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If you enjoy reading and have a passion for junior hockey, the draft or the inner workings of NHL teams then Gare Joyce’s new book FUTURE GREATS AND HEARTBREAKS is a must buy.

My introduction to Joyce came last spring when I found his blog online. Joyce had terrific info and he clearly was speaking to NHL scouts (a great line about Gagner for instance had him behaving like a 10-year NHL veteran, and that he was voted smartest player in an OHL coach’s poll) and soonafter I read about his book coming out this fall.

Joyce was granted access to the 2006 Entry Draft process by the Columbus Blue Jackets. The insights offered into the exhaustive and yet incomplete work of an NHL team in draft preparation are eye opening to say the least. I won’t spill the beans here, but suffice to say that Joyce gives us a glimpse of the scouting process in pro hockey that runs parallel to baseball’s “saw him good” brigade with very little Bill James math-sussing.

The book is an exceptional read, both because of the content (I was disappointed when finished, only because there’s not another one to look forward to) and the author’s writing style. It felt like I was getting a series of emails from someone in the hockey industry updating me on the 2006 and 2007 drafts, with stuff you just can’t get from your typical hockey writer (there’s probably 20 things in the book that are what I would call big facts, things that were important about the 2 drafts that I didn’t know at the time).

For Oiler fans lots to like including a hilarious story about Lorne Davis that made me laugh out loud. Some (not a lot) of info on Sam Gagner and a few other items along the way.

One final note: kudos to the Blue Jackets for granting Joyce a chance to see into an area of the sport many of us have a strong interest in without ever having a chance to be a part of it. If I’d owned the book on draft day, the Cherepanov and Esposito free falls would have been easily explained.

Good book Joyce.

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11 Responses to "Gare Joyce"

  1. ckash says:

    Any way to get this in the States? Amazon doesn’t have it and Borders and Barnes & Noble list it as “out of print”. Tried bidding on E-Bay but the bidding went beyond the cover price!

    FWIW, I live in Maryland, smack dab between Baltimore and D.C.

  2. Moose says:

    ckash, fyi: I found 2 copies on Amazon this morning from a bookseller in Virginia, so that’s right in your backyard…there’s one left now ;-)

  3. Black Dog says:

    ckash – if that fails go to and order it from there – maybe a buck or two in duty but we order stuff from the States all the time and the extra cost is negligible

    His “When The Lights Went Out” is also a terrific read by the way.

  4. Doogie says:

    I actually got my intro to Joyce via When the Lights Went Out, about the ’87 brawl in Piestany. He really did his homework on that one, though I do have to quibble with the extended where-are-they-now section (many players don’t have interesting stories, and are basically just HockeyDB entries), as well as a couple of silly editorial errors that should have been caught. The book definitely changed my perspective on some of the circus violence that used to plague the game.

  5. therealdeal says:

    I actually have a copy I need to get to, I’m really excited about it.

  6. Gare Joyce says:

    Gentlemen, ladies (where applicable),

    I’m the humble author of the tomes mentioned here. To those who have questions about them, post away and I’ll look back. Also, for those in the U.S., you might have luck on Random House Canada’s website. St Martin’s Press was looking at buying US rights but so far it’s just talk with them and my agent, Bombastic Bushkin. Many thanks for kind words here.

  7. Lowetide says:

    Gare Joyce: It’s very cool you dropped by. I do have one question, and don’t answer it if you can’t:

    Did Columbus have Gagner #5?

  8. Cory Klein says:

    I just spent $60, thanks for the recommendations lowetide.

    (and that was before the author dropped by, can I buy two copies now?)

  9. Andrew Bucholtz says:

    I was a big fan of When the Lights Went Out… will definitely be looking to get this one as well.

  10. Gare Joyce says:

    From what I can tell, Voracek at 4 and Gagner at 5. (The top three in the draft, Kane, Van Riemsdyk and Turris, in place). I know one C-bus scout (and others at other tables) had the two players flopped in position.

    I worry about any 18-year-old going straight to the league … how many get injured? Most, probably. And with Gagner it looked like that might be a problem (last season, c-cussion), tho’ Kane had a sixth sense about that stuff, some sorta jujitsu about neutralizing the guy leaning on him.

    Where were you guys when I was sitting at a table at West Edmonton Mall for 90 minutes? Couldn’t see me behind the pile of unsold books?

  11. Lowetide says:

    Thanks for the info. I got mine for my birthday, so don’t even know where it was purchased (suspect CHAPTERS in St. Albert).

    Any plans on following this draft via blog? Or have you had your fill for a time?

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