Oilers at Capitals, G48/07-08

This is Denis Dupere in the original Capitals uniform. I loved the uniforms and always rooted for the team in a “how can you resist they’re so terrible” kind of way. Actually, the Caps and Seals and Padres and Expos are probably the teams that gave me a fascination with “team building” and the amateur draft. If you’re a fan of a bad team, you endure the season and look forward to the draft and trading season.

The Capitals had a weird streak going early in their existence: their draft picks had little or no sustain early on, and then later never really delivered on promise. They drafted TWENTY FIVE players in 1974, and the total GP was a paltry 884 (Greg Joly, first overall played 365; Mike Marson, a pretty good stocky Coke Machine played 196; John Paddock 87gp; Paul Nicholson 62gp; Brian Kinsella 10gp; Tony White 164gp).

The next season they traded the top pick to Philadelphia for C Bill Clement (Flyers got Mel Bridgman with the top pick) who lasted just over half a season before they traded him. Following season they drafted Rick Green who had a nice career but didn’t get into a playoff game until the early 80s when they sent him to Montreal.

By 1977 the Capitals had straightened out the drafting and had a beauty run of first round picks (Robert Picard, Ryan Walter, Mike Gartner, Darren Veitch, Bobby Carpenter, Scott Stevens) that would allow them to climb up the standings.

It’s a hard thing to do, building with youth. Your GM makes bets and some of them work out, others don’t. Wish I could give you a recent example we all know about, but it’s just not coming to me.

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  1. Black Dog says:

    Nice close.

    Har har.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Yet again, the 1st game of our latest 5-game must-win streak… looking at Washington’s roster, there doesn’t seem much to worry about.

    Ovechkin-Backstrom-Kozlov is the only reliable scoring line on the team, with Semin-Fleischmann-Gordon needing weaker opponents to thrive. Castoffs fill the third and fourth lines, with AHL journeyman Quintin Laing, 25yr-old former Kings 1st rounder Dave Steckel and energy guy Matt Bradley taking fairly tough minutes, and Brashear playing with Brooks Laich and a horrendously struggling Matt Pettinger.

    Washington’s D is awfully young, with it’s top pairing being stay-at-home defender Shaone Morrisonn (originally picked with an Edmonton 1st rounder- we picked Hemsky with Boston’s) and 22-yr old Mike Green (a very hot offensive guy right now). Tom Poti (who has yet to score a goal this year) pairs with the awful John Erskine (who, in parts of 7 seasons, has 5 goals and 447 PIMs) to form an unimposing second pairing. Drawing up the rear is 24-yr old Steve Eminger (who, due to a recurring ankle injury has played but 4 games this season) and 6’6″ 21-yr old Jeff Schultz, another former 1st rounder.

    Kolzig or Johnson could start, opinion over at HFboards seems to be Johnson, but neither is a particularly intimidating opponent.

    Somehow, this team is only 5 points out of the division lead, with 2 games in hand on Atlanta. It should be either a wonderful or season-destroying 5-game roadtrip thru the Southeast.

  3. godot10 says:

    Washington has beat Ottawa 4 times this year, and fairly easily.

  4. Bruce says:

    Too bad Brian Pothier is out, Rod won’t have a chance to work with the defence pair of Poti and Pothier. (Kind of describes this season, doesn’t it?) To me it’s the best named defence pair since Playfair and Ruff.

    While I agree with Jonathan that Washington’s roster doesn’t look like much, they’ve been ambushing teams regularly during Bruce Boudreau’s brief but very impressive tenure. Luckily the Oilers have been taught a very recent lesson about taking an opponent lightly.

    This feels like an important game. The Oilers need to avoid losing streaks of any length, and a second consecutive (regulation) loss would undo much of the progress from the recent four-game win streak, especially considering the number of bonus points that have appeared on the out-of-town scoreboard of late.

  5. Jonathan says:

    //Washington has beat Ottawa 4 times this year, and fairly easily.//

    They also had Nylander for 3 of those 4 wins, and this is a seriously different team w/o him. If Nylander’s playing, you’ve got Nylander, Backstrom, Gordon and Steckel/Laich up the middle, which, if pedestrian is not awful. With Nylander out, Backstrom’s your 1st line guy, Gordon (an underrated checker) is to play a scoring role and one of Steckel or Laich has to be a solid 3rd line checker.

    That said, they’ve got streaky goalies and a smart coach, so anything’s possible.

  6. Lord Bob says:

    And they’re playing the Edmonton Oilers, so things are just looking up for the Capitals.

  7. ClaytonMagnet says:

    jonathan said – looking at Washington’s roster, there doesn’t seem much to worry about.

    Lord Bob stole my thunder a bit… but right now someone in the Capitalogosphere (if one exists) is posting “looking at Edmonton’s roster, there doesn’t seem…”


  8. Dennis says:

    I’m not to the point where I’m overlooking a lot of teams but the Oilers have enough vets back now that they are respectable; and especially on nights when vets are seeing the lion’s share of time which is say what happened on Mon night vs LA when they went to three lines.

    Yes, I know what happened in that game:) but I’m just saying, I have more confidence in this team now that 18-34 are taking the min that was being given to a group of guys that I won’t get into right now.

    Anyway, two things that worry me is how the Oilers always manage to lose in Wsh, I know this stuff makes Vic cringe but I believe in it, and how well Wsh has been playing since post Boudreau.

    BTW, LT, check out MacT’s pregame podcast. Now you can finally rest knowing Lowe isn’t bringing anyone in and doesn’t give a fuck about where the team finishes in the standings. Not a big surprise to me, mind you, but MacT lays it out there when talking about the status of Tarnstrom and Sanderson.

  9. Dennis says:

    You gotta hope that all of our kids are better off for this approach, because Burke and the Ducks almost certainly will be.

  10. Jonathan says:

    //MacT lays it out there when talking about the status of Tarnstrom and Sanderson.//

    He all but said that Tarnstrom was going to get dealt. I’m not sure how Grebs/Smid slot in ahead of him, but that seemed to be implied, especially when MacT said that he deferred to the kids in terms of ice time.

  11. namflashback says:



    - MacT likes the pain and suffering
    - is bat *#%^ crazy
    - is not smart
    - is on the same “compete, but not really this year” plan as Lowe

    I’m not sure I’m comfortable with any of those options.

  12. Dennis says:

    Greene’s been activated and is off to SF for a conditioning stint while Sanderson’s been moved to IR. So, Oil right now are going with 13 forwards, 8 D and two goalies.

    I think this is Sandy taking one for the team and he’ll come off IR as soon as Tarnstrom’s dealt. Which will be as soon as Greene’s conditioning stint is up.

  13. Jonathan says:

    //Is on the same “compete, but not really this year” plan as Lowe//


    //I think this is Sandy taking one for the team and he’ll come off IR as soon as Tarnstrom’s dealt. Which will be as soon as Greene’s conditioning stint is up.//

    If not sooner.

    And not to sound like a broken record, but Roli’s should get dealt, and two or three of the teams with the weakest goaltending in the league will be playing the Oilers on this road trip.

  14. Bruce says:

    0-0, 6 minutes in. Is it just me, or could the score be 4-2 already?

  15. PDO says:

    2 Points:

    #1) There’s Scorecoff again.
    #2) Nilsson should be on his way to the AHL by now. If I see another turn over at the blueline like that I might throw up….

  16. PDO says:

    Anyway, two things that worry me is how the Oilers always manage to lose in Wsh,

    Well Roli is 4-2, and didn’t Pisani get a hat trick last time we were there? It was during a stretch for a playoff run IIRC.

  17. godot10 says:

    The thing I like about the Oilers powerplay rotation now is that Moreau, Reasoner, and Pisani get the first shift after it ends.

  18. Devin says:

    Nilsson with the only play that will keep him out of Springfield. As much as I hate watching his lazy turnovers it’s fun to watch a guy with hands for once.

    Anyone else forced to watch this on Comcast? Terrible, I freaking hate these guys and their nasal voices and their “unlucky bounce” crap every time an Oiler makes a nice play.

  19. PDO says:


    Wouldn’t you be insane if you were him and 34 and 18 were out of the lineup for as long as they were?

  20. Devin says:

    pdo – sure I would, I would hate every minute of it. But I wouldn’t have 89 and 12 coming on against the other team’s top line after PPs when I could have 19 and 51 out there, to take a real example. So kudos to MacT for making some sense, at long last.

    I also like how he’s running HorPenSky away from the PvP matchup and letting Stoll and Marty take on the big guns. Horc is chewing up the lesser lights and it’s not as if Stoll can generate any offense in either role, so might as well burn Stoll’s ES minutes on the toughies and pave the way for some Hemsky dangles.

  21. Lowetide says:

    I can’t put my finger on it, but this game screams “Tommy Salo.”

  22. PDO says:


    You think so? I donno… sometimes guys just make their shots, and that’s what I’d call this.

    What I’m starting to wonder, is should we be looking at turning Pitkanen to someone else? The guy is made of glass….

  23. PDO says:

    Or, Lain is right and Tommy Salo has been reincarnated in Edmonton.

  24. doritogrande says:

    If that 4th Capitals goal stands up as the game winner, you Edmontonians better run Dwayne Roloson out of town.

  25. honkey says:

    Good powerplay but at EV Oilers are badly outplayed and Roloson can’t give up that goal to Semin just before period end.

  26. danny says:


  27. Dennis says:

    Terrible fucking period for the Oilers at EV. The slot was left totally unguarded and OV and Friends had the lay of the fucking land out there.

    Roli made a couple of nice saves but what the hell was he at on the first goal and that fourth goal would, yes Lain, make Tommy proud. That’s not something we’ve seen out of Garon now is it?

    89 vs the baddies finally caught up to us and even if we went into the third period tied, I could, as my father used to say, “see this one sticking out.” There’s no way the Oilers would’ve held on or will come back with just five D to work with.

    And, yes PDO, if this is another lingering injury for Pitkanen, then I’m gonna get a little pissed myself.

    As it is, it’s gonna be another interesting loss. Right up there with the last min goal vs Det, the late game goal in CBJ and the 4-1 blown lead in Minny. There’s probably more but I’m just thinking of games where the Oilers absolutely had to have a point but didn’t garner one.

  28. Lowetide says:

    Another great play in the offensive zone by Smid.

    (exits quickly).

  29. Black Dog says:

    Horcoff again.

    Best Oilers’ line ever!


    And Chris Pronger left the Ducks’ game with a foot injury. Or maybe some Albertans are burning down his house in Anaheim. Ass.

  30. Lowetide says:

    Did he put it in his mouth?

  31. Scarlett says:

    When people start comparing your play to Salo, time to change the goalies.

  32. PDO says:

    Did he put it in his mouth?

    Pretty sure he put something in Christie Chorley’s mouth…

    How bout that Horcoff guy? Best third liner in the league ;).

  33. doritogrande says:

    Carolina’s down 4-0 against Ottawa just into the third. Is this a good thing for the Oilers chances tomorrow, or not?

  34. doritogrande says:

    Somebody pissed in our 6’4″ bull’s breakfast today.

    Lovin’ it.

  35. Julian says:

    Did you guys see that one play in the third where an oilers D got caught pinching and Stoll (i think) ended up defending against Ovetchkin one on one? Stoll must have been shitting himself there.

    Oh look, OT.

  36. Julian says:

    jeez, Grebs, Gilbert, Cogs and Nilsson all on the ice in OT. What’s the collective age there, 90?

  37. doritogrande says:

    Can Garon pull a Mike Morrison? I’d endorse MacT for coach of the year.

  38. Black Dog says:

    Now apparently its Pronger’s knee.

    By midnight it will be a head injury.

  39. Julian says:

    staois needs to pull a malik move here.

  40. PDO says:

    Remains a terrible way to decide a game.


  41. Ribs says:

    A few things…
    - Frozen pucks would be nice.

    - Someone get Stoll a shorter stick. The way he leans on them is ridiculous.

    - Let me play just one game vs. Ovechkin. Just one. You’d think a team would watch him more closely. The play where he jumps over the boards for a pass is routine for him nowadays. Anyone catching on?

    - Props to the Oilers depleted defense unit. Hopefully the injured brigade will let up soon.

    - Sanderson, back injuries suck.

    - Tommy Roloson, don’t have such a big meal before an early game. If it wasn’t that, no more pre-game drink-offs.

    - Shootout…yikes.

  42. Ribs says:

    One more note… I enjoy Loubardias because he’s such a homer and not too incredibly annoying (unlike the flames guys), but Having Quinn back on is a definite improvement.

  43. Dennis says:

    Smid actually did make one nice play before the series of plays that lead to the 4-4 goal.

    It’s too bad it only took him a 100 games to find his niche:D

    Anyway, considering Lain threw the first jab:), any talks tonight on Lowe picking up that vet for you, LT?:D

    As for the game, chalk it up to another W and point lost because they have to close a 2-0 lead after 20.

    Other stuff:

    - Nilsson’s an interesting fellow, isn’t he? Starts off the the giveaway to Flecisheman, then backchecks to strip a guy and later on has a super quick release for the 2-0 goal. He can be a player but it’s up to him.

    - Roli bounces back but it’s not good enough. That fourth goal was beyond bad.

  44. Lowetide says:

    I worked with Loubardias 100 years ago, and he’s such a great guy. You have to know the guy is exceptional in all other areas if he can rise through the ranks with what is not the greatest voice in the crowd.

    He’s enthusiastic, has a great deal of knowledge without sounding like a prick and has paid his dues in full.

    It was nice to have Quinn back. My wife refers to him as “LETS the shot go!” and she was happy he’d returned too.

  45. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: Lowe is lying. The Oilers are getting Dvorak and Campbell after midnight.

  46. Dennis says:

    Quinn is the only PBP guy that keeps his dignity when Souray shoots the puck.

  47. PDO says:

    FORTY FOUR ROCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Ribs says:

    Ha Ha….Awesome.

  49. PunjabiOil says:

    I thought the Horcoff-Hemsky-Penner line was the only one out there doing anything.

    Souray did a fairly good job, aside from a few poor turnovers. Poor choice pulling a Gunner Stahl in the SO, with Kolzig that far out of the net. Mind you, I would have rather gone with Staios or Grebeshkov.

    Pitkanen out with another harmless hit. Makes you wonder whether the knee problems are chronic. Hopefully they don’t hamper his skating in the long run – that is his game.

    Not much offense 5 on 5 in the first 40. 2 PP goals, and another goal on EV as soon as the PP expired. Not enough scoring depth from the 2nd line, and Roloson was a sieve.

    Entertaining game however. And the SE division still have trouble selling tickets.

  50. Black Dog says:

    Apparently now they are saying Joni has a minor groin tweak.

  51. Dennis says:

    It was a very entertaining game and it’s been a long time since I watched a game where I was so afraid of an opposing player, ie OV. In fact, I’ve been been so afraid of a player on the other side because the fucker will shoot from anywhere, he has a strong shot and he hits like a tank which means he could also take one of your players out. Last night the guy nailed all of 77, 18 and 89 to boot. I don’t know how long he can play like this without picking his spots, but while he does, he’s something to see.

    PJO, it was a super entertaining game. Given it was against the EC and thus had no WC playoff implications, I would’ve been fine with an OT or SO win and it would’ve went down as the most entertaining reg season game I’ve seen in a long time.

    But because we blew a 2-0 lead, it makes it easier to focus on the negatives. And, like you said, there weren’t a whole lot of Oilers scoring chances at EV. I’m remembering 13 being robbed off the LW early in the first, 19 near the doorstep in the second and then an outstanding save off 34 in the third. Am I missing anything? 51 had a chance in the first I just remembered but I think that was about it at EV, other than from the first line.

    I think the Oilers should try 19-16-34 and then put 18 in a babysitting role with two of 12-13-89, like 34 was doing before him. Either that or you go 18-19-51 and give 12, 13 or 89 a bump to play with the 16-34 combo.

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