Oilers at Hurricanes, G49/07-08

There was an article in the paper yesterday about the Oilers still hurting over G7, SCF. I didn’t have the heart to read it. When I was a kid I’d hear or read about stories of great loss in sports and kind of wonder if people were a little weird, taking sports so seriously when it really is just a game.

Then in 1981 I experienced one of those memorable, horrible moments (Blue Monday) and can honestly say I’m still not over it. If Jim Fanning walked into my house today I’d kick him as hard as I could for bringing in Steve Rogers and THEN not getting him out of the game when Ron Cey hit a rocket to the warning track.

I can well remember Gary Carter’s description of the Monday homer (“I tapped my leg and put my glove ‘middle in’ but Steve threw it right in the middle of the plate”) and I can well remember the Conklin goal and the Jason Smith jailbreak when the puck hit Mike Commodore’s giant fricking head and they lost G1 and never did get back on top of the series.

I can tell you the Edmonton Oilers were the better team, and you can smile and think “crazy old man lost in his own mind” but I will die knowing that beauty team deserved the Stanley.

And Raleigh can shove it.

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  1. rickibear says:

    LT: The three Teams that should have list (makes me say F******K is:
    #3 2005-2006 Oilers
    #2 1981 Expos
    #1 1994 Expos

    They were on pace to win 105 games.


  2. DBO says:

    Anyone think Mact will stick to his lines from the middle of the second where he put Pisani in with stoll and reasoner? And gagner moves to wing with Cogs and moreau? i like the lines, been calling for it for weeks. A true checking line, and the kids get to use their skills together.

  3. Oilman says:

    you think anyone in Raleigh remembers? I’m sure the typical repsonse to any questions regarding the 06 Hurricanes is “yeah, we had some flood damage and we never did find the dog”

  4. kinger says:

    We need this game. I’ve long given up hope for any sort of postseason run, but I still think this team needs to play well down the stretch to build some confidence and chemistry. Let’s face it, with the way the teams contracts are structured (plenty of long term deals) we are going to be watching these guys for a few years to come.

    I am so excited about 27-10-83. They have been a real force out there in the last 5 or 6 games. It reminds me of the stretch last year where 94-10-83 looked like genuine world beaters. While our new top line didn’t generate much versus LA, they redeemed themselves with a dominant performance in Washington. Certainly, Penner appears to be playing with more confidence than I have ever seen him display.

    Speaking of the Washington game, did anyone here have the Caps feed? Wow, the broadcasters were BAD. At one point the colour guy had to be corrected when he commented that Cujo had signed with the ‘Yotes.

    Over at HF there is a praise thread for Ray Ferraro. I gotta say I’ve been enjoying his informed commentary of late; he actually adds something of value to the broadcast. Curiously, a poster with the name Klaus has chimed in calling out Ferraro and promoting Vancouver’s Jim Hughson. Now I have the unfortunate honour of living in Vancouver and listening to this idiot on a weekly basis and let me tell you, I have no idea how this Klaus guy lives in a world of opposites. Here are a couple quotes:

    “Best guy in the business is Jim Hughson for the Vancouver Canucks. He does regional broadcasts for them too, miles ahead of anyone we have.”

    “Hughson does a great job of sounding neutral, he focuses on each team for a similar amount of time throughout the game; he also possibly has the most knowledge of anyone calling the game right now”

    World of opposites.

  5. Doogie says:

    Jim Hughson is good at sounding neutral as long as the Canucks aren’t playing. When they are, though, it might as well be an RSN Pacific ‘cast. I mean, the guy’s got something like a dozen years’ experience being a Canucks homer, but then again, he also used to be TSN’s guy in the early 90s, so…

    Also, the uni geek in me grins at seeing two different old jerseys in that pic (I can just make out the Gretzky Kings sweaters in the background).

  6. Oilman says:

    Hughson is good, but nuetral he is not

  7. Oilman says:

    Also, the uni geek in me grins at seeing two different old jerseys in that pic (I can just make out the Gretzky Kings sweaters in the background)

    You know what that Francis Jersey is missing….a big “HARTFORD” right across the chest above the logo

  8. Jonathan says:

    Sorry guys, but I have to tell you . . . as an Oilers fan living in B.C., Jim Hughson is as good if not better than anyone doing play-by-play for the Oilers. He even occasionally manages to make John Garret sound intelligent. And he’s far and away the best guy on HNIC. When he does Canucks games 90% of the time, do you really expect strict impartiality?

    Anyways, what I actually wanted to do was run through Carolina’s roster:

    Up front:
    Stillman-Staal-Whitney seems to be playing the toughest opposition right now, which makes sense looking at their lines. Staal’s good if a little overrated, but Stillman and Whitney are excellent, underrated vets. Cole-Brind’Amour-Samsonov are getting easier opposition right now, probably because the first two guys have to lug Sergei around with them. Brind’Amour isn’t having a great season, and if I hear anybody mention him and Selke in the same sentence I’ll be very upset. Ladd-Cullen-Walker is an interesting line. Cullen has had a good offensive year, especially given his TOI, while Ladd and Walker have both battled injuries. Ladd’s only 22 and is intriguing if he can stay healthy. Larose and Letowski are the bottom roster forwards, and I think d-man Casey Borer’s been playing with them. Larose has been good despite a concussion, while Lewtowski has been lost since a fall of 2006 concussion. Borer’s fresh out of college, and seems to be Carolina’s Mr. HS.

    Gleason and Hedican seem to be playing some of the tough minutes, and while Gleason’s struggled, the immortal Hedican seems OK. His offensive game disappeared somewhere amid his laundry list of injuries (especially over the last 3 years) though.
    Speaking of immortal defenders, Glen Wesley pairs with Mike Commodore, also against tough opponents. Wesley’s offensive game’s (such as it was) has been gone for about seven years, but he’s decent defensively and we should all be acquainted with Mr. Commodore.
    Kaberle and Seidenberg round out the D, and while Seidenberg’s been OK, Kaberle hasn’t contributed much offense since fall ’06 shoulder surgery.

    Ward looked bad against Ottawa and it’s a good bet that Leighton gets the start tonight. Leighton has a career 900sv% in 50 NHL games, all with miserable teams, so hopefully nobody underrates him. Ward, on the other hand, has never hit .900, except for one stretch that coincided with the 2005-06 playoffs. Figures.

    Anyway, this is a team with a good looking group of forwards, a bunch of defense-good offense-poor blueliners, and bad goaltending. Also, they’ve been decimated with injuries ever since their cup win. Still, this team really should be the best in the Southeast.

  9. Doogie says:

    You know what that Francis Jersey is missing….a big “HARTFORD” right across the chest above the logo

    Yes, subtlety is a lost art in the modern logo design world. At least the Blue Jackets finally killed that monstrosity they used to wear.

    Oh yeah, there’s a game here, too. It strikes me that these Southleast teams all resemble the Oilers to a degree. Some of them are young and talented but frustrating as all getout for exactly the same reason (Washington, Florida); all of them seem to be one-line teams with mediocre, castoff D. Other than Florida, though, they all suck balls in the nets, which in theory gives us an edge, especially the way Garon is playing. Given that, I’m encouraged, and I’m also encouraged by the fact that the Leafs beat these guys. The Leafs!

    Hopefully, tonight, we staunch the bleeding, because you have to think that if we don’t come out of this creampuff with at least seven of the last eight points (which would allow us to finish this relatively easy ten-game stretch at 7-1-2, if not 8-1-1), then even the most optimistic of us would have to pack it in.

  10. namflashback says:


    All the more accurate since the Avalanche splattered that particular creampuff last week.

    Barring a catastrophic injury to R. Luongo, the Avs are the only divisional team that Edmonton can leap.

    If the Avs are the target, Edmonton better run the next four games.

  11. Big T says:

    I think we should all be concerned that Carolina is coming off of a humiliating loss to the Ottawa’s. I imagine that they should start out like hell on wheels.


  12. dawgbone says:

    The funny thing regarding Klaus talking about Ferarro and Hughson?

    They have completely different roles in their respective broadcasts.

    Hughson still doesn’t hold a candle to Cuthbert though… dumbest thing CBC ever did and it was by far the worst thing to happen to Canadian hockey fans during the lockout.

    As for tonight, I think we have the advantage. Short flight from Washington to Carolina, both teams coming off a back to back, Canes sick with the flu.

    The Oilers really need the kind of game they put up against Anaheim in the H&H earlier in the hear.

  13. Art Vandelay says:

    If Jim Fanning walked into my house today I’d kick him as hard as I could for bringing in Steve Rogers…
    You’ll have to get in line.

  14. gary b says:

    i remember ‘Blue Monday’ like it was yesterday – one of only two times in my educational history where learnin’ was pre-empted by big events = Blue Monday & the first space shuttle launch.

    our french teacher Mr. Hamonic wheeled in the old AV rack with the TV on it, and instead of ‘j’parle français’ we watched the Expos.

    i spose Blue Monday would smart a little less if it wasn’t for ’94. what should have been another shot at glory ended up being a huge knife thru the heart. F*** you , MLB.

  15. gary b says:

    i think the OIl can win tonight IF, and that’s a big IF, they stay the hell outta the penalty box. Caronlina’s PP scares the bejeezus out of me.

  16. Bruce says:

    When Steve Rogers briefly pitched for the Trappers a few years later (1985?) I went to his first game at John Ducey Park, or was it still called Renfrew Park in those days? Whatever, it was classic Rogers: Steve pitched a gem, then lost a pitchers’ duel in the 9th inning, 2-1.

    Rogers may well have lost the most games in the 9th inning of any starting pitcher I’ve ever seen. All Fanning did was skip a few innings of great pitching in the script.

    One thing I have forgotten about Blue Monday is: who had the great start wasted by Rogers?

    I’m a lifelong Cards fan but always had a soft spot for the Expos (much more than the Jays, even today). It’s downright criminal misfortune that they had their two best teams in 1981 and 1994, the two strike years. That team never ever could buy a break. Now they’re the Ex-’Spos and it just doesn’t matter.

  17. Bruce says:

    our french teacher Mr. Hamonic wheeled in the old AV rack with the TV on it, and instead of ‘j’parle français’ we watched the Expos.

    Hats off to Mr. Hamonic, there’s a teacher with his priorities straight. Did Mr. Hamonic make you watch lundi bleu on the French channel, at least? (I learned my French listening to hockey on the radio; it actually helps when they’re talking about something familiar.)

    I remember with particular loathing Mr. Sprisak who scheduled a Physics test in the pre-lunch class on September 28, 1972, then told those students who grudgingly attended that there really wasn’t a test, he just wanted to make sure we showed up. A few of the kids walked out on the spot, and I still wish I’d had the balls to follow suit. By the time I got out of there the first period was over and it was Canada 2, Soviets 2. Biggest game ever, and I spent a third of it watching a clock and hating, HATING, HATING Physics.

    Mr. Sprisak was a moron. Turned a promising student off of Physics in a single lesson. It was a dozen years and a wasted educational opportunity later that I got back into it. And he coulda been a hero oh, so easily …

  18. PunjabiOil says:

    Here’s something:

    Horcoff +7
    Penner +7
    Hemsky +6
    Gilbert +6
    Pitkanen +3

    On the flip side:
    Gagner -14
    Staios -14
    Stoll -13
    Reasoner -12
    Smid -11
    Cogliano -8
    Brodziak -8
    Souray -6 (22 games)
    Greene -5 (13 games)

    The Plus/minus statistic is verifying and separating the good/bad players.

    It’s also confirming you can’t win with that many rookies in your lineup.

    Staios, Stoll, and Reasoner’s poor seasons are also being quantitatively being verified.

    The surprise to me was seeing Souray struggling in that category. Prorated, that’s a ~ -22 season. It appears he’s playing solid hockey – guess not.

  19. Lowetide says:

    Ray Burris. It was Ray Burris.

  20. Dennis says:

    A few things on a few things:

    Bruce – You’re a Newf and you love the Oil and when I read you talking about the Expos, I was about to ask you to submit to a paternity test:) Then I saw you liked the Cards and I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that my childhood Wasn’t a lie.

    PJO – Cracks are starting to show with Souray and the only positive thing I’d say about how it seems like he’s playing solid despite the -6 rating is that I’d wager he’s playing more EV TOI and a tougher role with the Oil than he was with the Habs. As for the cracks, he was beat wide at least once last night and made a couple of stupid passes.

    Looking at your seperation lists brings me to a point one of the guys was making about the 19-16-34 line and how it might affect the rest of the lines. I’m all for Moreau looking after two kids but I think one of those kids should be Nilsson. Fuck, I’m gonna give up saying and pretending that the 13-89 combo should see more time than him. He’s fifth among forwards in terms of PTS/60 on the PP, and let’s say he’s fourth because Stoll plays the point, he’s third in PTS/60 at EV and he’s +2 at EV overall. I think we’re looking at the next Bergy in a guy that has honest to goodness value but will get overlooked. He’s played 38 games now so it’s time to say that. Does he make stupid mistakes from time to time? Yes. But does he won out overall? I’d have to say yes. Look, it’s about youth but the decisions have been made on 13-89: they’re staying. But now we’ve got a guy in his last year of waiver exemption so if you’re looking to build a scoring line with two rooks and a vet, there’s no way he can’t be on it. The difference in who the other forward is between 13 and 89 seems negliable put Nilsson should be one of them.

    Note: I understand in this proclomation that I’m also the guy who said 12 has the knack for creating one chance a game and getting a point out of it but, fuck it, let’s ride that streak or luck or whatever’s happening. I was also thinking of subbing 18 for 19 and thus going with a 18-16-34 line but we’re better off building a line with a vet presence around 18 then 19 I think, and it’s all in the interest of balance because you’re going to want three primary lines where the second and third lines are close to each other in terms of EVTOI. We can treat 19 like a guy that needs babysitting and then let 18 do the babysitting with the rooks.

    Finally, I’d love to have someone to pay me to look at Oilers stats for a year and compile team chances for/against and log individual scoring chances. I say this because just going from memory, is it just me or does it seem like 51 has a lot of chances to score? Certainly more than a 19 for instance. I like Brod because of his size, work ethic and his fine PKing, or at least that’s what the numbers indicate, but I also like him because the guy has chances to score. Anyone else notice this?

  21. Jonathan says:

    //I like Brod because of his size, work ethic and his fine PKing, or at least that’s what the numbers indicate, but I also like him because the guy has chances to score. Anyone else notice this?//

    I have, but proving it statistically might be difficult. That said, Brodziak’s 71 shots ranks 6th among forwards, despite the fact that his TOI/Game is 12:18- 12th among forwards and ahead of only Geoff Sanderson and Zach Stortini among regulars.

  22. dawgbone says:

    While Souray’s +/- pro-rates to -22 based on his total games, he was -3 his first 6 games and has been -3 his last 16 (which still prorates to -15 on the season).

    He’s been a minus in 3 games since coming back (2 of them wins), and he’s got 4 PPP. Between the PP/PK/ES, he’s pretty darn close to being even since coming back, and he’s logging big minutes in tough situations.

    I know it was kosher to bash him in the blogs, but at some point people have to recognize he’s done a pretty good job on a team that is -15 in goal differential.

  23. LJ says:

    Ray Ferraro and Kevin Quinn might be the best broadcast duo in the biz, but I swear I’ll hunt down Gene Principe and punch him in the lips if he plays up the playing-in-Raleigh angle more than the compulsory minimum. God, I hate Gene Principe.

  24. Bruce says:

    Ah yes, Ray Burris, thanx LT. That was a bastard season in every way; the big walkout, the split season, my Cards finishing second in both “halves” and missing the playoffs with an NL East best record of 59-43, and my two most hated teams, the Dodgers and the Yankees, reaching the Series. The only highlight was the Expos taking out the Phillies in the very-first NLDS, but the loss to the Dodgers was very bitter indeed. Fuck I hated the Dodgers (Steve Garvey — ugghhh!!!!), even cheeered for the Yankees in the World Series, so guess who won that too? Fuck, I hated the ’81 Dodgers.

  25. marriedtotheoil says:

    1.) The Caps announcers were not only annoying, they had insanely irritating voices.

    2.) I think Gene Principe lives in Rexall place and owns his own microphone, and this is the explanation for how he somehow gets work.

    3.) I would really like the Oil to win tonight… in regulation. Just this once. Though last night proved there’s something even worse than winning in a regular shootout.

  26. Lowetide says:

    Nice to see Thoresen score a goal, and Gagner finally gets a point. If this team had 12 NHL players they’d be interesting.

  27. PDO says:

    It would sure be nice if that elite, durable player we signed in place for Ryan Smyth would have the common sense to pick the guy behind the net up when Stoll gives him support in front of the net.

    … how on Earth is THAT not goaltender interference? Wow.

  28. PDO says:

    Anyone else remember that advertisement Dallas had for a while?

    “The only thing our refs shave is the ice.”

    … hard to be so sure of that watching this third period.

  29. Ribs says:

    Well I guess we know who was joining Tommy Roloson in the pre-game drinkoff competition, “Brown Sheets” Garon.

    Seriously though, why do both of our goalies looks so awful these last two games?

    Kids with another ugly one. Yay?

  30. LJ says:

    Re: Principe owns his own microphone.


    Also, this is the first time we’ve been blown away this year, isn’t it? i.e. losing by more than 3 goals.

  31. honkey says:

    This is turning out to be an awfully ugly roadtrip.
    Atlanta getting crushed by Buffalo tonight won’t be an easy task.
    Oilers might just end up with 5 straight losses to southeast division.

  32. Slipper says:

    Did Ferraro just pull a Brian Hall?

    This pouch licking is brought to you by RBK Edge.

    I think over in Pittsburgh Conklin is going to come back to Earth the same night that the Oilers get drubbed in Carolina as badly as games one and two of the 2006 Cup Finals. If God were to show himself in such obvious signs, I’d be forced to believe in him as much as I believe in Satan right about now.

  33. doritogrande says:

    Can anyone clarify a couple things for me?

    If the goalie has his skate in the “no-fly” zone (see Cam Ward here), is this not a penalty?

    Why were the Canes still on the powerplay after Staal scored on the penalty shot?

  34. Ribs says:

    Gagner was still in the box after the Penalty shot.

  35. Ribs says:

    Wait no… what the hell.. I thought he was!

  36. doritogrande says:


    Yeah. I got that part. My concern is…they scored on the powerplay. Or is the penalty shot like a delayed penalty type of deal?

  37. Hawerchuk says:

    Jim Fanning is like 81 years old now. I don’t think you’d get much satisfaction out of beating his ass. [Plus he sounds like a very kind and articulate guy in all these interviews following McHale's death.]

    Anyways, I think Jeffrey Loria and David Samson have been asking for a beating for at least a decade…

  38. rickibear says:

    MacT tonight post game:

    “the veterans did not pull their weight we neede more out of them”

    “I do not want to Brush this off right now. I want it hanging over us for a while. Till we can come up with a beter effort consistantly. I am in no mood to brush this under the carpet. We have to look this effort square in the eyes and do something about it in the next game.”

    He is pissed and at a cross roads with the under performing veterans.
    If sundays game is a wash we may get the trade deadline moves everyone is talking about.

    Penhorsky we can forgive for one bad night.
    It is apparent that Cogliano’s speed makes a diffrence with Moreau and Pisani.

    Youth at least broke even tonight.

  39. Lowetide says:

    Meh. He can get as mad as a hatter, the only thing MacT will do is send Tarnstrom back to the pb.

    In the Sunday EJ, there will be a quote from Lowe saying “we would have liked to pick up Samsonov but can’t really do anything while we still have these 50 contracts.”

    And NO ONE, NOT ANY ONE, will ask the question “couldn’t you just release someone?”

    Nope. 50 is as 50 does.

  40. rickibear says:

    LT: It is bad enough that just recently I think of Dennis as the Mel Gibson Character in “Conspiracy Theory.”

    But your response seems like the frustration driven apathy everyone pointed out to you about 4 months ago.

    Ice Dragon, AsiaOil your calming reason are needed.

  41. RiversQ says:

    Youth at least broke even tonight.

    Nah, youth got fucking bitchslapped again tonight. Sure they salvaged the +/- with some crummy goals, but Gagner, Cogliano, and Nilsson still got whipped in terms of scoring chances, took some poor penalties, and were soundly outplayed.

    MacT can throw some vets under the bus tonight if he wants, but it’s pure shadowplay. The reality of the situation was on the ice tonight and two decent NHL lines isn’t enough to beat most teams in this league. The depth on this club is horrific.

    Right now the Oilers strategy is “Hang on for dear life and pray that Hemsky and Horcoff can generate 3 GF every night.” It’s fucking ludicrous.

    Personally, I think Vic is right that it’s hard for MacT to look like anything but an idiot with this group of players. It’s easy to get outcoached when you don’t have the horses anyway.


    (And it’s a big however) this offseason had the big MacT stamp of approval, so as much as I like the coach and I respect his abilities, part of me absolutely loves watching this lineup get pistol whipped by an average team from a crummy division.

    MacT helped architect this shit show, so it’s fun to watch him stand in the middle of the building while the rafters come down every once in a while.

  42. RiversQ says:

    Ice Dragon, AsiaOil your calming reason are needed.


    If that’s reason…

  43. Bruce says:

    Ice Dragoon is out of the loop for awhile … see her comments at the bottom of “Sudden Sam’s Ice Time” below.

    I daresay helping with her new grandkid was probably a lot more satisfying than watching that fucking game. Oilers just aren’t the same team without Zack Stortini, what? :~)

    Luckily I missed the third cuz I went to the Oil Kings-Hitmen game, which was at least contested by two different teams. 2-1 Hitmen in OT.

    I kept a close eye on Alex Plante who is a great big sumbitch, but frankly he didn’t do a hell of a lot that screamed “first round pick”. Karl Alzner OTOH oozes those credentials right out his pores. It seemed that Plante was being spotted, he was like a 6th defenceman in that he played about half of Alzner’s shifts and a Paul Postma (Atlanta’s seventh rounder, ’07) played the other half, and frankly Postma looked the better of the two. Maybe Plante is being worked in slowly after his injuries?

    Plante didn’t ever seem to dominate physically like one would like to see from a 6’5, 212 lb. first round pick. It was hard to judge, he and Alzner weren’t under a lot of pressure when they were out there, and he generally did the right sort of things with the puck in his own end, but he got burned bad two times when an Oil King slipped behind him and he took a couple penalties trying to recover. Showed jack shit offensively. Wish I could say I was impressed, but …

    Young Mark Pysyk looked real good for the Oil Kings, and Alex Archibald was exceptional between the pipes as the Kings hung in aagainst a superior team. But at least they competed.

  44. pboy says:

    Nope. 50 is as 50 does.

    That made me laugh out loud. It would be even funnier if it wasn’t so fucking sad because it’s true though.

    Kids as young as Junior B’s know that if someone messes with your goalie, you take the next opportunity to run the other team’s goalie. If there isn’t a ready made one, then you go out of your way to make one. How is that this group of pro hockey players don’t know this? This has nothing to do with the Oil having a quote, unquote tough guy. Where the fuck is the gumption to go run the opposing goaltender, sending a message that if you are going to hit our guy, your guy is going to get hit too? That’s hockey 101.

    With former heart and soul players like Chuck Huddy and MacT behind the bench, I can’t believe what a group of collective pussies we have. Don’t get me wrong, when you are in a 2-1 game, you don’t pull that shit. But when it’s 5-1……

    P.S. I have to agree with Dennis about Nilsson. The kid is making some glaring mistakes with the puck but he is producing on the offensive end and we don’t have a ton of players who we can say that about. Let him make his mistakes, hopefully he learns from them as he goes and maybe we will have ourselves a 2nd line, skill player. I probably only agree with Dennis cause I live in the capital of Newfoundland, Fort McMurray……

  45. Lowetide says:

    Yeah, I’d say that they must be spotting Plante at this point in time. His last game was just after Chrismtas iirc.

  46. rickibear says:

    RiversQ: Speed, Physical Presence, or Play making touch. Those are the difference making skills in this NHl.
    Every one of our youth shows signs of one of the three. But they are youth. If they break even thats fine.

    It would be nice to hide them with veterans who display one of the three elements but besides PenHorSky I can think of only two who make a diffrence.

    What that says is EV Nilsson, Thoerson, Cogliano, Brodziak are better than our veteran options. And they can cover there Special teams skills.

    Gagner is subjected to the adjustment to the NHL this year so he can be a player next year. I can take that. I was hoping for:
    30 pts this year 18 Yrs.
    50 pts in year two 19 Yrs.
    70 Pts as a 20 year old
    80pts + ???? at age 21 yrs.
    At age 22 his core body strength has been developed.

    I was excited about LT’s post “Rosters and Dolars” it is something I am sure everyone of us plays with. I enjoyed reading everyones ideas and did not post mine. In this Cap world it may be worth while to recieve zero assets back for the ability to free up money. Then go after real veteran help.

    It is important as LT has said to out perform your contract. In the last 20 Games who has shown to be a diffrence maker. The First line. Some of the youth and the two veterans (whom are obvious.)

    Defensively “Pitkanen out” is a huge loss to our transition out of the zone.

    Gilbert, Souray and Staios are eating up the minutes.

    Knowing my base I accept that 5 youth up front and Up to 4 youth on the D play each night. Though 2 of the youth D are our first pair.

    The problem is that there are 2 to four veterans bringing down Two of our lines.

    Thank heavens one is injured and hopefully the other three are on the way out.

    Pboy: I advocated the eye for an eye earlier in the season. It has been evident for a while that is not the coaching approach. I thought Red deer was now Newfoundlands largest city.

  47. Dennis says:

    PB: you agree with me because more often then not, I’m right:)

    To further that, Pronger plus Smyth for magic beans means no playoffs until 2010.

    BUT, Lowe doesn’t give a fuck and how much of the gameplan has to do with MacT as well? Craig does the Wsh pregame junket by talking about how the youth must be served, well, there isn’t a Crosby or Malkin on this team so you’re going to GET a beatdown like this every now and then.

    It seems like the Oilers don’t mind that at all. MacT only “fingers” the vets because he can’t say that the kids are “fucking” us.

    That it’s right there. We’re in the middle of another one of Lowe’s seven year plans.

    It placates some while infuriating others.

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