Time change this weekend. Spring forward, fall back. So we get an extra hour. Best time to do it is Saturday night (stay on point, please).

I’m posting after reading the craziest bloody article tonight. If you’re too lazy to click, the general idea is that pedestrians are three times more likely to get hit by cars (during rush hour) after the time change.

This is an American study, from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Saskatchewan doesn’t change their clocks, which as it turns out is the safest option available.

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11 Responses to "Clocks"

  1. Bruce says:

    Funny, I once read of a study that reached exactly the opposite conclusion, that accidents increased after changing the clocks in the spring, with the conclusion being that the lost hour of sleep from “springing ahead” led to what was in effect a nationwide jet lag of distemperate, mistake-prone people. The “fall back” OTOH allows an extra hour’s sleep — give or take the ~ hour it takes to change all the clocks in the hosue by 23 hours — and (according to this study) an improved rate of accidents.

    In leaving things the fuck alone, Saskatchewan has it right; artifically messing with what should be a fundamental measurement, our timekeeping system, makes about as much sense as dividing the day into two twelve-hour clocks or awarding three points in some games and two in others.

    Staying on (loser) point, one of many advantages Oilers had going into last night’s game was that Nashville were playing the second of back-to-backs, flying against the time zone. That they were a struggling team missing their best forward (Steve Sullivan) and best defenceman (Shea Weber) and starting their back-up goalie (Dan Ellis), who still whupped the rested Oil 4-1, makes one wonder where the soft spots on the schedule are going to be. This is starting to feel like a long season, and we haven’t even messed with our clocks yet.

  2. Big T says:

    I don’t know bruce. This game is as much about bounces as it is skill, and the Oilers seriously outchanced the Preds last night.

    That back-up goalie you refer to is 4-0 this season as well so…

    Last night was a terrific game for the home team aside from the last five minutes. I still believe this team will play very solid hockey from January on, but are still gonna fall short of a playoff spot (and rightly so).


  3. Colby Cosh says:

    That should read “Most of Saskatchewan doesn’t change their clocks.”

  4. Bruce says:

    Yeah, big t, Ellis played an excellent game last night. I was particularly impressed with his puckhandling where he was both cool and aggressive … he probably learned a bit in the Dallas system from Turco and Belfour. And he did get the bounces.

    Still, I’m not sure about the “seriously outchanced” statement. Outshot, yes. But Nashville got three tap-ins and Garon made a bunch of good stops too. For 30 minutes between Legwand’s 1-0 goal and Pouliot’s bad turnover just before Arnott’s 2-1 goal the shots were 22-3 Edmonton, but the Preds turned it completely around from there and had the game’s last 9 shots, and certainly had the better opportunities in the first period as well.

    I’d generally agree that the Oilers were the better team for 50 minutes and should have been at least a goal to the good, but the fact remains with the game on the line they came apart at the seams.

  5. Lowetide says:

    Colby: I thought it was all of Sk. Who doesn’t? Lloyd?

  6. She says:

    I think it’s Creighton that follows Manitoba’s lead CDT/CST-wise- I have a friend originally from Flin Flon, still has a cabin at Denare Beach- I’m sure she mentioned it when I saw her last.

  7. Lowetide says:

    She: Cool. I miss the games at Taylor Field. Most fun I’ve ever had at a football game. GO RIDERS!

  8. She says:

    Hee! Last football game I went to Regina for was about 10-12 years ago. We had one of those great old Coleman drink cooler spout jugs full of vodka and lemonade, don’t even remember how the Riders made out. I ended up with heatstroke and slept the whole drive home. My father-in-law told me I had fun, but I wonder why my husband never took me to another game ;)

  9. Lowetide says:

    lol. One game I was at (this was 80s) and was a little drunk and apparently being an ass (can’t imagine). I remember very well being in a bit of trouble with my wife for some such and expecting hell after the game, but fortunately a guy way farther along than me streaked the field in the third quarter and all was forgotten.

    I miss the storms too. When it’s maybe 4pm and you look west and it’s just pitch black. Wind blows, storm rolls through and everything is renewed again. I used to stand out in the storms just because it felt so good.

    SO MANY dumb things I can never admit to now that I have kids. :-)

  10. Colby Cosh says:

    In the western half of the province, school districts have the option of going on Mountain time and changing the clocks under the Time Act. The Battle River School District does this to keep parallel with the city of Lloydminster. The eastern half of the province doesn’t technically have the option of living on Manitoba time year-round but the folks opposite Flin Flon do it anyway.

  11. s.j.simon says:

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