Marc Pouliot Sent to the AHL

The only thing any prospect can ask for is a legit shot at proving he can play at the next level.

For Marc Pouliot there can be no complaining. He was sent down to Springfield after last night’s game with no crooked numbers in the columns that count.

9gp, 0-0-0, and he was minus 7.

Pouliot’s been a favorite of mine since his draft day. He’s a beauty passer and can take a pass nicely on the fly too, but he has not shown much this season and has not progressed offensively. On a team in dire need of offense, the results needed to be better.

I don’t know who the Oilers have called up, but it might be a defenseman. Perhaps Syvret or Bryan Young? A trade might also be a possibility, with blueline help and a veteran winger being at the top of the shopping list.

For Pouliot, he’ll need to kick out the jams at Triple A to get back here. He has now officially joined the “AHL shuttle” that has included Nilsson, Schremp and Jacques so far this season. If they do call up a forward, his replacement may well be Patrick Thoresen, who was a late cut in camp. It may also be Jacques or Schremp. This may also mean that Moreau is close to ready.

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22 Responses to "Marc Pouliot Sent to the AHL"

  1. mike w says:

    I forget — doesn’t Thoresen have a one-way deal? Wouldn’t we lose him to waivers?

  2. Devin says:

    Only if someone wanted him. I think it’s better than 50/50 that Thor would pass back through waivers without being picked up. The guy’s neither a huge difference maker nor a guy oozing with untapped potential. No one wanted Petr Cajanek or Mike Johnson at half price, why would anyone take Thoresen?

  3. Bank Shot says:

    You have to wonder if things may have turned out differently for Pouliot and JFJ if the Oilers had their own AHL organization all along.

    They would have learned the Oilers system from the start, and been completely aware of expectations at all times. They also might have had more uninterrupted development time in the AHL as the Oilers would have been able to have a few more Toby Petersen style pluggers to fill in the gaps if JFJ and Pouliot didn’t look ready.

    Ahh welll..

    Matt Roy’s career is probably over before it began. Four concussions in 21 NHL games. Yeeshh.

  4. Dennis says:

    Did anyone else read Jones’s column today where he revealed that Lowe “set some kind of record” for concussions?

    A lot of things make sense now, or at least they do in the head of Lowe.

    More later;)

  5. goldenchild says:

    Call me Crazy I still think POouliot end up earning an NHL poension, he just has too many valuable assets not to be an NHL player. I do think he needs some time at AAA to get his confiedence back. Whats really strange is there were a couple of games where I thought he really came on as the game went on and would have strong 3rd periods only to be scratched the next night.

    On an aside wtf is going on at HF Boards? They wanna see every prospect on the 1st line yet 78 they universally hate? I saw posts yesterday killing Horcoff in the PGT and how Shcremp would be a better fit with Hemsky. I mean really strange stuff it has become a bizzaro world of sorts.

  6. Lowetide says:

    goldenchild: They hated Horcoff back in the day, too. He’s never ever gotten a kind word from hfboards in the time I’ve been dropping (which is since 2000 May).

    Funny thing though, some of the smartest hockey fans I’ve ever come across have dropped by that board over the last decade. An amazing place for curious people with open minds, although it’s well off the pace nowadays.

  7. goldenchild says:

    LT I agree Horcoff was never a fav but I mean at some pt you have to trust your eyes right? I was a sceptical at first as well but what more can this guy do to prove how valuable he is? 10 and 83 are head and shoulders above any other forwad on that roster right now its not even close, he has been a contributor in every facet of the game surely ther are other that should be targets of such scorn before him. Its amazing to me how much people see only what they want to see

    I read a post yesterday that said “we should blow it up and start over” its the 2nd youngest team in the league whats left to blow up? Its like when the US dropps bombs on Afganistan who can notice the difference between before and after?

  8. Lowetide says:

    goldenchild: Oh yeah, I agree. I mean Horcoff’s just a terrific player, undervalued at 3.6M but for some reason he doesn’t get the respect over there.

    He is however adored by the blogosphere. I think it was Vic or MC who pointed out that his plus minus from last season was pretty much one half empty net goals trying to catch up and one half playing tough opposition with a Q-tip and a kleenex after the Smyth deal.

    But you have to look a little deeper to see it, and most fans don’t do it.

  9. grease trap says:

    His feed to Hemsky last night, plus a nifty little “slow down/accelerate hard” move to get by the Nashville defenseman (forget who it was) just about resulted in another goal…wow. And that’s the obvious plays. Focus on Horcoff for an entire game and you can’t help but be impressed, not just on the occasional flashy plays, but mostly on the quiet work he does to shut down the opposition.

  10. Lowetide says:

    It’s the same with Hemsky, though. Here’s a guy who quite honestly makes NHL defenders look like a cardboard box most any night and all anyone can talk about is the ones that don’t go in.

    Sooner or later you simply HAVE to acknowledge that the other team is at times defenseless against his brilliance. I’m serious. What do you do with Hemsky when he is seeing the ball well?

    It’s like pitching around Vladmir Guerrero. Good luck with that.

  11. rickibear says:

    We are starting a new AHL team from our rosters Therefore we have lots of depth contracts right now. players who have no NHL future.

    Pouliot and JFJ are not two of those. Three more years each in th A before they are write-offs.

    We need goals. Why are we not rolling the dice with non-drafted guys out of europe who have a history of potting goals. Two examples.
    Nhl projected numbers:
    Mika Pyorala 26YR
    05-06 19G
    06-07 22G
    07-08 30G
    Jukka Voutilainen 27Yr
    04-05 26G
    05-06 26G
    06-07 20G
    07-08 26G

  12. Bruce says:

    I didn’t mention Horcoff in my post-game thumbnails last night (near the very bottom of the Game 14 thread) because there were so many new guys to critique. But my focus on them during the action did not in any way detract from my view of Shawn Horcoff, who played his usual wonderful, hard-working, two-way, smart hockey. This is one guy who is definitely greater than the sum of his statistics.

  13. RiversQ says:

    Last year I thought Pouliot was jobbed when he got sent down the first time. He was one of the only Oiler forwards providing puck support and one of the few who bothered to cycle the puck. He got stuck playing with JFJ (who had one of the worst partial seasons I can think of last year) and caught a bullet for his troubles.

    Pouliot came back, played the exact same way with some different linemates with a little more icetime and got results.

    This year, although I don’t think he’s played badly, there isn’t room for him. He hasn’t generated a whole lot of offense, he has made 2-3 crushing errors and has had some atrocious puck luck. When you have a handful of games to prove yourself, these things working in tandem will kill you.

    If there’s one thing I hate about Oiler fans it’s that they tend to defer judgment until the end of time on their faves like Lowe and Schremp and Smid and Greene. I better not do that with Pouliot then I guess. He deserves to be sent down this time because he didn’t create enough and his career as an Oiler is in jeopardy because some guys have jumped over him.

    He’s an NHLer though, I’m sure of that.

  14. Bruce says:

    “Faves” like Greene?! Greene has a few staunch defenders but he took a terrific pounding here and on other blogs pretty much up to the moment he ripped up his ankle. Pretty much every player on the team has his detractors and his defenders.

    Nothing wrong with Pouliot having his defenders too, RQ, but I find it hard to imagine “some guys jumping all over him” has put his “Oilers career in jeopardy”. He’s done that all on his own, in a game and a half of TOI the Oilers have been outscored 7-0 (or is it 8-1?), MP has indeed been guilty of crushing errors of the brain cramp type, some of them game-turners, and shown nothing resembling offence in the games I’ve seen. Based on these deficiencies (well-described by you) he has earned his Mass. transit pass every bit as much as JFJ, Nilsson, Schremp et al.

    You might be right that he’s an NHLer, but he sure needs to start playing like one. A trip to Springfield to play some meaningful minutes, perhaps even at his natural position (centre), will surely do him nothing but good.

  15. goldenchild says:

    Pouliot has not been productive at all this season and deserves to be sent down but he wasn’t horrible out tere either. After 13 and 89 which forward prospects in the organisation would you fee comfortable saying have a brighter future in the league? I still think he ends up helping this team this year.

  16. RiversQ says:

    Bruce said…
    “Faves” like Greene?!

    The Oilogosphere has been on Greene a fair amount. That’s not reflective of Oiler fans in general IMO. (However, in my case anyway, I was only using Greene as an example of the results young dmen get and to point out that his “stay-at-home” style was actually less productive than MAB and that he suffered from the same limitations. Your average fan remembers mistakes way more than chances especially for dmen. Others have been less kind about his future.)

    Nothing wrong with Pouliot having his defenders too, RQ, but I find it hard to imagine “some guys jumping all over him” has put his “Oilers career in jeopardy”.

    Well, Bruce it would help if you quoted me properly. I said that “some guys have jumped over him” – that means Cogiano and Gagner passed him at least in terms of creating offense.

    That’s a hell of a lot different from what you’re implying.

    How’s that Hemsky look these days? ;)

  17. Dennis says:

    I’m as big of a fan of 78 as you’ll find but I really can’t get over the Oilers for sending the guy down. Last year, he was creating chances and it seemed the puck was in the good end of the ice when he was in play. But this year he’s not getting a whole lot down in terms of creating chances, plus all of a sudden he’s making splashy errors.

    And, yes, LT, that was him that threw it up the middle before 23 saved him and it was also him who made another odd change just before the first Nsh game. There’s just no defending his play this year and I hope he goes down and tears it up and keeps the right attitude. Basically, this isn’t Nilsson we’re talking about. MP has the size and has some grit and he’s able to play on lines other than the soft min variety. But somewhere between last year and this year, he just totally lost both confidence, poise and also good sense and now he’s paying for it.

    It’s a pretty big kick in the nuts for MP, though. Kids like 13-51 and 89 have passed him and after playing so many games in the bigs last year, I’d imagined he never thought he’d ride the buses again. I don’t think it’s the end for him as an Oiler, though. MacT kept him up a long time before he finally became one of the Mass Transit crew and if a lot of other kids were going back and forth, it says a lot for macT’s like of 78 that it took so long before he got sent out.

    Like I said, though, it shouldn’t be the end for him. Brodziak really hasn’t shown much in the last six games or so, so I wonder how much rope he has. Plus, Stortini is garbage and Nilsson will have to either catch fire offensively or grit it out every night if he’s going to stick around. Let’s just hope that 78 goes down and keeps his head down and works hard and gets his offensive game back.

    BTW, was it just me, or did MacT sound positively downtrodden in last night’s podcast? One of these days, I expect someone to break rank and say, “when you trade Smyth and Pronger for Smid and Nilsson, how fucking good do you think we should be.”

    Because, folks, that’s what it all comes down to.

  18. Dennis says:

    BTW, I swear I wrote that just before I read the shot Dan Barnes took at Lowe in his hockey pool piece from today.;

  19. Bruce says:

    Sorry, RQ, I did misread that … I thought you were still letting us Oiler fans have it. Believe me, I would like nothing better than for MP to play for 2 weeks in Springfield and rip it up, force his way back on to the team and somewhere into the Top 9 or even 6. But he sure needs a change of scenery just now … his confidence is so lowe that it seems he can’t wait to get off the ice.

    Hemsky played a pretty good game last night, he sure got the fans excited a couple of times and that’s why they’re paying him the big bucks. But I am underwhelmed by 10 points in 14 games, and especially by one powerplay point in 14 GP (and a team leading 54:11 PP TOI). He does look unstoppable every once in a while — he scored a beauty against Minnesota where he actually managed to stickhandle through everybody including the goalie, and came within a whisker of duplicating that feat last night. But he most certainly can be stopped: for example, against the Oilers’ next opponent, the Wild nemesis, Ales has 4 goals and just 2 assists for 6 lousy points in 25 career GP. Whazzup with that?

  20. Pat says:

    Dennis: BTW, I swear I wrote that just before I read the shot Dan Barnes took at Lowe in his hockey pool piece from today.;

    Even for Barnes, who tends to be less fawning than a lot of the Edm media, that was quite the shot he took.

  21. Lowetide says:

    Pouliot with an assist tonight in his AHL debut for 07-08.

  22. Mr DeBakey says:

    Never mind that
    On the HNIC telecast just now
    there was an ad for a product called

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