Sharks at Oilers, G1/07-08

More than anything, tonight’s Oilers game is about promise. It was suggested that Stan Weir should be posted before tonight’s game but to me Stan as an Oiler was a grizzled veteran, a guy whose teeth were scattered throughout North America.

I offer instead a picture of youth, of promise. If there’s one thing the Oilers are this season it is young and promising. With the exception of Slava Trukhno and Taylor Chorney pretty much all the important kids are on this roster to start the season.

Young men like Andrew Cogliano and Sam Gagner may spend the heart of their 20s in this city, and if things break right maybe even their 30s. They join an electric group of young men in their 20s, led by the ridiculous Ales Hemsky.

Give great effort, boys. Our experience tells us that small victories this season are more important than the won-loss record, and that hard earned lessons this season will make the town team stronger down the line.

It is, finally, opening night.

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  1. Dcfung says:

    Well said, well said.

  2. Dennis says:

    I’ll check on this quickly just before the game but any idea on the lines and D pairings for tonight?

  3. Mr DeBakey says:

    In no particular order

    1. too young
    2. not big enough
    3. need all the one-year wonders to have a second
    4. not enough top-4 defenders
    5. tough division

    I hope I’m wrong

  4. Devin says:

    Hemsky and Horcoff are so much better than everyone else up front for the Oilers it’s not even funny. Every time they hit the ice… oh my goodness.

  5. P says:

    Me thinks torres, tore his RBK.

  6. Lowetide says:

    Those rollerblades Penner is using have a bad wheel.

  7. kanadienkyle says:

    The game thus far gives me reason for cautious optimism, though I see the ring it around the boards play is still at the top of Greene’s repertoire.

  8. Lowetide says:

    kyle: Agreed on Greene, but when only one or two are doing it then it’s harder to defend. Last season they all did it, lordy it was obvious. This season it’ll be a more effective play, and it’s a good option for Greene.

  9. Nelson88 says:

    first game but me thinks i like these kids!!

  10. danny says:

    Sourays footwork is painful to watch. SJ’s goal looked to be Sourays fault, but he was left in no mans land after a terrible play by Greene on the opposite boards.

    2-1 Oil :D

  11. kanadienkyle says:

    Is it me or is Hemsky shooting a lot tonight? Solid observation or rose coloured glasses?

  12. Lowetide says:

    Hemsky just looks like he has more authority on all levels. Man I love to watch the guy. Ferraro seems disappointed but I’m happy they got a point PLUS a chance at two. Good night no matter.

  13. K says:

    Greene?! Say what!

  14. uni says:

    The only thing about Hemsky that’s frustrating is he looks so damned ridiculously good out there, but the results don’t quite come like they should yet.

    Feels like a big tease, he’s so close to taking that step you can positively taste it.

  15. Lowetide says:

    He’s going to get 90 points this season. Nilsson scores!

  16. Lowetide says:

    Marleau misses, or is that Missus Marleau. Stoll scores, God I love this game.

  17. danny says:

    welcome back boys… welcome back

  18. uni says:

    I’m trying not to get excited, but damn that game sounded great.

    kanadienkyle is right methinks, Hemmer seemed to be shooting a lot more than he’s done in the past. That hat-trick in the preseason could be blessing.

    Of those 90 points, how much you think will be goals LT? 30ish sound realistic?

  19. Black Dog says:

    Here we go. For one night at least the kids are alright.

  20. Devin says:

    I don’t know the Oil will win even 50% of the games that unfold in this style, but hot damn that was a fun game to watch! The transition game is just (scary) ridiculous. Firewagon city.

  21. RiversQ says:

    Not bad. They got outchanced pretty heavily, but they did get a few of their own. Especially Hemsky.

    Penner looked rough – I hope he’s got more than that. Nilsson is really Jekyll and Hyde depending on which side of his blueline he’s on.

    I thought Tarnstrom had a really nice game and speed certainly kills for Sanderson and Cogliano. Torres looked pretty good as well.

  22. Black Dog says:

    Two points against SJ isn’t a bad start, that’s for sure. How did Gilbert look overall? Hold his own?

  23. voxel says:

    The Oiler’s preseason play continues into the regular season: Great passing, great skating, secondary scoring, so-so Greene, overachieving rookies.

  24. Lowetide says:

    I thought Gilbert played well, Tarnstrom too. Pitkanen had a few wonky moments, Staios was solid. Souray made one nice play down low on Jumbo Joe and then was owned the other three or four times they met. Howitzer for the Brodziak goal too.

    I am unable to view Greene in any kind of rational way, so will leave it to others.

  25. PunjabiOil says:

    That was a weak call on Souray, then again, he didn’t clear it out after Reasoner won the draw. He did make some good plays though – poke-checking and breaking a 3-2 rush.

    Gilbert was impressive, I thought. Tarnstrom wasn’t bad either – and I liked the work he did on the PP.

    PP still needs to gel. Too much emphasis on the point shot, not enough down low.

    Greene was a bit better, but still got beat wide.

    Didn’t notice Gagner much, but that can be explained by the minutes.

    Cogliano and Nilsson were impressive for the most part.

    Sanderson was exactly a ”throw-in” to the deal. Good skating ability – but no hands of course.

    Reasoner’s intense workout summer seems to have helped – he looked back to his 2003-2004 form. Lose the goatee though.

    JFJ – did he even play? Is he this year’s version of Brad Winchester? Time to put Pouliot in on Saturday.

    Felt a bit weird adjusting to completely new team. Just doesn’t seem complete without Smyth leading the way…

    On a NHL note, Havlat injured again today.

  26. K says:

    The one thing I liked that Greene did was when he separated (I think) Cheechoo from the puck during the last 30-50 seconds left in the game.

    I have grandparents and family that live in Moose Factory where Cheechoo is from. That side of the family do not understand why I was so ecstatic several years ago when Roli made that beautiful stop against Cheechoo in Game 4, was it? They hated my Oilers love that year.

  27. Julian says:

    How many posts did SJ hit? Even then though, I though Edm kept up with them, I didn’t the chances were that disparate.

    Penner looked completley absent in a bad way, Staois the same in a good way.

    This has been said a million times, but Cogliano is pretty damn quick, what a treat to watch. Sanderson suprised me as well, a lot more noticable than I’d expected. Quick, especially for a 38 year old or whatever.

  28. Julian says:

    ok, 35. point stands.

  29. Nelson88 says:

    come on! enough of the piling on. greene did not play that bad and how was nilsson so terrible in his own end? enjoy the win against non other than a stanley cup favourite :)

  30. Black Dog says:

    Three posts Julian.

    Cogliano played almost fifteen minutes – fourteen and a half actually. Jacques not even four.

    Good for them – nice start. Got some luck but two points against SJ – everybody weens!

  31. ClaytonMagnet says:

    “With the exception of Slava Trukhno and Taylor Chorney pretty much all the important kids are on this roster to start the season.”
    …poor Schremp. He’s no longer important…

    Penner looks like a non-fighting Laraque with slightly better hands. Dooooo pee doo pee dooooo!

    I harp on Greene as much as the next guy, but I’ll give him props for standing up Choochoo at the end there.

    For Hemsky just to get that backhand up with that little room to hit the crossbar is phenominal. It almost looked fake.

  32. jon says:

    Sounds like a really bad game to miss. Glad to hear the kids still showed well though. Only one game but I still think there’s reason to believe this team has the potential to fight for a playoff spot.

  33. Dennis says:

    It’s not like I didn’t know it before but my gawd is Souray ever wooden. Has there ever been another guy that can put up points on the PP but then is utterly useless with the puck at ES? Yes I know he picked up a helper tonight but with so many guys that can make a first pass, he just looked terrible in comparison tonight. The Oilers need to either A: throw some money at Markov B: make that move that everyone but a few of us thinks they can or will or C: hope that Smid grows up faster than Tom Hanks in “Big.”

    Up front, we miss 94 and 34 and playing 8-19-51 against the other team’s top lines won’t fly very far, and yes I know that one of these years Moreau will come back and help us out. I agree with the comments about the PP now being Souray-centric and that has to change. I thought the PK looked iffy tonight and that’s not a shock given we’re missing the old 21, 34 and 94 cats. Roloson most certainly played well.

    I thought JP made some nice forays into the O zone but wasn’t as nimble as I thought he’d be. Not bad mind you, then again he’s probably feeling his way around. Tarnstrom was more physical than I remembered him and Gilbert was damn steady and knows how to jump into a rush.

    Overall, really hard to critique a win vs SJ, though the post gods were with us tonight as SJ hit three and we didn’t make any unfortunate music. That loaded up line is gonna be hard to defend and they should massacre some teams in SJ when they have the last change and the coach is helpless until there’s a whistle. So in that regard, we won’t have to put up with taht every night. But SJ isn’t that strong elsewhere, or at least not by my eye or not scoring wise as Bernier’s sorta disappeared and Michalek’s sorta left to fend for himself in tonight’s Sharks configuration, so pretty soon we’ll have two lines to check and we won’t be at home picking out who can do so.

  34. dawgbone says:

    I had the chances at about 16-11 for San Jose… Not that much of a difference when you consider San Jose is a top 3 team in the West.

    All in all, a solid game for the Oilers, and they had a little adversity thrown in there and they came up ahead in the end.

    Nice to see Cogs and Gagne get points right off the bat too.

  35. Bank Shot says:

    What’s Greene have to do to get some respect?

    He played head to head against Thornton and co and the only goal scored against had Souray wearing the goat horns.

    Yeah Greene had somewhat of a chance to clear it, but there wasn’t any damage done until Souray drifted off into the corner for no apparent reason. Just terible positioning by Sheldon.

    Other then 3-4 minor mistakes Greene kept them to the outside all night and gave no man any real estate in front of the net.

    Just as solid a game played as any other defender on the Oilers core.

    Sanderson played better then what I would have expected too. That speed causes some problems.

    Hemsky is a hockey robot sent from the future. Penner might take some heat this season, but I like the way he can just flat run over guys to retreive the puck. He’ll be good for puck possesion.

    Great to see the kids contribute. Man was that game more entertaining then any game played by the Oilers last season? It actually seemed halfass even and the Oilers manufactured alot of chances.

    I wish they’d track (or release) the information on puck possesion time by team.

  36. Eric says:

    The speed up front was definitely exciting. Combine that with more breakout passes than we saw all 2nd half of last season and it was a joy to watch.

    But really, why were 2 and 44 out there in the last minute against Marleau, Thornton, and Cheechoo?? Staios and Pitkanen should be out there. Anybody other than the pylons. I understand that at this point in the season you want 2 and 44 to BELIEVE that they can play D but there’s no reason to give a free point to SJS.

  37. Bank Shot says:

    2 and 44 were out against the Thornton line the whole game….

  38. digger says:

    I have to agree with Bank Shot here, I thought Greene had a very strong game considering he and Souray were only getting matched hard against arguably the hardest line in the NHL to handle on the forecheck cycle. I’m still skeptical about this Greene/Souray abomination over the long haul, but they get my props tonight…MacT threw them out against the other team’s biggest of the big dogs, and they survived it with only minor cuts and bruises.

    MacT’s postgame comments regarding Gagner: “He didn’t see much icetime tonight, but that’s going to change in a hurry if he keeps playing like he did tonight. He just makes smart plays, and he has hands…”

    For me though, the kid that impressed me the most was Nilsson. He was making heady offensive plays every time he hit the ice, and could’ve had a couple of assists if Torres hadn’t been in his own little planet tonight when it came to offensive awareness. Not to mention, that shootout goal was pure skill and confidence.

    Speaking of shootouts, I know Hemsky’s our resident superstar and all but how does someone with such large talent have a completion percentage hovering around the 10% range? It’s like he overthinks his options as he’s coming in on the goalie. He should pick two moves, and perfect them.

    Overall though, I can’t be too upset with this team tonight. They just beat everyone’s sexy pick for the Stanley Cup, admittedly with some luck but their speed and forecheck was causing that lacklustre SJ D lots of problems.

    What’s going to happen to SJ in the playoffs if they come across a speed team that actually has some talent? Mind you, they have tons of cap space to bring in some high end trade deadline mercenaries, so they should be fine.

  39. Gret99zky says:

    Great game against a powerhouse in the West and the NHL.

    Defense held up until the 3rd.

    Offense answered when they needed to.

    Shootout ended the way any decent hockey fan hoped it would.

    This team, with its speed and enthusiasm, is going to be fun to watch!

    Cue: All the naysayers and pessimists who want to play it safe.

  40. Asiaoil says:

    Digger – you should have seen Gretz in all alone and with time – just plain robotic and all the magic just disappeared. Naturals look bad if they think too much :)

  41. digger says:

    AO, I’m not a kid…

    I DID see Gretz in all his breakaway mediocrity, in fact it was the first comparison that crossed my mind as I thought about Hemsky’s eleventy billionth failed shootout attempt tonight.

    I just thought it might be considered sacrilege to mention His Holiness in the same breath as Hemsky. ;)

  42. Asiaoil says:

    Digger – forgive old farts like me who make assumptions :)

  43. Oilman says:

    “I am unable to view Greene in any kind of rational way, so will leave it to others.”

    Greene, for all his faults, managed to stay out of penalty trouble and made a real nice play standing up Cheechoo late in the game.

  44. Nelson88 says:

    probably also worth mentioning nilsson looks to have the 2nd highest ES TOI on the oilers. unless macT has thrown all caution to the wind i seriously doubt he would give that much TOI to a pure defensive liability no matter how much he adds in the offensive zone.

    nilsson was over thinking tonight (and over passing) but he is going to give some teams fits this year. hopefully he keeps up his “commitment” to defense and it is not his own.

    i don’t buy the argument he can’t play defense. imo hockey is the same as almost any team sport in that good defense is about 50% commitment, 40% game smarts and 10% skill. he as #2 and #3 in spades. it is #1 where he needs to show continued diligence.

  45. NBOilerFan says:

    Dennis – You said it was hard to critique a win vs SJ, but you sure did a good job trying. ;-)

    Overall I think we played very well against a team that i thought would at time make our defense look like ECHL calibre. Sure there is plenty of room for improvement, but for the first game together with all of the pressure against potential Western conference champion team, I thought we looked very good.

    Nilsson was simply amazing and hopefully will go a long way in allowing some of you (just look at some posts above) to finally get over and come to accept that Smyth is no longer an Oiler.

    Cogs and Gagner both played very well considering teh nerves and pressure they are under, especially on Gagner. I also side with the guys saying that Greene played quite well, he certainly played much better than my expectations and stayed out of the PB.

    Penner needs to be much better, but man he can knock guys off pucks and Torres was horrible, IMO. I kept expecting JFJ to lay at least 1 big hit before theg game ended, but not to be.

    Was definitely a lot of fun to watch. I love having a PVR, I hit the replay button so much I’ll have it wore out by December.

  46. Nelson88 says:

    sorry. meant 10% speed. not skill

  47. Devin says:

    I had zero faith Nilsson would be an NHL-calibre player when the trade was announced, but from what I can tell he could be a 50pt+ guy without too much trouble. His poise with the puck (at speed) is tremendous. He’s a lot better than I thought he’d be, and I can’t see him not becoming a useful player.

    He would have scored on that 2-on-1 but he kind of bobbled the puck at the last second. He froze Nabokov and just had to complete his deke and tuck it in on the backhand (as he was explaining to Sanderson on the bench)… he’d done the hard part and you could tell he was upset with himself for not potting it. I like that – I like it even more that he made good and nonchalantly buried his shootout try.

  48. Asiaoil says:

    Yeah Nilsson looks fine – and if we had Pisani a RW of Hemmer, Nilsson, Pisani, Brodziak would be decent – young but still OK. Without Fernie we are putting too much pressure on the kids in their first full pro year. I’d still like to pick up a more rugged RW vet like Lapointe and a pick for extra assets like Schremp and Grebs.

    As for Greene – maybe what we do is rotate him and Gilbert on the 2nd pair based on opposition. Greene gets the bigger, tougher squads whiile Gilbert gets the more mobile, faster teams. With all the young guys in the pipeline we have to develop both Greene and Grebs this year – no choice.

  49. Ribs says:

    The Sharks looked out of shape and tired. Good on the young Oilers to take advantage of that.

    Pitkanen was great. He passes like Lidstrom and skates like the wind. What a difference it makes having this guy back there.
    Gilbert jumping in several times was pure joy to me.

    The kids had lots of jump. ALL of them.

    Sanderson may prove to be a very valuable player to this team.

    Greene and Souray looked foolish on several occasions. I hope MacT is testing their limitations early just to see what happens….any more seeing the two wildebeasts on the ice with 34 seconds to go with a one goal lead and I might have to get a MacT punching bag.

  50. Nelson88 says:


    agreed (too often recently). i think greene and souray will be ok (although i would still prefer to break that unit up) against the larger forwards who like to cycle. they are both big enough and mobile enough (in small spurts) to make that a task for any forward.

    i predict they will have more problems with the small, quick forwards like gaborik and briere. for those occasions the more mobile D (gilbert, staios, pits) need to step it up. actually i thinks smid is a very good one on one D for the quick forwards but i guess that will have to wait….

  51. Dennis says:

    Before I forget, I enjoyed a moment in the game where there was a scrum in front of the Oilers net and everyone started to pile and Gags wound up partnered off with Rivet, or I should say he was trying to hold off Rivet;) Then, when the scrum was over, Gagner gave him a fearful, thankful and respectful pat on the jersey, seeming to say, “thanks for not taking it to me.” I got a huge kick out of that.

    Not a bad idea on that rotation, AO, and I guess we shouldn’t be hard on the 2/44 pairing because they did just play against arguably the NHL’s best line. I’m sure their Mama’s always told them there’d be days like those but there won’t be too many of them:) By comparison, playing against Keenan’s top line will be a little bit easier. I still don’t like the idea of them as a second pairing, though because neither of them can puck the move. Souray, despite the fact that the Edm media believes he can, just cannot move the puck. He’s a guy with coutning stats that belie his actual offensive acumen. Yes, he’s got a hammer for a shot but he’s not a good first passer and neither is Greene. So, it would be nice to get a puckmover with Souray, granted Markov isn’t one of those but he’s better than Greene so I’d take that trade. Overall, though, I’d rather 24/25 took on the heavies. And I thought Tarnstrom and Gilbert were great as the third pairing, and might have the chance to be the best lesser pairing since the year that Ulanov was proping up the games of both MAB and Semi.

    Not really sold on Nilsson just yet, though. There’s no question he looked good on the rush but I have a feeling he’s a guy that will get lost when it comes to creating something off a dump-in or from a turnover.

    DB, if I had to guess, I would’ve said we were outchanced by perhaps seven or eight so your work passes my smell test. If my numbers were correct, that’s a sizeable gap when you’re at home and have the last change but then again, we were playing one of the best. And you should post that info on the HF site and maybe it will bring some of those guys into the light. Once they start counting chances and taking note of who’s on the ice both for/against, a light bulb will go on.

    Back to the players and I loved how Hemsky takes over shifts and Horc’s game overall but Penner’s gonna be trouble, I think. He’s dealing with the double obstacles of a short workout season plus playing for a club that likes to go.

  52. Dennis says:

    Ribs, if we keep seeing that in the waning minutes, it’s most likely a tip of the hat that the Oilers are out to develop Greene and will do so at the potential peril of wins and losses. Remember last year when Smid was out in the last min of the game against Det and gave his stick to Roli once Roli lost his? Roli went nuts and so did a lot of us, wondering why Laddy was ever there. Edm invested a lot of “good” time in that kid last year, and in the process threw caution to the wind, and a few points as well. Going back further, I remember a time in the ’02 season when macT allowed Comrie to take an own zone draw against Modano with less than 15 seconds left in a period and the Stars scored. There was no good explanation for it other than testing to see what he had and maybe they’ll do that with Greene this year too. Just something to think about.

    Finally, JFJ got sent down today so he’s out of the mix and I guess that means Moreau’s coming back and not sure who’s coming out. Might be a good idea to put 18 on the wing of Cogs-Gagner though. I know it’s a waste not to have him play tough min but he’s fast enough to keep up with the kids and he could do some good puck recovery as well. Plus, you’re never too young to learn about taking stupid penalties;)

    Finally, I was ready to hate on Sanderson heading into last night but I absolutely loved his game. macT gave thoat line some responsibility last night and 19-51 have some good chem and that bodes well and Sanderson is a guy that’s still fast as fuck but was also super tenacious last night and looks to be perhaps one of those guys that’s fast and used to be a scorer but now his hands are hardening a bit but he’s smarter than before and he’s still fast enough to be useful. And in his zeal to stick around, he’ll be a lot more conscientious in his own zone.

  53. Bank Shot says:

    I actually wouldn’t be surprised to see the mentioned rotation of matching 2-44 against the larger more phsyical forwards(Nash, Thornton, Bertuzzi, Getzlaf) and 24-25 against the small shifty guy(Datsyuks, Zetterbegrs, Havlats).

    I don’t think the 2-44 lack of a first pass is a big issue as long as the Oilers have the right forwards on the ice. Ringing the puck is good enough if you have forwards that are strong on the boards.

    The Reasoner line can get that done reliably. Lord knows Penner should be good at it. Hemksy is kind of iffy in those situations, but if he gets full puck control the disc leaves the zone for sure.

    If I was Kevin Lowe, I’d start looking at getting some RFAs extended. We know Stoll will be worth about 4-5 and I don’t think there is much chance of that rising so I’d wait for 30-40 games to see if his offense dips. If it does then the Oilers may get him for a bit less.

    I’d definitely try to get something done for Gilbert. 4 years for reasonable dollars. If Lowe waits and Gilbert breaks out then there won’t be a bargain to be had.

  54. Bank Shot says:

    Lowe will be asking for it if he goes into the offseason with Stoll, Nilsson, Pitkanen, and Gilbert as RFAs as they all look capable of posting good results this year.

  55. Devin says:

    I think Stoll gets the Horton/D. Roy/Hemsky/Michalek/Whitney deal – 6 yrs, 24-25M or so. I recall an interview where Stoll said he’d give up short term gain for long term security any day (pre-injury). It would be hard to argue that he’s worth much more than those guys, and I think we have to get him locked up for 5+ yrs if his head stays ok.

  56. Big T says:


    Regarding Souray and his inability to make that first pass you have at least one guy who seriously disagrees…

    Horcoff was raving a week and a half back about what a good passer Souray was and how nice it was to get the pcuk right on your stick at speed. Didn’t seem to be just blowing smoke either. His rep. is that he’s not that good at it, but there’s one guy who thinks otherwise.

    2-44 on for the last 35 seconds??? The only explenation is Mac/Huddy was seeing what they could do. I can’t bring myself to believe that they both thought that was their best pair for that assignment.

    That said, both are pretty decent at defending the cycle, it’s the rush that they look stupid on.

    Exciting game though… should be a fun season, even if the results aren’t there.


  57. namflashback says:

    Didn’t see the game other than snippets, but some added speculation from me:

    2-44 versus Joe — may have been done to insure that Steve and Joni were there to protect the kids or activate the offence with Joni out back.

    If Ron Wilson’s tactic is to overload is #1 line, perhaps you try to win the game with the lower lines.

    on the RFA’s:
    Decisions, decisions. It would have been nice to see MP step into the Stoll-05-06 role last year. It would allow them more choice stepping into deciding on which 4 of Stoll, Horcoff, Cogliano, Gagner (+MP, Brodziak). Another bigger center who could do a little of what either Stoll or Horc can do. I’m hoping a boosted cap allows them to keep em all, but it just doesn’t all fit.

    One of them (centers) will likely be gone. Same with the defence.

  58. Dennis says:

    I think that either of Horc or Stoll will have to go for a defenseman that’s a stone cold defender. Who might that be? I have no idea. But considering that Horc can handle the tough min, right now my idea would be to extend his deal, move Stoll, give Cogs the second toughest pivot min come ’09 and give Gagner the soft min. All things hingest on Gagner showing he has the stuff to stick this year and get some work on the training wheels AND that Cogs is gonna be a player. I’d bet on the latter for sure. And this would allow us to peddle some of out hitting for some pitching.

    Of course, this totally counts out Pouliot and maybe that’s a mistake. I just don’t know where his head’s at right now or macT’s either when it comes to deciding if he’s fit for top nine duty. If they put him back to centre, maybe that means that Cogs moves to the scoring wing and that gives us even more depth. Pouliot was nothing if not dependable last year so I find it hard to believe taht he can’t play top nine. But right now none of us knows where he fits in and he’ll be back in the lineup tomorrow night but once Moreau comes back, he’s gonna be in tough if Sanderons keeps working hard.

  59. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: At this point I think MacT is either at “tough love” with Pouliot or he’s given up on him. When the results don’t match the love on a MacT team, it means we’re missing something. Maybe he didn’t chip in for last season’s rookie dinner or ate someone’s sandwich but it sure as hell looks like he did something.

    And MacT’s track record on sending kids away is pretty damn good.

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