Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas.

Last night was the quietest Christmas eve I’ve had since my son was born. There were no toy trains to put together, no “kitchen suites” for my daughter that require detailed work and weird screwdrivers and Allen wrenches and Hex keys.

After years of bitching and moaning because it’s 2AM and I still have things to do before bed, the sad truth is that I missed it. Every minute of it, from It’s A Wonderful Life being on in the background (watched it again last night, what a great movie. Best line: “Aw, youth is wasted on all the wrong people!”) to the traditional “I didn’t have that many beer, did I?” and will now have to wait until grandchildren to buy the next train set.

It’s electronics and calling friends and getting together and it’s not quite the four of us cozy on Christmas morning like it used to be, but it’s the way it should be since you can’t keep your kids from growing up.

Right? I mean, someone didn’t come up with some magic pill that you haven’t told me about? Merry Christmas everyone, and if you have a small child in your life enjoy this day, drink it in.

Time passes way too quickly. Just does.

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7 Responses to "Merry Christmas"

  1. doritogrande says:

    Got “Team Canada the Gold Standard” from my sister, and will probably we watching it until tomorrow’s Boxing Day game. So far it’s been a very worthwhile addition to my hockey collection. I find it interesting that two of the players from the 1981 Russian Junior team have sons drafted by teh Oilers. Semenov’s father Anatoli is all over the ice and has been the most dominant Russian, while Trukhno’s father Leonid played a pretty good, rugged game similar to that of his son. I guess the Oilers love to draft by name pedegree when they go to Siberia.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  2. Black Dog says:

    Merry Christmas LT.

    Two little ones and we are enjoying every minute as you said.

    The best to you and yours.

  3. Ribs says:

    Merry X-Mas all.

    …And Go Canada! Yea!

  4. Loxy says:

    It’s just me and my foster cat this Christmas.

    No tsn, no gifts (which only really hurts on the giving end), no phone, no feast..

    I guess I can take solace that this will be the disappointing Christmas that all years will beat.

  5. Andy Grabia says:

    Merry Christmas, LT. I will try and avoid drinking the young one. ;)

  6. Doogie says:

    A quiet Christmas with me and my mom. (I have no children, though I think some people are trying to send me a message, judging by my stocking.) I got something like eight or nine hockey books, including Searching for Bobby Orr as the Christmas Eve teaser (I got three chapters in before forcing myself to go to bed at 2:40 AM), as well as The Game and The Game of Our Lives, which I’ve been wanting to read for years (the latter because of this very blog). I also got a crapload of computer games, which would’ve been nicer before my motherboard blew up on me. ;)

    Getting together with some of Dad’s family later today, then retiring to a quiet evening before Mom spends the first eight hours of her Boxing Day dealing with all flavours of irate customer. Because Christmas is all about receiving, and Boxing Day is all about getting your money back. At least the World Juniors are on. =)

    Anyway, Merry Christmas one and all, and let’s all hope Santa brought Hemmer an un-buggered knee.

  7. James Mirtle says:

    Merry Christmas, LT.

    I’m glad I’m spending mine in Western Canada again after missing it last time around. (And, hey, it’s a white one here in the ‘loops.)

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