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In the thread below (G10/07-08) among several items of discussion is one Marc Pouliot. He’s been a favorite of mine pretty much since he was drafted and certainly since I had a chance to see him take and make a pass. He’s a skilled player who isn’t getting results.

I think he was tracking pretty well through last season but can’t score for love nor money this fall. Although he’s still a guy I think can have a career, his career progression in terms of comps keeps getting downgraded by the day.

Pouliot is in a pretty dangerous spot right now. In spite of some kind words about him in the Thursday GDT, the hard numbers are damning and he has been passed by a few players since last spring.

He has not been sent out so far this season, and if he can gain some traction he could still have a career as an Oiler. However, the momentum he’d gathered in the springtime has been lost and he’s back to being a fringe player on a middling roster.

We’re beyond the point where Pouliot should be considered in this context. Those injuries 18-20 may have had a long term impact on his development as a pro player.

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  1. Ribs says:

    Pouliot has been a fave of mine since draft day as well. He still looks like an up and coming player to me.
    He has been the victim of too many players who need looks and I think that’s why he seems to be having an off year so far. Him and Brodziak seem to be NHL solids. They can add to the offense in spurts and both play well defensively. There has to be a spot for them on an NHL team somewhere.

    Something interesting to consider when it comes to Pouliot.

    Marc Pouliot: $0.942M – RFA 08/09
    Marty Reasoner: $0.95M – UFA 08/09

    I think these guys are pretty comparable at this point, talent wise. One has to believe that one of these guys isnt going to be here next spring. Which one? Who knows. I’m rooting for Poo.

  2. Ribs says:

    er…next fall that should read.

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