Roy sent to Springfield

The Edmonton Oilers activated Mathieu Roy and sent him to the AHL for a “conditioning stint” today. I think Roy has probably earned a return ticket based on his play over the last few months, and he does have some strengths this team needs (strength, grit, plus shot).

When Souray gets back, the Oilers top 4D could easily be Pitkanen, Staios, Souray and Gilbert. Which leaves Tarnstrom, Grebeshkov, Smid and Rourke battling with Roy for the 5-7 slots.

A decent guess would be Pitkanen-Gilbert, Souray-Staios, Tarnstrom-Grebeshkov and Roy being the chosen 7 until Greene gets back from his injury.

Which means Smid and Rourke back to the A.

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21 Responses to "Roy sent to Springfield"

  1. Dennis says:

    There’s no way Smid’s going back to the A. I know the Oilers don’t want to lose Roy for nothing but how much would it hurt them if they did?

    Not much, IMO.

    24-44-77-25-23-5-37 with Rourke in SF and the Oilers trying to pass Roy through waivers.

    All this is probably a long ways off anyway. Roy up and Rourke down when the former’s conditioning stint is up and then you don’t have to make a real decision until Souray’s ready.

  2. jadeddog says:

    i thought smid had to clear waivers now

  3. Steve says:

    You know who doesn’t have to clear waivers? Gilbert.

    Would they be that stupid? My hunch is no. But there are a lot of people frequenting the Oilogosphere who have less faith in the Oilers than I do.

  4. rider guy says:

    not sure why the oilers are so fearful of losing roy on waivers. i like the guy, but do they really think there is going to be a string of teams lining up to take a guy that can’t stay healthy for more than 10 consecutive minutes? if they send him down and someone grabs him at least it opens up a contract.

  5. PunjabiOil says:

    I’d actually prefer Roy is put on waivers.

    He’s on a one-way contract next year.

    Perhaps why they’re not sending him down is that if he clears waivers, and the Oilers later on need to call him up due to injuries, he’ll be on re-entry waivers and the Oilers will be forced to pay 1/2 the salary over the length of the contract if someone claims him.

    I’m not sure if anyone would give a late round draft pick for him. Perhaps.

    In any case, Rouke is a defenceman of the safe-put-the-puck-on-the-boards variety that doesn’t hurt your team. He’s exactly what we need for that 7th defenceman slot.

    In any case, Greene will be back in January, and Souray possibly within a few weeks. Smid shouldn’t be sent down, nor should Gilbert. Grebeshkov is an asset and on a one-way – so you keep him up. I’m guessing Rouke goes down – but boy, it’s a good time to make a trade.

    Definitely a log-jam at defence. The past few months is clear enough the team simply doesn’t miss Matt Greene. The only good thing is his contract.

    As for Tarnstrom – unless the Oilers plan to re-sign him next year, he should be moved at the deadline, even if he yields only a 2nd round draft pick.

  6. dwillms says:

    Smid doesn’t have to clear waivers until he plays 160 NHL games (he’s at 91) or the end of the 08-09 season, whichever comes first.

    Roy could be eligible for recall waivers, but it would depend on his AHL salary being > $100K, which isn’t published.

    What should happen? Either Rourke and Roy get sent down, or we deal one of Grebs or Roy.

    I would definitely keep Smid around, and as PJ said peddle off Tarnstrom closer to the deadline when Greene comes back.

    Roy or Grebs as the 7th

    On second thought, I would move both Grebs and Roy before the start of next season. That top-6 looks set to me, and you have a highly regarded guy like Chorney probably arriving next fall.

  7. doritogrande says:

    What happened to the “Lets keep 8″ philosophy that was being thrown around during the preseason when we had healthy defenders? Haven’t we been keeping only 13 forwards for the bulk of the year and can afford an 8th defenseman on the 23 man roster?

  8. Devin says:

    dorito- no, the Oilers are way too cheap to run a full roster. I arrive at this conclusion based on the Thoresen thing — they shouldn’t be worried when 34 and 18 come back because they can always PB him and Stortini if they want… but they won’t because they are too damn cheap.

  9. sir john a. says:

    That one-way contract with Grebeshkov is a killer. Smid is clearly better than he is, but the Oilers are handcuffed if they want to hang on to him.

    I think Grebeshkov has a higher water mark than Smid but he’s just too much of a heart attack right now with the puck. He needs seasoning.

    Perhaps Smid will become trade bait?

  10. doritogrande says:


    Is Thoresen on a one-way contract or two-way?

    If it’s one-way they’re paying him the same coin regardless of which league he’s in. If two-way then you’re spot on about the Uncle Scrooge treatment.

  11. MrMackey says:

    Keeping Smid in the lineup is more important than keeping Roy in the system. The latter will be nothing more then a slightly tougher, slightly more talented, and much more injury prone version of Scott Ferguson. If we’re looking for a journeyman fill-in on the Oilers, I think we’ve found it with Rourke.

    Hate to see a guy like Roy go because its always great to see a late-rounder overcome the odds to make the bigs, but we already have Brodziak and we can only afford so many heart-warming stories at the expense of a top-tier (or potential top-tier) player.

    That said, sending Roy down and having him clear waivers would be peachy too. Maybe next year he’ll be here as a permanent #7 with a few guys like Tarnstrom elsewhere.

  12. PunjabiOil says:

    That one-way contract with Grebeshkov is a killer.

    I don’t see the hate for Grebeshkov. He has played safe, efficient hockey in the past 10-15 games. The only thing he has to improve on is getting the shot away instead of always looking for a pass on the PP

  13. Lord Bob says:

    I don’t see the hate for Grebeshkov. He has played safe, efficient hockey in the past 10-15 games. The only thing he has to improve on is getting the shot away instead of always looking for a pass on the PP

    Because he was traded for Bergeron, the Oilogosphere feels he must become the new Bergeron. Which means being treated like he’s a flaming pile of crap.

  14. therealdeal says:

    Can’t we send Souray back to the A instead?

  15. Dennis says:

    Good call, PJ. I think you may have nailed why the Oilers haven’t tried getting rid of Roy though far.

    Though, like the man said, we’re not carrying any extra forwards, and I suspect we won’t until that magical day that both 18-34 come back, so we can afford, at least roster-wise, to carry Roy when he’s over his conditioning stint.

    And considering that Greene won’t be back until Feb, we’re a long ways off from having nine healthy D.

    I suspect that 23 will be dealt once we have seven healthy D, ie just as long as we continue to see dependable play from Rourke, but after that, who knows. It’s gonna be hard to move Roy considering he’s got a one way pact next year and he hasn’t really played enough in the NHL to hold any applicable value.

    In any case, once all eight guys, not coutning Greene, are healthy, I’d expect that 23 and Roy get the pine.

  16. dwillms says:

    Thoresen is on a two-way deal. Roy won’t get picked up on waivers if he’s sent down, but I could see someone taking a chance with him on recall waivers.

    I don’t see the hate for Grebeshkov. He has played safe, efficient hockey in the past 10-15 games. The only thing he has to improve on is getting the shot away instead of always looking for a pass on the PP

    I’d agree he’s played efficiently in the past 10 games. However, the 1-2 mistakes per game he makes always seem to be of the backbreaking variety. I feel like I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop when I watch him handle the puck.

  17. Dennis says:

    I think Grebs has been steadier as late of well. Granted, we’ve been playing a lot of home games so he’s been kept away, and rightfully so, from any real comp, or at least whenever necessary.

    But, then again, that’s the deal with the Oilers D corps: you’ve got a lot of guys who need sheltering but there’s only so much room in which to do so.

    Of all the kids that the Oilers have spoonfed responsibilty, I only count one that’s been able to do it without making you want to vomit.

    Tom Gilbert.

    Everyone else has been doing more sinking than swimming.

  18. mike says:

    Finally some love for Grebs. I sure like watching him toss that puck over a couple lines, back hand laser beam stretch pass to Hemmer’s tape. When he’s not busy quarterbacking the powerplay, that is.

    I think he is going to have a 15 year NHL career which looks a bunch more like Pronger than Brewer. Just my guess. I think MacT is guessing the same though, so that makes me feel better.

    I hope Grebs isn’t run out of town ala Mike Grier. I always liked watching the strange plays that developed from Grier, but mostly people slaughtered him anyway.

    Maybe this time we can take the long view and watch this kid develop. I think he has way more fire than Roy or Rourke by plenty and I’m glad he’s on the squad playing top 6 rather than in the press box or Springfield.

    Even if Vader does get a lottery pick, its not likely going to be more than 15 spots removed from where Lowe picks for Anaheim, and I’m sure Klo can trade up if he’s hungry for a specific kid. So I figure on watching the games while trying to totally ignore W/L for the season. That last nuks game was a great time. That they won was even better, but by my current thinking, largely incidental. That they played with Detroit was amazing.

  19. Dennis says:

    If there were people who didn’t appreciate what Rosie did as an Oiler, they’re probably the same folks who used to think, and still want to think, that Stoll can do Horc’s job.

  20. Bruce says:

    Rosie is a beaut, isn’t he? Even in teal.

    My favourite Grier moment came when the Oilers were playing against the Sharks a few years ago. Gary Suter was on his last legs as a player, and I was sitting behind the net as he walked it out in his own end. Grier was bearing down on him. I hollered (for about the 750th time over the years) “GET SUTER!” As if on cue, Suter looked up, saw Grier closing space fast, shit his hockey pants and just coughed the puck right to him for an insta-breakaway. As I wish he would have done just a little more often, Grier buried it, and Suter took the skate of shame back to the bench. Made my night.

  21. Bank Shot says:

    I think Grebs has been steadier as late of well. Granted, we’ve been playing a lot of home games so he’s been kept away, and rightfully so, from any real comp, or at least whenever necessary.

    I think most of Grebeshkov’s major screwups this season have been caused by Grebeshkov rather then the quality of his opponents.

    When he keeps his game simple he’s been pretty solid.

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