Kings at Oilers, G47/07-08

This is Sheldon Kannegiesser. His hockey card said something like “Sheldon has the longest last name in the NHL” which tells you how badly the Hallmark hockey card writers were looking for information during the first big expansion.

Some of those hair styles in the crowd are coming back, and I think that’s Cal Nichols maybe three rows up behind Clarence Campbell in the maroon jacket. Sheldon was a pretty good player by expansion standards, he could do some things. Zipping through the internet he appears to have settled in California, one can never blame a kid from North Bay for settling in a land of endless summer and beautiful women.

The Kings are a horrible hockey team again this year but it seems to me it’s at least partly by design. The gap between their best goaltending and their worst, the gap between their best defensemen and their worst is wider than anyone else in the league and that includes the Oilers.

The Oilers are on a nice run here, but the Kings are a club who can reach out and bite you if there’s a letdown or if the team is looking beyond tonight’s game. Our town team has fallen victim to every other malady this season, one hopes they can avoid this one.

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  1. Black Dog says:

    Probably the first time they’ve run into this situation. :)

    I think Moreau’s return has had a real impact on this club off the ice. I think they will be ready to play.

  2. goldenchild says:

    I wonder how different the fate of these 2 teams would be if LA had kept Garon, they got a lot of nice pieces up front.

    Hemsky has 7 pts in his last 4 games 13 in his last 10 but I still keep thinking he isn’t getting rewarded enough, he seems due for a 2G 2A night one of these games.

  3. Dennis says:

    In looking at the Kings Desjardins numbers, Brad Stuart is having just a terrible year. He signed just a one year contract, right? I guess he was hoping to parlay that into a big deal somewhere else but that doesn’t look like much of a likelihood at this point.

    Considering what he did last year with Cgy, I don’t think the guy’s done. But just the other day I saw some poster say we should deal Staios and then pick up a stopgap for him next season and Stuart might just be that fellow. Something to think about going forward.

    I’m looking forward to these next six games because the Oilers are playing teams that are just as pitiful as they are and this gives us a chance at success and it doesn’t hurt that the last five will be played in a sensible timezone, either:D

    And I’m also looking forward to tonight’s PPV cast because with the Oilers on a roll, Pricipe etc all should be in fine form tonight. Highly mockable, I suspect.

  4. godot10 says:

    Moreau and Staios represent the veteran character leadership on the team. Character is an unquantifiable.

    Staios is NOT going to be traded. His future role is as a third pairing mentor defenseman, and eventually as the 7th defenseman.

  5. danny says:

    Hey Dennis, theres a kid from St. John’s making his NHL debut tonight for the Kings. I’ve heard of him since hes been scoring a tonne in the AHL, but never prior. Teddy Purcell, 6’3″, 177 winger 53pts 40gp (Monarchs). He was undrafted.

    The Oilers seem to be limping past the injury bug, they have a respectable powerplay and goaltending that isnt inferior to its counterparts night in and night out. This stretch will tell a lot about this team moreso than the first 40 games IMO.

    I’m ok with not making the playoffs really… i never had much hope from the outset, but i love watching the standings and seeing the ducks pick slide. And no not because I want LTs ‘easy money’ ;)

  6. doritogrande says:

    Gagner’s joining Horcoff for the All-Star weekend fesivities. Jack Johnson usurped Gilbert’s spot.

    Interesting comment about the Purcell kid. He was ripping up the AHL this year. Hopefully they don’t ruin him by playing him on a crappy team with even worse linemates like they almost did with Pat O’Sullivan.

  7. Black Dog says:

    Gilbert and Cogliano getting a few days off is a good thing. Its nice for Sam but what is he, the Oilers fourth best rookie? Is Brodziak a rookie?

    I like Sam, I do. But its silly.

  8. doritogrande says:

    BDHS, Brodziak’s technically not a rookie, because of games played in his two years previous.

    Good call on the days off, but it’s really Gagner that needs them. We have to remember here, that he’s been on the go since training camp for the Superseries opened.

  9. danny says:

    well it is a Young Stars game. Its more about marketing than anything else…

    Brodz, as good as hes been in comparison, doesnt belong in the game.

  10. rickibear says:

    Dennis: The hockey goods are lining up. We are healthy. Nylander is not. Out for the season. Another signing we did not get.

  11. Dennis says:

    Danny, I’ve read about this Purcell guy but I’ve never seen him play.

    GD, the reasons why Staios might be dealt are:

    - Gilbert needs to be paid

    - Pitkanen needs to be paid

    - Horc needs to be extended

    - Oilers love Smid

    - Oilers love Greene

    - Oilers are also thinking about asking Grebs to go stready. Note: it all depends if he lets them go below the waist when they go over to his place when his parents are out of town for the weekend.

  12. Black Dog says:

    You’re right Danny – its just funny to see.

    I expect no less from Bettman’s NHL.

  13. Ribs says:

    Bettman will one up you, BD.

    The Youngstars game is to be played 3 on 3 in between the Skills competition this year. Hoorah!

  14. honkey says:

    Wow, really a lazy and uninspired start to this game by the Oilers.

  15. Lowetide says:

    Well if Sunday was the highlight of the season then this was something else again.

    Ethan could play Sunday in Green Bay, though.

  16. Dennis says:

    Considering the venue and the quality of comp, that’s the worst fucking period of the season.

    Couple of dandy hits by 18, good rebound control by Garon and I think that’s about it for positives.

    Fuck, even Pisani looked like a rookie.

    I think we’ll know what’s up by how the club comes out in the first five min of the second and if they fall down 2-0, they’re done.

  17. godot10 says:

    //GD, the reasons why Staios might be dealt are:
    - Gilbert needs to be paid
    - Pitkanen needs to be paid
    - Horc needs to be extended
    - Oilers love Smid
    - Oilers love Greene//

    Horcoff’s and Garon’s extensions don’t affect cap room next year. Tarnstrom and Sanderson go off the cap next year…that’s $3.5 million, which handles one of the two defensemen. The cap going up several million will take care of the other.

  18. PDO says:


    #1) Who took a shit in Moreau’s corn flakes this mornig?

    #2) The series of mistakes made by Grebeshkov on the opening goal was beyond ridiculous.

  19. honkey says:

    Well Joni with puck control just sending it round the boards to nobody wasn’t that great either.
    I would blame him first on that goal, if hadn’t made that lazy play nothing would have materialized for LA.

  20. PDO says:

    Honkey: Grebeshkov was there, he just had his head firmly planted inside his ass.

    How about that play by Rawbear? Christ.

  21. Lowetide says:

    Second goal was on Nilsson imo. Fancy Dan touch and it’s in the back of the net. I’d have to see it again to make sure but you could also say Pitkanen should have found a better option, but that kind of play gets you sent to AAA.

  22. honkey says:

    Bad time to choke today with both Flames and Vancouver losing it was an excellent time to gain some ground in the division standings.

  23. PDO says:

    Oilers haven’t had FA for puck luck around the net tonight… they’ve had a good period and deserve better than to be losing it 1-0.

    I wouldn’t count them out yet, though I think if they get one here it’ll come on the PP to start things off.

    The Kings are a young team, and as we’ve seen with the Oilers this season, it doesn’t take much for them to unravel.

  24. Dennis says:

    Well, it’s 2-0 after 40 so the only way the club comes back is if they get at least one PP goal in the final frame. But when you can’t even draw penalties, it’s hard to score on PP’s;) And if they follow “oilers trailing heading into third” formula, they’ll Take the first penalty of the third.

    I’d have to see it again but I didn’t think 25 had a whole lot of options on the first goal. He throws it around to his partner…and that guy doesn’t even look!! First when I saw Joni rim it, I was thinking 37 would have to chip it but then I see him skating out towards the blue and not looking for the puck at all. Didnd’t really get a good live look at the second goal but on the replay I’d side with Lain: it’s not the easiest play for 12 but it’s one he should be able to make.

    If the Oilers lose this one, it’s the worst loss IMO since that late season SO in Stl in ’06.

    Two things to close:

    - Hemsky has had some awful luck with the puck tonight. He just can’t get it to sit down and he’s had the puck in glorious chances twice and just couldn’t get a shot off.

    - Gagner can’t score to save his left but man is he ever getting some Grade A chances.

  25. PunjabiOil says:

    Didn’t take long for Ethan Moreau to be taking dumb penalties 200 feet from his own net again…

  26. PDO says:

    Oilers deserved better, they’ve out chanced the Kings by enough tonight that this shouldn’t be a 3-0….

    And as I type this, Penner gets a goal. Lets see where this goes.

  27. Dennis says:

    I dunno, PDO, I really can’t agree. The Oilers had a terrible first, had a good five to start the second and then fell apart again. They had a fine third period but it’s hard not to play At Least one good period when you’re playing in your own rink.

    I dunno, I’m disgusted by this result but I’m not overly surprised, either. This team’s better now with it’s current D and 18-34 back in the mix but it’s still not good enough that these efforts won’t happen every now and then. And they won’t kill you unless you had such a terrible first 20 odd games like the Oilers did.

    one last thing to finish: does anyone else find it odd that the Oilers only had two PP combined in the last two games? They could’ve made tonight a lot more interesting had they had a couple more PP opps. What’s going on?

  28. PDO says:

    I dunno, PDO, I really can’t agree. The Oilers had a terrible first, had a good five to start the second and then fell apart again. They had a fine third period but it’s hard not to play At Least one good period when you’re playing in your own rink.

    You’re right… but it’s not like LA was taking it to us either. I wasn’t counting by any means, but LA scored on 3 of their what… 5? Grade A chances? And two of those five were consecutive saves by Garon. The Oilers? Grebeshkov found iron, Gagner had one lying on the goal line forever, Hemsky had 2 pucks jump on him in prime scoring area, Penner’s first chance, Moreau’s chance, and Brodziak missed a wide open net too, and I know there was another big JL save right now that is escaping me…

    The Oilers didn’t control a lot of the game, but they still created a lot of high quality chances, and more often than not more than one of those find the net.

    one last thing to finish: does anyone else find it odd that the Oilers only had two PP combined in the last two games? They could’ve made tonight a lot more interesting had they had a couple more PP opps. What’s going on?

    Too young to get any respect from the refs, I think is a lot of it at least. The calls on Pitkanen, Moreau and Hemsky were all VERY ticky tacky, and then you see Johnson hit Hemsky 3 times without the puck and no call…. just doesn’t make any GD sense.

  29. Lowetide says:

    This team is a one trick pony (the Hemsky line) and they played in the mud tonight.

    Stoll has some zip back but I think it was Dennis who talked about his limited EV offense and you can see he needs someone to make that line hum. I always go back to Torres-Pisani as his linemates so maybe Moreau-Pisani for the 2line?

    And this Gagner matchup stuff is just plain crazy. Cogliano looks as bad as we’ve seen him and Nilsson looked to me like he was figure skating out there at times.

    Might be time to call up Hockey Hay-zoos.

    Pitiful effort tonight.

  30. ClaytonMagnet says:

    Let’s hope this gets the team a little pissed off and hungry for the road trip. Lesson learned about overlooking a ‘softer’ team and all that. What’s a reasonable expectation for the trip? 4-1?

  31. Dennis says:

    Lain, the problem with doing that with an 18-16-34 line is where do we go from there? When you look at line construction, you keep the 27-10-83 line together and go from there.

    So, if you go 18-16-34 together, you have you’re tough min line which allows the 10 line to take on the pussies but how in the hell do you build you’re bottom six?

    Now you’re back to having 89-13-51-46-19-12-28-8 with which to build your bottom six.

    And there’s just no way to do that.

    The only thing I would try is 28-16-34 based on 28′s work ethic and the 16-34 chem. Then I’d go 18-19-89.

    You know who that leaves and that still doesn’t work.

  32. Dan says:


    Sheldon Kannegiesser’s main claim to fame was when he was with the Pittsburgh Penguins in the early 1970s, and Canadian Magazine (kids, it was a general interest magazine that appeared in the Saturday Journal and other papers throughout Canada) named him the best dressed hockey player in the NHL. Not Orr, Hull, Howe, or Clarke. Had quite a length feature article. If his name was Ben Smith I wouldn’t have remembered it.

  33. Lowetide says:

    Dan: I remember Canadian Magazine. I used to deliver the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix and it was in that paper too.

    The only thing I really remember about it was an article on Ann & Nancy Wilson of Heart.

  34. Dennis says:

    Those Wilson sisters were something back in the day, no?

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