Update on Oilers Draft Picks, 99-03

This is Jani Rita. He led the SM-LIIGA in goals scored in 06-07, but is off to a less impressive start this season. Here’s an update on each Oiler draft pick 1999-03 and how they’re doing so far this season.

1999 draft

Jani Rita: 10gp, 1-5-6 with Jokerit in the SM-LIIGA. He is currently 6th in team scoring.

Alexei Semenov: Made the San Jose roster but is on injured reserve. The Sharks have started poorly with D being the apparent culprit, but Semenov is unlikely to have any kind of impact.

Tony Salmelainen: He went deep into TC with the Leafs but was sent down. He’s played one game in the AHL with the Marlies.

Adam Hauser: He’s in the German League again this season, playing for Mannheim. He has a .908SP in 5gp.

Mike Comrie: Having a Mark Whiten start to his Islanders career. 2gp, 4-2-6.

Christian Chartier: Remember when there was such a fuss over the Leafs possibly tampering to get his name on a contract? He’s in the German League too.

2000 draft

Alexei Mikhnov: Tied for scoring lead on his team (Lokomotiv, RSL). 14gp, 5-10-15 numbers also rank him tied for 2nd in the RSL and his +7 has him in a tie for 6th in the league in that category.

Brad Winchester: Caught on with Dallas and is scoreless in 3 games. He is averaging about 8 minutes a game.

Joe Cullen: There was a time when he looked about even with Winchester, but he played over 200 AHL games without getting the callup and then spent most of last year in the ECHL. He’s in a secondary German league this season and is far away from the show.

Matt Lombardi: Had his first 20-goal season in the NHL last year, and early indications are that he has impressed Keenan. He’s an established NHL player, something no other Oiler draft from 2000 can boast.

Evgeny Muratov: Still playing in the RSL, he’s been a in that league since 1999.


Ales Hemsky: Considering where they selected him, Hemsky would have to represent a high water mark in Oilers drafting since the mid-80s.

Doug Lynch: Playing in Austria this season, that cup of coffee with the Oilers might be it. That wrist injury derailed a very promising career.

Jussi Markkanen: .925SP in 10 games for Rita’s team, Jokerit. The club is in 5th place (I believe 10 out of 14 SM LIIGA teams make the playoffs).

Kari Haakana: Finn is rolling along in the SEL.

Ales Pisa: Czech is playing for his (and Hemsky’s) town team in the CZE league, Pardubice.

Shay Stephenson: Made the NHL grade last season for a 2 game cup of Joe, he’s playing in Italy this season.


Jesse Niinimaki: Pointless in 5 SEL games so far this season. Key word in that sentence was “pointless” btw.

JDD: Has played 77 AHL games since turning pro and one would think he will get his first NHL regular season action this season (if ever).

Jarret Stoll: A nice player. Only concern is the concussion and he seems to be recovered from it (knock wood).

Matt Greene: He’s an established NHL regular now and is in the deep end this season.

Brock Radunske: Playing in Germany this year, 8 points in 10gp for Augsburg has his tied for 2nd overall on the club.

Jonas Almtorp: He’s in the AHL now and obviously somewhere between 5 and 10 on the center depth chart in the organization. A strong candidate for a 1 or 2 game cup of coffee with the big club this season.

Mikko Luoma: Already off to a nice start (4 points in 6gp) in the SEL.

Dwight Helminen: 6gp, 3-1-4 +5 for his SM LIIGA team. Helminen had a couple of nice AHL seasons.

Tomas Micka: Playing well based on numbers in the CZE league. 9gp, 5-2-7 for Praha.

Fredrik Johansson: He’s in the AHL this season and would have to be considered a rung below Almtorp on the depth chart. He did a few nice things in camp though, and it’ll be fun to read about him this winter in a context (AHL) we know something about in terms of NHL projection.


Marc Pouliot: He’s a fringe NHL player at this point, but MacT said nice things about him yesterday. Hey, I’m a fan.

Colin McDonald: Has played 2 games in the AHL and has 2 assists. Appears to be impressing on a couple of levels and I haven’t been this hopeful in a long time about McDonald. Kirk Leudeke may have been right all along.

JF Jacques: When he scores a regular season NHL goal there will be celebrating in the streets of Oilerville on a level seen only in Miami when they find out Castro is dead every Friday.

Mikhail Youkov: Still playing in the RSL, he has 3 points in 11gp so far this season.

Zack Stortini: A point a game (3-3) so far in AHL. He’ll be up at some point this year.

Dragan Umicevic: 2 goals in 9 RSL games this season.

Kyle Brodziak: Here’s a guy who decided to man up and work like a dog to reach his goal. Inspiring stuff. Leads the Oilers in points.

Mathieu Roy: Injured right at the end of pre-season in what can only be called bad damn luck.

Jozef Hrabel: Rolling along in the RSL again this season. Are his rights still owned by the Oilers?

Troy Bodie: Everyday player in the AHL so far this season.

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18 Responses to "Update on Oilers Draft Picks, 99-03"

  1. Andreas says:

    Niinimaki got booted from his SEL-team yesterday. My guess is he will end up somewhere in Germany or Switzerland soon.
    He has some nice offensive talent too bad he lacks skills in every other area of the game.

  2. Lowetide says:

    That’s insane. I mean we can bash the Oilers for the pick, he certainly didn’t cover the bet. But holy crow doesn’t he understand how much he’s costing himself? Has NO ONE held him accountable? EVER? Didn’t his Dad make him take out the trash?

    The Oilers need to draft these kids and pull a Stastny to get them out of the country A-SAP. Even the free countries can’t be trusted with our prospects.

  3. Black Dog says:

    Its that cradle to grave socialist system. :)

    What I like about this list is that every year is an improvement over the previous one with 2003 holding at least some promise for resulting in a whack of NHLers.

  4. mike w says:

    Goddamnit Lowetide, I love you.

  5. The Rage says:

    Lowetide, you are some kind of god. How the heck does someone come up with four quality hockey articles in one day? The Journal might match that in a month.

  6. Lowetide says:

    the rage: Thanks.

    mikew: Thanks, I think. :-)

  7. rickibear says:

    LT: I will ask you the same question I asked BDHS on his sight the other day. BDHS pointed out our strength at LW. If MIkhnov maintains RSL scoring and L. Omark continues to be leading scorer on his team and top 20YR scorer in SEL. Would you bring those two in and move Torres and Stoll after this year to ensure money for Horcoff, Cogliano, and Gagner.

  8. Lowetide says:

    Cogliano and Gagner are signed for three seasons including this one so they’re not a huge concern. Horcoff is 3.6M a year until summer ’09 and Stoll will get his money before this season ends is my guess. So they have to find some money for Stoll but Geoff Sanderson and Tarnstrom may be coming off the books (plus maybe Pisani although let’s not think about it).

    I don’t think either guy you mentioned is in the mix for 2008, certainly not Mikhnov. I don’t remember the last guy who came over, didn’t land a job, went back and then returned to establish himself but I’d guess it was David Vyborny and he arrived through expansion.

    Omark is 5-9 and although he has had a nice start the Oilers are positively brimming with small forwards.

    The up and coming LW from the system is Trukhno. I think he’ll be an Oiler, Mikhnov probably had his shot (at least as an Oiler, maybe he’s trade bait) and Omark is building his resume but is in the Umicevic family of guys who may never come over.

    Torres is probably the guy who gets dealt if Pisani recovers, although they need a physical winger to replace him.

    And if we’re talking LW then we need to throw in the name JF Jacques.

    But to answer your question in less than 1000 words, Horcoff doesn’t get dealt before he’s 35 on a team I run, and Stoll is a guy I find money for too.

  9. rickibear says:

    Thanks LT. I can allways count on your blogs and unique perspectives to help with my views on the future of the team.

    Keep writing. It is my first stop everyday at coffee to free me from the thought process of an engineering group.

  10. Master Lok says:

    haha LT, I’ve just learned more about Oiler players and prospects in this one article, than I have all month from the Sun, or Journal. Thanks!

  11. RiversQ says:

    Torres is probably the guy who gets dealt if Pisani recovers, although they need a physical winger to replace him.


    How so?

    I’ve had issues with Torres’ game in the past (the man cannot pass the puck), but I can’t see how he isn’t #1 on the LW depth chart on this club. He’s got a track record of ES results that is a rare item on this roster.

    Do you deal that player when he’s signed for two years at a low rate? Of course, if the Oilers insist on sheltering the guy all year long, maybe he’s a candidate for the pump and dump after all?

  12. Lowetide says:

    RQ: I’m thinking in terms of trading dollars to make room for Stoll and possibly Pitkanen increase.

    Ideally they’d deal Souray or Penner but that isn’t going to happen. If Pisani comes back and they sign both of the above rfa’s (plus a few more salary issues) they are probably going to need to dump a good, marketable player making over 2.

    Torres is such a player. I don’t want to trade him, hell I’d like to see what he could do on the top line. It might light a fire, you never know.

  13. Kev says:

    This is my first stop as well. Excellent coverage of all things Oil. You’re the best.

  14. rickibear says:

    LT: Thanks once again for your response. I did not mean to make you a target.
    It was just apparent by the structure of this team that at the three year mark Cogliano, Trukhno (Potential high ceiling), and Gagner roll off there contracts.
    We will have to up on Horcoff. The way PenHorSky looks is a legitamite first line.
    My concern is that if we give extended money to guys like Stoll and Nilsson we may not have the 4.25 to 5.5 that will be required to retain the young guys by that time.
    I now realize that the timing of Torres contract rolls off at the time those three will need to be upped.

  15. Lowetide says:

    rickibear: Do you mean RiversQ? That’s how we talk to each other, except that he has a New England drawl since he’s moved to Boston.

  16. Dennis says:

    LT, for the sake of argument here, if

    - we’ve got Souray for the PP and his contract is pretty much unmoveable

    - Cogs looks like a real keeper at pivot, though faceoff skills need a lot of work

    - Horc’s the guy we break out for the tough sledding and he’s bonafide in this regard.

    then why do we work our asses off trying to keep Stoll? Personally, I’d be looking to make the oft mentioned Stoll for Seabrook or Keith trade.

  17. Lowetide says:

    Well Cogliano os 20-years old and a rookie is a rookie is a rookie. I do like the fact that Reasoner appears healthy though. If Pouliot had stepped up more I’d be more comfortable with dealing Stoll but imo this team has a chance to be special up the middle very soon if Cogliano and Gagner keep developing.

    I’d keep Stoll around for at least the next couple of years even if it meant moving someone to wing.

  18. Dennis says:

    I just don’t think you do it at the expense of cheaping out on D and I think that’s what it might come down to.

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