Total Recall

With Hemsky hurt and Sanderson apparently in the shop, the Oilers may need to recall someone for Sunday’s game.

Options include JF Jacques, who had a huge game tonight (1g, 3a. 4 shots) and would seem to be a logical choice for a physical game on the road in Anaheim.

Maybe rest Gagner.

Another potential callup is Rob Schremp, who has been putting up points consistently of late and now ranks 12th in AHL scoring (tied for 4th overall in assists).

Then there’s Liam Reddox, who ranks 7th in rookie points in the AHL, or Patrick Thoresen. He’s played a steady game throughout the season and would appear to be the most deserving of the call.

Marc Pouliot had a nice game tonight too, and he remains the prospect I’m hoping gets the call. At this point though, it’s more fanbased than any real evidence we can throw at the discussion. Maybe they callup Colin McDonald for his first cup of coffee.

I think you can make a strong argument that the Oilers could call any two of these guys up, sit Nilsson and Gagner and be a better team.

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15 Responses to "Total Recall"

  1. Ribs says:

    You know, I once claimed that it would be a slap in Rob Schremps face to keep Gagner up and him down as the season started. With Gagner playing not as great as he was when he started, you’d think I’d want Schremp to get the call.

    But I don’t.

    If the Oilers want to stick to their guns by keeping him in the AHL until after X-Mas, that seems fine with me. He’s starting to gain the momentum that I expected him to get and I fear calling him up will hurt him.

    Thoresen gets my vote for the Sanderson fill. It won’t happen of course. I’m sure JFJ will get the call if MacT has anything to do with it. Then he’ll have to fight over who he loves more, JFJ v.s Penner.

  2. Dennis says:

    Why was Brad May scratched tonight? if it’s not anything serious, I suspect he’ll be in for Drew Miller on Sunday night and this game could be a lot of fun to watch.

    Nilsson picked up an assist in gar-bage time tonight, glove tap to Marv Albert for that one, but, yeah, get some beef in here and rest both 12 and 89 for the next one.

    Assuming that 8′s out and that we sit 12-89, I’d bring up Jacques, Pouliot and Thor and then I’d see how they looked come the end of the game Monday night in LA.


    Of course you move Penner in and our and he most likely sees tonnes of time with 10-83 but the above is how I’d start things off.

  3. Lowetide says:

    The guys I’d want to see EDM callup tonight are Pouliot and Jacques. It makes so much sense imo to have a guy like Jacques who can play a physical syle and Pouliot who can duplicate some of the skills of a Brodziak or a Reasoner.

    Schremp apparently has been playing LW in the AHL and having success.

  4. PunjabiOil says:

    Seems like it’s Thorosen.

  5. Dennis says:

    I’d imagine that the bare minimum number of players you cna carry on your roster is 20, right? 18 skaters and two D.

    It’s been awhile since we carried an extra guy so Thor’s in for Sanderson and someone else has to come up if Hemsky can’t play but even if 83 can go, it’s like Lain said, sit down 12 and 89 and bring up 22 and 78.

  6. Lowetide says:

    I’m happy for Thoresen, he deserves to be here. Nilsson and Gagner are the guys to sit no doubt.

    Agree with Dennis in the post below about Stortini. He definitely has some clearance on the bubble slots on the F roster, not Brodziak clearance but he’s been useful lately.

  7. HBomb says:

    Considering the kind of snarly mood the Ducks are likely to be in Sunday, I’d have called up JF Jacques myself, simply for the size factor.

    But given Thoresen’s play so far, it’s hard to argue he’s going to get the minutes alongside Reasoner/Brodziak. That would be a nice 4th line going forward when Moreau and Pisani are back….

    EXT: 8, 46

    Sound about right?

  8. trader says:

    Guys, I understand your hate for Nilsson and your love for Pouliot but come on.

    Nilsson has his issues (very one-dimensional) but he is 18-1-5-6 +1 while Pouliot is 9-0-0-0 -7, and was the direct cause (lazy change) of the team losing points in the Detroit game.

    Yet all I read is, sit Nilsson and bring up Pouliot. If Pouliot brought toughness, great checking, something, anything I could understand it. Add that to how he sulks when he is sent to the minors…Kelly Buchberger was on Bum Stuffer’s show the other day and said Pouliot had been average since being sent down.

    I guess it comes down to the old saying that love is blind.

  9. doritogrande says:

    Jacques had a goal and 3 assists last night in Springfield. The Falcons scored 4 goals. That’s frigging impressive.

    Either JFJ’s a psychic and knew that some bodies were going down tonight, or he picked the best time in his career to play a huge game. Expect him to force Kevin Lowe’s hand this time, and get a recall

  10. Stuart van says:

    I disagree about Nilsson. I thought he had a very effective game last night. I wouldn’t sit him. I also thought Grebeshkov looked sharp. He could turn out to be a solid pick up.

    Buchy might be teaching Schremp some things, perhaps he’s better completing his game before doing the up/down thing.

  11. jon says:

    I think Stortini has been pretty good for the most part. I won’t go into it much, but let’s just say that I think MacT won’t be sitting him. He did a fantastic job of keeping Anaheim out of the game last night and squarely focused on him instead of say, Cogliano or Gagner.

  12. Dennis says:

    Trader, there’s no question that Love is indeed blind;) but I’d like to somewhat attribute my liking for Pouliot based on how he played in an extended sample last season. I’ve never seen Nilsson do so many little things well in an extended stretch as a third year pro that I did with Pouliot who last year was a second year pro.

    Plus, there’s something that happened with 78 and the Oilers because he was given shit linemates right off the bat in camp. Considering how Marc played last year, would it be a stretch to say that he should’ve been the RW on 18-19′s side coming starting the Ex season? Remember MacT talking about how that combo plus 51 almost played a perfect game when we opened against Fla? When I read that and saw who was getting that third line gig, I had worries for Pouliot right off the bat. So, like I said, something happened immeadiately and the kid had junk or very young linemates from that moment on.

    So, Nilsson gets the 14-16 gig, gets sent down but when he comes back, he gets handed the keys because he gets to play with 10-83 and it actually gets even better than that. A couple of those games featured Mact using 14-16-46 in a hard match vs the other team’s top lines so Not Only does 12 get the best linemate combo possible, he also gets to do it against lesser opp.

    And the guy did very little with it and after showing some real chops in a three game stretch, he’s disappeared again. I’m gonna call Nilsson like this. No doubt that the guy’s skilled and is a great passer and has some serious vision. But, he’s not ultra skilled to the point where that’s all he needs to do in order to succeed. He also needs to compete and play smarter and it’s nothing something he’s willing to do on a consistent basis. Anyone want to seriously argue that at this point? Contrast him with a guy like 51 who’s a 7th round pick who was given nothing and he’d run over his grandmother on the forecheck. Nilsson’s stuck in this place where skill alone won’t cut it and he doesn’t want to put in the extra effort that might pass mustard.

    In any case, look at the way MacT’s using him and he’s done as soon as Fernie returns. Which is probably only hours away considering the Journal said he travelled with the team to Cali.

    HBomb, I like the look of those lines for the most part but I think that MacT will put back together the 18-19-51 line, 14-34 will be split by 16 and then 27 winds up in a PVP role with 10-83. Hopefully, 18 will allow us to use that line in a more hard matching manner and that lets either the 16 or 10 line run wild. That leaves a 4th line that starts with 13 and how we’ll round it out I don’t know. Of course, what MacT’s probably gonna do is spread it around a bit more than I have but then bust it down to three lines come the third period.

    One last thought on 89, I’d like to see him sent to the WJC camp just to see what kind of a difference it could make for us in terms of EV. He’s hard to hide now and has done very little to help the team, outside of the SO, since his first nine game stretch. The Oilers sorta got jammed up a little with him because he wouldn’t have had a spot if 18 and 34 were healthy. But they weren’t and Sam was coming off the big summer series so they kept him around and he showed some flash very early on. That’s honestly the best he’s looked though and since then he’s been a purebred white knunckler in terms of EV play.

    I don’t think it would kill his development if they sent him away for four weeks and in the interm we’d get an idea of just what the actual cost is, standings wise, of keeping him in the lineup.

  13. toqueboy says:

    i disagree with sitting Nilsson. At some point, players have to be given the opportunity to “play through” their development curves. yanking them and sending them down every couple of weeks, to a certain extent, harms the progress.

    I had a boss once who said that he only hired university graduates. he didn’t care what the marks were or what the degree was in. He said that a degree showed some stick-to-it-ivness and the ability to finish something through an extended period of time, with all the ups and downs associated with several years.

    if i was pulled after every bad test i wrote, my university career would look a lot like winchester or nilsson’s.

    i like that macT comitted to Grebs and i hope that he gives the same privilege to Nilsson…and if not Nilsson than someone else, please…i’d like a young tweener to be able to play rather than looking over his shoulder in fear of the hook or being sent down. fear is an over rated motivator.

    if we are going to ‘sit’ players, then let’s make a commitment to sitting them effectively and consistently…don’t sit them after a bad game, only…have them in a constant rotation…i don’t mind the idea of a shared position, kind of like a 2 guard rotation in basketball (or goalies in most sports). when everyone is healthy, i think it would be good to rotate nilsson and gagne in and out of a given position on the 4th line. really get them studying and getting excited for their start. It seems like our ability to motivate our players is very limited, which is tough to watch.

    The up and down when you’re not playing well and using the AHL as motivation to get back up to the bigs is a limited strategy. right now (with the exception of thoresen) we’re telling people that if they put up numbers in the A, that we’ll bring them up,, maybe… As we’ve seen with Shremp in Junior (jacques at the ahl level), numbers in inferior leagues are not indicators of required improvement for the NHL level.

    hopefully having our own ahl team will iron out some of the wrinkles we’re having currently with how we handle young players. right now we look like a system that hasn’t had a proper development plan in place in years.

    I’m anticipating that Gagne will sit more as we get healthy and that his games played will begin to resemble Hemsky’s rookie year…I hope.

    With all of my criticisms, i do think MacT has made headway with dealing with younger players, as is evidence from some of the standout play of this year’s young crop. I’m excited to see some of the callups in February and March once Bucky has had a chance to craft them into pros. Knowing that Bucky is sculpting RS into a left winger built for the show, is a really exciting prospect for this fan.

  14. toqueboy says:

    Thoresen recalled…only one today. Maybe Pisani draws in on the road.

    We know Thoresen is an energy player and sound defensively. Can he bring his goals to the NHL? I hope so. He’s pretty easy to cheer for. Given his success last year, i think he’s a better call up than pouliot and JFJ, using the same measuring sticks.

  15. Dennis says:

    I think Nilsson’s been given enough chance, given early icetime and calibre of linemates, that we can safely say the guy isn’t worth wasting too many more games on him.

    The guy just isn’t interested in competing to the level that he needs to in order to be successful.

    Nilsson’s skill alone won’t keep him in the league and if he’s not interested in putting the work in, he won’t be worth the time.

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