The Schremp Era Begins

The title of this post was stolen from an hfboards post, but it’s a nice title for tonight. Rob Schremp has already played in the NHL, but it was one game and the team was running out the string (seriously. He played April 5, 2007) at the end of an awful 20 game streak.

He played quite a bit, 17 shifts and 13:50 in total. 2 shots on goal, nothing that would get a crooked number on the boxcar stats.

Schremp’s just a kid, and even though he’s a smartass this has to be a thrill. He may step right into the lineup and get his chance, a real one, on a team choosing their next generation of players right this instant.

I bet he could get to Vancouver from Springfield on adrenaline.

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19 Responses to "The Schremp Era Begins"

  1. Black Dog says:

    I would think that he is going to get a shot similar to Nilsson’s – does that sound reasonable? Five games. Unless he is completely terrible. Five games and if he produces he will stick around.

  2. Lowetide says:

    BDHS: I think Nilsson was in pen but Dennis nailed it re: he’s useful in such a narrow view that MacT can’t use him unless he’s going all Yvan Cournoyer.

    Schremp’s a different beast because he’s not going to be an impact player of the rush since he can’t (rush I mean) like Nilsson.

    He might be inserted on the PP maybe. Nice for Stortini to get back, leadership and all (that’s thrown in because he’s Dennis’ favorite player).


    As for Jacques, hell these Quebec kids can’t buy a thrill. One of them must have stolen MacT’s poutine.

  3. Black Dog says:

    Yeah I don’t get it re: Pouliot & Jacques. Was I missing something last game – I thought Pouliot played well.

    As for Jacques – well, there are differing views apparently but the fact is if he is finally finding his sealegs then why not play him. I love Stortini just because he has already come a long way and played more NHL games then I ever figured he would but why call him up – who has higher upside?

  4. Shawn says:

    I imagine Schremp and Storts are gonna be part of a 4th line that plays 5 minutes max of ES hockey tomorrow.

    Penner Horcoff Hemsky
    Torrest Stoll Gagner
    Sanderson Reasoner Cogliano
    Stortini Schremp Stortini

    Then on the PP you see…

    Penner Gagner Hemsky
    Stoll Souray

    Torres Horcoff Cogliano
    Pitkanen Schremp

  5. Shawn says:

    Yeah I mean’t Pouliot in one of those Stortini slots

  6. Lowetide says:

    Pouliot doesn’t seem to be getting the love from MacT, maybe he feels Pouliot is more effective in bursts? Lol as I wrote that, hell I don’t know. Pouliot always looks good to me, he’s such a nice passer.

    As for Jacques, well we all see the game differently and Vic made a strong point about opposition plus they didn’t score despite some terrific chances. I think he’s a player, but he’s in tough on a team with a lot of guys trying to get clearance.

    My guess is he’ll be back again, although with Stortini’s wide range of skills (chip it out, hug, stare down) he may be up for a decade.

  7. Shawn says:

    Cmon look how tough we are now. Souray, Greene and Storts could all hug the shit out of you!

  8. Black Dog says:

    Stortini’s so good he’s going to play both wings?;)

    It will be interesting to see what MacT comes up with.

  9. Black Dog says:

    shawn – you’re going to scratch Brodziak? C’mon!


    I would have Penner Stoll and Schremp together. Seriously.

    Gagner, Cogliano and Pouliot.

    Or maybe Torres on that line and Gagner on the wing with Horcoff and Hemsky.

    I wouldn’t be dressing Stortini but we all know he’s going to draw in.

  10. Dennis says:

    Boy, I really don’t know what to make of all of this. 78 must’ve had the flu or something because it was just today that MacT was praising him and then he doesn’t play tonight? That makes no sense whatsoever.

    So, I’ll assume they called up two guys because their current 13th forward absolutely can’t go, ie just think about it, even if Pouliot was a HS tonight, it would just make sense to throw him in tomorrow night at the back end of a BTB if he was phyiscally.

    The back half of a BTB is a hard time to go with just three lines but I don’t know how MacT can chance playing four lines tomorrow night. He did a good job of getting his matchups tonight and if not for Luongo at one end and first Randy Excelby and then JC Bergeron at the other, you remember these things when you grow up around Habs fans;) we win this game. But tomorrow night with the Dys holding last change, you know they’re dying to kill us with some soft time for Sedin.

    Nilsson vs Schremp has one guy being 18 months older and being in his third pro season in NA as opposed to the other being in his second. I wouldn’t bet against Robbie putting up similar A numbers to what RN did in his second year so I think it’s pretty much a saw off and now all I’m waiting for is to see how RS tries to get things done. I feel like Tyrone Biggums when he was talking to kids during drug awareness week but we all know that Nilsson doesn’t have the size or heart for the battle, we all know he can’t check his hat and we all know that he can’t produce offense off the cycle or off dumping and chasing. The first thing I said about Nilsson and MacT was I couldn’t see him playing centre for the Oilers and now I’ll say I can’t see him sticking with the Oilers. So how will Schremp do? I’m interested to find out.

    I still can’t believe that now’s the time to shelve JFJ for Storts, though. JFJ actually looked decent to good tonight and now’s the time you sit him for Storts?

  11. Lowetide says:

    The other thing is that a trade may be going down. Roy is off the IR (I believe that was said on RSN broadcast tonight) so maybe they package Roy and one of the forwards in play for a veteran winger.

    If it’s Pouliot going, that would also explain the HS but I sure hope he hangs around and has a career in EDM.

  12. Rube Foster says:

    Well at least they didn’t let Nilsson rot on the vine like they did with Mihknov last year. Maybe Son of Kenta can blossom in the Russian Super League like Alexei. I agree with LT, get the big Russian kid over here and see what he can do, throw some borcht into the deal if you have to but lets see what he’s got.
    I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Nilsson and JFJ, I can see a steady parade back and forth between Springfield and the Big Onion for the duration of the year. It looks like the Oil are committed to the age old strategy of throwing Shite at the wall and seeing what sticks. As for Schremp, I guess a handful of games in the A means he ready? Well good luck to you kid. Work hard and don’t be a dick… potting a few goals would also help your cause.

  13. Ribs says:

    I think maybe we’re looking into this a little too much. Pouliot most likely sat so that Jacques could play against Vancouver and add some grit to the bench.
    With Gagner in the lineup, Pouliot ends up being the odd man out.

    Exit Jacques and Nilsson and you get a comparable duo in Stortini and Schremp.

    As to where that leaves Pouliot… is anyone’s guess. I wouldn’t be suprised to see him sit out another game or play Gagner’s minutes for a this next VCR game.

  14. ClaytonMagnet says:

    LT – A trade does smell right… not sure if it’s Roy though? He’s had two concussions in short order…pretty risky pickup. It might kind of explain Smid being sent down, if they’ve been working on getting rid of a D for a forward. Showcasing Greene?

  15. Rod says:

    Bring out the blender…
    Torres Gagner Hemsky
    Penner Stoll Schremp
    Sanderson Horcoff Cogliano
    Stortini Reasoner Pouliot/Brodziak

    OK, I just really want to see Sanderson and Cogliano on the same line (their speed drew a first period penalty).

    A little more likely, but still a bit blendered…
    Torres Horcoff Hemsky
    Penner Stoll Pouliot
    Sanderson Reasoner Brodziak
    Cogliano Schremp Gagner

    As for all the Nilsson stat counting, he did have a hand in the shoot-out win. I almost thought that alone would be enough to keep him here. Guess the other aspects of the game were too glaring.

    Here’s hoping for a better result tonight. Maybe they’ll get to wear blue this time.

  16. Doogie says:

    first Randy Excelby and then JC Bergeron at the other

    Ha! I dunno if you could’ve found two more obscure Habs backups from the Roy era. Brings back memories from when neither the Habs nor the Oilers were mediocre to shit teams (i.e. it was a good time to be me). But I totally agree, as I posted in the other thread: no less than three totally bogus goals, and that right there is your difference.

    Interesting to see they’re sticking to their guns on keeping the kids on a short leash and giving everyone a shot. I’m not sold yet on a showcase or pump and dump for anyone, if for no other reason than the fact that none of the potentially tradeable pieces has done jack at the NHL level this season (do you really think they’re going to deal the ones that have so far?).

  17. toqueboy says:

    penner can’t keep up with his linemates. it’s become painfully obvious. he’s also hitting gaps that his linemates aren’t looking for. it’s tough watching him float just high of the slot and not get any passes. there seems to be an absolute lack of communication/gelling with Pensky.

    RS’s big knock is his speed. Perhaps we could try Schrempner with a defensively sound forward with a little speed? Although, vastely different players, I think Schremp and Penner look to shoot from roughly the same places, so i think it might be a little more natural for Schremp to find Penner in the slot, as opposed to Hemsky who’s just skating around the net ad nauseum and passing to pitkanen.

    Anyhow, just throwing that out there…maybe some lines like:

    horcoff, hemsky, gagne
    stoll, torres, cogs
    brodziak, penner, schremp
    reasoner, sanderson, stortini

    pisani/moreau and a proper checking line is dearly missed on the road, and i hope the twins don’t make that too obvious tonight with last change.

  18. Dennis says:

    I just don’t see the point of trading Pouilot right now. It’s not like the guy’s playing good to the point where you’re likely to get anything substanial for either him or him plus Roy. If we’re in a league where Mike Johnson has to beg for a job, then how are we gonna get anything of value for Pouliot? Do we want to deal him off for a Dennis Wideman like the B’s did with Brad Boyes last year?

    I’m at a loss to wrap my mind around a potential HS for 78 for last night’s game. It makes absolutely zero sense.

  19. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: MacT did some weird things with Horcoff on the D-curve. I remember being really upset that they sent Horcoff down maybe his second NHL season during the All-Star break (was it the All-Star break?).

    Anyway, speeds talked me down from the tree but maybe MacT has a different grading system for the guys he considers to be future centermen who do heavy lifting.

    Or he hates the French. :-)

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