Sunday Minor League Update

This is Liam Reddox. In July I wrote this about him:

Liam Reddox (21)- Scored only 8 goals in 70 ECHL games this season. Reddox should get a good shot in the AHL this season based on age and skill set. Reasonable expectations: He needs to be a lot better offensively, but he’s an interesting prospect who might be able to play the disturber role.

I’m always interested in a prospect that ISS or Redline rates higher than Central Scouting. Central Scouting’s list is designed to make NHL teams aware of all players eligible and to serve as a guideline. It was originally created because some teams didn’t have quality scouting departments and drafted horribly and caused imbalance throughout the league.

As a ranking tool, it falls well short of the other two services that are readily available to fans. You will often find players ranked in CSB’s Top 50 North Americans who are never drafted, which is rarely the case with the other two services.

Liam Reddox was loved by Redline Report. On May 21, 2004 RLR wrote Liam Reddox — Was the only forward for Team Canada in Minsk showing any creativity and moxy. Really thinks and anticipates the game well. In that season’s RLR draft guide they said Liam Reddox — Agitator extraordinaire. Industrial strength abrasive. Plays like a pit bull — locks on and won’t let go.

To give you an idea about what RLR gives you, here’s their take on Rob Schremp before the draft 2004: Huge talent level, probably the best of any North American in this draft. Tremendous hands and magic with the puck. Average skating keeps him from being a truly special offensive player, yet still can be explosive. Unfortunately that usually only happens when he gets lots of ice to work with. Solid leg strength and low centre of gravity make him difficult to separate from the puck. Can make good d-men look stupid 1-on-1. Selfish and petulant with an attitude of entitlement; difficult teammate. Always looks to be focus of attention, but wants to make things happen and many times does. Unafraid of traffic. Lacks defensive intensity and off-ice issues are a concern, but abilities are first rate.

Pretty much everything that we’ve talked about since summer 2004 in regard to Rob Schremp is in that scouting report. Skilled? Check. Skating? Check. Needs plenty of room to be creative? Check. That will be a problem moving forward? Check. Petulant? That doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue now as it was before the draft. I was especially impressed he didn’t rip anyone after getting sent down this time.

Liam Reddox is an interesting player not because RLR “saw him good”, he’s an interesting player because along with a couple of 30 goal junior seasons he has more than one dimension to his game. It’s important because if he can turn those 30 junior goals into 15 in the NHL and act as an agitator well then an NHL team can use those skills. We saw Daniel Carcillo play that role for Phoenix the other night and he did some things that had an impact.

Liam Reddox might be such a player. His PIM’s aren’t in Carcillo’s range, but one of the best agitators ever (Hilliard Graves) once spent an NHL season driving the opposition crazy while getting 19 minutes.

Reddox spent last season in the ECHL, but this year he’s in the AHL and having an impact offensively. Last night he was +4 with a goal and 2 assists. In 7gp, he is 4-4-8 with 4pims and ranks 2nd in team scoring behind Patrick Thoresen. Reddox is third in the AHL among rookies to the league, 2 points behind the leader in that department (someone named Teddy Purcell).

There are lots of recent Oiler drafts having nice starts in Springfield this season. None of them has had a better start than Liam Reddox, whose skill set suggests he’s a player of interest for Oilers fans.

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13 Responses to "Sunday Minor League Update"

  1. Ribs says:

    I’d like to see what Reddox looks like nowadays. After watching him in training camp last year it was pretty clear that he was undersized for the role he was trying to play and didn’t have the positional smarts to be effective to the play. He flew around the ice agitating people and put himself out of the play almost every time.

    It’s nice to see that he’s doing well statistically. It points to his maturity. I still believe that he is a player you have to watch physically to get a clear picture of.

    Has he put some meat on those bones since last year?

  2. Lowetide says:

    Ribs: It’s tough to know. He’s listed on the AHL site as being 5-11, 190 and the Oilers TC roster from fall 2006 had him 5-11, 180. On draft day he was listed at 5-9, 175.

    I haven’t seen him since training camp. When I saw him there he mixed it up a little but didn’t have the physical impact on the game I was hoping for at the Friday September 14 scrimmages.

    I wrote this about him at the Joey Moss Cup:

    Liam Reddox: He’s an interesting player. Reddox is an aggressive player who is a little out of his league with this group but manages to get the opposition on edge all the same. Got slammed into the crossbar by Stoll when driving to the net and then creamed at the other end later in the game (by some defender, don’t remember).

    I didn’t make any notes about size, but do remember he was getting in the way and got noticed by the other side.

  3. Dennis says:

    Seems like he’s certainly off to a good start in his first kick at the A. Maybe he needed that year in the ECHL or maybe he’d have been further along if we’d had our own team for ’07.

    I never had any idea that he was supposed to a disturber type, though, and that’s obviously a way to make a quick rise through this org.

    I’m not saying we should call him up today but if he can come up and get on people’s nerves, keep his head above water and not get beaten up by Owen Nolan, then he’s probably ahead of Stortini;)

  4. Lowetide says:

    That Nolan fight was sad. I noticed someone at HF saying it was at the end of a long shift (1 minute, 8 seconds) and Nolan had just gotten out there (I checked, it was a 16 second shift) but Stortini looked over his head.

  5. PDO says:

    The worst part of the Stortini fight?

    He actually threw a punch, and that’s quite possibly the most damage he’s ever inflicted upon anyone I’ve seen him fight.

  6. Dennis says:

    I remember JFJ fighing Tolefesen, sp, last year but I guess the reason why that kid doesn’t fight is because he knows that he’s really not good at it. Meanwhile, I can’t think of a guy who came up as a shit fighter and get a whole lot better but Zach’s out there trying to do something he just can’t do.

    MacT loves this Buchbergian element of 46′s game though, so he keeps getting time.

    Are you keeping an eye on the Falcons game today, LT? It’s scoreless after 20 and Smid had a boarding minor plus a scrap to boot. I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that he wouldn’t be a better option than Grebs right now. I’m expecting to see him in time for the Smyth’s return on Tuesday but if not, he could be in SF for the long haul.

    Nilsson had five SOG’s in the first period as well, today.

  7. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: No, I haven’t paid much attention to today’s game. Bryan usually does an update on the Springfield thread at HF, I’ll zip by to see if anything interesting happened.

    The one thing I felt about the Grebeshkov trade was that there was probably a reason he was in Russia. It’s not worth arguing if he could be a number 5 or 6, but there was a time when we could discuss if Grebs was better than Gilbert.

    But that was before we saw him, and if we’d thought about it the fact that the Islanders weren’t upset he was in Russia might have been a tell.

  8. Kev says:

    wolfieoilSpeaking of Grebs, don’t know if you saw this interview on sidearm delivery

  9. Lowetide says:

    Thanks for the link, Kev. My favorite part:

    As far as I know, the team has been nothing special in recent years– the days when Edmonton had players like Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier, defeating all others– are long gone. Now, they’re a fairly average NHL team.

  10. Bank Shot says:

    Reddox is tiny. One of the smallest guys on the ice during the Bears/Rookies game.

    He didn’t really do anything offensively to speak of in that game. He just raised hell.

    His stats have never been anything to speak of at junior or the ECHL either.

    A guy has to wonder if he had an epiphany, or is just on a mother of a hot streak.

  11. Bank Shot says:

    P.S. There is no way that Leperchaun is 5’11″.

  12. Lowetide says:

    Bank Shot: That’s exactly what I thought when seeing Nilsson at TC. I was shocked how small he is.

  13. namflashback says:

    on Smid — Roy is now off the IR. It continues to be a numbers game for poor Laddy. Glad he is playing with a chip on his shoulder.

    on Reddox — too bad none of the coke machines had his playing style. Paging JF Jacques.

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