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Kevin Prendergast gives an interesting interview on the Oilers site and updates us on the kids down on the farm. KP has been known to gush about prospects in the system so we sometimes need to factor that in with his words.

The player in photo is young Bumagin. The young Russian is one of very few Oilers prospects playing in Europe (not counting the Kenta Nilsson Swedish All-Stars).

I’m not going to quote him too closely, but here’s a small overview of items:

                  1. “We feel we have a lot of good young prospects, we have to give them time to develop in the National Hockey League.” I’ve always felt you need to give 500 at-bats to prospects in order to see what they’re going to be able to accomplish, but it’s been a long time since a team I follow closely has had so many players getting their ab’s in the same season.
                  2. Schremp: “We feel Robby’s skating at center is going to hurt him in the NHL. He just doesn’t possess that second gear.” KP said some nice things about his skill level and that they feel he’s going in the right direction. Nothing earth shattering but nice to know they’ve noticed what appears to be a step forward. Remember Schremp entered the season injured so this is a very positive thing.
                  3. Nash: “Got off to a very good start. Riley’s playing very well for Cornell this year, we feel he’s a blue chip prospect for the organization.” I wonder if the Oilers will consider turning him pro at age 20 to get him more playing time. He pointed out Cornell’s schedule as being a concern.
                  4. O’Marra: “Ryan started the year in Stockton for us, we called him up to Springfield three weeks ago. He’s fallen into the role we want him to be which is a third line, shutdown center. We feel Ryan has big time potential.” It looks like injuries have taken a big gulp out of his career and may have contributed to his being available from the NYI. This was a pretty high pick and a famous junior.
                  5. “Deslauriers is one of the top goaltenders in the AHL. You talk to different player personnel people from other teams and one of them told me the other night he thought Deslauriers was the best goaltender in the American Hockey League.” Seems to be a stretch when viewed over his entire career but he is certainly playing well this season. A strong second half may mean he gets a legit NHL shot as a backup during the 08-09 season.
                  6. Pouliot: “We’ve moved Marc back to center he’s the #1 center down there now. Currently he’s playing with a bad shoulder at this point and still contributing. Kelly Buchberger has been working with him on things that coach MacTavish felt he had to work on. He has great hockey sense and an ability to make things happen.” I keep pulling for him but his career course has ‘role player’ written all over it.
                  7. Jacques: “He got confused as to whether he should be an offensive player or a physical player. From our standpoint is we want him to be a physical player. We had a long talk a couple of weeks ago, and told him in order to make the NHL the physical play has to come back in there.” He’s also been injured, plastic surgery, bad elbow and back. Lordy.
                  8. KP said it did take some time to convince both MP and JFJ that they weren’t trying to bury them which is a very interesting comment. From my point of view it does look like the organization has given up on them at least a little, guess we’ll see as this rolls out.
                  9. He mentioned Bumagin as a great offensive talent and they believe he has a future in the organization. Also mentioned Omark is similar to Gagner. Bumagin is in the RSL and Omark in the SEL.

                  That’s probably not half of the interview. Lots of info for prospects fans.

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                  19 Responses to "KP Farm Update"

                  1. Andy Grabia says:

                    He got confused as to whether he should be an offensive player or a physical player.

                    You can’t be both?

                  2. Lowetide says:

                    I still believe in the guy. He put up a similar Desjardins’ NHLE to Nilsson last season at the same age and the guy is basically a football players on skates.

                    Which come to think of it might be the problem. Maybe I’m just taken with the IDEA of Jean Francois Jacques.

                  3. heed says:

                    i’m taken by the idea of jfj as well. if only he threw that massive frame around with zero abandon.

                  4. Bruce says:

                    Is that Bumagin as in “Did we draft a Bum agin?”

                  5. doritogrande says:

                    Where might a prospect fan obtain said rest of interview?

                  6. Lowetide says:

                    dorito: and click on #2 (after #1 which is the gameday update).

                    Should have been clearer.

                  7. doritogrande says:

                    Thanks LT. I don’t hit the Oilers main site anymore, due to some…indescresions concerning their message board.

                    I’ll have to give the site a second chance for this interview though, and avoid contact with the “fans”.

                  8. Lowetide says:

                    I’ve never actually gone on their site for the fan chatter. If you do listen let me know what you think of the interview and if you hear something like “we’ll be looking for a scoring winger this summer.”

                    I thought I heard it and then couldn’t find the darn thing.

                  9. Dennis says:

                    LT: I guess right now it’s a race between JFJ, ROM and perhaps Reddox for the Reasoner role?

                    I’m not sold that 13-89 will keep playing together and somehow I see Cogs turning into a Marchant speedster shutdown guy once he decides to be harder on the puck.

                    So considering that Horc’s the man and 89′s already being groomed for some keys, that puts 13 as the third line pivot and the aforemention guys fighting for 4th line and PK time.

                    Bottom line is that time’s almost assuredly passed for Pouliot to cover any ’03 bets. That class is on it’s way to the moon while Pouliot’s back at base throwing up everytime he goes into the zero gravity machine.

                    But, if he shows up and can keep his head above water at EV and kill penalties, at least it’s something.

                    Looking forward to the rest of the interview. Still can’t see a future for Schremp as an Oiler though. 13-89 are etched in stone so it’s down to him and Nilsson for the last candy spot.

                  10. Lowetide says:

                    Dennis: I think O’Marra would have to have a full season of good health in the AHL to be considered an option but everything else you wrote rings true.

                    Many moons ago I asked a question on HF here:


                    and we pretty much have our answer 4 years later.

                  11. Dennis says:

                    That’s a cool old link, LT.

                    Because I’m sick of talking about Pouliot, though I’ll probably change my mind after listening to all of KP’s interview and I already have some early thoughts on the boys being worried they were getting buried;), let’s Talk about Brodz for a second.

                    Outside of a young Moreau, I’ve never seen a guy get that many scoring chances without actually scoring. For a non-skill guy, ie throw up some arbitrary number as a cut-off in terms of career PPG, I’ve never seen another Oiler hit more posts than Moreau. I remember his first game on HNIC vs the Dys and he mixed with Grier-Marchant right off the bloody bat and right away he had all kinds of chances to score but his capitalization rate sucked. Later on he played about a half of a season with Reasoner and Hemsky and Ales was setting up left, right and centre. Yet, all we heard was ping, pong and bonk.

                    So, despite times like that glorious late game goal vs Cuntreal in Dec of ’05, Moreau gets chances but doesn’t cash. Unlike say a Reasoner who could go games without a chance, ie you could also throw in early season ’08 Stoll.

                    But, I think it’s progess that Brodz can at least get himself in position to score and from the first times I saw him he’s really improved his skating. And I keep talking about this but he has great PK rates according to Desjardins.

                  12. rickibear says:

                    Lt: I listen to these religiously and allways have a pad and paper to write down the quotes. Was going to skip this one. Glad you posted this. Made me listen to the whole thing.

                    Highlights for me

                    Pendergrast compares Omark to Cogliano and says he will be over here after his contact runs out in 08-09.

                    Bumagin is being worked with by Musil and Pendergrast is making a trip to see him.

                    The reference to a scoring winger is @ 24:30 of the program.

                    Also stated we need to address the physical aspect of the team to get people to protect ganger and the other players.

                  13. Jamie says:

                    Should Gagner and Cogs be still playing with the Oil in two years, I cannot fathom where Omark will fit. Why do we need another small forward?

                    Gagner is akin to Martin Gelinas, Cogs is a better Mike Comrie and Omark is a fiesty Theo Fleury. Maybe those comparisons are stretching it. I digress.

                    As I say in my blog posting on him, I would’ve rather the Oilers had chosen his teammate Johan Harju. I stick by that, and hope for a trade with Tampa Bay.

                  14. Lowetide says:

                    Jamie: Not to worry. The Oilers have drafted about 20 Swedes in the late rounds since 2001 and they don’t really get a chance to see the light of day.

                    Almtorp and Johansson finally made it over to become AHL depth players, which represents the high water mark.

                    If this kid is a player I’ll be shocked.

                    As for “another small forward” I don’t really think an organization can think that way. If this fellow is good enough maybe the Oilers find room for him, and although Gagner and Cogliano are both smaller players they are not terribly similar as hockey players so there’s some differences in how they’ll probably be used moving forward.

                  15. honkey says:

                    Watching Omark on a daily basis here in Luleå I can only agree with Jamie in that Oiler should have drafted Harju instead. This guy is the complete package, big, strong like to throw his body around and got an excellent wrist shot along with a nose for the net.
                    He always seems to be at the right spot around the net and pick up lose pucks and rebounds for easy goal. Other than that he is extremly intelligent player without the puck and has been used as a center and even defenseman at times.

                    Omark on the other hand is quite small and mostly a technical skilled guy, loves to do nifty moves with the puck but often overplays situation. He’s strong around the boards with the puck and defenders have a hardtime handling him 1 on 1 along the boards so he often draws penaltys.
                    on the other hand the defensive part of Omarks game is often just plain bad, problem with picking up the right man in backchecking and losing his man in his own zone coverage.

                    I just hope Oilers hire a better European scout then Mr Magic cause Sweden is looking very strong in the coming years. Players born 1990 and 1991 is considered to be the most talented age group ever.

                  16. Lowetide says:

                    As much as I love dumping on Kenta it’s important to remember the Oilers at this point are paying only lip service to Europe.

                    It seems like the Oilers spent a period drafting Euro’s high (Rita, Mikhnov) and watching them play very little in their respective elite leagues during vital development years and then decided Europe had no talent.

                    I’m fairly certain that had the Oilers found a way to get Rita over here he would have developed differently.

                    As it is, the Oilers shouldn’t bother drafting in Europe. They don’t care enough and it shows.

                    I don’t think that’s Kenta’s fault.

                  17. Dennis says:

                    Just finished listening to the interview and as was mentioned going in, it’s super hard to pay any real heed to anything KP has to say.


                    Jacques: Interesting that the Oilers told JFJ to focus on one thing only. I could kill forests writing about why I think that’s wrong. Let’s just hope this pays off. I will say that KP seemed to indicate that Jacques would see the light of NHL day again this year before Pouliot, or at least that’s how I heard it, and that makes sense if they’re looking for him to take the role of Stortini. ATEOTDT, I doubt JFJ wants that role. I hope he does because he’s fast enough to be able to hammer just about anyone on the forecheck and he’s big enough that when he makes contact, it will hurt.

                  18. jon k says:

                    I think the distinction for being a scorer versus being physical might have a lot to do with the player specifically. Some players can do both. Lots of players. JFJ just might not have the equipment up top to figure it out. He does both very well at the AHL level, then looks absolutely and completely lost at the NHL, moreso than any player I’ve ever seen. Who knows, but might be a case where a guy tries to do both (read: “too much”) and is just not capable of figuring it out at the highest level.

                  19. Dennis says:

                    JK, from what I’ve read and heard, Jacques is a fellow who at the A level can seperate guys from the puck and can chip in a few goals as well.

                    But when you hear Pendergast talk, it’s like they want him to cruise around without a stick.

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