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I got a phonecall from Guy Flaming today informing me about the Oilers final roster cuts. I asked about Pouliot, and was happy to know he’d made the club.

After that, it was mild surprise that Smid and Stortini had been sent away and I’m quite pleased that Jacques made the dance again (Jacques has zero points as an NHL player, but has made the opening night lineup twice now. Go figure). His combination of speed and size make him somewhat unique and he did look like a player in the Calgary pre-season game last week.

Smid was a victim of numbers imo, he certainly was better this fall than last year when he made the Oilers out of camp. Stortini certainly has the confidence of the coach and will no doubt be back sometime this season.

Patrick Thoresen cleared waivers and is a player who will very likely spend the entire season in the minors. If he is recalled, Thoresen will need to clear waivers again and the odds of all 30 NHL teams passing on him during the year (when injuries and disappointments make roster spots less dear) are not high.

The Edmonton Oilers are very much a team in transition. Long on hope and short on actual NHL players. I like the choices made today, but any fool can see if they were serious about making a dent in this division they would have addressed the Pisani injury and acquired a Don Awrey-type to replace poor Matt Greene.

Speaking of Greene, he may want to read up on Bill Mikkelson. Records were made to be broken, as they say.

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9 Responses to "Oilers Roster Set"

  1. mike w says:

    These waiver rules are ridiculous. Thoresen, along with countless others, shouldn’t be punished for playing well in the AHL.

  2. allan says:

    13.3 Re-Entry Waivers. A Player who required Regular Waivers may not be Recalled without first clearing Re-Entry Waivers, in accordance with Section 50.9(g) of this Agreement.

    50.9(g) Minor League Compensation. Neither the salaries nor signing bonuses paid to minor league Players shall be counted against a Club’s Upper Limit or the Players’ Share. For a Player on a One-Way NHL Contract or a Two-Way Contract with a Minor League Salary and compensation that could be earned in excess of the following amounts:
    2007-2007: $100,000
    the following rules shall apply:
    (ii) To the extent the Player does require Waivers to be Loaned to a minor league affiliate, he cannot be Loaned or Recalled to the NHL parent Club during the same League Year without also clearing a new Re-Entry Waiver procedure, pursuant to which the Player can be claimed by another NHL Club for fifty percent of the contract’s remaining amounts to be paid, with the balance to be paid by and charged to the waiving NHL Club….

    Patrick Thoresen is on a two-way deal (any player under 25 has to sign a two way, entry-level deal), and the maximum minor-league compensation for recent drafts is well under the $100,000 cutoff (Article 9).

    I can’t see how he isn’t exempt. Unless there’s another relevant section in the CBA that I haven’t yet found, this seems to be pretty cut and dried.

    Wasn’t the team recently saying they could sign Kharamnov, despite language in the CBA stating otherwise?

  3. Dennis says:

    so what’s the final roster?

  4. Asiaoil says:

    I like the Norewegian but this is another case of Oiler fans being way higher on a player than he may deserve. I actually don’t expect to see him back this year as he could very well be claimed on recall (like Labarberra was never recalled by LA last year even though he was playing very well). But is he exempt? Clarification would be nice.

    Stortini like any other fringe guy needs to show more than one skill to survive. In his case fighting (hugging) plus some small amount of offense or defensive prowess. Just like Thoresen needed to show some offense along with his defense skills.

    JFJ – how can you not root for this guy to break the hex? He’s gotten another chance and if he can put up a few points and drop the mitts when required – then he will stick ahead of Stortini.

    Pouliot – not surprised he stuck and he got nicked by a lot of people who ignored that the kid was/is playing out of position. MAP and Brodziak are the two guys currently tapped to fill the hole left by Pisani. Bad idea IMHO but this does show that the coach thinks more of the kid than a lot of fans. He is also Reasoner’s heir apparent on the 3rd line if Kyle can handle the RW job. MAP and O’Marra are the only guys that look capable of developing into elite 3rd liners at this point – so no way we trade him – these guys are simply to valuable.

    Smid – well it’s a good call and I hope we make a trade that sees Grebeshkov dealt for a veteran RW to open up space for him (also demote Roy after he’s healed). Marty Lapointe would be nice but I don’t have a real feel for what it would take to get him.

  5. Lowetide says:

    Asia: I thought Pouliot showed well early but he (like Brodziak) ran in place too much. He has a job, but keeping it is a whole other thing.

    It’ll be interesting to see if he dresses for G’s 1 or 2.

  6. Bank Shot says:

    He is also Reasoner’s heir apparent on the 3rd line if Kyle can handle the RW job. MAP and O’Marra are the only guys that look capable of developing into elite 3rd liners at this point – so no way we trade him – these guys are simply to valuable

    Maybe Marc is, but if Cogliano or Gagner or both have a lights out rookie season then alot of options open up.

    If you have Stoll, Horcoff, and Gagner playing alot of minutes next year then there ain’t no room for anyone else of note down the part.

    Maybe they move a vet like Stoll, or they move a guy like Cogliano or Pouliot in a package to land a big fish.

    If Gagner is the player the Oilers think he is, then he’s probably the only pivot guareenteed to stay an Oiler over the next 3 years.

  7. doritogrande says:

    Did Brodziak really outplay Thoresen that much during TC? Aside from the one game he was lights out, I didn’t really hear all that much from KB.

    Smid was, to me a victim of his two-way contract. He played above expectations last year, but was used because we really had no one else. By my accounts he should have been destined for the AHL last year if we had a competent (and healthy) defensive corps. Yet another way the Pronger trade fucked us over.

  8. Asiaoil says:

    LT – I’d have MAP with Cogs and Sanderson on the 4th and give them the the uber-soft minutes. Pouliot’s passing to the roadrunners could work out OK and none of those guys is completely awful defensively. Swap in Cogs at home against pop tarts like Columbus.

  9. Asiaoil says:

    I meant swap in Gagner at home against weaker teams…

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