Hawks at Oilers, G23/07-08

This is Bill Heindl. He didn’t play for Chicago or the Oilers, but he did start his hockey career in Winnipeg. That Manitoba city has heavy connections to both NHL towns (Chicago=the Golden Jet, Edmonton=the jet that brought 99 to our town instead of Winnipeg). There’s also a Bobby Orr connection, so Chicago is involved in that way too.

Heindl was born in Sherbrooke, Quebec and played his junior for Winnipeg (MJHL) and Oshawa (OHA) so would have to be considered an interesting prospect. He scored 13 goals in 14 games for Oshawa in 1966 in their Memorial Cup run (didn’t win it, Edmonton Oil Kings were the champs that season). He also played that season with Bobby Orr, which must have been a thrill.

As a pro, Heindl was a marginal NHL talent (played 18 games in the NHL, 67 in the WHA) and was one of the first players I recall heading to Sweden after his NHL career (he finished up in 1977).

This is a direct copy from the book PLAYERS (Andrew Podnieks):

When he retired, he turned to coaching, guiding the Steinback Huskies to an appearance in the Allan Cup finals in his first season. Then he hurt his back badly in a car accident, and the coaching career ended. He slumped into an awful depression. His marriage ended badly, his father passed away, and he became alcoholic. He was selling insurance in Winnipeg, a job that did not fulfill him in the way hockey had. One day in 1980, he jumped off a bridge and onto a highway. He didn’t die, but was paralyzed from the waist down. When Bobby Orr heard of the tragedy, he organized a charity game. Heindl seemed to rally, and he became an administrative assistant with the Canadian Paraplegic Association.

The charity game was a big deal. It was the only time Bobby Orr and Wayne Gretzky ever played in the same game. A lot of money was raised for Heindl that night, and over the years he paid back the favor and then some. Heindl later organized a golf tournament in Winnipeg for paraplegic research, and was active in wheelchair tennis.

On March 1, 1992, Bill Heindl passed away. He was 45, and his death was rumored to be suicide.

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49 Responses to "Hawks at Oilers, G23/07-08"

  1. mc79hockey says:

    Wow. Between you and Staples, I’m learning all sorts of arcane early 1980′s hockey facts today. Sad story, although it sounds like he at least had a period after all the bad stuff where things went well for him.

  2. Keegan says:

    Looking around the Northwest, I am somewhat suprised by things. I am not suprised to the Oil in last place, but currently they are only 4 back of Calgary. Meanwhile Colorado & Minnesota seem to be slumping, meanwhile Vancouver is seeming to get bounces & Luongo seems to have found his game. What are your thoughts on NW teams?

  3. Lowetide says:

    keegan: I’m astounded Minnesota isn’t running away with the division. I also thought Calgary would be stronger.

    Colorado I picked for third, then Vancouver and Edmonton bringing up the rear.

    I’d still probably stay with that, although Keenan is a stick of dynamite.

  4. PunjabiOil says:

    Ryan Smyth minus 2 thus far, Flames up 4-0.

    Colorado has been a struggling team, but what does that say about our team that let them roll over us in our rink?

  5. Dennis says:

    PJO, it says that the Oilers just aren’t good enough. And I’d wager that would hold true even if all of 44, 18 and 34 were in the lineup.

    LT, where’s this Pitkanen piece that you were talking about? The thing you said about you not liking the Smith trade because Joni’s only here for a year?

    Finally, I’m gonna predict an Oilers win tonight. I don’t think Roli’s done so I’m saying he comes out tonight and plays great and lets in two goals or less. And that’s enough for us to win. BTW, I was disappointed that garon let in three goals the other night vs Col. You couldn’t fault him on the last two goals and he made some fine saves to boot, but the Oilers were pretty well prepared to hand over the keys to him so I’m disappointed that he’d let in a softie like he did on the first goal.

  6. PunjabiOil says:

    PJO, it says that the Oilers just aren’t good enough.

    Dennis, it was a rhetorical question ;)

  7. Dennis says:


    Just wanted to add, Thor now leads the AHL in goals.

  8. PunjabiOil says:

    Dubnyk with a poor night, letting in 4 goals thus far. A few softies according to BBO.

    Fucking *sigh*

  9. Tyler says:

    I think we can call that a shoutout to Vic Ferrari from Dean Brown there – nice Corsi reference.

  10. Lowetide says:

    The Oilers bleed out like an expansion team.

  11. PunjabiOil says:

    Well, they tied it up.

    Sanderson pulled a “Hemsky Vintage” by turning and looking for a pass on a semi-breakaway…instead of taking it to the net….but fortunately, the Oilers ended up with a goal on the sequence.

    Grebeshkov has talent, but he seems like he’s allergic to shoot the puck.

    1-1, exciting game.

  12. Lowetide says:

    I was going to ask earlier in the game if Hemsky was shooting TOO much, but feared someone would drive to my house and kick me until I was dead.

    Nice to see 83 score and a beauty play by the Russian. Cogliano=Cournoyer at times.

  13. Slipper says:

    Wow. I was cursing Grebs when I figured he was taking that around the net.

    It’s got to be an odd feeling for Hemmer to be on the other end of a tap-in goal.

    The Oilers’ need a second threat so freaking bad. I just imagine other teams drafting game plans which consist of only two names: Hemsky and Horcoff. You can roll the rest of your lines blind since there’s no touch or ability to retain the puck anywhere else on the roster.

    Since I’m playing fantasy coach, here’s a question: You’re playing the Oilers. Is there one defensive pair for Edmonton you try to steer some of your forward units away from?

    My vote is no.

  14. mc79hockey says:

    Sanderson is a guilty pleasure as a fan. I know that he’s terrible but I really enjoy watching him skate. He’s amazingly quick.

  15. PunjabiOil says:

    Either Nilsson hurt his vagina, or he’s being benched.

  16. Showerhead says:

    I’ve been loathe to actually say it (mostly due to a lack of actual goals and assists from the guy) but I am a fan of Dustin Penner. As one of the few Oilers who can go into the corner and consistently come up with the puck, he adds an element that the rest of Edmonton’s roster is sorely lacking.

    Vic said something a long time ago about the New York Islanders of the mid to late nineties – they were the kind of team you look back on and wonder why they weren’t better because a lot of them were good young players in over their heads who eventually broke out on other teams. On a deep team and with a little maturation, I think we can someday expect all of Penner, Cogliano, Gagner, Gilbert, Pitkanen, Hemsky, and even Smid to be anywhere from above average to very good NHL hockey players. Unfortunately, how long that takes is anybody’s guess and in a lot of cases these players would probably be best served by being surrounded by quality NHL players and hitting further down in the order, so to speak.

    I don’t even like baseball. That felt dirty to say, but when in rome I suppose :)

  17. Lowetide says:

    PJ Oil: lol.

    MC: My father in law tells the story of watching the Bentely’s in their 50s skating circles around kis at the Corral in CGY. This would have been the 70s, said he couldn’t stop watching these old buggers darting around the ice like it was 1940.

    If Sanderson could get around on a fastball, could he play to 45? I bet he could, he’s a sublime skater.

  18. mc79hockey says:

    That’s really nice that CBC has given the soldiers so much air tonight. I wish After Hours was having Horc on a different night though, because there’s a lot of good stuff to ask him.

  19. mc79hockey says:

    It’s hard to believe he was a bad skater when he was drafted. Robbie Schremp should run out and buy a copy of The Life of Geoff Sanderson and study it intently.

  20. Lowetide says:

    As the world’s worst skater, I’ve always wondered if there’s a “drop dead” date for getting your skating stride/legs right. I know Bob Nystrom was 20 and drafted when the NYI had him spend a lot of time with Laura Stamm (I think that was her name) who was a famous power skating instructor.

    Schremp was in Regina that summer with Liane Davis (is that her name? God I’m getting old) but for some reason didn’t go back.

    Is that a tell? I think it probably is.

  21. Lowetide says:

    Sanderson to Brodziak to Reasoner. Reads like Tinker to Evers to Chance.

  22. Dennis says:

    No, I think you have a good point, SH. 8 gets a couple of shifts with 10-83, all of a sudden he’s not an anchor. Everytime 13 is on the ice with 10, there’s always the chance of a scoring chance. 27 plays with 10/83 and he doesn’t look so bad either.

    I think 13′s a player but we can’t find a combo to play with him. And as far as 27 goes, even though I supported the offersheet; even though this was before I knew he was going to show up way out of shape, he would be a lot easier to like if we hadn’t given up picks for him and paid him sorta close to 94 and asked him to do what Ryan did. Which means to say: I hate Lowe for picking up players more than I hate the player.

    Same goes for Ladislav Ulanov. That kid’s having a fine game tonight. He doesn’t show any kind of offensive game but he’s started to show some consistent edge down low. If you just turn on the game and there’s some roughing after the whistle, chances are 5′s the one in the mix. So I like that about him and he’s a fine skater too. BUT, new age Tommy Albelin’s aren’t the kinds of players you build Pronger packages around.

    They just aren’t.

    Anyway, the deal is that, yes, some of the kids would look way better if they had some vet help but that’s a long ways off.

    The guy I’m liking tonight is 25. he’s basically a rover and his D partner and/or the pivot will always have to be aware of that, but he’s such a great skater and has been making some great rushes tonight. For all the youth on D, I’ve liked them lately. Smid only has about one or two great mistakes a game and Gilbert’s really coming around. Even a guy like Grebs looks passable as a 6.

    The problem with the Oilers as of late is that they can’t score and we’re spending so much time in our own zone because of all the n zone turnovers. And when you talk about offense, you can’t gloss over just how much TOI is wasted on Torres and Stoll. Those guys are playing a tonne while getting painfully little done. And they’re old enough and have enough GP that more can be expected of them.

    If we had any kind of secondary scoring, well, hiding 13 and 89 would still be a worry but it wouldn’t be AS big a worry.

  23. Dennis says:

    I guess the more I say, “I’m a MacT guy, but..”, the more I become less and less of a MacT guy.

    So, I’m a MacT guy but;), after the last TV timeout, with all the Oil rested, Savard sends out his 19-88 duo and MacT counters with…8-13-89.

    I just don’t know anymore.

  24. RiversQ says:

    My concern about Smid are his defensive instincts without the puck.

    Watch him when his side is overloaded, (ie. odd man rush, on the PP, occasionally on a cycle, etc) he has no clue what to do in those instances. He rarely makes a decision at all, let alone make the right one.

    Will he learn that? I don’t know.

    I’ve always been a defender in every sport I’ve played and my experience is that a lot of players never figure that out.

    If it’s possible and Smid does learn that, he could be pretty good. He certainly has the tools. He moves the puck pretty well and he carries it extremely well.

  25. Lowetide says:

    Lordy those Hawks uniforms are nice. Gagner is nice on the SO too.

  26. Lowetide says:

    Oiler should just go to the shootout.

  27. Slipper says:

    That Gagner deke was disgusting.

    At the moment, Horcoff is Mr. Everything for this team. Kevin Lowe should move quick and trade this guy so I can wash my hands clean of cheering for this organization.

  28. Dennis says:

    Is 89′s forehand move That good? Or does Khabby just not watch any kind of tape whatsoever?

    I’m not going to get too excited about this win because my mantra last year was the team wasn’t worth investing in unless they reached .500 and my mantra for this year is they’re not working having faith in until they win three games in a row.

    Anyway, here’s the kind of a night it is. MacT feels it necessary to still keep playing 46 with 14-16 in the waining minutes. he also began to feel uncomfortable with 16 vs 19/88 so he began to give those matchups to 8-19-51. I mean, do you know how redicolous it is? 8′s on his last legs and used to be a guy who wouldn’t know his own zone if it sent him a postcard, 19′s on his last legs as well and 51′s just a kid.

    So, this is what we have to look forward to until both 18-34 get back.

    Plus, now 23′s out for awhile on the D as well. And when all nine dmen are healthy, he’s one of our top six.



  29. Lowetide says:

    Slipper: You know, I’ve been kind of afraid they’ll do it since the Smyth trade. The Oilers as an organization seem to be fans of the newest shiny ball that rolls into the living room so I wouldn’t put it past them.

    And you bring up another point: what IS the line in the sand where we begin to realize the team we cheer for isn’t even close to being a team we can cheer for?

    It is possible, you know. Part of the fun of the Oilers 00-07 is debating moves made by the team (Good God there’s a soldier doing some kind of crazy pushup on Rexall ice, hope the Oilers didn’t see him good) as they progressed.

    However, when there’s nothing to debate, and there really hasn’t been much since I took the wrong road on the Pronger deal, what’s left to talk about?

    The Blue Jackets on the other hand are doing some excellent things.

  30. PunjabiOil says:

    Horcoff is such a good player – and I’m not even talking about the shootout.

    Another guy I like is Brodziak. He kind of reminds me of Pisani.He never posted killer numbers at the AHL level (although went 24G, 56 points in 62 games at 22) – but he held his fort. He had speed issues, and quickly resolved them. He had a two-way contract for this year, yet he made his way onto this team. He’s a guy that just “gets it”, and makes the smart play. He also went down on the 2-2 goal, attempting to block a shot. He’s a guy who is willing to make the sacrifices to help his team win.

    Unfortunately, Mathieu Roy is too on a one-way next year – we have to move him out.

    Gagner is helping his team win hockey games….not the conventional way, but the new, innovative, shootout method.

    Nilsson celebrating with the team after the game ended – guess his Vagina’s okay ;)

    Horcoff’s on AfterHours. Gotta jet.

  31. Lowetide says:

    If the Oilers have a brain, they’ll send out Nilsson and Stortini and callup Thoresen and either Schremp or Pouliot.

    Nilsson can’t put two good games together, and I don’t recall the last good game he played in.

  32. PunjabiOil says:

    Tarnstrom left with a mild concussion – he should be fine.

    Penner had a good game today.

    Stortini held his fort as well.

  33. RiversQ says:

    Lowetide said…

    If the Oilers have a brain, they’ll send out Nilsson and Stortini and callup Thoresen and either Schremp or Pouliot.

    I have no hope for this.

    Stortini hasn’t killed his line, but he sure isn’t helping much there. I’d rather have three guys pulling the same direction on the “shutdown” line.

    The only hope is for Moreau and Pisani to get in the lineup and push the deadweight out.

  34. PunjabiOil says:

    He ain’t ready.

    For 2nd line duties? Absolutely agree.

    At the same time, I don’t think he’s a guy that hurts his team, playing on the 4th line. I recall 2 good plays from him tonight. One, using his body as a shelter between the puck and the defender, leading to a scoring chance infront of the net. 2 – he drew a penalty by keeping his feet moving.

    Right now, Stoll and Torres are clearly struggling – and every counting day I feel it’s time to put a package deal on the market including Stoll, Torres, Schremp + 2nd for a quality player. Gagner/Cogliano may be ready to move up to the 2nd line in the future.

    As for MAP – not sure if he’s biased ;), but BBO has mentioned that he’s cooled down after posting 6 points in his first 4 games…you know what though, I agree – at this point Nilsson deserves to be sent down for a while until he “gets it”
    Maybe Schremp could help out on the PP.

  35. Lowetide says:

    PJ Oil: This is a tough time for all these prospects, because it’s pretty much impossible to get clearance. Schremp, Nilsson and Pouliot are really probably fairly similar in terms of talent level with each having one distinct weakness (“no brains, no heart, he’s much too shy”).

    imo that’s why Stortini is on the roster over some of these guys. He qualifies under the KISS principle as a better choice.

    And as has been said by pretty much everyone, if is was JUST Stortini breaking in then that’s one thing. But tonight the 1line (Nilsson), the 2line (Stortini), the 3line (Brodziak) and the 4line (Cogliano, Gagner) all had guys working their way towards becoming established NHL players.

    I wonder if MacT wishes he had Jani Rita back. :-)

  36. Dennis says:

    I’ve been watching a lot of South Park lately, so everytime I read PJ) talking about vaginas, I think about Cartman calling Kyle, Detective Sandy Vagina.

    LT, I think it would be cool if you wrote a post about cheering for a team that you really don’t believe in anymore.

    It nearly happened with me during the last years of Felipe Alou’s tenure, but I just couldn’t turn away. Now, one of the reasons why I don’t really care about the Nationals is because Jim Bowden’s the GM.

    Nilsson was back to JFJ minutes tonight so he’s got, what, maybe one or two more games left before they send him out? Schremp’s back up to a PPG for SF, Thor’s leading the league in goals and Reddox has over a PPG since he was sent back down. What I’m saying is, there are Some options but I don’t know if the Oilers are interested in using them. Pouliot seems to be sulking, at least in terms of points, but who knows if that’s an accurate repersentation of his play.

    Slipper, I don’t want to even joke about the Oilers dealing off Horcoff. They might do it and sell it as a necessity becuase they couldn’t find anyone to take Souray’s contract. I know that sounds silly but, listen, if you can make the deals Lowe did for Pronger and Smyth, you aren’t afraid to deal off Horcoff.

  37. PunjabiOil says:

    Well, Horcoff’s contract expires summer of 2009, correct?

    If Kevin Lowe is even half the GM that Daryl Sutter is, he’ll make sure to lock him up, this upcoming summer.

    That will leave Horcoff, Gagner, Pouliot down the middle next year. Hopefully Stoll will be moved by that time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Lowe signs Stoll to a 2 year, 6M deal…that screams of a Lowe contract.

    Reasoner is absolutely done, as is Sanderson. Cogliano may end up playing wing.

    Riley Nash is forcing me to eat crow. He scored 2G today.

  38. Slipper says:

    LT if we can survive this past off season we can survive anything. Atleast I thought so. I mean the way events unfolded was like watching one bad accident after another.

    What made it worse was that alot of these moves were discussed in depth amongst the Oilers’ online community months prior, so that when, for instance, Souray was signed I had immediate mental references to his Dejardins numbers, quality of opposition, and all that jazz. I personally used Souray in a debate on HF last April as a line in the sand to see how much straight numbers dictated contract price and to determine which GM was stupid enough to pay him for them despite his atrocious even strength stats. Lowe and behold…

    Back in the day, when I was more naive and hockey was a hobby to accomadate drinking, I wouldn’t have batted an eye at these moves. Now I know better and also a guy like Dennis will never allow me to forget how wrong of direction this team moves in, as it’s repeatedly bashed into my brain with every key stroke.

    Debating and being critical of sports management is fun, but sometimes it’s approached around here with the seriousness of Middle East politics. There’s less interest in analysis of the team itself by the numbers guys because the Oilers’ just plain suck
    and maybe because some of them are jaded by the moves of management.

    General hockey content is becoming less popular in favour of ramming the fallacies of ownership back up the EIG’s asses. Honestly, that stuff doesn’t really cater to me.

    On that note, the troops night sure turned out well. Class act.

    Maybe as a fan you need a stretch of getting boot fucked before you come back around. I’m sure there’s some people in the state of Illinois who’ve come back around to their Blackhawks after a lengthy respite.

    Fanbases are known to turn away from their teams after a lengthy run of success. Maybe it’s the same if you get a taste of success with the promise of things to come, like the Oilers 06, and then things turn south in a hurry.

  39. PunjabiOil says:

    Who liked the play of Samsonov tonight?

  40. Slipper says:

    Dennis: Six Stanley Cups not withstanding, I get the feeling more and more that Kevin Lowe covets hockey players that Joe Fan on the hockey boards covet. 60% of the fans over there seem to think that the reason for the poor production of the other Edmonton forwards is that Shawn “borderline second line center” Horcoff is taking away their minutes. We could be seeing a Horcoff trade for a second rounder and a one season 30 goal soft scorer. Noone will ever consider who will compensate for Horcoff’s minutes as the rest of these smallish, finnicky forward get even alive.

    Except for Kevin Lowe. I can already hear him telling us how Jarret Stoll has been groomed and is ready for that gig, right before he extends him at 4 million per season.

  41. Bruce says:

    Finally, I’m gonna predict an Oilers win tonight. I don’t think Roli’s done so I’m saying he comes out tonight and plays great and lets in two goals or less. And that’s enough for us to win.

    Good call, Dennis. Roli did indeed play a fine game tonight, even if he didn’t make himself quite big enough on those screen shots. But the last ten minutes of the third it was him against the Hawks, and he held us in.

    Time to rest and refocus was what he needed. I would expect he’ll be good to go for awhile now, at least until MacT overuses him again.

    Is it just me, or is Steve Staios suddenly the worst defenceman in the league? I thought he absolutely sucked out there tonight (and has for much of the year). Lost a bunch of battles, kept breaking his stick, screened his own ‘tender on the tying goal. For the first time ever, I said to my wife “I think Smid is propping Staios up tonight.”

    Smid did play a fine game tonight, perhaps the best I’ve seen him play, although I agree absolutely with riversq that he has trouble reading the play at times. Tonight it was just a few times, not all friggin’ night, but he does seem to be a graduate of the Martin Skoula/Rusty Klesla Where’s My Man? School of Czech Defencemen. And no, I am not at all sure it can be learned.

    Pitkanen has got game. A true offensive defenceman, not just a good passer but a full-fledged puck rusher and pincher. His teammates will have to be on their toes when he’s out there, but potentially he adds another dimension to the Oilers attack. And they sure as hell need one.

    Stoll + Torres + Stortini = fuckall. One doesn’t expect much from Stortini, but those other guys should be go-to players on this club, and right now they are boat anchors. Tonight the three of them combined for exactly zero hits, just 2 shots on goal (with 6 misses or blocks), 3 giveaways, zero blocked shots, and Stoll was just 42% in the circle.

    Bottom line: we’ll take the two points, not entirely sure we deserved them, esp. in the third where if the Hawks had the flu the Oil must have had cancer. It was like they lost 95% of the battles for the puck. But the good ole shootout saved them again. It’s a little embarrassing that the opposition has walked away with points in 20 out of 23 games, but the system is so fucking stupid that those extra points cost all the teams in the conference just as much as they cost the Oilers.

  42. Dennis says:

    Slipper, I don’t know what to say, bud. I guess I’ve always had strong convictions when it comes to discussing my interests or hobbies and I’d be the same way if we had a beer and talked about films, TV or music. I know I can be hard to take sometimes, just ask Lain;) but I seriously want the team to win as much as anyone else does and it kills me to see people fucking up what is now my favorite squad.

    And one thing I will agree with you is once you start looking at things with a more discerning eye, it does take the fun out of it somewhat. Or at least when you’re losing:) I usually watch most games by myself, no big surprise as I’m an Oilers fan in St. John’s, but it’s more because I’m trying to pay attention to scoring chances and matchups and things like that. It’s almost an academic way of looking at things.

  43. Dennis says:

    Bruce, yes, I agree with you that Roli should’ve had one of those goals even if he couldn’t see them. Sometimes, like you said, you just gotta spread out and try and be as big of a target as possible. And I’m more more willing to let guys off with those shots if they’re high then if they’re low.

  44. Bruce says:

    Dennis, are you still up?

  45. Rick Marnon says:

    Now that’s a tragedy. It sadens me to read this.

  46. Ribs says:

    It looks like Bruce saw some of the same things I did last night…

    Stoll, Torres, and the other guy, were invisible again. These guys need a real wake up call. Torres is streaky by nature but Stoll is not playing like he can. He’s usually one to help his linemates play better and it just hasn’t happened lately.

    Staios does not look like a happy camper. That makes me feel kind of sad. If I could wish a cup to anyone on this team, he’d be the guy I’d pick.

    Pitkanen continues to impress. He looks huge and moves with the puck like a Lidtsrom that doesn’t hold any offense back. I’m hoping we see many more years of this guy in Oiler silks.

    Horcoff and Hemsky are bringing it to these last couple of games. Too bad they’re dragging Sanderson like a ball and chain behind them. Kudos to him for not being completely usless on this line this game.

    I thought Penner looked faster. Heck, everyone looked faster last night. Must have had some real Oiler ice for a change (or maybe they were just playing against Chicago).

    Grebeshkov was flying. Best game I’ve seen him play for sure and not just because of the play that he picked up his assist on. He was pushing around guys twice his size and wasn’t knocked onto his ass all game for a change.
    Good call from MacT for giving him more icetime on this night. Now if only Grebs could play like that every night…

    Gilbert with over 29 mins of ice time and 5 blocked shots. I sure hope Lowe is watching this guy play. If anyone should recognise what he’s acheiving out there, it should be him.

    This was a game that shouldn’t have went to overtime and if MacT ever got over his shootout-high in time I think he would have told the team this much. I hope.

    Number 88 in white looked like a Schremp clone out there. Same choppy skating and finesse with the puck. It should be interesting to see how he develops as he’s getting the exact opposite treatment that Schremp is enduring. Kane might have a leg up on Schremp’s defensive game but he sure doesn’t excel at it either. He leads his team with 2 more points than any Oiler.

    Anyone catch the Leafs/Coyotes game? Carcillo was giving the whole team a beat-down. I think I’m liking the guy more and more.

  47. Lowetide says:

    ribs: If Jacques could be Carcillo he’d play until 2020.

  48. Showerhead says:

    ribs: I can’t comment from memory on the technique behind Kane’s skating last night but you either missed a couple excellent displays of lateral movement or have a lot more faith in Robbie’s wheels than I would personally feel right about.

  49. Ribs says:

    Shower: Give Schremp 20 mins icetime and he’ll show you a few good lateral moves as well. He was running the PP in London often from the blueline and punished teams with shots that he had to get open for.

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