MacT’s Comments on Pouliot

For those of us who have endured the Long and Winding Road that is Marc Pouliot’s development curve, there is this from the Journal:

Marc Pouliot must have felt like gramps playing with Sam Gagner, 18, and Andrew Cogliano, 20, in the Oilers’ game against the Flyers. He’s all of 22. Pouliot had a strong 10 minutes on the fourth line. “He made plays. Pouliot has a ways to go, but it looks to me like he’ll get there. He thinks offensively with those kids. I saw some heady plays with them on the cycle,” said MacTavish.

Hat tip to PunjabiOil for the info in a thread below. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Don’t eat turkey Pouliot, there’s something in it that makes you drowsy!

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10 Responses to "MacT’s Comments on Pouliot"

  1. Devin says:

    Oh thank the lord. Love Pouliot and I’m so relieved to see MacT hasn’t soured on him. 78 is one of the guys that will be here when the inevitable rough patch begins. I’m still very much in favour of a 14-16-78 line that can take on 2nd ES minutes.

    Put Nilsson with 13-89 against the total chumps and watch the fireworks.

  2. oilerdiehard says:

    I think Mystery Meat will be just fine.

    I was kind of relieved he managed to avoid a ticket to the AHL this time. I think it was close though. He seems to be such a slow starter and maybe it does have something to do with his mental preparation and intensity level, which MacT has been hinting at. He just needs to learn how to do it off the hop each year.

    If he can consistently play at the level we seen him at at times last season that would be a large shot in the arm for us. Especially when combined with the other kids doing well, Sanderson & Marty also appear to have gas left in the tank. Damn good signs and we will need of that going forward.

  3. Lowetide says:

    Well when I graduate them in my mind it’s galling to have them not step up. :-)

    The same article says MacT liked Jacques attitude when he was sent out, something like he had the feeling he didn’t want to be down there for long.

    What Jacques should do is have a Bob Kelly energy shift in his first shift back in the NHL. Good, clean hits on the forecheck, and with his size they’ll be punishing even without charging the opponent.

  4. Devin says:

    LT- I may be wrong, but from memory JFJ did exactly that on his first NHL shift. Laid a big hit and got the crowd buzzing. That was back when they called him “crazy train”. Can you imagine that nickname now? The guy needs to take “crazy” lessons from Torres ASAP and recapture his former nutsness, or he won’t have a career.

  5. Black Dog says:

    Pouliot definitely strikes one as a slow starter – hopefully he can ratchet up that intensity.

    If Gagner sticks for the season then Pouliot is going to be in and out of the lineup. Tough to get traction.

  6. Dennis says:

    I like the way Devin is thinking here. If we put MP with 14-16, we should have three lines that can hang at ES and then 12-13-89 can come out and try and feast on the dummies. Then again, maybe that’s “demoting” Nilsson a bit too early but I still think that’s an idea that could work because as much as I love Nilsson’s playmaking ability, I think of the way he “battled” on the Briere goal the other night and it makes me believe that his worth early on is on a soft min line that plays against nobodies.

    One last thought here before I get to MacT’s comments, can anyone remember who MP played with for that game in TO last year? All summer I said I loved the way he played in his own end and I thought he was a good tough min candidate but I wasn’t sure where his offense would come from. I know he was lights out in that game in TO and he was playing well in Ott on that same road trip. When I think about the games he looked good in, I remember a game in Det where he played with 19-34 and I remember a HNIC home tilt vs Cgy when him and 34 had an awesome game together. I’m just wondering if he played many games with the 14-16 combo because I really can’t remember it being that way.

    As for the comments, very strange indeed. I find it odd that a coach would say a fellow has a long ways to go but I think he’s gonna get there. That seems like something you’d say about a guy that just got cut from his first camp, not a fellow who’s on his last year where the club has waiver rights on him.

    Nice to see some compliments about JFJ too but I really don’t know if there’s a place here for him anymore unless he totally gets his head around being a crash and banger. It appears that other kids have come in and created scoring opps and have thus passed him so I don’t know where this guy fits in present or future. The way MacT was talking today, ie JFJ isn’t gonna be down long and we’ll have to eventually let Gags and Cogs play more and the deal about MP being able “to get there”, it’s like the Oilers plan on playing five lines of forwards or carrying 17 guys up front.

  7. goldenchild says:

    I hadn’t seen the coments from MacT and wondered if he had been relegated to the abyss of Mact’s doghouse and never to be heard of again. I still think he skill set is going to porve very valuable this year but MP needs to gain some traction while the captain is out this week. These 2 road games will be a good indicator in terms of what MacT thinks of him. I agree with Devin that 14-16-78 makes sense especially on the road, and Nilson seemed to have some nice chemestry with Cogliano in the preseason game I watched against the Canucks.

  8. MikeP says:

    Pouliot’s the next Pisani I think, which sounds kind of funny for a kid who used to play with Sidney Crosby. Smart guy with some wheels who can read the play and occasionally go on a “wtf did that come from” streak.

  9. IceDragoon says:

    Good day.

    Have much to add and still no time. :-) I’ll stop for a visit later this week, Lain.


    78 was centring 14 & 28. He earned PP time with 83 & 94 late in the game and assisted on the tying goal.

    I think MacT saw him as a reasonable replacement for Pisani, if he came to camp in the shape of an average NHLer. Our coach knows a thing or two about ‘slow starters’. :-)

    Somewhere in Lowetide’s impressive archives I responded to some griping about MP’s TC linemates with… “That which does not kill you makes you stronger.” MacT needed him to get stronger, quickly, (was given the bonus of Brodziak filling the need… for now) and still kept working on getting MP stronger. imho – MacT sees ~Horcoff with better touch in our young mr. Pouliot.

    aside – Our coach is nervous as a cat in a room full of rockers with the inexperience, but is clearly excited about the intelligence & skill of his team.

    Happy Thanksgiving


  10. Black Dog says:

    Dennis – what Louise said – Thoresen and Torres – they had a terrific game – and then he was on the ice to try and tie it – he was originally credited with the last Oiler goal but then they gave it to Smyth, iirc.

    Really thought that he had tuened the corner in that game – really showed a lot esp. the ability to carry the puck in heavy traffic

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