Oilers at Lightning, G51/07-08

This is Valmore James. Val. He was born in Ocala, Florida on Valentine’s Day 1957. He is one of very few Florida born men to have played in the NHL. I count James, Dallas Eakins and Dan Hinote as well, but that kid Blake Geoffrion will probably move the chains.

James grew up on Long Island, and skated miles at the arena in Commack where his father worked. He was drafted 184th in 1977 (Red Wings) after a pretty long junior career (he played in the New York Junior League). One of the players who was in that league at the same time was Nick Fotiu. Fotiu is 5 years older than James, meaning when Fotiu played in that league at age 18 James would have been 13.

My information has James playing for the Long Island Ducklings in 70-71, the same season Fotiu played for the New Hyde Park Arrows. Incredibly, another NHL player, Richie Hansen, was playing for the Brooklyn Metro’s in the same season. The next season, 71-72, a kid named Joey Mullen played in the same league for the “New York 14th Precint”. I wonder if they were called the Serpico’s?

Tonight the Oilers are in TBay to play the Lightning. Their top line is approaching levels not seen since the Moose Jaw Warrior left town last spring. MacT seems to be rolling an old school checking line with the veterans up front (Moreau, Pisani, sometimes Reasoner) in vital in-game situations and the Kid Line has been on something of a romp that would have to be considered their collective high water mark despite the pretty goals, blazing speed and shootout expertise. That leaves Jarret Stoll to play with the other two forwards any given night.

In terms of matchup, it has for the most part looked to me like the opposition has tried to match against the Hemsky line and then after that just (in the words of the great C. W. McCall) “let them truckers roll.” The kids beat up Atlanta’s top line the other day according to the shift collector, but I’m probably reading it wrong.

The Oilers are a fairly predictable lot lately. If all goes according to plan they’ll play 40 good minutes and spend the other 20 looking like the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. Once again the outcome relies heavily on the opponent: The Lightning should win this game.

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  1. kanadienkyle says:

    While I completely agree with your assessment of the Oilers cookie cutter game plan, I think the good guys win this one. I had the (mis?)fortune to see Tampa play a couple games at home this year and they are pretty bad.

    I don’t think television does justice to the number of turnovers and flat out offensive chances they give up.

  2. Doogie says:

    Which means that this should be the best game to watch all year, if you liked the no-defence 80s.

    When’s Dan Boyle supposed to be coming back, again?

  3. Black Dog says:

    I thought Boyle was coming back any day now.

    The Lightning are like every other SE team except Carolina – thin up front and not much on the back end either. Plus their goaltending is usually pretty poor.

    Save the goaltending they are pretty close to the Oilers actually.

    If the Oilers can shut down Vinny (usually means a sparkling night on the PK) then they may pick up two points. Not having Pitkanen hurts.

  4. gary b says:

    Johan Holmqvist has a 2-game shutout streak going. surely THAT can’t continue.

    Second subtle ‘Convoy’ reference i’ve heard in less than a week. Never a bad thing.

    “… and 11 long-haired friends of Jesus in a chartreuse micro-bus.”

  5. Alice says:

    Chartreuse. That’s too bad.
    I know it was the 70′s and all, but still… you’d think his bandmates would have dialed him after the first take, “C’mon CW, you want us to go on tour with that??” [gentle Nudge to his cranium with the ever-versatile Telecaster]

    And yes, the Oilers.
    Any rumours come out of the EIG synod yesterday? Papers seem to be respecting vow of silence.

  6. Andy Grabia says:

    Pitkanen is back. He’ll be playing with Greene.

  7. ClaytonMagnet says:

    If Tampa’s top line gets extended time against the kid line… no description necessary. MacT has his work cut out for him tonight.

  8. Dennis says:

    Not that I really believe anything MacT says anymore but if I did:) I’d say that this is the top six he envisioned from camp onwards.

    With Roli playing once again, you’re looking at three potential scnarios:

    - Garon’s nursing some kind of injury

    - After having given Garon the ball, MacT’s gotten the willies after the last two games

    - Roli’s being showcased.

  9. Ribs says:

    Pitkanen and Greene.. I think I actually kind of like that idea.

    Greene can stay behind the Oile blueline and Pitkanen can be the extra forward all game.

    Careful with the minutes and matchups MacT!

  10. Dennis says:

    You nailed it, though, matchups. 2-25 can’t really work becuase one guy Can play against the other team’s top lines and the other guy most assuredly Can’t.

    This leaves the other two to take on VL-MSL:

    - 5/77 – which MacT likes because he says it allows 77 to jump into the play and don’t look now but Smid’s now all of a sudden no longer than offensive dman!!!, but I don’t like that tandem and they can’t play tough min

    - 24/44 – anyone else see the fissures beginning to show in Souray’s defensive game? When Eric Bolton starts taking you wide…

  11. Bruce says:

    Dennis, maybe you’d prefer the option of Greene and Smid?

  12. PDO says:


    What about Souray and Grebeshkov?!

    Anyone else remember when we had some other “44″ in the lineup, along with 21, and 24, and 6 for that matter, and it was just so damn easy to set your D up no matter what you did?

  13. namflashback says:

    Given Greene can’t be in good game shape — Greene-Pitkanen against soft-opp is either a way to:

    - make sure Pitkanen doesn’t tear his groin again
    - allow Pitkanen to activate offensively

    I didn’t watch the bench battle much vs Atlanta (well, and it was Atlanta so I’m not sure you can game plan the same way against others) so I don’t know if 5-77 took the tough stuff or whether 24-44 did.

  14. Bruce says:

    Well if you like 24-44 as a pair (and I do for the most part, I think they’re both better off playing with another veteran), and if you like or at least accept that 23-37 are sitting out, then the question becomes how do you distribute the four younger guys. 77 and 25 have proven fairly effective together although more than a little soft IMO, and Gilbert has to hold back when Joni is on the roam. Tom’s pretty effective that way, reminds me of Huddy supporting Coffey, but I like seeing Gilbert jump into the play himself, as he did in Atlanta for the winning goal.

    To answer my own nightmare-scenario query to Dennis above, the obvious drawback of pairing two stay-at-homes like 2 and 5 is that they’ll be doing nothing but staying at home — “home” defined as the defensive zone hash marks back to the end boards. It is not hard to visualize things becoming ugly even in limited minutes.

    MacT is, for now, charting the middle ground of one puck-mover and one, uh, defensive defenceman. The pairings are forced by the fact that there is one each right- and left-shooting D-man of the two types, and all have played on their strong side almost exclusively.

    Pressure will be on Greene to get the puck to Pitkanen as early as possible. He won’t be any Gilbert Gilbert in this respect, but the simple play is essential, and that’s got to be Matt’s game. If Pitkanen is not cruising over his own blueline with the puck frequently, the pair is not going to work.

    As for 77-5 I think puck possession will be a little more equal, Gilbert’s always happy to move it to the open guy and most often that’ll be Smid. In recent games Ladi has looked effective at times carrying the puck, at least as far as centre. :) Smid has taken MacT’s admonition to heart and has become a much more physical player this year, a nice complement to Gilbert’s savvy. This pair has real potential IMO; well worth a look and a chance to click.

    Not that I’ll get a chance to look for myself tonight. Goddam PPV!! I refuse to subsidize it.

  15. Bruce says:

    I will add that 77-25 remain a natural for the second PP unit (Stoll seems entrenched on the first unit point just now), while 2-5 are an option for the second PK unit.

    I agree with namflashback that under the circumstances (both coming off injury) Greene-Pitkanen should be the definitive third pairing tonight. It’ll be interesting to track; this is the first time all season that all the defencemen have been healthy, with 8 on the roster and Roy and Rourke in reserve. The pressure is on all of them to perform when they get the chance. Of course, in this league that’s always true, but healthy competition for ice time can be a good thing. Emphasis on “healthy”: it’s about fucking time.

  16. mike w says:

    I CANNOT ABIDE ROB BROWN AND OILERS PPV… and yet here I am, as it’s free with Centre ICe outside of Alberta.

  17. PDO says:

    What a boring period. Jeez.

    Did anyone catch Lowe earlier today? Lots of interesting notes… I’ll get the idiotic part out of the way first, in that he said he felt the Pronger trade was really good because we got Smid, Penner, Pitkanen and a 1st for him ;), but a few interesting tidbits…

    - Horcoff a top priority. Wants the top line to stay together for a long time.
    - Hinted that Roli will stay, they want Garon to push him.
    - Gilbert deal will get done “soon.”
    - Pitkanen deal not very close, injuries have made it harder to evaluate him.
    - Feels the team is performing about as expected, but would have 6 extra points or so if they were healthy.

  18. Lowetide says:

    PDO: Well that’s bad news about Pitkanen but not entirely unexpected. Lowe doesn’t have much wiggle room this summer and Horcoff and Gilbert have to get their money and they’ll apparently be asking Stoll for the HTD.

  19. PDO says:

    That sound everyone heard was me yelling at Sheldon Souray for being out of position and causing another goal against.

    And that’s a play that Gilbert can’t be making…. and probably a save that Roloson has to make too.

  20. Scarlett says:

    Nice to see Greene and his only move: ring it around the boards. This feels like last year. Pass the puck.

  21. Lowetide says:

    Both goals are completely unacceptable. Bad hockey. Bad, bad hockey.

  22. Scarlett says:

    Maybe don’t pass it….giveaway by dummie Greene!

  23. Andy Grabia says:

    Did anyone catch Lowe earlier today?

    Where, PDO? Was it on the Oilers site?

  24. PDO says:

    Andy, he was on the Team 1260 at 4 PM.

    How about Souray playing that 2 on 1? And then slowly gliding back while St. Louis has 5 seconds alone with Roli?

    Don’t forget Jarret Stoll breaking another f’ing stick. You’d think he’d clue in a realize that the extra 2 MPH isn’t worth it for the 5 shots a game he doesn’t get on net because of his stick blowing up.

  25. PDO says:

    How long till someone develops technology to keep the ice…. ice? That’d be kind of cool.

    How many of those has Penner slammed into a goalies pads this year? It was a fantastic save, but Penner has to start putting those five hole, roof if he has the time.

  26. Dennis says:

    PDO: is that Lowe int available anywhere? Though I probably shouldn’t listen to it if Lowe’s dead on extrapolating the Pronger deal in such a manner.

    Mike: last time I heard or read “abide”, I was watching Season 2 of Carnivale. Which was a great show, BTW

    Bruce: I think they should Roy back up here too, fuck it!! Let’s get that ninth NHL dman back here so we can brag about the depth;)

    Anyway, that was a terrible fucking period of hockey. I had three chances for the Oilers and just one for TB. Terrible stuff all around.

  27. Bank Shot says:

    Anyone who thinks Roloson is a moveable contract is dreaming in technicolour.

  28. gary b says:

    what if they leave Roli taped to the wall in the visitor’s dressing room when they leave TB?

  29. honkey says:

    This is just scary bad, everybody standing still and have no clue what to do when they get the puck.
    And please tell me why we play Stoll on 1st PP unit when we Joni.
    He can’t pass the puck, he can’t keep it in the zone, he can’t hit the net.

  30. Dennis says:

    Lowe’s already using his ‘out’ for letting Pitkanen go. The guy’s dumb but he’s not altogether stupid, either:D

    Everytime I see Souray out there playing against actual players, it reminds me of the Richard Nixon quote from the Simpsons ep when he promised punishment for the mistreatment of Sir Oinksalot, “Oh you’ll pay, don’t think you won’t pay.”

    I guess I could say that Greene’s not yet into NHL shape as an excuse for some of tonight’s mistakes; of course that wouldn’t do anything to explain the mistakes he’s made throughout his short career, though.

    Terrible play by 77 on the second goal and Roli didn’t look ready at all. Nice game from Smid so far. Him and 77 are building a little chem.

    16′s back in the fucking land of the lost and we’re getting absolutely nothing “chances created wise” from 18-34. I think they’re firmly in “we were excited to get back but now it’s hit us” territory.

    So, if the Oilers are to come back in the third, they’ll need goals from the 13 and 10 lines and/or another PP marker.

    Oilers are getting out-netminded in this one. Holmqvist made great stops on 13, 34 and 27 in the second and Roli hasn’t really done anything great oustide the first save of the game. And since the LA game, with just the game in Atl as the exception, the Oilers are back to bleeding GA.

    They’re talking to Gagner’s mom now and she’s hot. And Sam looks exactly look her. How do I reconcile this???

    Finally, who thought it was a great idea to use a guy with a lisp to hype the Oil Kingssssssss games?

  31. Lowetide says:

    Cheerleaders are making their way to the NHL just as Roloson prepares to leave it.

  32. PDO says:

    So, what did New Jersey do to get out from all those terrible contracts again?

    Between the Souray and Roloson, we’re boned.

  33. honkey says:

    Send Roloson to Springfield rest of the season.

  34. honkey says:

    Why don’t they play like last 10 min for 50 min of a game. Then they end up with an easy win over a bad Tampa team.

  35. heed says:

    brutal. bad giveaways leading to even softer goals. i’ve had it with the roloson experiment. he earns more of his salary sitting on the bench.

    ps i guess high sticking drawing blood in florida gets you nothing.

  36. Pat H says:

    //Lowe’s already using his ‘out’ for letting Pitkanen go. The guy’s dumb but he’s not altogether stupid, either:D//


  37. Quain says:

    There were at least two uncalled high sticks in that game (including the major), maybe a third.

    We could’ve had more power plays to allow soft shorties!

  38. Dennis says:

    Roli’s shit. Seriously. He just can’t put together a string of games where you can’t fault him for at least one goal. He’s probably still fine as insurance but you don’t want him carrying the load.

    Very disappointed in Nilsson tonight. I thought he was by far the least noticeable of the kids and despite that slap-pass in the third, I didn’t see him doing a whole lot. He looked tenative and half-assed in the O zone.

    10′s line finished at -1 tonight which is super odd but you know they can’t do it all the time.

    Oilers are a hard team to cheer for. Lowe’s greasing Pitkanen’s skid by mentioning his injury history; but he somehow forgot or forgets that when talking about Souray.

    Three of four seasons out of the playoffs for this club.

  39. Lowetide says:

    Nilsson has had some decent games of late, but I think this is what we’re going to get from him. Kinda of Kenta-lite, not that ridiculous skill player from the 80s but a nice reminder of same and at the same time remding us Kenta Nilsson had long stretches where he was “also in photo.”

    As for Pitkanen, I don’t think it can be much of a surprise. Can it? They don’t have any cap room this summer and Lowe basically said signing Horcoff long term and getting Gilbert under contract are the priority.

    If Pitkanen is demanding big coin, how does Lowe sign him?

    Answer: he can’t. His Penner and Souray contracts have him nicely boxed in.

  40. rickibear says:

    Lt: A choice between Pitkanen and Staios.

    Simple answer.

  41. Dennis says:

    It’s not a surprise that Lowe would fuck up another situation. After return for Pronger, decision on Smyth, hard-ons for Nylander and Souray, there isn’t a lot Lowe could do that would surprise me.

    I just think Lowe would like to sign Pitkanen but he’s out with the damage control already for when he walks for the real reason: ie being Loweballed.

    I wish I could honestly quit this team right now. The way Lowe’s mismanaged assets and salary is mind-blowing.

    There’s no one else to blame either. The field’s been levelled and now we now that the only reason the Oilers succeeded in the new NHL is becauase they had a one year window of being able to take on salary because they were so fucking cheap in the Old NHL.

    Since that luxary disappeared, it’s been all downhill.

  42. danny says:

    To be fair, Coglianos PP goal was due to a very nice play by Nilsson to seperate and drop the puck back to Pitkanen. He didnt get an assist, but it was the key play that generated the chance.

  43. RiversQ says:

    10′s line finished at -1 tonight which is super odd but you know they can’t do it all the time.

    I don’t think they had their best game, but the dmen kind of shafted them tonight. That explains the GA, but they should carry some heat for the lack of GF. They were really 0GF/-2GA at 5V5, which is not acceptable when TB gives away chances like candy.

    If Pitkanen is demanding big coin, how does Lowe sign him?

    Answer: he can’t. His Penner and Souray contracts have him nicely boxed in.

    I agree totally LT. This is the conclusion I have come to in the past couple of months as we’ve heard a few bits and pieces about the Pitkanen negotiations. I can’t see how Lowe will be able to afford him and even if he can clear out the money, you’ll have to ask if you can really justify it.

    I realize Dennis is deadset against it and I don’t prefer this move either, but I think they need to tank next year and shift the focus to 09-10 at the very earliest and 10-11 being a little more realistic. (That’s without a miracle salary dump or a magical trade.)

  44. PunjabiOil says:

    Roli’s shit. Seriously. He just can’t put together a string of games where you can’t fault him for at least one goal. He’s probably still fine as insurance but you don’t want him carrying the load.

    Reminding me of Tommy Salo’s final year with the Oilers. The goal from behind the net he allowed against Washington brought up a memory of the 2002 Playoffs, G6.

    If Pitkanen is demanding big coin, how does Lowe sign him?

    Answer: he can’t. His Penner and Souray contracts have him nicely boxed in.

    One of Pisani/Moreau can be moved, and the Oilers look for cheaper options. We’re paying far too much on the 3rd and 4th lines.

    That being said, Pitkanen can ask – doesn’t mean that’s what he’ll end up getting.

    Also, the cap is expected to go up to 55M in the summer. Buying/trading Roloson is another possibility.

    I didn’t watch the game today, but MacTavish really has a love-in with veteran hockey players. Under what basis should Roloson be playing? Under what basis should Marty Reasoner be an extra attacker?

    Sometimes, I just get the guy and wonder if the Oilers need a change of scenery behind the bench.

  45. HBomb says:

    I’m not about to bitch about the Penner contract (I think he’ll at least cover the bet on the dollars side, although what that first rounder turns into remains to be seen)…..but if this team has to dump Joni Pitkanen because of the fucking Souray contract, I’m going to puke.

    And once again, the only thing I have a problem with regarding Sheldon Souray is that he’s making about 2.5 million more a season than he should be.

    What I wouldn’t give to be able to alter history such that the Oilers had re-upped Hejda, not brought Grebeshkov over, and found a way to deal Staios in the trade with Philly and keep Smith around for 3 million or so a year for the next few years….

  46. ClaytonMagnet says:

    I’m a little surprised at the level of anger here… maybe it’s because, if you watched this game, you paid way to much for it ;). But, seriously, before this season started, we all knew it was going to be a poor, poor team. It was all about the ‘little victories’, remember? Gagner and Cogs combining for 4 points is a little victory.

    This team has been out of the playoff race for a long time. Once you accept that, it’s easier to ignore the suck and appreciate the shit-covered diamonds.

    Or not. I don’t know.

  47. godot10 says:

    //and found a way to deal Staios in the trade with Philly and keep Smith around for 3 million or so a year for the next few years….//

    Uh…Corey Sarich is earning $3.6 million per season. And you expect to get Smith at $3?

    Staios is cheap at $2.7 for a veteran NHL defenseman. And Pisani and Moreau are not overpaid.

    The Oilers have plenty of cap room to sign Gilbert and Pitkanen. The question is whether Pitkanen is worth what he is asking for. How far away is Chorney? Pitkanen has some nice skills, but he makes a lot of mistakes for a veteran defenseman.
    If he wants more than Hemsky, I don’t think he is worth the money. I’d take the picks if someone offered him more. Gilbert is the keeper of the two.

  48. Lowetide says:

    Clayton: There were some nice things, no doubt. The problems this team has (consistency in all areas) is a reflection of youth and inexperience and we can and should expect it from the youngsters.

    It’s the oldsters that are driving me banana’s, and some of them make a lot of money.

    The Kid Line is fun to watch, though. It’s amazing what a few points can do for confidence and I’d say Cogliano feels like King of the world right now.

  49. Lowetide says:

    godot10: Chorney is another young defenseman, surely he’ll replace a younger defender who is not performing as opposed to a veteran.

    May I ask how much time you’ve spent looking at the 08-09 Oil Cap? Not a shot, just wondering why your math and my math don’t jive.

  50. godot10 says:

    //May I ask how much time you’ve spent looking at the 08-09 Oil Cap? Not a shot, just wondering why your math and my math don’t jive.//

    Gilbert and Pitkanen are the only two guys who need significant raises next year.

    Pitkanen + Sanderson + Tarnstrom = $2.4 + $1.5 +$2 = $5.9 >> much more what is necessary to sign Pitkanen.

    The increase in cap space should be sufficient to sign Gilbert.

    Where’s the problem?

  51. David says:

    And Pisani and Moreau are not overpaid.

    That’s a little less clear to me. I actually don’t know Moreau’s salary, but frankly Pisani has not had much of an impact on this team over the past 2 seasons … I think that there are numerous other cheaper options for the same minutes … Brodziak, Thoresen.

  52. dwillms says:

    Roloson – $3.67
    Garon – $1.1

    Souray – $5.4
    Staios – $2.7
    Greene – $1.15
    Smid – $0.886

    Penner – $4.25
    Hemsky – $4.1
    Horcoff – $3.6
    Pisani – $2.5
    Torres – $2.25
    Moreau – $2.0
    Gagner – $1.625
    Cogliano – $1.13
    Brodziak – $0.497

    That’s $36.9 mil committed, and assuming Gagner/Cogs hit all bonuses. Tack on $2.0 for Stoll, say even $4.0 for Pitkanen and $3.0 for Gilbert, that’s still only $46 mil.

    Even if the cap stays at $50 mil, that leaves $4 mil left for 4 more roster spots.

  53. RiversQ says:

    The problem is that one assumes the Oilers want to sign Gilbert and Pitkanen to significant deals (at least 3+ years) which means the Oilers will have to pay for a couple of UFA seasons.

    Pitkanen has pretty solid leverage considering recent young dman contracts, RFA offer sheets and his status in Edmonton. He should be able to soak up $5MM/yr in cap space very easily. Judging by the negotiations, they’re probably already at this point.

    I’m just guessing, but if I was Gilbert, I’d turn down any 4+ yr deal under $3.5MM/yr and gamble on a 1-2 yr deal.

    Nilsson and Stoll will probably split $1MM in raises.

    Horcoff needs an extension on top of this.

    I think it’s pretty clear that the Sanderson and Tarnstrom money is already spent and they risk losing a major piece going forward.

  54. RiversQ says:

    That’s $36.9 mil committed, and assuming Gagner/Cogs hit all bonuses. Tack on $2.0 for Stoll, say even $4.0 for Pitkanen and $3.0 for Gilbert, that’s still only $46 mil.

    With the possible exception of Gilbert, you’re underestimating all of these contracts I think, and forgetting Nilsson clocking in at over $1MM on his next deal (they’ll have to qualify him at over $1MM).

    There are ways the Oilers could pull this off, but it would take some solid bargains being picked up.

  55. Bendelson says:

    Seriously, what does buying out Rollie at year end cost the team? Has to be in the picture if that is what he has to offer. And really, why was he playing? Bad call MacT. Showcasing him perhaps but that backfired…

    Not nearly good enough.
    3 bad goals. 2 shots that beat him clean and that garbage shorty in front (nice puck control).

    Has he packed it in?

  56. Dennis says:

    Well, Cam, it’s bargains they should be looking for then.

    Or else they’re gonna have to let Stoll walk, deal him for picks or get rid of Moreau or Pisani.

    If the Oilers are looking to let Pitkanen, I guess that means they’re planning on building around 5-77 with 24-44 as the vets. I’d feel a helluva lot better about that if I say 5 play a good full season but that hasn’t been the case thus far.

  57. godot10 says:

    //Nilsson and Stoll will probably split $1MM in raises.//

    Other than the minimal raises required to maintain control over them, what have they done to deserve the amount you suggest. Nilsson is what…a 10-goal scorer?

    //Horcoff needs an extension on top of this.//

    Horcoff’s extension will have no effect on next season. Ditto for Garon’s. (And here Roloson’s salary coming off the books will likely take care of Horcoff’s raise and cap inflation will take care of Garon.)

    If it’s me, Pitkanen gets no more than Hemsky + 5%. (He’d have to start being a dominant defenseman for the latter part of the season, rather than just a pretty good defenseman for me to change my mind.) If somebody offers him more, I take the picks.

  58. Dennis says:

    Yeah, I have no problem with Lowe having a line in the sand either. It’s just that how in the fuck can we trust this guy these days? If 25 walks or is dealt, I’d just as soon believe whatever comes out of his camp as opposed to what Lowe’s spinning.

    It could be that Pitkanen doesn’t want to stay here or it could be that he’s asking for an amount where Lowe’s correct in mentioning his injury troubles, which is something a few of us threw around before Lowe came out of his bunker again yesterday, but let’s say Pitkanen wants 5/25, OK? Well, I think it’s hard not to give that to him when you’ve got all of 14-16-18-34-27 making over two mill.

  59. godot10 says:

    //yesterday, but let’s say Pitkanen wants 5/25, OK? Well, I think it’s hard not to give that to him when you’ve got all of 14-16-18-34-27 making over two mill.//

    Hemsky $4.1 (Oiler ballpark limit for Pitkanen)

    Regehr $4, Brewer $4.25, Whitney $4, Phillips $3.5, Willy Mitchell and Sami Salo $3.5, Carle $3.4, Hannan $4.5

  60. heed says:

    if he wants $5M. I say trade him at the deadline for a 1st rounder. i don’t think he has shown enough in his 3 year career or this year for that matter to warrant that kind of money. is it possible to take him to arbitration? i have a feeling they could get him for considerably less through that process and trade him after that fact. i like the guy and he is a great player but not $5M great. when you look around the league and see people taking “home town” discounts left, right and centre, it becomes pretty disheartening as an oiler fan. seems like you have to pay $1M to get a water boy for this franchise.

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