Oilers at Flames, G17/07-08 (HNIC)

The two people in the world I’d most like to interview are Bobby Orr and Howie Meeker. Both had a major impact on me when I was young and the way I see hockey today is pretty much based on my Dad and Howie.

Because of the way he looks and any old video you might see, it’s easy to assume he was some kind of goof. Meeker was easily excited and jumped up and down a lot during his on camera time which is/was somewhat alarming to the viewer.

However, Meeker’s information was new, exciting and unique. Unlike the “old school” types who would show you the goals and then talk about how great everything was, Meeker would expose mistakes, get frustrated with laziness and generally act like a (very informed) fan.

It was golden. Seriously. Imagine a world in which no one has been critical of anything, ever. Then imagine a guy who looks like your Dad breaking the silence with “KIDS, DON’T PLAY LIKE THE LEAFS!”

He was wonderful. I can’t imagine what a commentator would have to do in this day and age to be as groundbreaking. Possibly someone could use unique camera angles to halt play and show you widescreen where mistakes are made (break down film on air with multi-dimension) but other than that there is no new frontier.

Howie Meeker was passionate, critical, informative, educational and hilarious.

More, please.

EDIT TO ADD: From the Oilers site, an injury update:

  • Sheldon Souray: Sprained left shoulder, 7-10 days.
  • Ethan Moreau: Fractured left foot, 2-3 weeks.
  • Joni Pitkanen: Right knee, 3-4 weeks.
  • Fernando Pisani: Ulcerative Colitis, 4-6 weeks.
  • Matt Greene: Fractured left fibula, 2-3 months.
  • Mathieu Roy: Injured shoulder, indefinite.

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72 Responses to "Oilers at Flames, G17/07-08 (HNIC)"

  1. Black Dog says:

    “Stop it right here! Stop it right here!”

    An interesting man – hockey player, Rookie of the Year, Cup winner, MP and a veteran of World War 2, am I right?

  2. rickibear says:

    A man who turned our generation of fans into thinking fans.
    Still my favorite.
    He was the reason I started reading sports books and thinking beyond about all games.

  3. Ribs says:

    It sure would be fun to listen to Meeker if they put him inbetween the benches ala Pierre McGuire.

  4. Black Dog says:

    Finally a time period on some of these guys. Once they start filtering back it will be interesting to see who sits.

  5. dubya says:

    So if in early December we have a team that looks like something like this…

    Sanderson, whoever


    are we good enough to go on a run and get out of the basement?

  6. Art Vandelay says:

    Had that book. Anybody else remember the show? The one thing I distinctly remember was a segment on goalies where Howie says, “Your goalie has to be the best skater on the team.” This was in about 1972.

  7. Bruce says:

    Nice post on “Squeaker” Meeker, LT. When I was growing up in Newfoundland, Howie was local hockey, running hockey camps and programs for kids (including me!) of various ages and skill levels, and coaching in the senior league.

    As a broadcaster, a lot of people were turned off by his delivery, but Howie really knew his stuff (except when it came to goalies, but that’s a story for another day). His high angle, stop motion, telestrator replays of extended sequences (as opposed to “highlights”) was revolutionary stuff.

    An interesting man – hockey player, Rookie of the Year, Cup winner, MP and a veteran of World War 2, am I right?

    Right you are on all counts, black dog. The four-time Stanley Cup champion was also (briefly) Leafs coach and then GM, wrote a book (“Golly Gee, It’s Me!”), had his own TV show (“Howie Meeker’s Hockey School”), and is a member of the HHoF, broadcast wing. He also was a winner of the long-forgotten Gordon Sinclair Award for Outspoken Opinions and Integrity in the Field of Broadcasting, which sums up Howie pretty well.

  8. Andy Grabia says:

    He was a Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament from Waterloo South during the 21st session of Parliament. George Drew would have been his leader, and Louis St. Laurent would have been Prime Minister. He was also playing for the Leafs at the exact same time. I wonder what his attendance record was like?

  9. Bruce says:

    Examining the cold hard standings one-fifth of the way through the season, there’s not much to like for Oiler fans. 5-10-1, 36 GF, 55 GA, 11 points. 15th in the west in both GF/G and GA/G, 29th and 28th in the NHL in those categories. 30th in goal differential, 30th in wins, tied for 29th in both losses and regulation losses. Last place overall.

    If anything those numbers are worse than they appear, given that their five wins featured either an ENG or a shootout “goal”, so they have scored all of 31 real goals in 16 games. Their record in regulation is 2-10-4.

    From a more positive point of view the Oilers don’t suck near as bad as they did down the stretch last spring when they were historically bad, they do have a couple of intriguing young players, and it won’t be much longer before some of the injured veterans begin to return. By then of course the season will likely be dead and buried.

    Then there’s the spectre of Brian Burke rubbing his hands with glee and drooling over a great lottery pick.


    Hard to characterize tonight’s clash against the also-struggling Flames as a “must win” — remembering the mid-90s and the fruitless playoff “drives” they’re either all big games, or none of them are — but this would be a very good time to give us fans some reason for optimism. I’m expecting a real bad-tempered affair … in fact it’s a certainty in my house. If the Oilers don’t show up in a nasty mood, I know I will.

  10. Dennis says:

    Bruce, do you still live in NF or did you move back to Alberta? I’ve seen you reference NF a few times now so I’m wondering if you’re still living here.

    You stole my thunder on the think about Meeker BEING hockey in NF. My dad was a Leaves fan and did he ever love Meeker. I don’t know the story of how he was lured to this province to coach senior hockey but that must’ve been big news at the time.

    The thing I remember about Meeker was how much he loved the Oilers, and Kurri in particular. Meeker was the first guy I ever heard talking about how good of a defensive player Kurri was.

  11. Dennis says:

    BTW, well over half the game to go in TO and Avery has a Gordie Howe hattrick already.

    For years, even since it was found out that Tyson Nash did a Boston Pizza commerical with Lowe, I believe, people in Edm have been jizzing over guys like Nash and Tootoo and how they need a shit disturber. I don’t mind having a guy like that, just as long as he can play. Well, Sean Avery is a massive asshole, but that fucker can play and you can give him some responibility as well.

    He’s on the market this summer and I’m not sure what he’s going to fetch but I’ve been a fan of his since I realized that Murray was trusting him with tough min in LA.

  12. Dan says:

    Andy, Howie talked about this in a TSN or Sportnet show where he was interviewed.

    He took the train to Ottawa from Toronto a lot. He mentioned he always had to hurry back to get to games.

    Howie said he was a poor MP, but because he was an NHLer even Liberal cabinet ministers (he was a Tory) would get back to him fast if he had some constituent problem and all MPs would give him some slack. He has tremendous respect for politicians of all types.

  13. Bruce says:

    Ladi Smid just looks lost out there … what a terrible period, caused at least two odd-man rushes (inc. Iginla’s post) and didn’t know where to go on the GA. He’s just scaring me every shift.

  14. Lowetide says:

    Smid really does look horrible, no doubt about it. Vic mentioned that Rourke didn’t look like much in viewings he had of him in the NYI org. so we’re down to 4 guys.

    Gilbert looks beyond his years right now, and “Robby” Nilsson is putting good game right after good game. Interesting.

    Question: do you think Hughson calls him “Robby” because he refuses to say “Row-BEAR” Nilsson?

  15. Bruce says:

    Dennis: I moved from St. John’s to Edmonton as a 15-year-old in 1971, just in time for the WHA. You?

    My Dad too was a big Leafs and Meeker fan. (Hurts to say “was”, he just passed away this week.) He knew Howie personally through the school system.

    As for MPs, Red Kelly did a similar thing as Howie about a decade later. MP and NHLer simultaneously. He was a Liberal backbencher as I recall. He too had a varied and interesting career, maybe worth a thread on another day.

    Then of course there’s Senator Frank Mahovlich, Kelly’s former linemate and another family favourite from days of yore, but of course the Big M’s hockey days were long done when he got appointed to the upper chamber.

    These days Darcy Tucker could probably run for Prime Minister if Toronto really was the COTU.

  16. Bruce says:

    Ah, Gilbert. My favourite play of the period might have been where he was trapped behind his own net with no passing options and guys closing in on him; rather than panic and throw it away he waited until just the right split-second and beat the first guy in with a nifty move along the back wall before walking it out.

    This guy is a gem.

  17. danny says:

    smid had a bad stanza… I could go on about how you see something in somone and can tell if theyre a gamer or not… like knowing Gilbert had the composure to handle the NHL, and not seeing that level of cranial authority in Lady Smid… but I’m humbled in my recognition abilities because I would have put the farm on Semenov after watching Cool Hand Alexei during the bulldogs jaunst to play the baby leafs.

    The game hasn’t slowed down for Smid, and he is his own biggest critic. You routinely see him chastizing himself on the bench… anyone else see the practice clip the day Smid was called from the AHL? The wiley veteran Dustin Penner was on the camera telling Smid to relax and not be so nervous.

    Hmm. Gilbert was born in ’83. Smid was born in ’86.

    I’m not Lowetide old, but these guys are kids.

  18. Dennis says:

    I would say that Smid’s certainly more physical this year. He’s looking to get into a shoving match after most whistles and he isn’t shying away from tough play. He also has more confidence in the O zone. But, yes, there are times he just looks out of it in his own zone and I’m not sure how long it’s gonna take before he settles down. I mean, how long would it take before a really good prospect settles down? Because, I really don’t think Smid’s a really good prospect so it probably gonna take him longer than someone who is.

    Other stuff:

    - My habs buddies had only good things to say about Garon. He’s got a great set of legs and he’s been pretty good his last three starts. Obviously, it’s gonna be hard to beat the guy down low.

    - Wow, isn’t it nice to get lucky goals like the 89 market? It reminds me of how the Flames would get goals against us when pucks went in off Yelle’s ass. Nice to see that going the other way. Overall, things felt like they were in the Oilers favour when Iginla hit a post and then we get a pinball goal. Somtimes, it’s amazing just how much of a role luck plays in this game, all sports for that matter.

    - That Nilsson goal was one for the HF crowd, no? 77 to 13 to 12. It’s nice to see Kipper giving up shit like that against us. Outside of the game where Sykora scored two baddies against him, plus that NYE game where both goalies were playing like it was the 1970′s, this guy hardly ever gives us a softie. Earlier in the period, he had a slapper from the slot and he also made two nice passes down low. He’s working hard and he drew that penalty as well.

    - Even though guys are killing themselves trying to see something in Smid that wouldn’t lead to them, well, killing themselves;), it’s nice to see a kid like Gilbert who’s progess is something other than imagined. The guy gains more and more poise each game.

  19. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: I think maybe you’re being a little harsh with Smid. He has some holes, but I stand by my comp for him (Tommy Albelin) and imo he’ll be a player in the NHL.

    Looks pretty poor currently without the puck anywhere within 20 of the net, though.

  20. Lowetide says:

    Penner in alone, puck off the stick. Rourke on a 2-on-1 and the D lets him have a clean breakaway and he missed the net.

    Yep, they’re Oilers!

  21. dubya says:

    Yeah, Smid had a rough 1st period but I don’t know how you CAN’T look at him, realize he’s 21, and think “Yeah, this guy will have a helluva career”

    Gilbert might be better in the long-term, but I suspect it will be close. 3 years is a long time, especially if Smid spends most that time in the big leagues (learning by getting his ass handed to him at times)

  22. danny says:

    probably the nicest play I saw the period was late about the 18:00 mark, the puck comes across the weakside boards from behind the oilers net and Robbi Nilsson made a peca-like decision to seperate the flame form the oncoming puck by initiating contact. It was nice to see.

  23. Bruce says:

    Exciting period … nice to have some first-rate goaltending … Gilbert’s a cucumber … Smid a little better, but struggling, Staios too … lots of emergency goal-line stands, but at least they’re in there battling like crazy … Sanderson looks like a penalty-kller, that sequence where he ragged the puck was reminscent of Davey Keon … Cogliano has terrific hockey sense, reminds me of a young Horcoff … not too happy with the officiating, that Tarnstrom penalty where he stood up the guy who had blocked the shot was completely bogus, and we should’ve had a 5-on-3 when Penner got picked on the faceoff … as Calgary continues to open it up Oilers need to make them pay by actually hitting the net … not that we’d have a clue what to do with a two-goal lead … hell of a game, ain’t it?

  24. Lowetide says:

    danny: I know just the play you’re talking about. He had another play where there was a choice between a dangerous (but potentially fruitful) pass and keeping it along the boards for a scrum.

    Damned if the kid didn’t make the right call.

  25. Dennis says:

    Sorry to hear about your father, Bruce. All the best to your family.

    I’m still living in St. John’s, BTW. Originally from the Burin Penninsula, but I’ve lived in “town” for awhile now.

    Who’s this Nilsson guy who went down to block a shot and also dropped the shoulder to protect the puck while trying to clear the zone? Seriously, you talk about a guy seemingly changing overnight! This is a fellow couldn’t make a play in traffic to save his life before he got sent down, and when he got down there, he was even healthy scratched. Now he’s back, he’s the second best passer on the club next to Hemsky and he’s even trying to do the unsexy things that help to win games. And he could easily have three points. If this keeps up, it will be the biggest turnaround I’ve ever witnessed and I’ve watched a tonne of Oilers hockey since the ’97 season.

    Some other stuff:

    - When Sutter took over the Flames, he supposedly made the BOA a priority because he figured that if Cgy could take more points from that battle, they’d sneak into the playoffs. Well, these days I’m not sure he has to keep hammering that message but Reghr and Phaneuf take it to heart and they are all over Hemsky. Reghr just punishes Hemsky and now Ugly’s trying to do it as well. Also, Phaneuf could have five minors tonight, easy

    - Lombardi is super fast. Not sure if 77 was at the end of a shift but Lombardi stepped by him like he was Brad Marsh. And Gilbert’s no slouch in the skating dept

    - This is as close to a playoff type game that I’ve seen all year, at least ones involving the Oil. Both teams are going to the net and looking for dirty goals and just about every inch of ice is being contested.

    - If Garon holds this down and Roli lets in a bad goal his next start and it coincides with an Oilers loss, we’ll have a goaltending controversey. Maybe not in the press but it should be something to make macT think twice.

  26. DeeDee says:

    My Dad told me a story about Howie and I sure would like to find out if it was true.

    According to dad, Howie started off as a play by play announcer until a game where some player missed an open net and Howie lost it on air and shouted out “Holy F*** he missed the f*ing net.”

    Can anyone confirm or deny this?

  27. uni says:

    Who’s this Nilsson guy

    I’m hoping he keeps it up too, but from his pre-draft scouting reports I’ve read in blurbs he was fearless and played with some grit unlike his father. And that season on the Island when he got a few points he wasn’t exactly glass either from what was written.

  28. Lowetide says:

    I’m not one of those guys who goes nuts over every infraction, but that piece of shit needs a suspension on the Hemsky hit.

  29. Lowetide says:

    Simpson with a nice point about Keenan not looking for a Rourke-Grebeshkov matchup for the Iginla line.

    Makes no sense to me either, any of the stats guys want to chime in on that one?

  30. Tyler says:

    Horc is in Smytty mode tonight.

  31. uni says:

    Well, will this finally quell the “Trade Horcoff!” threads on HF now?

    And the nod from Hughson “Horcoff got that whole play started…winning the battle…got it in…deflected the shot.”

  32. Tyler says:

    Man have there been a lot of Oilers D get burned tonight.

  33. Nelson88 says:

    nice to see “Row-BEAR” repay my confidence in him! i am not yet sold on his long term commitment but no question the kid can play when he puts his mind to it.

  34. Lowetide says:

    Tarnstrom and Gilbert have been pretty good tonight, no?

  35. Lowetide says:

    A win against Calgary is nice in any era. Horcoff is a GOD!

  36. uni says:

    On the 2 man advantage for a minute there Tarnstrom was just fantastic. I had no idea what to expect from his signing, but if this is typical the guy isn’t bad in his own end at all.

    It’s a shame that there was a PP goal there, but not from anything Tarnstrom did.

    Hughson called Gilbert and Tarnstrom the shutdown pair haha.

  37. Mr DeBakey says:

    Its not often you see Allan Rourke miss on a two on one like that.

    Good – Tarnstrom, Gilbert & Garon at the back

    Up front several played well but Horcoff was the cat’s meow

  38. gary b says:

    so nice to not be the team that helps another break a losing streak for a change.

    No passengers tonight (‘cept maybe Stortini, who barely played). another solid road game, lotsa hustle, good forecheck, good backcheck… still ‘Katy bar the door’ on the back end, but having forwards committed to getting back and helping out… helps. Gilbert was great, Smid had some moments, and Tarnstrom was a monster. In fact, i don’t think ‘Dickie’ was ever that good in his first go round as an Oiler.

    Nothing makes a coach look (or sound) better than results. Whatever MacT told the team earlier this week – bottle it, bury it, salt it away, put it on t-shirts, paint it on the dressing room wall. They competed and gave as good as they got.

  39. Black Dog says:

    PJ Stock – why? Where did this guy come from anyway?

    Love it – Tarnstrom and Gilbert the shutdown pair.

    A nice win – only caught the end of the second and the third due to my own game but terrific win no matter how you cut it.

    Oilers, with all of their issues are two points behind the Flames.

  40. Bruce says:

    Thanks, Dennis. As for a goaltending controversy, to me there will be one if Garon doesn’t start the next game.

    Garon: 3-2-0
    Roloson: 3-8-1

    I know who I’d be riding until proven otherwise.

  41. Tyler says:

    Theo Fleury on After Hours is a magnificent idea.

  42. Lowetide says:

    Can we email questions?

  43. Art Vandelay says:

    Never heard Howie drop an F-bomb, but I remember early in Al MacInnis’ career there’s a faceoff in the offensive zone. Before the draw, Meeker’s explaining how MacInnis has this wicked shot, “too bad all he can hit is old ladies sitting in the 7th row,” or words to that effect. Draw goes directly back to MacInnis, who promptly rifles one into the back of the net.

  44. gary b says:

    maybe he can give everyone a few good drywalling tips?

  45. Lowetide says:

    Theo on HNIC. I wonder if there’s a 6-second delay.

    On the QUESTIONS!

  46. PDO says:

    A win against Calgary is nice in any era. Horcoff is a GOD!

    A GOD who signed my jersey last night at Kingsway… :D. It was awesome, I turned on the radio after my hockey game, Horcoff scored, I ran into the house, turned on the TV, boom, Horcoff scored.


    As for Robyn Regehr… what a fucking piece of a shit. I can’t wait till someone says enough is enough and his career is finished.

  47. danny says:

    Regehr was pretty indifferent towards 83s health again tonight. I respect him playing Hemmer hard, but he seems to be taking it inch by inch too far.

    That corner play was dangerous.

    Im not suprised if Ales has a concussion even though he returned.

    Its nice to watch a game that your goaltender is atleast as good or better than the opposition. Dennis mentioned the Salo-evity of the Oils goaltending this season. My money is on Garon to surpass Roli by seasons end. Why? Those weakside crease tapins and softies just arent as regular with 32 in there so far.

  48. Bruce says:

    Good call, LT and mr debakey, Tarnstrom was a monster tonight, competitive and composed, best game I’ve seen him play. Gilbert outstanding too. Up front, Horcoff, Nilsson, and Cogliano were topnotch, Torres played a real solid game, Brodziak impressed, and Stoll might have had his best game of the season except for that dumb-ass penalty. If he keeps shooting like that the puck will start finding twine.

    RTSS had Calgary outhitting Edmonton 25-12 but I’m not buying, I thought the Oilers competed hard for 60 minutes, and as long as they do that I’m never going to be too unhappy. Blocked shots of 19-5 tells a story, and Garon was huge with 37 stops and 0 soft goals against.

    On the Cowtown side of the puck, Lombardi was a monster with 7 shots, Conroy dominated in the faceoff circle, but their vaunted D didn’t impress me. Phaneuf is a bit of a muttonhead it seems to me, lots of poor decisions, while Regehr should have been tossed for that vicious crosscheck on the neck of Hemsky that vaulted Ales headfirst into the dasher. That could have been very bad, and I was/am incensed that it wasn’t five and a game.

  49. Bank Shot says:

    Even though guys are killing themselves trying to see something in Smid that wouldn’t lead to them, well, killing themselves;), it’s nice to see a kid like Gilbert who’s progess is something other than imagined. The guy gains more and more poise each game.

    Try to keep in mind that Gilbert is turning 25 in about two months. I’m sure if you saw him playing in the NHL at 21 you’d be running him out of town for looking like a bag of wet shit.

    Smid has all the physical tools that Gilbert has and three years to catch up in experience. I wouldn’t bet against the kid being less effective as a 25 year old then Gilbert is now.

    That said Gilbert is pretty awesome. If I were a HotOIl girl I’d probably want to have his babies.

  50. PDO says:

    If the NHL as any brains at all, it’s 5 games. It was a much worse hit than the hit on Bergeron… the fact that Hemsky was lucky enough to walk away without injury shouldn’t save Regehr. That was intent to injure and nothing else.

    That said, the NHL is run by a bunch of fucking morons, so he’ll get one game at most.

  51. Black Dog says:

    Interview with Garon was interesting – I didn’t know he started 60+ and won half of those. I think he’s the #1 next year. If not the end of this one.

    This Fleury stuff is terrific – he certainly doesn’t gloss over anything.

  52. Black Dog says:

    pdo – I’ll bet he gets nothing

    We had a game tonight at the neighbourhood rink, which meant we went for pints at my local (the smallest Irish bar in the world one of the guys calls it). They have a tiny TV in their tiny bar and when Reghyr hit Hemsky even the FOB Irish were like, WTF?

  53. Bruce says:

    Miracle on Manchester II tonight — Kings score 6 in the last 10 minutes, inc. the winner in OT. Dallas lucky to escape with a point.

  54. PDO says:


    I agree.


    I checked my fantasy stats around the 10 minute mark, saw Morrow had a PPG and thought not bad, and Kopitar had a bunch of zeros.

    Check back for some strange reason 10 minutes later, and it’s suddenly 6-5, and Kopitar has two goals and Morrow added another PPA.

    I thought Yahoo made a mistake at first. Ridiculous.

  55. Ribs says:

    The best Oilers game of the year and I got to watch it on a big screen in HD. Nice. Only nicer way of watching would have been from Calgary, chanting along with the overbearing tones of the Oiler-friendly crowd.

    I really wasn’t expecting this tonight. All lines rolling, shots coming from everyone, Kipper looking human, Garon stealing the show…Wowzers. Iginla even got pissed off and didn’t make the Oilers pay for it!

    More of this, please.

    And was it just me, or did Rourke look pretty danged good out there?

  56. PDO says:

    I am a bad person for thinking that Theo Fleury wearing a jersey that says “Coors” on it while having a huge smile on his face is just too funny?

  57. pboy says:

    I thought Rourke looked pretty comfortable out there tonight, Tarnstom looked great and everyone else has said all that needed to be said about Gilbert’s game. At least we just weren’t playing 4 d-men for the whole game like a few times this season.

    Would it have been to much to ask for, for Stortini to take his stick and bash out all of Regehr’s teeth in the 3rd period with about a minute left? It’s not like it would matter if he got suspended for half a season, considering that he is a waste of a roster spot at this point. Someone is going to have to do something about Regehr before he knocks Hemsky out for an extended amount of time. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened between the two of them. If not to Regehr, than one of Ignila, Lombardi, Langkow, Tanguay, Huselius or Kipper are going to have to be the receipents of some cheap, borderline suspendal hits. I can’t believe the Oiler’s won’t resort to some sort of “vigilante” justice if the shithead twins (Regehr & Phaneuf) keep playing like this.

  58. gerald78 says:

    that regehr hit has to draw a significant suspension. hemsky was obviously in a vulnerable position and there was obvious intent to injure on that play. it could have easily been every bit as bad as any hit this season, and the fact that he walked away from it is basically pure luck. if the league is at all serious about cracking down on this sort of thing then they have to suspend him for at least 5, hopefully more. if there is not suspension then there has to be some payback in the next boa even if it must be as blatantly dirty as that regehr play. preferably by someone we can afford to lose such as storts, etc

  59. Dennis says:

    If Al Swearengen had been coaching the Oilers tonight, I dare say he would’ve told Keenan to “tell his god to prepare for blood” after the Reghr hit on 83.

    Seriously, the Flames key on Hemsky and a lot of stuff they usually pull on 83 may be borderline, but’s pretty much legit. It was bad enough when it was just Reghr to do the bidding but now you also have Ugly doling out punishment as well.

    I dunno what Reghr was thinking on that one. Hemsky’s head on a downward slope and he crosschecks his face into the boards. If he’s not suspended for five games, I’ll have lost any faith I ever had in Campbell.

    And, fuck, I hate saying this because while I respect what fighters do, I’d never want to do it myself, but some of the Oilers might want to “Downie” one of the Flames skill guys the next time these teams meet.

    Reghr could’ve fucked our season totally tonight. Fuck, he could’ve Steve Moored Hemsky, for that matter.

    Calgary makes a point of bullying Edm. Something has to give on the other side.

  60. mike says:

    Bettman and his lip service is a joke. I hear him and Colon talking about this crap and it keeps happening. Last year Smid got cranked almost the same way, Jason Smith went after the perp and for it, Smith got his ass kicked, 2, 5 and 10.

    Nice to see no one bashing Grebsekov today. Imagine if that dude can improve at this rate for a whole season. Do you realize how skilled he could be by his sophmore season?

    Nice to see the whole team show up for 60 minutes. Nice to see the Oilers are 4 points out of the playoffs.

  61. Ribs says:

    Well, morning is here and still no word on any kind of reprimand from the NHL is in sight. As expected I suppose.

    I cringed double-hard watching Hemsky’s face being shoved into the side board. I know what it feels like personally. I was playing in an Industrial hockey league game a few years ago and a big, hulking, moron decided to hit me from behind about 3 feet away from the boards after I had stripped the puck from him in a corner. That was bad enough, but he also decided to follow through with his crosscheck to push my face into the board.
    Seeing a bunch of stars and the leaking blood from my face on the ice wasn’t the most surprising thing to me though, it was that the man-beast was literally yelling at the ref, complaining about getting a penalty for it, and getting tossed not much longer after that. I couldn’t believe it.

    I got my first stitches that day. I have a nice scar and my nose is a bit bumpier than it was, all because of this fool who doesn’t know some respect for his fellow player.

    I’m usually not one to carry a grudge too much, but this was different. I got him back the next year in one of the last games of the season. I let him get the puck that was passed to him and I slew-footed him with some good force on the push down. I haven’t seen him play since.
    This is a non-contact league by the way!

    I don’t know if Calgary has installed those new padding barriers between the glass and the dasher boards or not but I do know the rink I was playing in had a nice 1 1/2″ ledge for my face to smear against.

    Anyway, hopefully the NHL can see the danger in hits like this one and a proper penalty is applied.

  62. namflashback says:

    Have to add, because I noted it several times, that Dustin Penner had a very effective game — even though he wasn’t on the scoresheet.

    He wasn’t getting pushed around on the boards, protected the puck, and turfed Dion onto Kipper.

  63. Mr DeBakey says:

    Nice to see no one bashing Grebsekov today.

    If he continues playing only 9 minutes a game, complaints should remain low.

  64. Ribs says:

    Hehe.. I hope Tarnstrom gets to do more post-game podcasts.

  65. toqueboy says:

    there was a site that was being passed along around the time of the Penner signing, which debunked the Perrey & Getzlaf myth, by showing that he in fact played more minutes with marchant. This site spit out all the minutes played with different players on a team.

    I’m curious to find this site again, because i’d like to see how many minutes Langkow has historically played with different players. He was dearly missed out there lastnight for the Flames. His absence makes Jarome look like a much more one dimensional player.

  66. Dennis says:

    Well, first off, I wouldn’t be so quick to tie Iginla’s success to Langkow. Don’t get me wrong, I think Langkow’s a good player and I have since he was killing us with the Yotes. But, Iginla’s usually pretty good no matter who he’s playing with and if he did have one off-night vs the Oil, and keep in mind he hit the post in the first period, then it’s probably the first one he’s had on a long bloody time.

    NFB, I did notice that Penner was winning some 1on1 battles, and I taped that game last night and I think I’ll watch it again before the Oilers play on Wed, just to try and confirm some things I thought I saw. One thing I noticed about 27 is that he’s strong and fast enough to take some guys almost wide but doesn’t have the gas or speed to make the final move where he dips the shoulder and cuts to the crease. I’m still not sure how the guy’s gonna score his goals, really. Early on, him and 83 were running a play where he’d hang out in the slot but they don’t play together anymore so I really don’t know how he’ll light the lamp on a consistent basis. As much as the 27-10-12 line has showed some jam, to me, it seems like it’s more about chem between 10-12 with 27 playing a decidely lesser role. Maybe I’m wrong about that, though.

    Debakey, you nailed Grebs. You don’t critique guys who play that less at EV, you’re just glad they didn’t shit the bed.

    As for who played with whom in Ana, Vic’s really the guy for that stuff. Going from memory, the first time the Ducks came into anyone’s radar was ’06 and I remember Fedourik babysitting Getzlaf/Perry while Penner played with Lupul and Marchant, and then you had the Pahlsson and Selanne lines. In looking at the playoff GP from that year, it seems like I’m leaving out Friesen but everything else looks on the mark.

    Oh well, still more questions than awnsers but, fuck, nice to be talking about a REGULATION win, for a chance.

  67. Bruce says:

    I followed Penner fairly closely last year cuz I had him in my pool. He played a lot with Marchant and a revolving door on RW cuz that’s where Carlyle slotted in guys like Parros and Shannon. Pahlsson-Moen-R.Niedermayer were pretty much a constant unit any ANA game I saw (and all three played 82 GP), as were McDonald-Selanne-Kunitz (who missed one game among them). Perry and Getzlaf were constant linemates (also 82 GP each) but they had guys like Brad May and Shawn Thornton on the left flank. Penner (also 82 GP) was only moved up to that line very late in the season. He did get quite a bit of powerplay time, where he scored 9 of his 29 goals, but he got most of the other 20 goals in what was effectively a fourth-line role. The Ducks were disgustingly healthy all year up front, so Carlyle was able to roll those lines all year. Most of the forwards played 14-17 minutes per game, with Penner on the low end of that.

  68. Rod says:

    Agreed that Penner had a good game. Strong on the puck all night, and I do think he’s a good fit for 10 and 12. One shift with about 6 minutes left in the second stood out as we were watching–Penner working along the boards behind the Calgary net, winning battles on both sides of the net. Decent example of what Penner’s size brings to the table. Dennis, look for that shift when you watch the replay. I’m curious whether it stood out legitimately…or whether I was imagining things. Thanks.

  69. Dennis says:

    I just finished rewatching the game and I guess you’re talking about the shift where he won battles against both Hale and Ericksson and then did pretty well when both of them double-teamed him. He was strong on the puck in this game and one of the little things I liked was he got stripped at the blue on one shift by Tanguay, and he cared enough to eventually collapse to the net and break up a scoring chance.

    After MacT read the riot act prior to Wed’s game, I said there was a finality to doing something like that, it leaves your team’s feelings towards you exposed if they come out and don’t work their asses off for you. Well, the Oilers have certainly been compeiting a lot hard.

    The main thing I took away from the rewatch is that the Oilers outchanced the Flames at EV and were only really in trouble when they killed penalties. That being said, they were in a lot of trouble on the PK and this is where Garon was making all those ‘wow’ saves. Here lately, teams are taking it down low on the Oilers PK and it’s creating a tonne of chances. And I’d imagine it’s because of the Oilers d crops lack of both experience, and sometimes, talent.

  70. uni says:

    Rod I think I know exactly what play you’re talking about, he fought the puck from one side of the net to the other with more than one Flame trying to stop him, and didn’t lose it till two Flames basically fought tooth and nail to contain him.

  71. PunjabiOil says:

    Penner is even (0) in the +/- category, among the tops for forwards on the Edmonton Oilers.

    Just thought I’d point that out.

  72. Andrew says:

    Meeker lives in the same B.C. city as I do, in fact the local arena is named after him.

    I’ll try and track down some contact information for him if you would like to talk to him.

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