Riders WIN!

One of the real experiences in life is to be married to a Saskatchewan Roughrider fan. SHE can call them assclowns and say things like “I know they’re up by 10 points but there’s 12 seconds left, they can still lose” but God forbid if I say a bloody word.

Saskatchewan will not sleep tonight. Hide your daughters, lock up the liquor cabinet and if you own a liquor store in small town Saskatchewan you might want to open up about now.

The last time they won I was in Regina. I remember the game, but not the week that followed. I do remember the Grey Cup going missing and that after the week was over I couldn’t stand the sight of beer, rum or rye for a month.

It was a wonderful time. I miss being in Regina tonight, but at least I’ve got this girl in green running around the house screaming “they did it, and where’s YOUR team!”

I can take it. It doesn’t happen often.

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13 Responses to "Riders WIN!"

  1. She says:

    “if you own a liquor store in small town Saskatchewan you might want to open up about now.”

    What if your husband owns a bar in SK? I won’t see him for days! Good for the bottom line, though.

    I also have a brother in Calgary who is most likely weeping with joy at the moment. Good times in the flatlands tonight.

  2. Lowetide says:

    I’ve made my calls to SK and would guess some people will see dawn before they see their pillows. A couple of them might as well call in sick now!

  3. rider guy says:

    lt: don’t think tomorrow will be the problem. everyone will be running on adreneline tomorrow. tuesday is when everyone will crash hard. thinking back to ’89, you’d have had to be dead to miss school or work on monday. tuesday i didn’t even try to get out of bed.

    can’t wait for 2025!!

  4. Lowetide says:

    Last time they won, there were fires on Albert Street. Seriously. I was there.

  5. tyler.hildebrand says:

    I was born and raised in Saskatchewnan, 2 hours from Taylor Field (in Dundurn, 40 km from Saskatoon. Fuck off Mosiacc!)

    I ived in eTown from age 20(2001) to 23 (2004). The time renewed my love for hockey, which had disappeared with the lockout in 94. Living in a hockey town, particularly one like Edmonton, brought the game back to me, especially a game of the Oily nature.

    After I’d a;ready moved back to S’toon, I invested my Heart. And my Soul in The Run.

    I spent $1000 to go to game 2 of the SCF. Oiler Hockey comes in second to my wife and kids on the list of things I love unconditionally.

    My time in eTown also renewed another thing. A burning hatred for the Eskimos in particular (I love nothing more than to see them wallow and despair with the boy wonder at the helm)



    I kept my kids up 2 hours passed their bedtime so they could see the Cup hoisted, and then my wife sent me out to spread my joy to the rest of Saskatoon. HOW BOUT THEM ROUGHIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kent Austin was a Green and White hero in ’89 (I was 8, but I rember the catch in the corner of the endzone, I think it was Tony Champion??, that should have ended the game. I’ve been hanging onto that for 18 years. 18 years!

    In ’07 Kent Austin is a God.

    In closing, I love KJ’s emotion after it was all said and done. Heart and Soul, that man. It gave me chills.


    Last thing – love the Bombers for coming to play after they were gutted by the Glenn injury. KJ plaed poorly, and Dimwiddie played pretty well considering. But in the end it came down to Vet vs. Rook and we know how that goes.

    Defense(!!!), and experience win championships.

    How bout them Roughies!!!! !!!!!. ! . !!!.

    People were dancing in the streets across this fine province tonight. I can say that I was one of them in Saskatoon.


    Go Oil (2016 here we come!)!!


  6. tyler.hildebrand says:

    Whoah. Just read that again, hope it comes across coherently. Feel free to take a run at me for that sad excuse for English.

    i feel no pain right now!





  7. Nelson88 says:


    I’m from the Jaw (born in Saskatoon) and have not lived their for years but family still does. Played a couple of frosty games on the old Taylor Field turf.

    My mom is over 60 and e-mailed this morning. Went to bed at 3am and got up 4:30 to go to work.

    They are a special breed. Bless their souls.

  8. Lord Bob says:

    Lost in the tumult of the Riders victory is the hidden story: how many Eskimos fans like me spent an awful lot of the night calling all the Roughriders fans they knew and holding the phone about two feet from their ear to avoid being deafened by a yell of “RIDER PRIDE, BABY!”

    My dad and his wife are huge Rider fans (only one of them is from Saskatchewan, by the way), and like everybody else who follows the CFL I have more than one buddy who follows the green and white. I’m not a Roughies fan myself, but at least I can respect them and be happy for their faithful.

  9. jadeddog says:

    im an esks fan living in regina, but the riders are my 2nd favorite team

    i was feeling pretty good by halftime, drunk by the end of the game and running up and down albert street screaming by 10:30pm…. managed to get home around 4:30am last night and up at 8 for work…. awesome, lol

    the city was freaking crazy last night, and it was a blast

  10. rider guy says:

    the best thing about being a rider fan is that no matter how bad things get (and believe me when you cheer for the riders they can get pretty bad) we NEVER EVER get off the bandwagon. when i listen to esks fans flood the call in shows here all threatening to cancel their tickets after 2 bad years it just makes me shake my head. the only way you can truly appreciate the good times like this is if your guts get ripped out in the bad times. i’m sure all these bandwagon jumping esks fans will be back in better times, but they’ll never be able to appreciate it like riders fans because we don’t flee the ship when the going gets rough.

  11. jadeddog says:

    well thats a stupid generalization… i know LOTS of supposed hardcore rider fans who dont go to games when they are losing…. 2 of my best friends only finally bought rider season tickets just a week ago, once they got to this years grey cup

    *all* fans are like this, to claim otherwise is simply wrong…. the idea that rider fans are somehow more loyal than other fans is a fallacy that had been repeated so many times that people actually believe its true…. they are just as prone to everything (both good and bad) as all other fans i know

  12. alan says:

    the best thing about being a rider fan is that no matter how bad things get (and believe me when you cheer for the riders they can get pretty bad) we NEVER EVER get off the bandwagon…we don’t flee the ship when the going gets rough.

    Saskatchewan Roughrider average attendance:
    1999 – 19,327 (Missed playoffs)
    2007 – 28,054

  13. Rube Foster says:

    Hey! I had that very picture of George Reed on a big old button I wore while in Toronto last weekend!
    Things are still cloudy… the folks in T.O. did a nice job of hosting the ol’ Coupe Grey.
    I’m a green and gold guy that goes all the way back to Clarke Stadium but you have give it up for the Rider Nation, best fans in the CFL.

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