Oilers Recall Allan Rourke

This long-haired fellow is Allan Rourke. He’s in the NHL as of today, with Bryan Young back in the AHL after a sneeze in the show.

Rourke is 27 years old, with plenty of minor league experience. Rourke was obtained from the New York Islanders on July 5, 2007 along with a third round pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft in exchange for a second round pick in the 2008 draft.

THAT trade (I believe) was made because the Oilers needed to get their own 2008 third rounder back in order to have their top 3 selections for 2008. Only then could they go ahead and make an offer sheet for Tomas Vanek and then Dustin Penner.

NOTE: I am fairly certain of the facts contained in the two paragraphs above, but would like confirmation. Anyone? Is that your take as well?

In July (part of the reasonable expectations posts), I wrote:
Allan Rourke (27)- He’s played over 400 AHL games and 42 in the NHL (11 last year), so Rourke is certainly a candidate for callup to the Oilers this season. Has size but apparently doesn’t use it enough and his numbers indicate he’s an average offensive player (50gp, 5-15-20) for the AHL level (76 AHL defenders had more than 20 points in 06-07). Reasonable expectations: Veteran AHLer plays tough minutes and helps the prospects develop.

He’s 3-4-7 in 12 AHL games in Springfield and I think NHL teams overlook these grizzled minor league veterans when it makes so much sense to bring them up in exactly these situations. Why play Bryan Young for 38 seconds when you can bring Rourke in and play him as needed without that big a gap in performance? He cannot be that far behind a player like Denis Grebeshkov.


He was a low draft pick (6th rd, TOR) but did get some black ink in junior (99-00 2nd All-Star, OHL) and was once traded for a guy who had a bit of an NHL career (Harold Druken). I don’t think we can expect 25:00 a night and heavy lifting from Rourke, but he’s a reasonable option for the Oilers at this time.

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7 Responses to "Oilers Recall Allan Rourke"

  1. Vic Ferrari says:

    I agree that there are doubtlessly several grizzled AHL veterans that are better than a lot of NHL regulars on D. We saw two of them last night, Clark and Finger. But I don’t think that Rourke is one of those guys. I saw him play a few times for the Isles when their D corps was decimated last spring.

    Have to feel for Bryan Young. He gets one shift, a safe “just after the COL PP expired shift” vs LaPerriere, Guite, and some other depth guy for Q. I mean that’s fair, and if he got that shift for San Jose he’d be with Joe Thornton, with PIT he’d be out there with Crosby 9 times out of ten. With CGY he’d have Iggy in front of him.

    And if this team didn’t have so damn many kids he’d have Horcoff and Hemsky in front of him. But he had Cogliano and Gagner with Reasoner. They have to play somewhere. Maybe on a sunny day we can convince each other that this is a mismatch, but Laperriere would probably disagree, and he’d be right.

    So the Oilers just can’t get control of the puck, Roloson let’s in a bad one … and Young doesn’t play another shift. Gagner didn’t see the ice for a while either, for that matter.

    A lot of positive flashes from a lot of the young guys. But it’s just far too many of them to be on one team at the same time.

  2. Ribs says:

    …I think this guys is Dan Smiths cousin…

  3. jadeddog says:

    vic nailed it…. too many young players at once…. i dont think young was/is as bad as his performance (or lack thereof) indicates

    oh how i count the days until we get our veterans back from IR (moreau, pisani, souray and pitkanen)…. moreau and pisani will likely be shadows of their former selves for at least 20 games or so… but even a shadow of moreau/pisani is a lot better defensively and positionally, and a lot less mistake prone than a kid with <100 NHL GP

  4. Black Dog says:

    At least they called this guy up – I was wondering why the hell they traded for him if not for this situation.

  5. Cam Fraser says:

    I think the high-end expectation here is for a Scott Ferguson-like year. Someone who can make a safe play in the d zone and not kill the play in the o zone.

    Of course, that’s the high-end.

  6. Dennis says:

    I just don’t understand why he didn’t get the call over Young in the first place. I mean, seriously, who’s likely to make less mistakes in 10 min: Rourke or Young?

    The other thing is, this is a pretty damning assessment of Syvret, no? Someone might chime in that it’s better for Svyret’s overall development if he stays in SF to play 20 min a game but let’s face it here, the Oilers are doing that with enough kids at the big league level so they don’t have to do that with Dan as well. If the Oilers thought he was better than Rourke, he’d probably be up.

  7. Jon says:

    I know the Oilers needed the 3rd for the offer sheet to Penner, but I don’t know that they needed it for the sheet to Vanek (4 1sts, right?).

    But I also believe they traded for that 3rd prior to the Vanek offer-sheet, which kinda makes you wonder what Kevin Lowe’s master plan was. Did they fully expect to not get Vanek? If so, what was the motivation for that signing?

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