Reddox Recalled

This is Liam Reddox. This is his draft picture. He looks like one of those “stand in” kids they always have for WJC or Olympic team announcements.

Reddox is a player of interest who (like Brodziak and unlike Pouliot) seems to have turned the corner in a quick hurry at the pro level.

Reddox was called up again by the Oilers, this time due to an injury that forced Geoff Sanderson on the IR. Reddox isn’t guaranteed a chance to play in his first NHL game tomorrow night, as Patrick Thoresen probably draws in ahead of him.

Still, he’s in the NHL tonight and may even be old enough now to realize it.

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10 Responses to "Reddox Recalled"

  1. doritogrande says:

    With Pisani’s return, Patrick Thoresen doesn’t even draw into the lineup. This seems like a waste of a recall to me, as we’ve been going with the bare minimum of 12 forwards for most of the year. We now have 14 in Edmonton with Thoresen and Reddox in the pressbox stagnating while they could be playing this weekend in Springfield.

  2. Ribs says:

    I think it’s a matter of having too many forwards in Springfield at any given time. Giving the kid a chance to skate with the big club in practice is a nice reward for his efforts. Mr. Trukhno appreciates the call I’m sure as well.

  3. Dennis says:

    Is it just me or does this sort of lead you to believe that Gagner’s going to be sent to Team Canada?

    I believe that decision has to be made by Dec 7th, right? I just can’t see the Oilers going with 14 forwards and if they intended to send someone down, why didn’t they do it today?

  4. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: Good point on Gagner. It would be a good chance for him to get huge playing time and perhaps come back with the same kind of confidence he had in the fall after his tournament.

    As for the choice of callup, how deep in the shitter IS Pouliot, anyway?

  5. PunjabiOil says:

    No, not a chance Gagner gets sent to the WJC.

    If you read the article a few days ago in the Journal, Lowe & MacT all but confirmed they won’t be sending him down.

  6. Julian says:

    Guy confirmed on HF that he isn’t going.

  7. doritogrande says:

    Lowetide said:
    As for the choice of callup, how deep in the shitter IS Pouliot, anyway?

    Somewhere between JFJ and…Ryan O’Marra.


  8. Dennis says:

    Yeah, that’s what I was thinking as well, Lain.

    All these guys saying that Gagner would lose his confidence, well, tearing up the Russians is supposed to be what gave him the boost in camp in the first place.

    Something’s going to give somewhere.

  9. Dennis says:

    As for Poulot, I’m starting to think that you’re finally right about something;):) and that 78 is done with the Oilers.

    When they kicked Nilsson down, even with him being healthy scratched for a game, it wasn’t long before he was back up. Pouliot was sent out with macT openly musing about how maybe they didn’t give him the proper linemates and then he had a good first three or four games with SF but didn’t get the call. Later on, Reddox got the call over him and you knew he was in trouble.

    Now Reddox gets another call over him and it’s hard not to think that he’s done. Fuck, it’s tough to swallow from this end. Going from a guy that started off slow in his rookie A campaign in ’06 but then had the confidence of his coach and looked good with the big club, to now being passed by a kid one year younger and with way less AHL time to his credit, it’s hard to believe.

    I just hope that if he ever comes back, they’ll give him some veteran linemates and we’ll see what he has.

    Of course, it doesn’t help that the Oilers will sink becuase they kick Gagner off the shift and that Nilsson has all of a sudden found a way to sneak on the scoresheet.

  10. PunjabiOil says:

    In other news, the Oilers and Flames are nearly dead even

    12. Edmonton 29 13 15 1 27 74 86

    Last 10 6-4-0

    Home & Away Record
    7-8-0 6-7-1

    13. Calgary 29 11 13 5 27

    78 88

    Last 10 3-5-2

    Home & Away Record
    7-7-4 4-6-1

    The major difference is that Calgary has played 18 out of their 29 games on home ice. The Oilers, 15 out of 29.

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