Avs at Oilers, G22/07-08

This is Joe Sakic. For me, Sakic will always be the guy who didn’t get the attention he deserved (Yzerman is more famous, no? was he BETTER?) probably because he played most of his career in the west and in an American town.

Sakic’s story is almost the complete opposite of Eric Lindros, another Nordique draft. Sakic got drafted, worked hard, got better, won his Stanley’s and became Joe Montana.

I’ve been a Sakic fan forever, to me he embodies the best of our game and continues to amaze. His career in the NHL began in 1988 and his stats are as consistent as Ray Bourque’s or Hank Aaron’s. The hits just kept on coming.

Tonight will be Joe Sakic’s 1340th NHL game, and he’ll be a player who helps his team in their efforts to win.

There’s a lot to respect about a guy like Joe Sakic, and a lot to learn from him too. Stay the course, work hard, make everything out of the talents God gave you. Try to make a few friends along the way, and understand the people you meet on the way up will still be there when you’re sliding back down.

I think Joe Sakic is an outstanding role model in an era when sports offers very few. Even more than his counting numbers, that’s what I respect most about him.

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21 Responses to "Avs at Oilers, G22/07-08"

  1. HBomb says:

    Among players never to have worn the Oiler crest, Joe Sakic is far and away my favorite NHLer. I personally hold he and Mark Messier on pedestals above everyone else.

    People ask me why I’m a big fan of guys like Patrice Bergeron or Brad Richards (or, now, Jonathan Toews). My answer is always the same: “They remind me of Burnaby Joe”.

    And yes, Sakic is better than Yzerman. The tragedy is that Yzerman’s got himself a Selke trophy, yet Sakic continues to go unrecognized for being a dominant two-way player. If he’s still around in two years, which he probably will be, he’s a slam dunk to captain Team Canada in Vancouver, yes?

    There’s a short list of guys from other teams that I will NEVER boo. Two of them come to town tonight with Colorado. I’ll save my negative commentary for Tyler Arnason.

  2. mc79hockey says:

    Those Nordiques jerseys were fantastic looking. I should get a Ron Low jersey.

  3. Jacque says:

    Funny you made the Sakic/Yzerman comparison.

    Everyone I know believes Sakic and Yzerman are doppelgangers of each other (with the exception of nuances in their playing styles).

    Both started their careers off on absolutely terrible teams, both became captains at a young age, both developed those teams to incredible power houses (winning numerous Stanley Cups), and both will likely finish their careers off with the franchise they started, with similar career stats.

    Sakic is one Stanley Cup away from matching Yzerman. But Yzeran never won the Hart like Sakic did.

  4. pboy says:

    I think a better comparable than Sakic & Yzerman, would be Federov & Forsberg. Federov has 1119 points in 1149 career games, Forsberg has 871 points in 697 games. Forsberg’s points per game are much higher but if he would have played more games and played longer into his career, he would probably see his PPG go down a little from where he looks to be finishing up. Both guys, in their primes, were very responsibly defensively, although Federov might get the edge there. I remember Bowman using him as a defenceman at times. Both guys played most of their careers with high end wingers and both played on teams with legendary Captains.

  5. RiversQ says:

    The main thing that Sakic and
    Yzerman have in common is that they were the 2nd best players on their cup winning teams.

  6. danny says:

    Who was better than Yzerman through the DET cup wins? Shannahan? Lidstrom?

    Forsberg > Sakic = agreed.

  7. HBomb says:

    Those Nordiques jerseys were fantastic looking. I should get a Ron Low jersey.

    Actually, I own the blue version of that jersey, and yes, it’s got Sakic’s name on the back.

    Complete with captain’s “C”. That and my Kovalchuk jersey are my current favorites (what’s with me and baby blue, I do not know….)

  8. PDO says:

    Know my only problem with Joe Sakic right now?

    His counting numbers this year suck, and him and Smyth are the only disappointments on my first place fantasy team.

    Danny… Fedorov. Probably Lidstrom as well.

    Sakic had to compete with Forsberg most years, and Roy as well.

    Still though.. Sakic is definitely the superior player.

  9. danny says:

    Its too bad we couldn’t see how scotty ran his bench back before Fedorovs career crashed and burned.

    Yzerman/Fedorov were usually neck-and-neck in the PPG department, I really have no clue which one were doing it at ES against the oppositions best though.

    What amazes me, is that in the lockout year of 94, Coffey had 58 points in 45 games as a 33yr old defenseman. wow.

  10. PDO says:

    Danny, he ran Fedorov like a horse.

    In the Colorado/Detroit matchups, it was consistently Fedorov against Forsberg, Sakic against Yzerman and Yelle against Draper.

  11. HBomb says:

    In the Colorado/Detroit matchups, it was consistently Fedorov against Forsberg, Sakic against Yzerman and Yelle against Draper.

    Ah, the early beginnings of the concept of power-vs-power. This business about “checking centres” is a myth, save a Madden here and a Pahlsson there.

    If there’s a bigger farce than the Selke trophy, I’d like to see it.

  12. Andy Grabia says:

    This business about “checking centres” is a myth, save a Madden here and a Pahlsson there.

    I’d love to see hard numbers on Tikkanen’s success against quality opposition. It sure looked like he was doing a great job.

  13. Cory Klein says:

    Hey all,
    I’ve been lurking on this site for quite some time and thought it would be a suitable place to offload some tickets for a game I can’t make tonight.

    If anyone wants 2 free tickets for tonights game (any donation accepted via Email transfer or Paypal) shoot me an email at corykg (at) gmail (dot) com.

    I can’t make the game tonight and no one on HF wants them apparently.

  14. therealdeal says:

    I think both Sakic and Yzerman are both recognized as great players in their own right. I’ve always been a bigger Joe Sakic fan but him and Steve Yzerman are certainly cut from the same cloth.

    It’s like trying to decide who was better, Gretzky or Lemieux. There’s no real right answer.

    If there’s a bigger farce than the Selke trophy, I’d like to see it.

    Mike Milbury?
    The Phoenix Coyotes?

    Oh oh, I know…The NHL disciplinary committee!

  15. danny says:

    during that powerplay (around 5:00 left in 1st) Cogliano was on the ice, and wow.

    He was pursuing a puck on the halfboards from the slot when Grebs pinched, you see him look up and jump out to the point to cover… pretty standard but very heady recognition for the kid… then grebs chip goes to the far corner, and I swear, Cogliano is the first man on the puck…

    wowaweeewa i like.

  16. Dennis says:

    Nice first shift at EV for the 27-89-13 line. Two scoring chances against, then an icing from their line and then 77 takes a penalty off the icing. This line’s getting killed at home. Just imagine how much damage will be done against it on the road. This foolishness has to end now.

    Other stuff:

    - 25 is back and he’s rushing into the other end pretty much anytime he wants to. Oilers are gonna have to find him a D partner that’s downright Huddyian in his willingness to stay back. Either that or play him with a super responsible pivot like Horc. They’ve paired him with 77 and I don’t know about that. I didn’t like the earliest of returns.

    - Nice to see some sparks from Nilsson. I like when he lost his stick but still decided to check his man. Couple of nice passes too.

    - Hard to suss out the EV works. Lots of marginal calls lead to 5 PP combined. Last penalty to sakic was a joke. Bad goal by Garon but then great save off Hejuk.

  17. ClaytonMagnet says:

    2 shots in the second period? That would be funny if it wasn’t so very very very sad.

  18. Ribs says:

    30 minutes worth of penalty minultes doled out really throws things out of whack here. It’s hard to tell who’s doing what well and who’s not passing the grade. Games like this come along every so often and it’s not a big surprise, but it sure is annoying to watch.

    Pitkanen has to be the star of our show here. He looked healthier than he was at the season opener! A very welcome presence to this blueline. Joni owes a steak dinner to Allan Rourke for filling in.

    Gilbert led the way in icetime for the Oil and that should be surprising. But it isn’t. Lowe owes Tommy Salo a steak dinner for this kid.

    Smid and Staios looked a tad better… Still room for improvement.

    Tarnstrom gets the shaft as Pitkanen returns. As expected I suppose.

    Grebs looked like he had some wheels tonight. Not a bad showing from him.

    Horc and Hemksy looked great. That one timer was mind-blowing.

    Stoll, Torres, Storts, …. pretty invisible out there from what I saw. Maybe that’s what they’re going for?

    Cogliano and Gagner were impressive again. I wish I would have seen more Cogs and less Sand with 2mins in the 3rd. MacT really makes me wonder sometimes.

    2 cheers for Marty Reasoner in this game. Proved his worth, I think.

    Garon gets the start again! Yea! It’s hard not to cheer for the guy.
    Sorry Roli.

    It’s hard to get a read from this game but what did pop out were mostly good things, and that’s something.

  19. Dennis says:

    That’s an awful lot of positives for a team that got severly outchanced and outplayed, Ribs.

    What I saw was a team that really started out strong but totally fell apart after the 27-13-89 shift that lead to then first Oilers penalty of the game.

    Second period was one for the ages and they had a couple of good shifts in the third, but true to Oilers fashion when trailing after 40 min, they took a couple of penalties just for the fuck of it, as to make the comeback just a little bit harder.

  20. Ribs says:

    Yea Dennis, I always find it difficult to be hard on a team on a night with so many penalties.

    The Oilers lost the game but didn’t really play all that badly. They killed 18 mins worth of penalty time and managed to score the only power play goal of the game.
    They were outchanced and outshot but that’s to be expected right now against the best team in the division.

    It was just one of those nights where the refs wrecked the game with an onslaught of marginal calls. I think McGeough met his quota after last night.

  21. Santa Merda says:

    I don’t see how you can think Yzerman is more famous than Sakic.

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