Oilers #5 Prospect December 2007: Rob Schremp

Current Rank: 5
Summer 2007 Rank: 5
In choosing Rob Schremp as the number 5 prospect, I’ve passed over an NHL regular (Kyle Brodziak), a college kid kicking out the jams (Riley Nash) and a young man struggling to find his way in pro hockey after two quality junior seasons (Slava Trukhno).
It’s like choosing Dave Kingman over George Foster, Gary Matthews and Gary Thomasson: in a very narrow view, Schremp (like Kingman) is an impact prospect. After you list Garry Maddox (“Two-thirds of the earth is covered by water, the other one-third is covered by Garry Maddox”) and the top drawer pitchers, then all of the guys with top skills and top flaws come right after.
Dave Kingman could hit the ball 6000 miles. When he made contact, the moon got nervous. Dave Kingman hit 442 home runs in his major league career, and was hitting a ton of them when his career ended. His final seasonal totals were 35(1984), 30(1985), 35(1986). He had incredible power.
He also struck out. A lot. He was Rob Deer before Rob Deer.
He couldn’t field. At all. In 1973, the San Fransisco Giants played him for 60 games at third base and he made 18 errors. That’s a high total. Cincinnati won the division that year, and their most used third baseman played 123 games and made 9 errors. The Dodgers had the Penguin at third that year, and he did make 18 errors too.
In 146 games.
So they moved him to first base. You could play first base. Seriously. Drinking men have played first base in the major leagues, some of them it would appear were drinking between innings. Al Oliver couldn’t throw a pebble two feet and he played first base for the Montreal Expos. If you’re ever sitting it in a field and someone says “let’s play baseball” and you’ve never played the game, shout “I’ll play first” and you’ll be fine. Dead people can play first base.
They moved Dave Kingman to first base in 1974. He made 13 errors in 91 games. I try very hard not to swear on this blog, but that’s fucking impossible. FIRST BASE! That’s like forgetting to breathe. Los Angeles won the pennant that season, Steve Garvey made 8 errors in 156 games. In 1984 Garvey played first base for 159 games and didn’t make an error! Steve Garvey is my least favorite baseball player ever, and using him as an example hurts me, but the point needs to be made: Dave Kingman was a very one dimensional player.
Rob Schremp is similar. When your NHL head coach says “the things he needs to do to stay here long-term are not quick fixes. He needs the strength base and quickness. He’s got to be strong enough to battle at a standstill because he’s not going to outskate many guys….” and you’re still a prospect of note well then buster you’ve got one skill and your pro’s and con’s list is out of whack. There are other Dave Kingman’s in the world.
Ron Jeremy. George Bush. Judy LaMarsh.
Rob Schremp is hockey’s Dave Kingman. He is having a very nice run as we speak. In his most recent 7 AHL games, he’s 2-9-11 and word is he’s playing very well on LW (source: Kelly Buchberger, thanks Louise). He has desire and he has some swagger and I’ve seen him do amazing things exhibition style with the puck and a few things during the game that leave you slack-jawed.
I’ve gone into detail on Schremp here and here. Reaction to my thoughts on Schremp are often not positive, as seen here (Mudcrutch kills me btw, his nickname should be “you know you want to!”).
Rob Schremp is an outstanding prospect. In a very narrow view.
Can he play third base?

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8 Responses to "Oilers #5 Prospect December 2007: Rob Schremp"

  1. Cameron says:

    Dave Kingman is the answer to the question “Are there any 400 home run hitters who simply don’t belong in the baseball hall of fame”.

    I drafted Schremp two years back as a prospect in my fantasy league and have gradually soured on him as he struggles to do things like make the Oilers or go a shift without being knocked over.

    His hand skills are so far off the charts that trading him could make you sick for a very, very long time. You know, ‘we traded Brett Hull’, level of sick.

    For the record, I traded him for the pick I used to select Paul Stastny.

  2. CrazyCoach says:

    The more I wait on Schremp, the more I think Jani Rita or Selmar Odelin (sp?).

    Sure he has those wonderful little tricks with the stick, but what else can he do? Semenko was a one dimensional guy, but he used it to perfection. Don Jackson used his defensive strength to stick around long enough for a ring or two.

    Schremp does those wonderful little lacrosse style tricks that I see so many kids try to emulate today. They look nice but really, would Joe Sakic or Steve Yzerman waste oodles of time learning them?

    Schremp will not be a 30 goal scorer in the NHL.

  3. PDO says:

    Schremp does those wonderful little lacrosse style tricks that I see so many kids try to emulate today. They look nice but really, would Joe Sakic or Steve Yzerman waste oodles of time learning them?

    Probably. I’ve never even played a ridiculously high level (Midget 1, Junior C… though I did have several invites to Junior B camps… too much money and too much time for a College student)… but the skill guys are skill guys and they want their stick to be a part of their body. They’ll do absolutely anything you can think of with the puck in order to make themselves as comfortable as possible with it… stick handling two pucks at once, juggling pucks, etc.

  4. Lord Bob says:

    Captain America’s a former first-round pick and high-profile Memorial Cup winner, and the best picture LT can find of him is hidden behind Liam Reddox openly checking out Tyler Bouck’s left elbow? Never a good sign.

  5. Steve says:

    Most of the blogs I read are politics blogs – the Oilogosphere is secondary for me, an interest versus an obsession. But this post still contains what I verily believe to be the only Judy LaMarsh reference I’ve ever seen in the blogosphere.

    I don’t even see your point with her, actually (was her sole strength being a woman, or what?). But this is still the best blog ever.

  6. Dennis says:

    RS is putting up a PPG so it’s not time to give up on the guy or anything like that. But, he’s a second year pro and we’ve got a lot of third year pro’s that we need to start making decisions on so unless RS starts totally tearing it up, I’d leave him in the AHL for the season and hope he grabs the bull by the horns in camp next september.

  7. Lowetide says:

    steve: Her skill was talking. There’s a clip at the Liberal leadership convention that Trudeau won in which she teaches Canadian children a very bad word.

    It remains the second best Canadian television moment in history (#1-Trudeau’s “Just watch me”).

  8. CrazyCoach says:

    PDO, I never got past playing midget, but what does that have to do with knowledge of hockey? Scotty Bowman was a Junior C player by his own admission.

    Sakic and Yzerman may indeed practice becoming one with their sticks and being comfortable, but the difference between them and Mr Schremp, is they don’t feel the need to do it in a shootout.

    Schremp is the Pierre Larouche of this decade. Larouche may be the only Habs centre to every score 50 goals, but would you put him on the Habs all time team?

    My point on Schremp is that he has tons of style but very little in terms of substance that makes one an effective NHL player.

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