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Riley Nash had another nice night for Cornell, popping two goals (the first an unassisted effort which was a game winner, the second a PP marker) and now stands at 16gp, 7-7-14 which leads the Cornell club in points.

Tonight’s unassisted goal was his third of the season, which is at the very least curious. My mind allows me to imagine end to end dashes ala Gilbert Perreault although there were probably turnovers in there too. I like what’s doing to that defenseman too. It’s nice to see a defenseman not wearing Oiler colors badly beaten and waiting for his skull to hit iron.

With all of Gagner, Cogliano, Gilbert and Brodziak (plus another one or two maybe) graduating as prospects this winter, Riley Nash is looking like one of the very best prospects on the Oilers list at this time.

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15 Responses to "Life of Riley"

  1. Muller says:

    Is Nash still young enough to play next year in the WJC?

  2. Lowetide says:

    Oh yes, definitely. Nash turns 20 in May of 2009 so he’s definitely eligible for the 2009 WJC’s.

  3. PunjabiOil says:

    Riley Nash’s strong performance should put armchair GM’s like myself back in my place.

    Averaging close to a PPG along with doing other good things in a freshman year indicates a guy with strong offensive potential. Okposo territory.

    The Fact that Nash is leading the team in scoring is even more impressive.

    I’d probably leave Nash another year in college, and then encourage a entry level contract. Spend another full year in the AHL, and play with the Oilers at 21 – actually ready to play in the big leagues instead of being thrown to the wolves like Gagner and Cogliano.

  4. Bendelson says:

    Tough game.

    Nice night for Grebs, Cogliano, Nilsson and Gagner on paper.
    I suspect nobody told the rookies they were tired and unable to compete.

    Let the rookies play! I really don’t see how we are a better team today (or tomorrow) without them in the lineup…

    It’s not a playoff year. Keep developing – what else is there?

    (Time to move Rollie and ol’reliable – Stevie Staios??)

    It’s the logical next move, don’t you think?

  5. Black Dog says:

    bendelson – who is going to take Roloson? Who is going to take a 4mm cap hit next year for goaltending insurnance down the stretch?

    Staios might get moved although taking him and Tarnstrom off of this D and throwing the kids to the wolves game after game doesn’t do much for their development I would say. Another stretch like last spring or a few more games like last night and you’re going to end up with a lot of kids with zero confidence.

    Smid and Grebs can’t handle the minutes they are getting now. How will bumping them up the ladder make them better players?

  6. Black Dog says:

    On the plus side, Nash sounds impressive. How does the conference he is playing in rank?

    If the Oilers get two players out of last year’s first round that would be a nice result. Hoping for three but two would be fine.

  7. Dennis says:

    LT, it’s only about 1/3 of a season but can you break this down for us? How impressive is this start relative to him being a freshman and league scoring rates?

    BTW, I’ve lost your email, drop me a line and I’ve got a little something for you.

  8. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: It’s impressive on all kinds of fronts. He isn’t 5-09 or something and he isn’t (based on what we know from draft day scouting reports) a one dimensional player.

    So he APPEARS to be a somewhat complete player who is kicking out the jams at a young age in the NCAA.

    At 18 years old, Chris Higgins went 27gp, 14-17-31 at Yale (1.15ppg) and that is somewhat comparable to Nash in his current season at Cornell (16gp, 7-7-14, .875).

    Nash is leading his team in scoring and it’s a very mature team (the top 4F’s aside from Nash are two 21-year olds and two 20-year olds). This is also similar to Higgins who outscored his mates by plenty (although he played on a less mature team).

    Goal scoring totals for that Higgins team (93 goals in 31gp, exactly 3.00gpg) is >>>> to the current Cornell lineup (24 goals in 9gp, 2.67gpg).

    I haven’t really looked closely, but that’s a pretty nice comp and would appear to be similar in player style too.

  9. Dennis says:

    Thanks, LT. I saw Higgins down here in the AHL and at the time I compared him to a minor league Horc: the guy could do everything.

    If Nash comes close to Higgins, we’ve got a winner here.

  10. Asiaoil says:

    Hated the deal at draft day but I’m always happy to be wrong like this. Kid looks like a player and a solid freshman performance against older opposition in the NCAA is always impressive. Plus he’s actually got some size and speed – double happy.

  11. Asiaoil says:

    Horcoff’s freshman stats at Michigan State were 40 10-13-23 but who knows what kind of ice he saw since his team was probably much better than Nash’s Cornell squad. Horc is probably not a bad comp either – but Nash is probably more a more natural offensive player.

  12. speeds says:

    Riley Nash’s strong performance should put armchair GM’s like myself back in my place.

    Yes and no.

    With Nash (and I can’t speak to your opinion specifically) most of the complaints centered on the trade to land 21 OV, coupled with a general opinion that Nash could have been selected later than he was.

    In terms of the trade, some felt the Oilers paid a high price relative to what that transaction would normally cost.

    With regard to armshair GM’s, I think it is admirable and right to give the Oilers credit for their draft picks when they go against the picks that us “armchair GM’s” would have made.

    But it’s just as fair to note the times where the armchair GM’s were right, whatever right means.

    IE. O’Sullivan in 2003

  13. Bank Shot says:

    Nash looks like a helluva pick thus far.

  14. Marchantfan says:

    Here’s a youtube of a pretty nice Nash goal. This doesn’t mean I’m no longer pissed about the pick, but this does abate the anger somewhat.

  15. Master Lok says:

    Did anyone take down all the armchair picks for the 2007 draft? We should compare with the Oilers picks to see how everyone did 5 years later…. assuming we’re all around 5 years later to care.

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