RLR Vs. ISS re: Schremp

This is a photo of Rob Schremp and Robert Nilsson. Both players are “in the window” between established minor league player, NHL fringe player and NHL regular.

Nilsson’s assist last night sent his stock high enough to get another 20 at-bats in the show while Schremp continues to tear the cover off the ball in AAA.

Logic dictates Schremp is the next skill player recalled, as his last few games (5gp, 1-8-9, -2) are well clear of his previous totals.

Schremp is the latest in a rather long line of prospects who divide the Oiler fanbase. Recent examples of this would be Jani Rita, Jani Rita and Jani Rita.

The fun part of being a fan of any team is making bets on prospects and then following their progress. Usually we remember the ones that turn out, forget the ones that didn’t and warm up to the guys we didn’t like for whatever reason in the first place.

I always remember my favorite first round picks from each season, but only mention the successes (Stoll over Mikhnov) and never the failures (Colby Armstrong over Ales Hemsky) which is probably pretty typical.

Schremp divided my two favorite scouting services. BY A LOT. International Scouting had him 5th overall in the 2004 draft and called him a game breaker and said he had too much offensive potential for NHL teams to pass on. Effective moving the puck on the powerplay, a very smart player.

Redline Report? 19th overall in the 2004 draft. Huge talent level, probably the best of any North American in this draft. Tremendous hands and magic with the puck. Average skating keeps him from being a truly special offensive player, yet still can be explosive. Unfortunately that usually only happens when he gets lots of ice to work with.

These are two really good scouting services. This isn’t Central Scouting, whose job is basically making everyone aware of all the players available in a specific draft season. CSB’s draft rankings don’t even combine North American and European players, and also splits the goalies.

The difference of opinion was large on Schremp in 2004. It still is.

Which say you? 24th? 5th? Somewhere in between? Too soon to tell?

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25 Responses to "RLR Vs. ISS re: Schremp"

  1. Bohologo says:

    Schremp’s ranking on draft day tells us something about what we don’t know about drafting: who’s passing on him because of reports about his attitude? Who doesn’t care about that, and is more concerned about his skating? Who simply passed on him because they wanted a goalie or a defenseman first?

    There’s still an overall lack of transparency in the decision making process when it comes to drafting and the scouting that preceeds draft day decisions-perhaps for good reason, as an organization that does both well would regard their deliberations as trade secrets of some value.

  2. jon says:

    I think that there is still hope for Schremp’s development, as he seems to be adapting well to the A level game. I remember citing Ray Whitney as a comparable a long time ago, which often elicited an exclamation of, “But Whitney sucks!” But I think it’s become truer over time. Hell, it’s possible that Whitney is his high water mark now.

    As a flawed physical specimen I think if Schremp puts the time and effort in to adapt his game to the NHL, he could make it as a decent second line player that needs sheltering at ES but can make a difference on the PP, much like Whitney.

    In regards to his draft number… I’m a believer that the vast majority of players are drafted exactly where they deserve to be, especially in more recent years as scouting has become tighter. Some teams are a little worse at drafting and some a little better, but a lot of teams who draft well had to pass on him for a reason for a fall to 25th. It’ll be interesting to see if my thoughts on the matter are reinforced with the most recent draft. Early looks at Cherepanov suggests they will be.

  3. Dennis says:

    What’s Vic’s line in the sand for second year AHL guys? He said we need to see a PPG in the first year, no?

    Well, I don’t really have a strong opinion either way on RS but he’s over a PPG a quarter of the way into his second season but he has just one EV goal in 20 games. And that’s just me guessing; three of his four goals have come on the PP and the other one might be an ENG for all I know.

    I’d really like to know how he’s doing in his own end and how Buchy’s running his bench.

    My kingdom for one of the Edm “reporters” to go and talk to Buchy and try and dig a little deeper.

    Maybe this is something Staples could lobby for.

  4. MikeP says:

    I think Schremp’s a guy you have to take a risk on. I don’t know if 25 was right, but given that the Oilers already had a first-rounder, it was an acceptable risk for them. For anybody else, with say one pick per round, he’s a second or third-rounder. But the raw skill is so obviously there that you just can’t let him fall to the fifth round.

    Will the risk justify itself? If I could answer that, I should be scouting myself. He’s still got a good shot at the bigs, but time is running out. Another couple of years is all he’ll have, and if he’s not tradebait right now, I’d be surprised.

  5. Vik says:

    The guy I think of for a comparison to Schremp is Jiri Hudler of the Red Wings. Plenty of offensive ability but little to like otherwise. Hudler took his time and had some people thinking he’d never crack the big times. And now he’s essentially seen as a powerplay specialist for the future (tough to be it now with Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Holmstrom, Lidstrom, and Rafalski). That’s basically what I see Schremp being when he makes it, playing the odd easy minute even-strength shift and then being the guy on the powerplay. I suppose that’s not what you’re hoping for when you draft him but it can be a valuable guy to have (especially if he’s good in the shootout (anyone know if he is?)).

  6. Ribs says:

    It seems kind of dumb, but the team he’s been playing with is the best thing that could happen to Rob this year. He has some quality players to score points with and he doesn’t have to worry about making the grade at the NHL level with the criticism he would be garnering if Gagner wasn’t around.

    Things seem to finally be looking up for him with a team that the Oilers have full control of.

    How his skating improves will still determine what quality of hockey he will be playing.

  7. LJ says:

    I don’t see RS as an Oiler. We demand two-way play from Hemsky on down, and there’s no reason to think Schremp or anyone will be exempt from this. Nor is there reason to think that Schremp is going to develop a solid two-way game anytime soon.

    I’m not saying Schremp won’t be a player; I’m just saying that he’s not an Oiler. I say trade him to someone out east, maybe to the Habs for a goalie, and hope he doesn’t visit Rexall much in the future

  8. goldenchild says:

    I posted in enough Jani Rita is getting screwed by MacT threads on HF to have learned my lesson and admit I was wrong. At some point you are what you are.

    I don’t know if we have reached that point quite yet with Schremp but we are not far off. There have been talented smaller offensive players in the league who have had nice careers and there have been talented offensive players who didn’t skate great that had nice careers. I can’t think of too many guys who were small and couldn’t skate that had a lot of success. He at this point would seem to be a guy that to have a career would have to become a PP specialist.

    Also having Cogliano make the jump and then the drafting of Gagner and having him stick in the majors especially hurts Schremps chances of doing anything in Edm. I think his chances of having a career in Edm get worse next year as you would think there will be less opportunity to move into the top 6 and he does’t seem like a fit in the bottom 6 so if he does get called up he better get on base and drive some in.

    I don’t take issue with the Schremp supporters who think he can still have a career just the ones that think he is an elite player and being screwed by the coach/management.
    As a fan at sometime you have to admit you overestimated a players ability or you sound foolish. I was wrong about Rita, Lowetide must of started 15 diff threads about getting Lundmark on HF I think he owuld be big enough to say he was wrong haha

  9. Lowetide says:

    goldenchild: Oh yeah, for sure. I saw Lundmark “good” as a Saint, always thought he’d be better than Comrie (so did the Rangers).

    I liked Rita, he scored a WJC goal that was Bobby Hull. In over the line and a rocket.

    And he did that in a TV game when he was a Bulldog too. I actually haven’t given up on him.

    Or Mikhnov.

    Or Chris Hajt.


  10. rananda says:

    it’s a shame that a player like schremp, insane hands, great vision, good offensice instincts, but a poor skater, cannot play in the nhl right now, but a player like alex burrows, good skater, pretty decent hands, but no offensive instincts, no idea what to do with the puck, is a regular nhl player. there’s some alternate universe (perhaps one with a larger ice surface) where their fates would be reversed.

  11. Bank Shot says:

    If Schremp has an NHL career it likely ends up being in Mike Ribeiro/Mark Savard fashion where it takes him to free agency age to finally realize his potential.

    Since the Oilers aren’t going anywhere for 3-4 years anyways I don’t see the harm in waiting on the kid and end up having him around as a decent PP option for a couple of years before he wants to get paid.

    And if he can build a little value at the NHL level then the Oilers can get more for him if they wish to deal him to fill a bigger need.

  12. dwillms says:

    Which say you? 24th? 5th? Somewhere in between? Too soon to tell?

    I’d say definitely too soon to tell. Looking at that ’04 draft, I see only a handful of guys picked after Schremp that have established themselves in the NHL already (the best probably being Campoli, Streit & Franzen, the last two being overagers).

    The most interesting question to me is how long you hold onto prospects. Ribeiro is a great example that bank shot brought up.

    It took until his 4th pro season to play more than a handful of games with the Habs, and he didn’t make a significant impact until his 6th season when he lead the team in scoring.

    I think you give Schremp until the end of next season. He’s still on a two-way deal and exempt from waivers. I’d only consider him trade bait if it’s in a deal to (finally) get a top-line scorer.

    Decisions need to be made on Pouliot/JFJ/Nilsson/Grebs before it’s Schremp’s turn.

  13. dawgbone says:

    My Jani Rita Island keeps getting more and more people on it ;)

    I must have had about 2,000 posts on HF just on Rita or more specifically, my stance on Rita.

    I think Schremp can make the jump. He seems to be getting it and he definitely seems like he wants it. He’s at least got both skis pointing down the slope.

  14. MrMackey says:

    Lowetide – still remember hanging out in the HF chatroom on draft day eagerly anticipating the 14th pick, and watching the banter between you and speeds. It seemed like we were all crossing our fingers for Meszaros but it had to be Schremp considering how far he’d fallen already. We already knew that they wouldn’t take a flyer on that Russian (Radulov) or the kid who was in trouble with the law (Wolski), and we didn’t think we’d be dumb enough to take Dubnyk when we still had another pick in the first round. There was a lot of anger in the chatroom once the pick was made (I think I remember you leaving to walk your dog to cool off).

    The last couple of years had me thinking that the Oilers may have been right to pass on Schremp at 14 and the rest of the league was right to pass on him period. However, it seems like he’s starting to come in to his own and I think the Hudler comparison is appropriate. Better late then never.

  15. Big T says:

    I like the Whitney comparison for Schremp myself. This guy is still a project though and is at best a coin flip IMO.


  16. doritogrande says:

    I’d say it’s too early to tell if he was a bust at 25. It takes time to determine who or what is a bust. Hell, it’s taken many this long to realize Raffi Torres was a joke at 5th overall in 2000.

    I still see lots of things I love in RS. The offensive instincts remind me of Jason Spezza, and the lack of defensive play and speed remind me of a young Jason Spezza before it clicked that he’d get more minutes if he could play two-ways. Get my point?

  17. Dennis says:

    I was a Rita guy as well.

    We all remember that goal from the world juniors and then I got to see a few of his games when he was in the A.

    Plus, I used to be really good friends with some of Micheal Ryder’s buddies so I asked him about Rita and he told me a lot of good things about his conditioning and workout habits and the like.

  18. IceDragoon says:

    Good day.

    Just a Game has an interview with Buchberger that will be available till tonight. There’s a few good interviews actually, including an interesting one with Matt Greene.


    If I recall…
    listened while watching FCP implode last night
    Schremp is more comfortable playing RW and he’s turned on the PP.

    Bucky also gives some thoughts on Thoresen, McDonald, Pouliot, Roy and a few others.


  19. IceDragoon says:


    Don’t know why I typed “RW”.
    I’m not sure which wing he’s playing.

  20. Lord Bob says:

    Hell, it’s taken many this long to realize Raffi Torres was a joke at 5th overall in 2000.

    That’s only because he wasn’t a joke. Later in the first round, we saw Scott Hartnell, Alex Frolov, Anton Volchenkov, and Justin Williams as guys who are better than Torres, and none of them are clearcut stars. The second round yielded Jarret Stoll, Paul Martin, and Andreas Lilja, with Martin the standout.

    Torres was a sub-optimal pick, like virtually every other draft pick. Lars Jonsson (seventh overall) was a joke. Brent Krahn (ninth overall) was a joke. Alexei Mikhnov (seventeenth overall) was a joke. Raffi Torres was not the best player on the board, but if a team could reliably draft the best player on the board they’d never stop winning Stanley Cups.

  21. Dennis says:

    Louise, not sure if I’ll get a chance to listen to that.

    Can you give me the Coles Notes version;)?

  22. doritogrande says:

    Robbie Schremp scored the game winner in OT tonight for Springfield. His 5th goal on the season, and at Even Strength.

  23. Ribs says:

    His 5th goal on the season, and at Even Strength.

    …and yet somehow he did it with only four players defending him…..

    Good for Robbie. Keep ‘er rollin cause Nilsson is sliding down the pole to Springfield.

  24. IceDragoon says:

    Here you go, Dennis.

    Schremp – above + his development has come a long way… he’s more creative and effective on the wing… Bucky is very happy with his play.

    Thoresen – his time will come… he’s been the consummate pro, a leader on and off the ice… centres the top line… lots of ice time in all situations.

    McDonald – one of the biggest surprises this year… works so hard on and off the ice… great shot… good skater… gets open… only flaw, doesn’t use his size as well as he could.

    Pouliot – it’s just a matter of time till he’s back in the NHL… played well for about two weeks, then dropped off some when he realized he was staying for a while… has to try and maintain the hard work… he’s a good hockey player… still a huge prospect for the Oilers. (he got the first goal for the Falcons tonight.)

    Roy – Backy is a big fan… “He can come off the ice whenever he wants.” iow – he’ll get lots of conditioning in this stint.

    JDD – he’s been great… ready to be an NHL backup next year.

    I didn’t pay much attention to the comments on players who will not be receiving call-ups.


  25. Dennis says:

    Thanks, Louise. Much appreciated!!

    Basically, Buchy loves and believes in everyone who’s the least bit good;)

    I guess, when you consider past history, the whole thing with Pouliot’s AHL production falling off is something that’s to be expected. Years ago, the same thing would happen when guys like Chimera and Lacouture thought they had the team made and would get sent down. They’d tear it up at first but then lull. Nice to see Buchy putting it exactly like it was, though.

    Finally, I guess it makes sense to give Nilsson enough rope to hang himself before you turf him for good, ie I think the next time he gets sent down, he’s done for. So, in that respect, it’s almost like the Oilers have committed full time to figuring out Nilsson instead of yo-yoing him back and forth with MP and Thor. So, in looking at which guys we have to make decisions on first and foremost, Schremp has to get in line behind the ’03 picks and he’ll have to go totally nuts to jump them.

    And I think that makes sense.

    Thanks again:)

    BTW, did he mention Jacques?

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