Total Recall

I love this photo. Harold Ballard once said about Inge Hammarstrom “he could go into the corner with six eggs in his pocket and not break any of them.” This photo brings Harold’s words into view perfectly. Nilsson doesn’t know where the puck is and doesn’t care, he just needs to get out of the area immediately.

Good times.

Row-bear has been re-called today, with JFJ going down to the farm.

If the Oilers could get them into a transporter and have their DNA mixed up like Tuvok and Neelix one of the guys who gets beamed up could play NHL hockey and the other could deliver drinks to customers.

Nilsson isn’t a bad hockey player, but lordy he looks like a tweener (a guy who can’t put up results despite looking like a player) and Jacques is a player who looks like a tweener whenever he plays for the Oilers.

If I was in Vegas and had $500 to put on one playing more career games than the other, I’d bet on the Quebec kid. However, it’s a snail’s race at this point.

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18 Responses to "Total Recall"

  1. jon says:

    Why would anyone care where the puck is? It’s a scrum after the whistle.

  2. Ribs says:

    Am I crazy? Or does it look like Nilsson is the only player looking at the puck in front of Gilberts toe?

  3. Pat says:

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I know the Voyager episode you’re referencing.

  4. Lowetide says:

    jon and ribs: WHY must you ruin my posts with actual facts? DAMN YOU!

    pat: Yeah, me too. The fact that I mentioned that show without 7 of 9 as the focus is just idiotic.

  5. Mr DeBakey says:

    Rowe-bear is back!
    That’ll make the HF Boards/Oilfans types happy

    Making them doubly happy will be the departure of “JF Junk’

    Isn’t there some sort of rule that limits the number of player moves between the NHL & their AHL farm teams?

    If so, the Oilers are going to hit that ceiling by Christmas.

  6. PunjabiOil says:

    Isn’t there some sort of rule that limits the number of player moves between the NHL & their AHL farm teams?


    Only after the trade deadline.

  7. Doogie says:

    If that was the case, the Josh Green Watch of ’05-’06 would’ve ended before American Thanksgiving

  8. IceDragoon says:

    A haunting hallow’s eve, all.

    Heard on Stauffer that Nilsson was going to get a look with Gagner and Penner. I’m thinking at practice tomorrow anyway. We keep saying that Sam’s going to get the candy minutes, but I mean… c’mon.

    That said, centre is tougher and his speed says he can’t be too risky, unless there’s a solid team game backing him up. heeheehee… *sigh* yeah… maybe someday. So… he’s going to have to re-adjust to c and be smart & nifty. !!!he’s a freakin’ baby!!! *breathe* He did get some time between 14 & 78 last night. ;-)

    Also heard that practice was optional today, but there were 5 skaters working on drills. For the life of me, I can only recall 3. It was implied that these guys had no option.

    Souray(don’t need a shoulder for skating), Penner and Pouliot.


  9. oilerdiehard says:

    Just admit you do not like Nilsson LT :)

    ribs = *burn*

  10. Ribs says:

    Hah, sorry LT.

    An interesting call up as Nilsson was a healthy scratch in the last Falcons game. I think maybe they’re pulling names out of a hat nowadays.

  11. uni says:

    I still believe in Nilsson…he can turn it around, and I’m sure Gagner and Penner can convert some of his nifty passes.

    Then again I still believe in Mikhnov…upside to that is I’ve always been a big Antropov booster (guy better freaking not get injured again this season).

    Also, I know this 7 of 9 that you speak of LT, but who’re these Neelix and Tuvok characters that you speak of?

  12. Lowetide says:

    I don’t dislike Nilsson, it’s just that the other kids ate his lunch. I do think there’s a 2line job waiting there on RW though, so he’s got a shot.

    He looked splendid in TC, less so when the NHLer played every night. But he’s skilled, so maybe.

    The Oilers do have lots of small skill F’s, though.

  13. Dennis says:

    So, assuming HST stays together, that leaves 27-89-12, 51-19-8 and then 16-13 with either 78 or 46 rounding out that troika. With the lines stacked like that, you have either the 16 or 19 line taking on the second toughest assingment. Granted, Nashville is off to a bad start and is 0-5 on the road so this might be a game we can win;)

    Jacques looks like a guy who loses his confidence on the plane ride and shows up without a clue. I’m not sure if he’s gonna get over that hump with this org but in looking at his AHL numbers, it’s not hard to imagine that he’ll get moved somewhere else, take a deep breath and actually be a useful player. That being said, I couldn’t get mad at the Oilers if they decided to give up on him pretty soon.

    I’m still blown away that anyone thinks Nilsson will stick on a MacT team and that he’ll be a useful player overall with anyone. He doesn’t have the guts to play in traffic and is only useful on the rush. Plus he can only play soft min.

    So, yeah, that guy has a really bright future.

  14. Lord Bob says:

    He doesn’t have the guts to play in traffic and is only useful on the rush. Plus he can only play soft min.

    He’s Alexander Mogilny and Pavel Bure in that regard, among tens of thousands of lesser players who still had careers.

  15. Bruce says:

    Uh, Dennis, who is the “S” in HST?

  16. namflashback says:

    Think Dennis means HHT. 14-10-83 hup!

    Louise, the coach’s trust in 89 continues — moving him to C is a big step. Perhaps, since 12 will have jailbroken already — Sam’s passing skills can get Robert in flight. I dread the idea of the defensive zone difficulty these three will have. Sadly, Sam the 18r year old rookie was one of the few wingers who seemed to be able to make the right play on the d-zone wall.

    90-100% – I count Torres, Gagner
    70-90% – Brodz, Hemsky, Sanderson, MP
    30-70% – Penner, Stortini, JFJ


  17. Dennis says:

    H is for Hemsky, S is for Shawn and T for Torres. Yeah, I’m using first and last names but big whoop, wanna fight about it;)

    So, does anyone want to write down Nov 1st, 2007 as the day Nilsson was compared to Mogilny and Bure?

  18. Bruce says:

    OK, Dennis, works for me. I just hope the line is properly focussed.

    Whatever, it beats calling it the SHT Line.

    I’m more inclined to call it the RST Line, for Raffi, Shawn and Toller. Still chuckling, albeit ruefully, about the reference to “Toller Cranston on the half boards.”

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