The Season Gets Micflikier

This is Jacob Micflikier. He has the strangest name among Oilers prospects since Miro Satan. He’s a 23 year old kid from Winnipeg who lacks size but has some hockey skills.

Micflikier was leading his ECHL team in scoring (by a dozen points) before getting called up to Springfield today. The Falcons have also recalled Ryan O’Marra and someone named Brad Farynuk.

A quick look through the (extremely user friendly) Falcons site tells us the team is now carrying 25 players (14 forwards, 9 defensemen, 2 goalies).

Farynuk is a defenseman who might be up while Danny Syvret is playing 8 minutes a night at the Spengler Cup (speaking of crazy names Cory Pecker was playing today in that tournament. That man needs to change his name), but the recall of Micflikier and O’Marra tells me that the Oilers are planning on:

  1. keeping Thoresen up for a time
  2. calling up Rob Schremp
  3. everyone has the flu
  4. about to make a trade

Or possibly some of the above. Word today that Ethan Moreau (“Captain Barbaro”, TM MC79) will probably play Saturday and that Ales Hemsky’s X-rays (which apparently came via dogsled from Prussia) show no damage. That means he should be getting pistol-whipped again soon.

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18 Responses to "The Season Gets Micflikier"

  1. Dennis says:

    I’m sure it means Lowe’s gonna make a trade. He always does things like that.

  2. rickibear says:

    Or you go to the Stockton Thunder web site and find out that all three were voted ECHL All-stars. THey might be recieving a congradulations lets see what you can do call up.

  3. Santa Merda says:

    I assume you’re sarcastic about the user friendliness of the Falcon’s site. It’s forged by Satan himself, I swear it!

  4. Lowetide says:

    santa merda: Oh God yes. Their photo section is from last season, it’s impossible to make sense of their gameday blog and generally speaking it’s easier to use when you need info.

    I remember when USA Today went to refreshing baseball games and giving boxscores every half inning and at that point I felt the internet would never disappoint.

    Sadly, one gets used to things.

  5. Santa Merda says:

    I devoted half of my game post on my blog to the crappiness of their site. It took me five minutes to figure out you had to click the ads to get to the site.

  6. Lowetide says:

    lol. I always forget and click on the stupid Benjamin Moore contest and get the “enter to win” prompt.

    Oh, another thing. Their photos! They NEVER identify the player and the shots are often terrible!

    Can they not get a photographer with a sense of the game? Almost all of the site is useless.

  7. Santa Merda says:

    Still, their logo is pretty sharp, and that makes up for a lot of it.

  8. Lowetide says:

    I had actually planned on using a ton of their photos on this blog because it’s an unusual look for Oilers fans (much like those sweer powder blue ones the Pens use).

    Alas, they are horrible photos.

  9. Santa Merda says:

    So, LT, what sort of a trade would you suggest in this situation, if you think it possible that a trade could happen at this time?

  10. Lowetide says:

    Veterans trump rookies every time. Adding Moreau Saturday should help, if Tarnstrom draws in over either Smid or Grebeshkov that helps.

    If the Oilers had a veteran option to step in and give one of Cogliano, Gagner or Nilsson a night off when they struggled they’d be even stronger.

    I don’t think this season is worth investing a huge asset (money or prospect) in, but these rookies need to have some kind of structure and right now they’re running around and forgetting themselves.

    Add a veteran or two, a Mike Johnson type. Force the kids to earn their playing time a little more.

  11. Bank Shot says:

    I find it completely fascinating that Micflikier is Jewish.

    I don’t have any numbers to base it on, but I imagine there can’t be a very large number of professional Jewish hockey players.

    Flicker(Which must be his nick name) also played in the Bears vs. Prospects game this year and looked for all the world like a guy that would be in the NHL right now if he were 6’2″, instead of three apples high.

  12. Lowetide says:

    bank shot: To my knowledge, the following current and former NHLers are/were Jewish:

    Hy Buller, Mike Cammalleri, Jeff Halpern, Mike Hartman, Peter Ing, Bob Nystrom, Eric Nystrom, Bob Plager, Steve Richmond, Mathieu Schneider, Ron Stern, Mike Veisor, Bernie Wolfe, Larry Zeidel.

    My scource is a fall 2005 article by the Hockey Research Council entitled “Judaism on Ice.”

  13. Bank Shot says:

    Well, that’s more then I would have guessed. I’d have figured them to be about as common as Nowegians.

    Hopefully the little bugger gets a shot to play 2-3 games when the Oilers trade away half the team at the deadline.

  14. Pat H says:

    Ales Hemsky’s X-rays (which apparently came via dogsled from Prussia) show no damage. That means he should be getting pistol-whipped again soon.

    lol. those were two zingers in a row.

    Are people that desensitized to the sarcasm of Dennis? I thought his first remark was pretty funny.

  15. Master Lok says:

    Um LT, you know your obsession with Mike Johnson is reaching scary levels here. He is not the second coming of Saint Fernando. heck Fernando Pisani isn’t even the second coming of Saint Fernando.

    Mike Johnson has five points in 19 games… do you really expect all five of these points to cause game winning goals for him to have such an incredible effect on the team?

  16. Lowetide says:

    master lok: Sam Gagner bleeds goals. Mike Johnson doesn’t. If you don’t like Mike Johnson, let’s pick another player, say Radek Dvorak.

  17. Dennis says:

    Some people will never see why goals against happen.

    The first goal for the hawks the other night, for instance. I was surprised no one mentioned this but on Seabrook’s first goal, Stoll had the puck 10 feet inside the Hawks line and instead of throwing it down in their corner, he tried to be cute and pass it back to his own guy in the N zone so he could rag it. All this with about 20 seconds left and the team almost with the penalty killed.

    Anyway, his no look pass found a Hawks stick and Chi scored a PP goal in the waning moments that should’ve never happened.

    To close, the more I watch Gagner the more I think he owes the Oilers big time come ’09. He should live in the weight room this past summer becuase the Oilers are wasting a lot of time on him this season. Let’s hope it pays off, but it only will if Gagner realizes what he needs to do in order to improve. My $$$ says he’ll do that just that but it’s worth repeating.

  18. Master Lok says:

    Some people will never see why goals against happen.

    I’m not sure if that comment was directed at me – but for the record I coach, I also video, and show my players breakdowns of why goals are scored against and for. But I admit that I do not watch the Blues play – nor have I watched Mike Johnson play this season.

    All I’m saying however is that 5 points in 19 games is not such an awesome stat that demonstrates Johnson as a possible Oilers savior. However, more telling is that only one GM was willing to give Mike Johnson an opportunity to sign with an NHL team. Does 29 GM’s also not know that Mike Johnson is the next possible Selke award winner?

    LT: Yes I feel more comfortable with Dvorak if only because as Oiler fans we’ve seen his game much more.


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