Oilers Place Thoresen on Waivers

Oilers took care of some business on the wings today. They placed Patrick Thoresen on waivers and gave Anson Carter his release.

I’m not absolutely certain Thoresen needed to be placed on waivers, implying that Edmonton did it in hopes of clearing up a roster jam. Asiaoil has mentioned several times (including in a thread below) that Thoresen’s poor showing on the scoresheet in camp added to his lack of size made him expendable in this competition. Turned out he was spot on.

I still don’t agree with the move. Thoresen doesn’t have 5 years experience or anything, but Jeebus people this roster is going to be inexperienced most of the night in at least one spot on the ice as things shake down now.

Patrick Thoresen to my eye was a better option than some of the guys still on the roster. If they break camp with Cogliano and Gagner down the middle with Horcoff and Stoll then one of the two rookies is going to be taking some faceoffs on the penalty kill. Why not keep Reasoner or Pouliot at center and give their slots to Thoresen. He’s a nice option for 13F too.

Craig MacTavish must see something in Gagner that tells him the kid’s camp was more than just traction from the Canada-Russia series and that 18 he can play multiple roles. This is the same coach who sent Hemsky away after a tremendous camp at the same age.

Either way, best of luck to Thoresen, hope he gets claimed at pops 15.

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22 Responses to "Oilers Place Thoresen on Waivers"

  1. Loxy says:

    I hope he gets claimed. And hopefully with a good team.

  2. amy says:

    I hope he gets passed up the Oil can call him up after Gagner doesn’t pan out…this year.

  3. voxel says:

    Cogliano shouldn’t play center. His face-off percentage blows.

    Our centers:


    with Cogs + Nilsson being shuffled around to provide offense against soft opposition.

  4. Eric says:

    LT – I agree. NHLnumbers has Thor listed at $543k for 07/08. Given that he was minus 1 last year and played 68 games (around 15 minutes per night after the trade deadline), he seems like a guy to keep around. Pisani played 77 games and was also minus 1 and scored 28 points. Reasoner played 72 games, had 20 points and was minus 15. Granted quality of opposition was different but for a guy in his first year to pull those kind of +/- numbers on such a horrible team would seem to indicate someone with some interesting value.

  5. godot10 says:

    //Cogliano shouldn’t play center. His face-off percentage blows.//

    The only way you get better is by taking faceoffs. If you view him as a long term Oiler, you live with it. Horcoff, Stoll, and Reasoner are all pretty good at faceoffs, and Cogliano is not likely to be playing against the toughest opposition much. Plus, unless there is icing, MacT can have one of the other guys take faceoffs in the defensive end.

  6. RiversQ says:

    Yeah, this is probably not a good move. I think Vic said once that MacT doesn’t do well when he has to think too much and obviously he’s been thinking about this season since about Game 65 of last year. That’s way too much time.

    If Stortini makes this club, then this is an atrocious move. If he gets sent out as well, then I haven’t got much to say except wait and see.

  7. Asiaoil says:

    Hey I agree that Thoresen is better defensively at ES than any of the other kids save MAP – but his size and lack of offensive upside are liabilities. If you don’t have size in todays NHL – you better be able to skate (looking at you Mr Schremp) and you better be able to contribute offensively. Thor is a decent low-event 4th liner – but he’s almost 6 years older than Gagner, 4 years older than Cogs and 2 years older than MAP. He is what he is – and expecting any sort of NHL offense from the guy is probably too optimistic. His defense is a given – but at his size you need more than that with Nilsson, Cogs and Gagner having so much more offensive upside. IMHO he lost his job to Cogliano not JFJ, MAP, Stortini, Brodziak or any of the other bigger bottom 6 forwards.

    I hope he clears because Gagner will only likely last the 9 games and we can bring him back up after that is over. Thor won’t help you much offensively – but he won’t hurt you either and that’s useful in a limited way on the 4th line.

  8. Gret99zky says:

    I hope he clears waivers and is an option when we run into injuries and cold streaks.

    Nobody, including MacT wants another last year.Icing a bunch of B-Grade rookies and crossing our fingers.

    At least this year the rookies have shown something (Cogs, Brods, Gags). MAP, JFJ, Thor, etc. were all a bust at camp, despite all the hype, experience, and expectations.

    So Thor is on waivers, big deal. Toby was put on waivers as well (by Dallas) sign of the times.

    At least we our starting roster showed up to camp. I feel better about icing a team that has demonstrated some offence and determination rather than last year’s potential and “at bats”.

    I like the direction management is taking this year. It may not be the safest bet but it will turn out to be a more watchable and entertaining product.

    My $0.02.

  9. RiversQ says:

    Asiaoil said…
    Hey I agree that Thoresen is better defensively at ES than any of the other kids save MAP – but his size and lack of offensive upside are liabilities. If you don’t have size in todays NHL – you better be able to skate (looking at you Mr Schremp) and you better be able to contribute offensively.

    I’m a huge critic of the mindset that size doesn’t matter in the “new” NHL. (It’s just irrational – don’t get me started.)

    However, these comments reek of a style over substance argument, which is my real pet peeve. The fact remains that Thoresen gets results at ES and plays well on the PK. I don’t care what they tip the scales at, or how they tape their sticks, or what they look like – guys like JFJ and Stortini have not provided results and don’t really projecyt to do so IMO.

    The offense argument makes no sense to me. At ES anyway, those young kids are likely to be negative overall and just high event which is pretty much worthless offense. Will they provide special teams offense above and beyond what Thoresen can contribute in terms of SH GD? Time will tell.

    I think the fact remains that Thoresen is a cheaper, better option than some of the players the Oilers have on the roster right now. That’s JFJ and Stortini and you can add Reasoner and Sanderson to the list too. The Cogliano, Nilsson, Gagner argument is a red herring IMHO.

    I think we’re probably just left with another questionable hockey decision which we should be accustomed to that at this point.

  10. grease trap says:

    I imagine they’re betting on the chance that other rosters are pretty much decided on across the leaugue and at this point no one wants to take a chance on a relatively unknown without a big scoring record.

    At least, that would be my hope. Strange move, though. I had Thor as a lock for the team a few weeks ago.

  11. Asiaoil says:

    Riv – not that we ever agree much on anything – but this reminds me of the fuss over dumping Semnov last year.

    Thor is an older (almost 24) smallish 4th liner with pretty much zero offense going for him. He was invisible this TC which you simply cannot do if you are a fringe NHLer. He’s a nice kid with plenty of spunk and obviously a good head on his shoulders – but this team will struggle some nights to score. In an offensive sense Thor was left by the side of the road by Nilsson and Cogs. In terms of 2 way play – Brodziak was way better and so was Pouliot by a bit – both of those guys also happen to be bigger.

    So of the guys playing for a job – who was Thor better than this TC? Maybe JFJ and Stortini – but those guys have a differnt job description. Thor just wasnt good enough this year – it’s as simple as that.

  12. digger says:

    Personally, I’d be very surprised if he gets claimed by anybody at this time of year. A month from now, maybe that answer’s different.

    He’s a low event 4th liner with good speed, occasional heady playmaking and zero scoring ability. That doesn’t exactly make him a unique snowflake on the waiver wire.

    He’ll go down to the farm, and then we’ll see how badly he wants to get back into the NHL after a lacklustre camp. It’s up to him.

  13. Art Vandelay says:

    Never plays another game in the NHL. I’d bet a million bucks.

  14. Dennis says:

    I like JFJ but I wouldn’t keep him over Thor and I wouldn’t keep Stortini, period. The guy’s a middleweight in a heavyweight’s body and there’s no way anyone should lose a spot to him.

    Hopefully this is another Reasoner deal where Thor squeeks through and we wind up seeing him again as an Oiler but I’m with Riv on not passing over Thor for either of JFJ, Stortini or Sanderson. Not sure I agree on Reasoner as he hasn’t played much in the preseason which probably indicates some of his old mobility is back and that MacT once again figures he’s fit to count on.

    But as much as I’m like one of the last guys to like Jacques, I’d cut him loose to keep Thor and especially considering we’ve still got waiver rights on JFJ.

    A curious move and let it also be known that I’m getting sicker and sicker of Sanderson being an Oiler

  15. Bank Shot says:

    What’s the worst case scenario here?

    Thoresen gets picked up and turns into the next Jason Chimera for another team a couple of years down the road…

    In the meantime the Oilers have a whole raft of bottom sixers hanging around now.

    Next season:


    If Gagner or Cogliano warrant a top six role by that time then it gives the Oilers the flexibility to deal away a center who is getting paid like Stoll or Horcof to address other needs.

    That scenario would leave a hole in the bottom six that can easily be plugged for pennies because guys like Dvorak, Johnson, Bonk, Peca, etc are going for songs and that is likely what the finished product of the Thoresen project ends up looking like anyhow.

    In the now, I don’t see how the loss of Thorsen’s 8 minutes a night will negatively impact the Oilers.

    All the same I hope he clears waivers. I like the kid. It’s hard not to because he plays with so much heart.

  16. NB Oiler Fan says:

    I have to agree with Asia… Thoresen was battling the likes of Cogs, Gagner, Nilsson for a roster spot not JFJ, Stortini, MAP, Brodziak and he was outplayed offensively and I think broke even defensively.

    IMO, we have to move some smaller bodies and need some size on this squad and with Cogs, Nilsson and Gagner outplaying Thor, he’s the obvious choice.

    Anyone who things that size doesn’t matter is sorely mistaken. We are going to have a tough enough time as it is not getting knocked off the puck, and we need one or both of JFJ/Stortini in this forward corps to have that “checking” line that go’s out and bangs and bruises up the opposition. I really worried about our “hits given” stats to start this season.

    But I also hope that Thoresen clears waivers and is an option to fill voids created by injury or poor play over the next few weeks. Nothing like having a solid two-way performer with solid potential offense sitting in the wings. Perhaps he will take Sandersons spot before long?

  17. Loxy says:

    Just a note, Reasoner may not have played much this pre-season due to a death in his family..

    But I suppose he did enough in the two games that MacT penciled him in immediately.

  18. ClaytonMagnet says:

    I hate to be a stickler here…but I can’t find one peep about Thoreson being put on waivers…

    Checked TSN, Sportsnet, Score, HF, Slam, Oilers’ Homepage… Nothing. Who says he’s on waivers???

  19. NBOilerFan says:

    //Who says he’s on waivers???//

    Dan Tencer for one….


  20. ClaytonMagnet says:

    Well, good for Dan Tencer. Apparently, Eklund started the story going at HF. I still want to see one media outlet report it. This list:


    is pretty exhaustive and up to date…I mean, there’s a ton of no names being waived on this list. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the Oilers can waive him and not tell anyone. And if the Canadian sports networks make their money by scooping information like this up for rabid hockey fans, I find it almost impossible that Thoreson could be waived, and not one sports network report it within 24 hours. I’m not saying he isn’t waived, or isn’t going to be waived, I just want to see it somewhere other than the blogosphere.

  21. IceDragoon says:

    Good day.

    Can’t stay.


    MacT said that Thoresen was on waivers during the Gagner signed interview. Just a Game still has it up, but it’ll be gone tonight.



  22. RiversQ says:

    Asiaoil said…
    Riv – not that we ever agree much on anything – but this reminds me of the fuss over dumping Semnov last year.


    Semenov never put up results as an Oiler (or at all) and was long gone as of last year.

    Dennis: As far as Reasoner goes, I guess we don’t know what he’ll do. He was bad last year and he hasn’t been a meaningful contributor since his knee injury. This is a tough trend to break especially at his age.

    Thoresen’s absence surely won’t kill the Oilers but it strikes me as poor use of a player asset.

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