like a deer in the headlights and to the ‘A’ he’d go. Lowe would talk him up and MacTavish would smack him down… on the bench… where he could do no harm.

    I think MacT sees an NHLer in Schremp, he just doesn’t have a team that can shelter him and he has the option of sending him to Bucky. Schremp likes Bucky. ;-)


  7. Lowetide says:

    Louise: I agree MacT has never spoken about Schremp like this before, and he certainly had a less positive view of Rita all down the line.

    As an example, here’s a few quotes from spring 2002 about Rita from those not named MacTavish:

    “He’s coming along just fine, right on schedule,” said Howson, who took in Hamilton’s series against the Tigers. “The biggest thing is he’s learning what North American playoff hockey is like, and he’s adapting and excelling at it.”

    “This has been a very well-played series without a lot of room out there and he has looked good,” Howson said. “Jani has figured it out and he’s finding ways to contribute. Not many 20-year-old kids get 25 goals in this league. He did that and he’s a very committed kid. He’s determined. This playoff run has been a great experience for him.”

    “He’s putting pressure on the organization to create a job for him next season,” said Kevin Prendergast, vice-president of hockey operations. “For a 20-year-old kid, a first-year pro, he’s showing the organization he’s good enough to play.

    “He’s not going to be given a job, but he can come in and earn it at training camp. I think he’ll be a better goal-scorer than anybody thought he could be.”

    “I think he’d be a great (third-line player),” Lowe said yesterday as the Oilers kicked off their annual season-ticket campaign at team offices. “He is a guy who’ll move up and down. He’s got the skill. You can move him anywhere . . . he’s one of those types of guys who has the potential to score 20 goals.”

    And the classic MacT quotes from 03-04:

    “Apparently his presence here is proof the organization feels he’s deserving of a shot,” said MacTavish.

    “Time’s running out for him, and the organization as well, in terms of us having to give him a shot, having to give him a look,” said MacTavish. “We have to make a decision on him.”

    “He’s seemingly been at the same state here the last couple or three years,” said MacTavish. “You keep expecting him to progress to the point where he’s established himself as an NHL player.”

  8. Ducey says:

    Maybe the move has little to do with the Schremp-en Boat captain personally. He got brought up when Nilson got sent down. Schremp might have just been the warm body they needed to bring up.

    I think the message for anyone not on a one way is, put up, or be sent down. There are a few guys that are going to be frequent flyers this year.

    I would guess they could have noticed he was a crappy skater in Sringfield. Maybe he hung out too much in his underwear during the team bonding sessions (you can take that either way)?

  9. PunjabiOil says:

    With MacT openly stating:
    “I didn’t expect him to be here long term when I called him up,” said the coach.

    “I don’t think that Robbie is ready to help us long term right now.”

    A mind made up before the games are played..

    It’s tough to argue with BBO that Schremp wasn’t given a fair shot.

    As we speak, he put up a 3 point night in the AHL, and Bobby Smid also contributed to 2 goals.

    Schremp has ways to go, but this could be a season where he builds up his trade value.

    One question – is it the GMs job to call up players, or the coaches?

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