Oilers Rookie Points Record (F)

The Edmonton Oilers have been blessed with some stunning talent up front over the years, and a few top drawer seasons by rookies (NOTE: the NHL doesn’t treat 99′s numbers in 79-80 as his rookie season or it would be even more ridiculous).

One of the fellows in this photo had a pretty nice season as a rookie for the Oilers, the other was a little above average in his rookie season as well. Love those Finns.

Perhaps Cogliano and Gagner could have seasons like #1 and #4 on the list below, who increased the talent base on an already monstrous hockey team. $10 bucks if you can tell me the third player in the picture (Mohawk $$).

  1. Jari Kurri (80-81) 75gp, 32-43-75
  2. Jason Arnott (93-94) 78gp, 33-35-68
  3. Dave Lumley (79-80) 80gp, 20-38-58
  4. Glenn Anderson (80-81) 58gp, 30-23-53
  5. Raimo Summanen (85-86) 73gp, 19-18-37
  6. Miro Satan (95-96) 62gp, 18-17-35
  7. Jaroslav Pouzar (82-83) 74gp, 15-18-33
  8. Mike Grier (96-97) 79gp, 15-17-32
  9. Rem Murray (96-97) 82gp, 11-20-31
  10. David Oliver (94-95) 44gp, 16-14-30
  11. Ales Hemsky (02-03) 59gp, 6-24-30
  12. Jozef Beranek (91-92) 58gp, 12-16-28
  13. Todd Marchant (94-95) 45gp, 13-14-27
  14. Dean McAmmond (93-94) 45gp, 6-21-27
  15. Martin Gelinas (89-90) 46gp, 17-8-25
  16. Mats Lindgren (96-97) 69gp, 11-14-25
  17. Scott Fraser (97-98) 29gp, 12-11-23
  18. Jason Chimera (02-03) 66gp, 14-9-23
  19. Mike Comrie (00-01) 41gp, 8-14-22
  20. Jarret Stoll (03-04) 68gp, 10-11-21

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12 Responses to "Oilers Rookie Points Record (F)"

  1. mattwatt says:

    Esa in the background

  2. mattwatt says:

    or Tiki….whatever you wanna call him. I just love the fine Finglish that he spoke.

  3. She says:

    Teemu! I love the Finns too.
    Make it Canadian Tire $$ if you can.

    By the way, you’ve done fantastic work here lately. Hell, you’ve had an awesome site since you started it. Lowetide is my favourite daily stop.

    Don’t ever change.

  4. William says:

    Tikk, damn does Matt get the Mowhawk $$?

  5. Lowetide says:

    Yep. Jari, Teemu, Esa. Lordy what a trio.

    She: Thanks for the kind words. I enjoy your blog too, love the nature and family photos. One of my regrets is that I didn’t get my kids to SK enough when they were little. I miss the sunsets and the people.

    Sorry about Suka.

  6. She says:

    Thanks. She was a great dog, loved the Oilers too (esp. the Finns and Czechs).

  7. Vic Ferrari says:

    Scott Fraser. Wow, that’s a blast from the past. Lightning in a bottle guy.

    Damn impressive with 12 goals and 11 assists in just a third of a season. The Oil needed him then as well, secondary scoring appeared with him, a terrific late goal in Denver iirc, in a game that saw Guerin move back to play D when injuries struck.

    He came out of nowhere and went back there just as quickly. With a few million of the Rangers dollars in his pocket. Lucky bastard. I bet Scott’s story keeps dozens of guys plugging away in the minor leagues and in Europe.

  8. Santa Merda says:

    I imagine our rookies will do well, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Cogliano somewhere in the middle of that list. Maybe even the top?

    One can hope, can’t one?

    Congratulations on the excellent blog, by the way.

  9. Slipper says:

    Anyone listen to Kevin on Stauffer’s show today?

    Sounds like he’s hell bent on proving Mudcrutch wrong: that HOPE can be a plan. Literally.

  10. Gret99zky says:

    Esa? Easiest 10 bucks I ever made.

    For $20…what is he thinking?

  11. ClaytonMagnet says:

    LT – How old is that pic? Kurri has that bloated-cheeks look, and Esa is looking pretty aged too. Not Tubasalami though. He always looks like he did his rookie year…

  12. Dennis says:

    Ahh, Vic, thinking about that 98 team always brings a smile to my face. Fraser emerging to give the Oilers a scoring second line with Marchant and Deano.

    And, yes, that win in Col when the Oilers couldn’t even get a sniff in that building. I believe it was Mironov who got either knocked out or kicked out of that game and necessiated Guerin moving back to the blueline. Billy had a wicked quote after that game about how he found an old pair of Coffey’s skates. I also remember it was a Monday night gmae and the draft was flowing:)

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