Tracers- Cowboy on Rampage at the Colisee

April 12, 1976 Toronto Star

Criminal charges are expected to be laid against Rick Jodzio of the Calgary Cowboys as the result of his attack on Marc Tardif of the Quebec Nordiques during their WHA playoff game in Quebec City yesterday.

Tardif, the WHA’s leading scorer, was hit by Jodzio’s stick and then the Calgary player unleashed a series of punches against the semi-concious Tardif, who was taken to hospital.

Quebec coach Jean-Guy Gendron was disgusted following the Nordiques 8-4 loss to Calagary. “In 20 years of hockey, I’ve never seen the likes,” Gendron said of Jodzio’s attack on Tardif, the league’s leading goal scorer during the regular season with 71 goals.

A first period brawl erupted at 6:16 when Jodzio charged from the Calgary bench, skated about 40 feet and caught Tardif with a vicious high stick across the face. With Tardif semi-concious, Jodzio dropped his gloves and unleashed a series of punches to the head and face of the fallen Tardif.

A spokesman for the Nordiques said the team expects criminal charges will be filed against Jodzio for injuring Tardif in the incident. Jodzio was ejected from the game with a match penalty as was Quebec’s Gord Gallant.

Tardif was taken to hospital with a concussion and ordered to stay overnight. “I’ve never given the order to one of my guys to get an opposing player,” said Gendron. “He was punching Tardif when he wasn’t moving. It was an order from Joe Crozier. I’d like to see what the league does about that.”

Calgary coach Crozier, when confronted with Gendron’s charges said “if I had something to say it wouldn’t be very nice.”

Notes: It would be a little more than a concussion. The beating gave Tardif a concussion, knocked out several teeth and left him in shock with brain trauma.

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3 Responses to "Tracers- Cowboy on Rampage at the Colisee"

  1. Black Dog says:

    Ahh, the good old days. Back when the players policed themselves.

    What sort of suspension did Jodzio end up with? Back in the day bench clearing brawls were common so I would say nothing for that for starters.

  2. Lowetide says:

    BDHS: He was suspended for the rest of the playoffs (Cowboys beat Quebec but came across Winnipeg next and the Jets blew them out of the water). That was it.

    Jodzio was also charged with assault and intent to injure. He pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of assault causing bodily harm and was ordered to pay a $3,000 fine.

  3. Rube Foster says:

    Hats off to the late great Sam Pollock.
    Tardif, Lefley and a guy named Lafleur. I guess they didn’t have enough pucks for all those guys but it’s scary to think what the mid seventies Habs might have looked like if they found a way to keep all three of those guys and kept them happy. I’m sure Lefly must have watched Steve Shutt more than once and had his stomach flutter at the thought that Shutt was mowing his lawn playing with Mahovlich and Lafleur every night.
    Given the situation with The Tuze and Steve Moore can you imagine what would happen today if something like that happened to say Crosby in a playoff game? Jodzio was a fortunate man he played in the thug era and not the youtube era… I do confess though that I did have a certain fondness for Smokey Mcloud and that ridiculous curve he had on his goalie stick.

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