Oilers recall JDD

The Edmonton Oilers called up Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers today. No word on any injuries to Roloson or Garon, so it’s likely just a reward for a strong start.

I doubt he sees much game action, although if the Oilers get blown out early in a game you might see him. If they do something crazy like give him a start in the next 5 games then they are probably trading Dwayne Roloson.

Deslauriers was a pretty high draft pick but long forgotten by many Oilers fans. I had him #11 in December 2006 but tired of spelling his name (and his performances were terribly inconsistent) and so dropped him from the June list.

Guy Flaming has always liked him more than me, and had him #17 in September on his Hockey’s Future Top 20. JDD was #14 on his Feb/07 list and his Aug/06 list.

If he does make it as an NHL #1 goalie, Deslauriers would represent the first Oilers draft to emerge as a starter for them since Grant Fuhr. In fact, the only goalie of any real note drafted between Fuhr (#8 overall, 1981) and Deslauriers (#31 overall, 2002) was Jussi Markkanen.

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12 Responses to "Oilers recall JDD"

  1. IceDragoon says:

    Good evening, Lain.

    Word is he’ll backup in Vancouver and Thursday’s starter will stay home.


  2. Josh says:

    I’ve been a JDD supporter for some time now, sort of similar to your Pouliot. I bitched and moaned about lack of oppurtunity, etc…but I had hoped he’d be farther along than he is now. At 23 he should be more than a decent AHL starter (so far!). If you look at his draft class for goalies he’s been passed by all the likely starters (Lehtonen, Ward, Toivonen, Harding, Norrena). He’s not in the Leveneu (sp?) class of “probably not’s”.

    Say he continues where he’s at all year in the ‘A’…then next year is a back-up year at least plus adjustment time to the NHL game, etc.. So if we hit runner runner JDD turns into a goalie at 26 or 27. At #31 i’m a little disappointed with the pick, though I’ll give credit for goalies being a tough call. We just never seem to make the right one, ever (as you said)

  3. Josh says:

    *supposed to say NOW in the Levenau class

  4. LJ says:

    in line with what icedragoon said, i don’t even think DD gets any ice. i think he’s just here incase something freaky happens between now annd 8pm tomorrow night.

  5. Dennis says:

    The official word is this allows Roli to jet back home and rest for his next start on Thurs vs Minny.

    If they’re not doing this because the guy’s ailing, then it’s an awful lot of fuss just to rest a fellow. This sounds like it’s the MLB playoffs and you’re sending a pitcher ahead a night to the next city.

    I doubt Roli’s an Oiler come the ’09 season, though I guess that hinges on whether Burke’s plan to allow teams to take on salary in trades is pushed through by the NHL, but I don’t think they’ll trade him this year.

  6. Pat says:

    I’m willing to buy the ‘official word’, but if that really is the case, then why can’t the team just freakin’ include that information in their official press release? Does that information change Vancouver’s strategy? I mean, with or without JDD, isn’t Vancouver’s strategy simply this?: push us around. ;)

    I agree with Dennis – I kind of doubt Rolly will get dealt this year, unless it’s a deadline deal and we’re well out of the playoff race. That said, he does seem particularly unhappy lately, and I wonder if he’d jump at the chance to go somewhere else. He clearly bought into a much different bill of goods when he signed a 3 year deal here – he ain’t getting any younger, and it’s doubtful he’ll see another run with us.

    Moreover, I don’t really see how keeping him around is all that beneficial for us anymore. It’s probably high time to get JDD some playing time, IF he’s got any hope of being part of our future. And in the meantime, or in the alternative, Garon is more than capable of handling 1st-string duties (at least in my mind)

  7. Mustafa Hirji says:

    The question about Garon is consistency: he didn’t have it last year with L.A. That being said, if we think Roli’s lost his consistency now, maybe Garon is a cheaper option and the Oil are looking to deal Roli before everyone else also suspects he’s lost his consistency for good.

  8. PunjabiOil says:

    Regarding JDD, he’s apparently got a strong attitude. I recall a piece on him spending a whole summer improving his conditioning and game.

    He is, however 23. This is really is his make-or-break year. Ideally, he’s a back-up next year, and possibly a starter at 25. If he’s not ready by then, time to cut the ties loose. That leaves 3 years to go before he’s a UFA.

    Still good to see 3 goalies, JDD, DD, and Fisher doing well. Of course any one of them could end up as a Jamie Storr or Mike Morrison – but early returns are promising.

    Agreed with Mustafa (are you the same Mustafa that ran for SU President at the U of A?) on Garon. Garon has a long way to go. Heck, his SV% is only .898, small sample, I know. He’s turning 30 in January, and has yet to establish himself as any more than a backup in the NHL. He could easily be another Conklin or Markannen for the Oilers – older guys who did well in the short run, but proved they didn’t have what it took to be full-time starters in the NHL.

    What can I say? He’s a better option than Tommy Salo….err, Albert Roloson at this point. That doesn’t say much about him as a starter in the NHL.

    How about a trade in Roloson for Marc Denis? I always thought that he’s a good goaltender with upside. His .918 SV % in 2003-2004 with Columbus stood out. He makes 2.8M this year, and 3.0M next.

  9. Jonathan says:

    Josh said: “At 23 he should be more than a decent AHL starter (so far!). If you look at his draft class for goalies he’s been passed by all the likely starters (Lehtonen, Ward, Toivonen, Harding, Norrena). He’s not in the Leveneu (sp?) class of “probably not’s”.”

    A lot of the blame for this needs to go to the Oilers. The first time Deslauriers has had 40 professional starts in a season is last season. Looking at your list of goaltenders, the goalie with the fewest pro games played his Harding (134). Deslauriers has 104. Lehtonen has 211, more than double what Deslauriers’ played. Obviously Deslauriers shares the blame, for not forcing other teams to start him, but the most blame lies with the organization. The fact that Deslauriers is still in the mix for a future starters job is a testament to his perseverance and attitude. Nobody should be taken by surprise if his level of play explodes over the next few seasons.

  10. Pat says:

    I apologize if I’m simply restating Jonathan’s point here, but his post really made me realize something about JDD. He must have had a tough go of it the past few years, having been relegated to non-Oiler farm teams. In fact, generally speaking, I wonder how many of our guys have really been hurt by the fact that we haven’t had our own farm team for the past 2 years.

  11. Steve says:

    Mustafa (are you the same Mustafa that ran for SU President at the U of A?)

    I’ll field that one: he sure is. And those of us who know him well-ish find it hilarious that he comments on hockey blogs.

  12. Dennis says:

    Yeah, JDD found himself playing on a couple of split affiliates, so you know, unless he played out of his head, he was gonna get the shafy. As I said before, this is the way we’d run things too.

    In any case, for whatever reason, he hasn’t gotten a whole lot of starts so he hasn’t had a whole lot of time to establish a routine or consistent gameplan. That, at least IMO, legit excuse, along with a hot start, gives me reason for optimism with the kid.

    I don’t think I’d mess with his role this year, though. I’d like to see him get a full year to carry the mail and establish his plan. As I said though, I doubt it’s a possibility because I don’t think Roli’s salary’s able to be moved. Then again, ’08 slow start aside, the guy did post a .909 PCT last year so, yeah, maybe a TB would take a shot at him. Personally, I’m not ready to say Roli’s done. He can still make the “wow” saves and it seems like it’s the gimmes that are giving him trouble.

    Of course, if this spell lasts another 5 games, then it might be time to start worrying.

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